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Golden Pond

The latest mileage marker indicated we were only fifteen minutes from the campground. I was in the drivers seat and could not wait to get there to stretch my legs. The campsite was three hours from campus. I had Dave in the passenger seat beside me and my roommate Josh and his buddy Craig in the backseat. We were officially on a guys’ weekend trip, unofficially on a get away from girls weekend. Dave had gotten dumped by Cheryl, I was still trying with no avail to start a relationship with Rachel, Josh had broken it off with Jill and Craig, well Craig had heard we were going camping.

I pulled up to one of my favorite camp sites, with great hiking trails and a large lake to go fishing in. I quickly put the truck into park and jumped out of the car to stretch my long legs. The others quickly followed and began unpacking the car. We hauled our gear and began pitching a tent about 300 yards from the lake. We had left early on Friday, but it was already getting dark, so we quickly made camp and began to build a fire. As night began to creep in, the fire provided light as we looked around at the other campers who had snuck away for their own weekend.

To our left were two couples who seemed to be in their early 40s and were probably looking to enjoy a weekend away from the kids. They were passing around a bottle of wine. To our right were three girls who were finishing setting up their tents, having arrived somewhat after us. Finally straight ahead of us was a single woman who, in the firelight, only revealed her silhouette. Craig had noticed that the girls would need help finishing setting up camp and got up to go offer a hand. Josh was quick to follow. Dave watched them walk off towards the girls as my eyes outlined the silhouette, trying to gauge the size of her breasts and tightness of her ass based on her shadow. My eyes then went to the three girls who were thanking Josh and Craig for driving in some stakes.

“Did you want to talk about it?”

“Im good.”

I had known Dave long enough to not press any further. As a friend I felt I had to ask, but knew Dave would work things out in his own way on his own time and may or may not talk to me about it later.

“Looks like we’ll need more,” Dave said as he got up and pulled out more cans of beer from our cooler. He was right. Craig and Josh were herding the girls down the path towards our campfire. Dave and I held out beer to the girls as they entered our circle. We all introduced ourselves and circled around the fire. Dave sat to my right and Crystal sat to my left. Craig sat next to her and Jennifer was to his left. Josh followed then came Laura before Dave finished the circle. The girls came from a different state university about an hour away from camp, four hours from our campus. We drank beers over the next three hours getting to know each other. We jumped topics from school to movies to horror stories to sex fantasies to baby names to assassination attempts to favorite sexual positions to music to Shakespeare plays to Shakespeare characters we’d like to fuck to tattoo locations to run-ins with the law to baby names. The transitions made a lot more sense at the time. We collectively stood as the girls got up to head back to their tents to pass out. We put out our campfire and did the same.

I was the last to wake the next morning. We had made plans with the girls yesterday to go for a hike and hang out at the lake, fishing and canoeing. I stepped out of my tent and saw the girls in the distance preparing themselves for the day. I was the appointed leader as this was my favorite campground. I chose a nice easy trail that gave us good views and good hiking in a two mile path down to the lake. We continued our talk from the previous night as we walked down. Thankfully, baby names was off the repertoire and was replaced by worst professor ever nominations. Laura had nominated Dr. Dick Fuckhead. Laura pointed out it was a play on his name. His real first name was Rick but oddly his actual surname was Fuckhead. He was her current philosophy prof. He was the only philosophy teacher in history that was handing out “C”s.

“How can I get a ‘C’?” Laura protested. “This isn’t a history of philosophy, this is literally a class where I go in twice a week and say what I’m thinking. How can that ever be wrong?”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to know what you’re thinking, maybe he wants to know what you’re not thinking,” Josh answered.

“Shit, that’s deep, I would give that an ‘A+’,” Craig retorted.

“With bonus points and a smiley face,” Jennifer added.

“Fucking hate you guys.” Laura let out.

“No, no, that’s what you feel. Tell us what you don’t feel,” Dave quipped.

“I love you, and I want to hug you,” Laura let out as she charged Dave and put her ‘hug’ right around Dave’s neck.

“‘A’ for the retort, ‘C’ for the hug, you really need help on your technique,” Dave choked as he wrestled back with her.

