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My current girlfriend and I had moved into this neighbourhood that was full of families, people of all ages, just a rather nice area with fairly decent folk inhabiting all around. But what really stood out was this one group of girls, and one girl in particular, out of that group.

She wasn’t the most breath-taking, physically, you know that young nubile 6 foot tall, blonde hair down to her tight butt with legs toned and tanned from hours of volleyball. She was, well actually is, a bit on the small side, being about 5 feet, brunette hair, essentially a very nice petite body with a chest that maybe is a bit large on her smallish frame. But it wasn’t just the fact that she was this very cute, pert and feisty acting young woman it was the way she carried herself that really set her apart.

Although Lynne is all of 18 years, which in comparison is rather young, she carries herself with a confidence and character beyond her years. And talk about simply oozing a sexual heat that would melt any mans resistance; wow did she have that turned up to the max.

I would watch her go from giggling little school girl, to sexy, alluring woman in about 2 seconds. It would be amazing how she could be a goof with her friends one minute and then, spotting me, would turn on the charm of a sexy nymph. Sometimes I would get a cold drink, sit out on my porch and watch her wash her dad’s car. Oh God the display she would put on for me would be nothing short of mouth-watering and would leave me fully aroused within minutes, imagination running overtime. Lynn has some of the most delicious curves, curves that leave you aching, dreaming, wanting, needing to run your hands, fingers, tongue all over, into every one of those sexy hollows…

This wanton teasing vixen would be dressed – or should I say almost undressed, in this tight one size too small blue halter top, that beautifully framed her succulent breasts, her nipples would be pushing so far out and hard against the almost see thru fabric as if to rip it, cut-off blue jeans that were so short I could the delicious round cheeks of her ripe round ass-, her hair would not be in the usual tight bun, but free flowing, and those moist full lips would be coated by a fire engine CFM red lipstick.

Anyway, one hot, blazing, summer day Lynn walks out in this “boy am I going to tease you till your cock aches” outfit. “Heeey Jay,” she yells out to me. As if I could somehow miss this vision of sexy young womanhood? I merely smiled back, waved a little, and thought, “Oh you fucking delicious tease, how I wish I could fill that ruby red mouth with my hardness, plunge my tongue deep into your wetness, bite and nip at your blood engorged clit, squeeze those nipples until you cry out from pain, pain that blurs into mind searing pleasure, see your hot cum wash down my cock as you rode me hard and deep, fill your no doubt trimmed pussy to the depths of your being and then hear your scream like a banshee taken in the woods when my lust engorged cock explodes with boiling cum deep inside your womanly ass..”

I had to shake my head to snap out of this incredibly hot almost hypnotizing scene that shot through me as I tried not to stare at Lynn, at least not too obviously. She proceeded to get out the hose, pail, soap and sponge, all the implements that she was going to use on the car, and no doubt on me as well. Her dad’s car was facing my house, and this wicked wench began by bending over the hood. Her ass was on full display and I could see that she had no panties on. OMFG! The way that slim shred of her jeans embraced her pussy was a sight that belonged in a men’s magazine. I was being treated, no; fucking teased by the delicious view of her pussy pushed against the fabric. Her lips were barely contained and with each bend, twist it seemed as if they would somehow come out. Fuck. Me! I wanted to suck those lips into my mouth and taste her cream. Lynn has got some very tight trim legs and as she went back and forth across the bursa escort hood I could see those muscles flex so very well. I wondered how they would feel wrapped around my waist as I slammed in and out of her. “Damn it Jay, how about NOT sitting here with a raging hard-on as you watch this woman? At least close your gaping mouth…” I said to myself.

The way she was thrusting the sponge across the hood of that car was killing me. Her hips were moving in a way that brought her pussy right up against the edge. Not a fast sharp movement, nor a slow deliberate one either, but it was definitely rhythmic.

She would simply push forward till her pussy rubbed, hold for a second and then at the same pace go all the way back till her ass pointed straight out towards me. I could see her pussy getting wetter and wetter, either from her own natural; juices, or the water running down the hood, I could only guess. I saw her close her eyes as her movements got shorter, and she seemed to press really hard against the edge of the hood again and again. GODDAMMIT! There was this Pagan nymph, not giving a damn, right out here in public, getting off by rubbing her hot, barely covered cunt, against the car! Every manly fibre in my being wanted to tear across that street, carry her into my home, rip her clothes off and take her like the she-wolf in heat she was displaying herself to be! No words would be spoken, no quarter would be given, surrender would only arrive when our bodies would be exhausted from our passionate encounter. Forget all the society stuff, never mind all the stupid age difference stuff, to hell with it all, I wanted to FUCK and Lynn had awoken a too long slumbering man beast…

