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All Characters are 18+

The morning light glared through the slats in the bedroom blinds, and I groaned softly. Even that small amount of noise seemed loud to my ears. It was like an entire marching band was stomping across my brain, wearing rusty metal cleats. Something tickled my nose, and I squinted through one barely open eye lid to see what the offending object was. It was a strand of curly red hair. I felt my sister Katie’s soft breath against my neck, as she slept against me. I also felt Julia’s leg draped across my midriff. The events of last night started to come back to me, like a movie watched long ago, and mostly forgotten. Last night, the girls and I had celebrated my birthday at a fancy restaurant in town, and the girls ended up inviting our waitress back to our house for a foursome.

It was a crazy night of drunken sexual debauchery. I never thought that the girls would invite anyone else into our little triangle. I guess I think about all three of us a little bit like that. Katie is my girlfriend, and I love her. I know that she is ‘sharing’ me with our cousin Julia, but just as a sexual partner. I guess it isn’t so far off the mark to think that she would share me with someone else too. I guess in the end that sex is no big deal, as long as Katie is there, and it is all consensual. I imagine that last night was more of a birthday present than anything. If it wouldn’t have been the waitress, it would have been the girl at the party store, or at the video store, or just someone that they knew from downstate. I wasn’t going to look that gift horse in the mouth, so to speak; especially when she had ended up being so fantastic.

Kelly ended up leaving at about six o’clock in the morning. She was trying to be quiet. I know that she talked to Katie for a minute, and gave my sister her number. She said that if we were ever in town, and wanted to party again, to give her a call. She even hinted that she might have some friends who would be willing to get into the action.

I felt the crisp morning air on my erect penis, and it brought me back to the here and now. It gets chilly in the mornings in Northern Michigan; even in the summertime, and our covers must have got kicked into the floor sometime during the night. It wasn’t sexual excitement that had my cock stiff, but what almost every man experiences when he first wakes up: morning wood; also known as the overwhelming need to urinate. Since I was sandwiched between two very beautiful naked girls, there was no way to slide out of bed unnoticed. I reached down, and patted Julia’s thigh.

“Mmmmph,” she muttered incoherently. I turned my head slightly, so that my mouth was facing her general direction.

“Jules,” I whispered. I paused to see if she would respond further, but I had no such luck. “Julia, wake up, please.” Her eye lids fluttered open, and they gradually focused on my face, which was only about five inches from hers.

“Hey, baby.” She replied nonchalantly. The familiar crooked smirk affixed itself to her mouth, as she blinked to let her eyes adjust to the sunlight streaming into the room.

“Good morning, sunshine,” I said casually. “I need to pee; can you help me untangle myself from Katie?” She giggled softly, and looked like she immediately regretted the action; clearly, I wasn’t the only one who had a hangover.

“You want me to hold it while you pee?” Her smirk evolved into a full-fledged grin, and her eyes sparkled with mischief, as she explored the possibilities in her imagination.

“Sure, Jules,” I said quietly, while she slid out of bed beside me. “Whatever floats your boat.” I padded quietly to the bathroom, in an attempt to leave my still sleeping sister undisturbed. Julia followed close at my heels. I stood in front of the open toilet bowl, trying to relax my bladder enough to urinate.

“Hey!” Julia said quietly, “You said that I could hold it.” She pressed her naked body close against my back, snaked her arm around my waist, and grabbed my stiff, meaty cock. I felt my erection pulse in her hand, and thought that now it will probably not be until sometime next month until I would be relaxed enough to pee.

“OK,” she whispered into my ear sexily, “You can start peeing anytime, stud.” I swallowed noisily, and willed my dick to perform this simple task. The only thing that happened is that my cock continued to get harder; until I throbbed at over nine inches.

“Julia, it is really hard for a guy to pee when he has an erection.” In response, she said nothing, but gave my prick a firm squeeze. I tried once again to plead my case. “You need to let it calm down for a minute, gorgeous.” Julia blatantly ignored my request, and instead started sliding her hand up and down my shaft, jerking me off slowly; which didn’t help the situation at all. I began to question the wisdom of letting this beautiful girl invite herself into my morning ritual.

“Do you want me to show you how it’s done, cowboy?” she said in an oddly husky voice.