We reached the end of the lake. We broke off in groups. Dave was going to teach Laura to fish, çeşme escort hoping her technique at that would be better than her hugs. The rest of us went in two canoes out to the center of the lake. Craig and Crystal were in one canoe and Josh, Jennifer and myself were in the other one.

“Speaking of profs, I always hated Dr. Morgan,” Josh said.

“Really? Her intro class was so easy,” I replied.

“But in the higher level courses, she’s such a bitch.” Josh was a bio major.

“But a hot bitch, she must be nice to live next to,” Craig shot from the other canoe.

I knew it was definitely fortunate, but did not mention it.

“You live next to a prof?” Crystal offered. “Do you spy on her?”

“That’s how Kev went to jail the first time,” Craig answered.

“So that was before the killing spree?” Crystal asked recalling the conversation from last night.

“No I was the one who killed all the women who reminded me of Peppermint Patty,” Josh corrected. “Dave was in jail for leaving the petting zoo naked and not calling the next day as he promised.”

“Oh, right,” Jennifer nodded in agreement.

“You know, she’s here.”

“Peppermint Patty?” Josh said as he jumped up in the canoe looking like he was ready to pounce. Jennifer giggled.

“Naw, Dr. Morgan. Saw her this morning, she was up and out early. She is in that tent near those two couples.”

“Shit, I better watch my words. I didn’t say ‘bitch’ I said ‘bitchin’,” Josh said pretending to be nervous.

The next few exchanges were lost to me. My head began to swell as it did transitions between memory flashes; two images being flashed before me, one of a silhouette at the door with a lone lamp providing lighting on a drunken night and one of a silhouette of a perky woman stretching in front of her tent, illuminated by the light from a fire.

I returned to reality and saw that Crystal and Craig had drifted off and Josh and Jennifer were talking. Jennifer was sitting in between us, Josh and I at the ends of the canoe and I saw Josh give me the nod. I realized I was the odd man out and excused myself.

“Im gonna go for a swim and check out some of the other trails. See you back on the mainland.” I took off my shirt and put it in my back pocket of my shorts as I dove into the cool water. I swam to the bank and pulled myself up.

I decided it would be a good time to do some exploring. I looked to the east and saw Dave and Laura cozying up, long ago forgetting about the fishing wire that remained in the water waiting for a fish to take bite. I began to walk west, knowing there had still been some off trails I had yet to explore.

I walked for a good twenty minutes on a beaten path and saw a hill that would be a good climb off the wood-chipped trail. I climbed the hill for ten minutes and when I reached the peak, I saw that there was a second much smaller isolated pond with nothing but green grass surrounding it for twenty yards before the tall trees took root. I began my descent on the other side of the hill and began to approach the pond when I saw movement. I leaned against a tree as I tried to determine what it was I was seeing. There was a woman swimming in the pond and there was no doubt she was naked as she pulled herself out of the water to rest on a rock and dangle her feet in the water.

I moved forward from tree to tree until I was closer and had a better view. I could now see the erect nipples of her breasts. Her feet were still splashing in the water. Was it the cool water having the effect on her nipples or the erotic nature of her nakedness? Her breasts stood at attention and her flat stomach led to her dark V-shaped crotch. I could see nothing but her darkness, her legs were too close together. Just as I thought that, they parted. I now saw a view of pussy. I had been able to sneak close enough to see the tightening of her muscles then the relaxation as she began to urinate into the pond. She lifted her legs then and began to splash her toes in her golden stream. I felt my cock harden in my shorts. She began to rub her pussy now as her piss stream diminished. She rubbed her pussy with both hands until each was wet then she began to rub her hands up her tight abs into her chest and across her arms. Her movements were as if she was rubbing sun tan lotion into her skin. Instead she was basting herself with her urine.

She then got on her feet on the rock and dove into the pond. She swam to the near side where I was watching and walked over to her laid out blanket naked and began to read a novel. Reading did not stop her from continuing to run her damp hands over her body. I watched her touch herself and felt the urge to touch myself too. I watched her explore her body for what seemed like hours as my hard penis strained against my shorts. I must have stared for awhile because she had the need to pee again. When I saw her lift her knees so her feet were flat on the ground, I knew what she was preparing to do. I unzipped my pants and caught the drip of precum escort çeşme that fell from my cock. She arched her back and lifted her butt off the ground and began to piss. She rubbed her pussy causing her stream to splash all over her. She must have known this was an isolated spot because she did not muffle her passion. She began moaning as she rubbed her pussy as she pissed. I began stroking my dick hard, matching the movement speeds of her own hand. When I heard her scream in orgasm, I let go of my own load all over the tree, leaning on the tree for support. I continued to stroke my cock, squeezing out the last drops of cum while she continued to rub her pussy with one hand and her urine-coated tits with the other.