As the sun rises out of the mists of the dawn so did the waves of Lynne’s orgasm wash over her. She seemed to shudder as, with one last hard thrust against the edge of the hood, she came. Her head was thrown back, her hands dropped the wet sponge and with a fierceness she grabbed at her breast, a cry, slowly like the wail of a desire forever unfulfilled, built and then exploded out of her throat. Never had I seen a woman allow the primal part of her soul such freedom. I stood there on the porch in a sort of trance only aware of the pounding of my heart, my breath rasping in and out of my dry throat. The throbbing in my cock was like the beating of the drums that were played during the mating dance of Kali. She seemed to slowly come out of this self induced trance of pleasure, look around and try to focus on her surroundings. It did not happen and in a moment her legs turned to rubber and her arms could not stop her from falling to the ground. I snapped out of the dream that I was in and like a shot was across the street and at her side. “Ouch, that smarted” I remarked. Lynne wasn’t hurt, she had just fallen hard on her very sexy butt. The fall had just knocked the wind out of her a bit.

“Oh bother, I don’t know what came over me, guess that soap made things get really slippery.” she said with a sort of half grin.

“Lets get you out of the sun and I’ll get you something cool to drink.” My god she was a sight to behold. Legs spread, the wet halter clinging to her breasts, nipples hard as rocks. I gulped and helped her to her not too steady feet. Her body radiated a sweet warmth as she leaned into me as we made our way back across the street and into my home.

“Here Lynne, take a seat on the couch and I’ll get a cool drink and some ice for that bump on your leg.” I came back with both and there was this cute sexy girl sitting on my couch with her legs spread, her eyes closed. I thought for a moment that the combination of falling, sun and pleasuring herself had been to much for her and that she has simply passed out on the couch. I knelt in front of her and as I did so her eyes fluttered open. My hands were on the tops of each thigh and the look that blazed between us simply swept all doubt aside for me.

Like a tiger too long on the hunt that had been pursuing bursa escort bayan an elusive prey. My lips devoured hers; our breath seared its way in and out of each others lungs.

A tongue so sweet yet so forceful plunged into my mouth. Fighting, swirling, probing our tongue danced inside with each other, franticly. She pulled away from me and with a fierce grip looked into my eyes with orbs that blazed with lust and said “I know of your desire to have me, to take my cunt, to hear me scream your name, to feel my wine run down your throat. To feel the fire of Pele burn through my body as I cum for you.” She released my face and with one swift move pulled her soaked halter top off. Her breasts were full, ripe, soft, the sunlight coming through the window made them look like a pair of delicious fruit just waiting to be plucked.

She pushed me away and as I fell back lifted her hips removing her jeans. I watched, mesmerized, as she spread her legs and said simply, “Come to me.”

I love watching a woman open her pussy for me. Spreading her lips, exposing her pearl, plunging fingers inside, rubbing her tangy cream all over her lips, coating her stiff nipples with her essence and then asking, no, telling me to lick. So I licked her nipples and then sucked them, hard. Swirling my tongue around each one, until she had to push me away.

Then I stared into her eyes and held her hand in mine as I licked every finger that tasted of her. I licked my way down her soft belly following the trail that her fingers had traced for me. My lips barely touched the delicate skin as I made my way down her white soft skin. A soft kiss upon her mons, a quiet moan from Lynne. My tongue escaped my mouth and with a lick that lasted seconds but seemed to erase a lifetime of unrequited wanting I stroked it across her lips.

I was the skinny, awkward geek with the coke bottom glasses. The classic 90 pound with 2 left feet ugly duckling. Great in class but never had a date. Too shy to ask a girl out, and to freaked if she had said “Yes.”

Lynne was the kind of girl that I would go home just burning with desire for day after miserable lonely day. But I had really blossomed in college and now I was going to fulfill the dreams of that boy I used to be.

My tongue parted her lips with the delicacy of a feather. I could taste her cum as I rolled those full lips into my mouth. Her moans, like her scent, began to fill the room pushing me to take even more of her into my mouth. I lapped at her again and again, our eyes locked. With one hand she pulled my face even deeper into herself and with the other reached up, ensnaring her breast.

I watched as she so beautifully tortured her nipples harder and harder. Trying to match how hard her clit was at the moment my mouth sucked it inside. I sucked hard and she moaned again as I did. I bit down on it between my lips and she moaned again. I plunged a finger into the center of this delicacy of a pussy and Lynne shouted.