“Yeah, miss smarty pants, why don’t you show me?” I didn’t have to izmir escort bayan look at her face to know that she was wearing her trademark smirk. She released my organ, and danced past me as graceful as any ballerina, and chuckled softly to herself. I still felt the two dents in my back where her erect nipples had been a moment before.

“The toilet is over here, genius.” I pointed out.

“I’m not going to pee in the toilet, and I missed being a genius by only three points on my last I.Q. test.” She slid the sliding glass shower door open, and climbed in. Her sparkling blue eyes focused on me, her lover. “Aren’t you coming in and joining me? You do want an up close view, right?”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I climbed in quickly, and closed the door behind me. Julia leaned her back against the cold marble of the shower’s wall, and tilted her pelvis, so it exposed her pussy fully. She spread her legs lewdly, and began to rub her fingers up and down her slit. To my eyes, she already looked moist with excitement. She stopped rubbing herself, and parted her labia with two fingers. “Don’t miss this, baby. I won’t be able to do it again for a while.” I moved closer to her, and bent down a little bit, for a closer vantage point. I was close enough that she must have felt my breath up against her stomach. She giggled. “If you get too close, you’re going to get wet.” I switched my gaze from her open vagina, to her sparkling blue eyes, and back down again. “OK stud, suit yourself.”

I heard my lover take a couple of deep, calming breaths, and then her amazingly taunt stomach flexed slightly. I saw a couple of drips fall from between her pink pussy lips, and then a small stream sizzled out, making small spattering noises against the marble tub. It wasn’t what I thought a girl peeing would look like at close range, but then women didn’t ordinarily prop themselves up at such an odd angle, and spread themselves that way, unless they had a willing audience.

“Oh god, that feels amazing.” Julia practically purred with satisfaction. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who felt the urgent need to pee after a night of hard drinking. The stream increased in intensity; so much so that it resembled a man’s. She moaned softly, and adjusted her hips so that the stream hit my leg just above the ankle. Her pee was scalding hot, and ran down my leg in a small rivulet.

Surprisingly, I did not feel disgusted by the fact that my super-hot lover was pissing on my leg. In fact, I was really turned on by her shameless display. I had always gotten a little tingly in my nether regions when I thought about the sound that my sister’s pee made in the toilet, while I was showering. The beginning of this fascination seemed to coincide with the time that my family had went camping, and I held onto Katie’s hands while she peed, so her naked bottom wouldn’t touch the ground. By the time she had finished, I had sported a raging hard on. I have to grudgingly admit that sometimes my mind would wander back to that day when I pleasured myself.

My lover’s stream went on for an unnaturally long time, due to all the liquid she consumed the night before; but it soon began to dwindle from a steady stream, to a trickle, to just a few drops. I looked back at her face, and saw that her eyes were shut in an all too familiar look of empty-bladder-ecstasy. Her eyes popped open, and she smiled at me mischievously.

“I need you to wipe me, Jack.” Her eyes glittered like magnificently polished sapphires. She stood erect again, but kept her legs shoulder length apart.

“Can’t we just turn on the shower, Jules?” I knew by the way that her gaze changed in intensity that I should follow her instructions, without any further questions. I shook off my urine soaked leg, causing her to smirk, and exited the shower. I returned after a few seconds with a handful of folded tissue. As I approached, the longing in her eyes revealed that she wasn’t just doing this for my benefit. This was something that she had been fantasizing about for a while. I reached out, and dabbed her dampened lips dry with the tissue.

“It’s not made of glass, Jack. Wipe my pussy like a fucking man.” The sultry smokiness appeared again in her voice. I moved forward until I was inches away from her body. Her breath was hot and fast against my neck, as I was much taller than she was. I pushed her roughly against the marble wall of the shower. I half expected a hiss of disapproval, because of the cold surface against her skin, but instead she moaned softly. I bent slightly, and roughly rubbed the tissue between her spread thighs. I felt the soft tissues of her pussy ripple under my strong pressure, and my lover moaned again. I leaned down, and kissed her firmly on the mouth. I tossed the damp tissue out of the shower, and used my free right hand to brush through her honey brown hair.