When my dick had softened, I pulled up my shorts to hurry back to camp as it would be dark any time now and she would be looking to head back. I hurried over the hill and found my way back to camp. The others had been back to camp. They looked cozy next to the fresh fire. Craig and Crystal were kissing while Dave and Laura and Josh and Jennifer were talking over wine and beer.

“We eating fish tonight?” I asked as I made my way into camp.

“Sure are, but its out of a can,” Dave answered. “No luck with the fishing.”

We ate our dinner and about a half hour after that we saw Dr. Morgan coming in off a trail. When she passed our camp site, Dave and I said hi. “Hi, Kristin,” we said in unison.

“Hi boys.”

“Hi Dr. Morgan,” said Josh feeling compelled to say hi.

“Would you like to join us,” Craig asked, freeing his lips from Crystal for a moment?

“I don’t think so. Thanks though. I smell too much from my all day hike. I’m exhausted and looking for a good night’s sleep.”

“Good night then,” we all said.

“She doesn’t seem that bad,” Jennifer said to Josh as she left.

“Well we aren’t in class. She is much more scary when surrounded by blackboards.”

“Im going to get some early ‘Z’s’ as well,” I said and disappeared into my tent. I couldn’t fall asleep for awhile. I had a raging hard-on thinking of that days events. I wanted to go over to that tent and continue events that occurred more than a semester ago now.

I awoke first the next day. It didn’t look like the girls went back to their tents that night so I wanted to be gone when everyone began emerging. I decided to head back to the nice secluded spot I found yesterday, hoping to discover the same scene as before. It must have been early because Kris was not there. Maybe she would hike elsewhere today? I felt my cock harden thinking of her again and decided I needed a dip in the cold waters. I took off my clothes at the edge of the water and walked in. I swam around hoping my cock would shrink but it remained hard. I swam to the far side of the pond to the rocks where I saw Kris sitting yesterday. They were dry but I pretended I could tell where her piss landed and that I could distinguish what was piss and what were pussy juices. I pulled myself out of the water and positioned myself in the way I remember she was sitting. I was way too hard to take a piss so began to stroke my hard cock. I closed my eyes and began imaging a drunken night of ages ago. Beer at Blue’s Tavern. Drunken walk home. Mistaken house identity. Wrapped in a blanket for the night. Towel wrapped around a leg and breasts swaying with the movements of the towel. French toast. Shower and golden showers. I was close to coming and was so deep in thought I had not heard someone else swimming in the water. I opened my eyes before I came and saw Kris and froze.

Neither of us said anything for awhile. My fist stopped pumping my cock. It stayed frozen, hard and straight in the air.

“God how I love that cock. I remember the first time I saw it. It has always been so large and inviting. God when are you going to finish?”

I stared back at her. She had gorgeous green eyes. Her long brown hair was soaked and stuck to her neck. I saw the tops of her breasts as she waded in the water. I returned my right hand to its tight grip around my cock.

“How’s your aim?” Kris asked as she got closer and grabbed hold of the rocks below me to lift herself slightly more out of the water and arched herself backwards and opened her mouth slightly. I slid my butt closer to the edge of my rock and began pistoning my cock harder and harder. I felt the movement in my cock, I held it back to let it build then I shot load after load of my jizz out into the water, some landing on Kris’ tits and lips.

“Yummy,” she said as she fell backward into the water. I massaged the final spurts of jizz into my softening member.