In a rhythm that increased with each lick of my insatiable tongue. and plunge of my finger into her sopping cunt, Lynne would thrust her hips up. She had pulled her legs up and was holding them apart so that I could engorge myself on her. All of a sudden she grabbed my wrist and pushed me away from her throbbing clit.

“ENOUGH! God I want your cock now!” She practically shouted at me. In a flash my shirt was off and with an expertise beyond her years my pants were unbuckled and at my bare feet. My cock sprung out like an animal finally free from its all to confining cage.

“Hmm, a nice, big, long, thick cock Jay… I want that hot, hard piece of manly flesh inside of me. I know you want to fill my raw wet cunt with your cock, don’t you?” As I stepped out of my pants I said “Lynne, I’ve wanted to have a woman like you all my life!”

“Then take me; slide that delicious dick into me, fill me up, stretch my walls. I am going to rub that wonderfully sucked clit of mine until escort bursa I cum all over your cock and my cum runs down it to the floor. Would you like that Jay? You want to fuck me until your cock is drowning in my hot cum?”

God was there no end to this teasing!! Fuck! She knew just how to make me ache.

“So, Jay kneel down and slide that cock all over my pussy until I beg for it.”

I knelt in front of that delicious raw wet pussy. Her lips were so full, shiny and wet, clit a deep red from the licking and sucking it had been subjected too. My cock was like a hot rod of steel as I slid it back and forth over her clit. Her lips would embrace me each and every time I slid between them, and then over her pearl. I watched as she once again teased, pinched her nipples to an incredible hardness. Whispers, and then a shout, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Take that cock and FUCK ME!”

I plunged my full length into her steaming pussy. A thousand tongues seemed to attack my cock as over and over she met my every thrust. Her hand was a blur as she attacked her clit with frenzy.

She pulled me forward and placed my hands on her breasts squeezing them into the tender flesh. I knew what she wanted and I gripped at her flesh with an almost demonic pleasure. I could feel her cunt throb over and over, her breath came in gasps, her juice boiled out of her and when our hips met the sound filled the room. Lynne pulled my head down and plunged her tongue into my mouth. Her breath was my breath and each breath ignited our lust even more.

Our kiss broke for we were both reaching a barrier that was about to be torn asunder by the passion that consumed us both. She slowed down and then stopped altogether and while holding my face so tenderly in my hands looked deeply into my eyes and said “I have never had a man in my ass Jay. You are to be my first. The boys get my mouth and pussy but only a man gets my tight ass.”

With that she pushed me out of her pussy, turned around and got on all fours on the couch. Her round womanly ass was in the air like an offering and I was to be gifted as no other had. With just a bit of pressure she leaned back so that my cock was pressed against the rosebud of her ass.

“Oh God, don’t move, my God please don’t move,” she cried out as the head barely slipped into her ass. My body trembled at the effort to not thrust forward into Lynne’s incredibly tight ass. This time she moaned, “Give me a bit of that cock, Jay slide into my aching ass.” I watched in amazement as her ring parted and my shaft split her beautiful rosebud. A moan escaped me as I had never felt such a tight embrace around my cock.

With that she plunged fully down onto my cock and screamed “FUCK

ME!” I took her hips into my hands and pulled her hard down into me. Again and again the unrelenting thrusts came at me. Where she got the energy to fuck with such a wanton abandonment I do not know.

How I lasted as long as I did I can not say. My cock was deep in her ass when like a tsunami smashing into the shore Lynne thrust her fingers into herself.

A scream that sent shivers up my spine filled the room, I could feel her body shudder as the waves of pleasure consumed her. Our thighs became coated with her cum as it boiled and churned its way past her fingers. I came, from deep in myself, I came, for that frustrated kid I was so long ago I came, with every fiber of my being my thick white hot cum burned its way out of me and slammed into Lynne. For minutes all that was heard in the room was the moans and cries of two people that had allowed themselves to let the primal side of themselves take over. As my cock softened inside of her, Lynne pulled away and turned over on the couch.

“Oh my GOD! Thank you, for that was a fuck that I have wanted all my life.”

“Lynne,” I responded still a bit short of breath, “Thank you for allowing me to fuck as

I’ve always wanted too my whole life.”

She just looked at me and laughed “Well Jay, its going to be a long hot summer, so be prepared for more of me, because I am, at times, insatiable!” I kissed her on her lips letting the taste of her cum pass between us and thought, “I have always wanted a delicious tart!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32