This kiss was different than her other kisses, somehow. It was a rare light bulb over the head moment when an ordinarily clueless guy like me noticed such a thing. Instead of her usual style of trying to devour izmir escort my mouth, she seemed much more patient, and definitely more sensual. In a word, more like… Katie. The kiss continued for a couple of minutes. My hands glided over her supple, young body. All that cheerleading practice, dance classes, and working out had definitely paid off. Her body was very lean, very tight, and very hot. It was still feminine and velvety soft in all the right places; but it was very different than my sister’s curvy figure. I slid two fingers into the cleft between her legs, and her body immediately responded by tensing up. She broke the kiss, and her blue eyes looked deep into my brown eyes. I didn’t know what I did wrong, since she was so dripping wet that her thighs were slippery.

“Mmmmm. Not yet, baby. You haven’t had your turn.” I was a little confused. When I had first entered the bathroom, the only thing that I could think about was pissing. After that kiss, however; the only thing I could think about was getting my extremely hard cock inside of my warm, and very wet lover.

“Turn for what?” I asked. She reached out, and gripped my throbbing cock.

“Jack, you still haven’t peed yet. You have to be about to bust. It’s your turn.” I could tell by her amused look that she knew that I was confused. I started to pull away, but she did not loosen her grip on my erect member.

“OK, Jules, just give me a sec, and I’ll be right back.” Her reminder that I hadn’t peed yet brought back the desire to piss with ferocity. I tried to pull away again, but she still would not release me. She giggled softly, but still in that smoky tone that was so unlike her usual musical voice.

“No, baby. I want you to do it here.”

“In the shower?”

“Yes, Jack. In the shower.” I paused, and Julia continued to look amused by how lost I looked in this situation.

“OK, Jules,” I paused for a second, as if my point was so glaringly obvious, but that she just couldn’t see it. “You have to let me go, or move out of the way, or it is going to get it all over you.” Julia just rolled her eyes at my obliviousness. She closed her eyes, as if to ask god to grant her more patience.

“That’s the point, Jack. I’m going to hold your cock right here, and you are going to pee on my stomach.” She tugged slightly on my erection to make her point.

“Are you sure?” She exhaled slightly, and I knew from many painful experiences growing up with her that she was quickly losing patience with me.

“Jack, do you want to have sex with me now?” I almost rolled my eyes at her. That would have probably been a fatal mistake. If my dick got any harder, I thought it would burst like an overfilled water balloon.

“Yeah, Jules. You can feel that I do.” I purposely flexed my cock, so that it pulsed in her hand.

“Then pee on me, so we can get to the fucking part; then after you fuck me like a mad man, we can shower it all off.” That sounded more like the regular Julia. She tugged my prick again for emphasis. I closed my eyes, and willed myself to relax again. Usually if I had morning wood, I would relax for a minute in front of the toilet, and it would subside enough to let me do my thing. But with this smoking hot beauty holding my cock, there was no way that my erection would calm down. I tried again, but still nothing. Thirty seconds passed, then a full minute. After about a minute and a half, I started to get frustrated. Not only did I want the sex, but I had never had to pee more in my entire life; unfortunately, I still couldn’t do it.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Her eyes looked expectant.

“Ummm… I’m having a hard time doing it, Jules. I told you before that it is super difficult to pee when I’m hard.” Julia leaned in close, and raised herself up so that her lips were an inch from my ear.

“Do you know how dripping wet that I am for you right now, Jack?” She paused, and waited for my response.

“Ummm. Yeah, I have a pretty good idea.”

“Do you know how much I want this?” She seemed to want to change what she had just said, and quickly added, “Do you know how much that I need you inside me right now?”

“No… I don’t.” I said simply. She sighed.

“I want you so much now that I can’t even put it into words.” I was staggered. Julia was never, ever at a loss for words. She always had a witty saying or smart-ass comeback for any occasion. To think that she couldn’t describe how much she wanted me was mind boggling. She seemed flustered for a second at her apparent vulnerability, which was something that I never thought that I would witness. “Just push hard, and keep pushing until it comes out.” And then she added in an almost inaudible whisper, “Please, Jack. I really want this.”

I tensed my muscles in my stomach, and put pressure on my bladder, but I was still met with resistance. Any man can tell you that the more you have to pee, and the harder it is to go. It seems illogical, but that is just the way that men are built. I increased the pressure, and felt a little trickle escape the head of escort izmir my cock. I felt rather than heard Julia’s sigh of contentment. I pushed again, even harder, and a jet of hot pee ran out. This broke open the floodgate, and a powerful stream of steaming hot piss flowed forth, and splashed up against her belly. I closed my eyes, and let the relief flood out of me.