She swam towards the shore where are clothes lay. I dove into the water and swam after her. She picked up our clothes and walked them up to the line of the trees where she laid out a large blanket and laid down. When I reached her side she already had her legs spread wide and was rubbing her pussy. I could see moisture on her pubic hair and the lips of her cunt. I circled her untilI stood çeşme escort bayan over her. Each of my feet were on either side of her waist. My flaccid cock, hanging over her juicy cunt. I looked down into those green eyes and gave a smirk. She smirked back at me. I began to empty my bladder. Piss shot down onto her pussy and she began to rub it in with her busy hands. As I looked down at her, I became aroused and that just stiffened my dick and moved my piss up until it was splashing her tits. I grabbed my cock now to guide the stream from her tits to her clit. The piss soaked the blanket beneath her. Once I had finished I got on my knees so that my dick hung over her mouth. She grabbed my balls and pulled me down onto her mouth, taking my sticky cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my shaft and she sucked a few more drops of piss from my cock. She worked my dick until it was fully erect again. She then moved her mouth to take in my smooth balls. She gripped my cock and made long strokes with her hand as her lips and tongue fondled each nut through my scrotum. I removed my balls from her mouth and moved my knees further down so that my cock lined with her perky tits. I gripped each breast and pressed them around my stiff cock. My fingers and palms were on the sides of her firm breasts while my thumbs were playing with each erect nipple. I slid my cock through her piss-soaked tits and began to thrust harder and faster. It was very slick and I pushed her tits further together to provide pressure on my cock.

Kris grabbed firmly to my buttocks and began to push me harder and faster. Her tits felt good and I came a second time that day on her breasts. Kris did not dare let the water wash this batch away and scooped up a fingerful and slid her finger into her mouth and across her tongue. She moaned in pleasure at its taste then looked at me and gave me another smirk. She slid from under me and stood as I sat on the soaked blanket. She hovered over my mouth and I grabbed her ass and begand to lick her clit. I nibbled at her hard knob and explored her folds with my tongue. She moaned then began to let a stream out. Her piss touched my tongue and I stopped licking her pussy to have her piss splash on my chest and run down my body to my dick. The warm sensation caused my dick to rise again. I returned my mouth to her pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth and began to nibble on her button causing her to moan in pleasure. She began to rock hard and she came. These juices I fully let drip into my mouth. I explored the walls of her tunnel to lick up the excess.

Although the skies had not darkened above us, it began to rain slightly on our heads. We were already covered in sweat, piss and cum, we were not worried about a little rain. I returned Kris to her back and positioned my cock along her slit. I entered her hot pussy. She was so warm and tight. This was not a time for passion. This was a time for instinctive, animalistic sex. The rain fell on us at a faster rate now. Kris’ hair was getting wet, and my back was getting slick as I covered her body as I began rocking over her, thrusting my dick deep into her pussy. Her legs wrapped around my hips as she pulled me into her. I gripped the sides of her to thrust deeper and harder and faster. The rain poured over my head and it fell onto her breasts. Kris’ eyes were closed. I withdrew from her pussy and I stood us both up. I lifted her up and carried her so we were more covered by the canopy of the trees. I then held her ass in my hands and lifted her up onto my cock. She wrapped her arms around my neck for support and her tits bounced in front of my face. I took her bouncing nipples into my mouth as I continued to slam my dick into her burning pussy. Her pussy began to clench and this forced me to cum deep inside her. Her own wave hit her and her juices flowed over my cock and down my legs. I continued with slow thrusts until my cock slipped out of her tight soaking pussy.

Kris was weak so when I put her on her feet, she slid to her knees on the wet earth. She looked up at me at took my wilted cock into her mouth. She savored the taste of my jizz and her pussy juices. The pleasure was too much and I began to piss. She let my dick fall from her mouth and she slid back down my legs moving her head underneath my cock so that her hair was being drenched with the rain and my piss. She threw her head back so that all her hair could be coated. When I finished, she returned to sucking my cock. She finally regained strength and she began to rise. I helped her to her feet and our tongues embraced in a long passionate kiss.

Our naked bodies stood there under the tree getting soaked in the rain and we continued to kiss for the next fifteen minutes. Finally we realized the weather was not going to let up, so we put on our soaked clothes and began the hike back to the camp sites. When we arrived to the campsite, everyone was packing up. The two couples had already left and the guys were helping the girls fit everything into their car. We helped Kris do the same and we all headed back. The girls took a left at the main highway and we took a right. We followed Kris’ for the first hour until the guys wanted me to stop for dinner. I just hoped no one would notice my hard-on once I got out of the car. I waited inside the car for an extra minute just in case.

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