“Oh my god! It’s so fucking hot,” Julia said in an oddly husky voice.” She pushed her belly closer to my dick. She was so close that I could feel it splashing off of her stomach, and back onto me. It ran down her belly, over her tight little pussy, and then cascaded down her perfectly tanned legs. She was correct, it was hot. I figured that it was just about as hot as her stream had been. “Oh Jack, baby. Give it to me.” She bent down lower, and she guided my stream over one of her pert breasts, and then over the other. She stayed like that until my stream trickled down to just a few drops, and then stopped.

She leaped up into my arms, and kissed me solidly. But again, it was a more passionate, more sensual kiss than her normal kisses ever were. I knew that what we had just done together was a little out of the ordinary; but it seemed like it might mean a little something different to her, than it did to me. It was as if we had just shared something that changed the dynamic between us.

She grabbed me by the shoulders, and wrapped her legs around my body, rubbing her steaming hot pussy up against my aching manhood. Her slim frame weighed nothing to me at that moment. I leaned her against the wall again, in order to make some slight adjustments. I reached my right hand down, and guided my cock toward her opening, while keeping her body steadied with my left. I lifted her slight frame, and then lowered her onto my rod.

I entered her slowly, and gently, with none of the roughness that my sister seemed to get off on. She was very hot, and tight; which was exceptional because she had been repeatedly fucked by me, and fingered by two girls just a few hours before. I slid into her as deeply as this position would allow, and started pumping in a slow, steady rhythm. Julia hooked her feet behind my back, and flexed her legs to lift her pelvis. She rode me slowly for a couple minutes, but she seemed impatient for something harder. Fucking someone hard, and fucking someone rough are two different things; I just now seemed to be getting that into my thick skull.

“Oh, yes, Jack. Fuck me hard, baby.” I abandoned the slow pace, and leaned her back up against the wall to brace her, and began to bang the shit out of her. My entire universe consisted of thrusting, pumping, and grinding. My entire being was focused on one thing: to make her have a monster orgasm. Julia took my onslaught on her pussy like a champ. I could hear the progression of her pleasure in the sounds that she made, so I knew that I was definitely doing it the way that she wanted. When she had been riding me at a sedate pace, Julia had been moaning softly. But after I began to assault her pussy in earnest, she began to make little grunts. These sounds grew in length, and in decibels the longer we fucked; but after a couple of minutes of pounding Julia’s sopping wet pussy, her grunts became almost a continuous howl. I knew she was approaching orgasm, so I redoubled my efforts. The sheer force with which our bodies met caused a loud smacking sound at the end of each hard thrust. I would have bet money that she would be wearing bruises from this tomorrow; but right then she really seemed to be enjoying getting beast fucked.

I knew that if I stopped my attack before she climaxed, I was likely to be dodging punches from my athletic lover. I just hoped that she would hurry it up, because I knew that I could only continue this blistering pace for another minute or two at most, before tiring myself out. Her howling reached a fever pitch a few seconds later, and she bit down hard on my shoulder. The pain radiated down my arm.

“Owww! Goddammit Jules! What the fuck?” I got no answer from her. Not only did she not acknowledge the question, but she never eased the pressure of her bite one iota. She bucked, and shook like she had a put her finger in a light socket. Her howling had gone silent, and the only sounds that she made were from her labored breathing.

Finally, after over a full minute of cumming, she fell limp against me. It was like the calm after the storm. Her limbs lost all their mobility, and she slumped in my arms. I stopped mashing her into the wall, and held her in my arms like a rag doll. I pulled out of her, and cradled her like a baby. She seemed to be in a high state of post orgasmic bliss. I looked down, and saw that her eyes were open, but totally unfocused. I also noticed that Julia’s teeth had actually drawn blood from my shoulder. Fuck.

My erection mockingly poked into her firm ass cheeks. It was highly unfair that my lover got to cum so hard, while I remained throbbing and unfulfilled. I estimated that I had been probably half way to my own climax. I enjoyed having rough sex; but for my own satisfaction, I liked a slower, more romantic pace. I would probably not have outlasted her if she had continued in our original rhythm, but strangely enough, at a fast pace, I could last a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32