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When I was a 20 year old cadet at the military academy, we had our annual family party at my parents place.

The weather was great and we had a lot of fun together. All day we were talking, swimming, playing some ballgame, relaxing in the Jacuzzi or just enjoying the food and the drinks. My mom still looked very hot in her red bikini. Being a 42 year old woman, she could be proud of her 5’6″ 36C-26-37 measurements.

To be honest all female family members looked very good. My 24 year old married sister, my 18 year old sister, my aunts and cousins. I have to admit that even my grannies still looked sexy. My mom’s mother at 61 years old was a very good looking, small 5’2″ woman with great C-cup breasts. My dad’s mom was 64 years old, 5’6″ with D-cup breasts and a great butt. She was a little chubby, but very sexy.

Late that evening mom decided to go to bed. She needed some sleep since she had to prepare breakfast early in the morning. About an hour later Dad decided to go to bed too. He was a little drunk, but he managed to get into the house.

About half an hour later we all went to bed. Every bed in the house was occupied and since my bedroom was given to my granny, I was supposed to sleep on the sofa in the living room. When I came in the living room I noticed that the sofa was occupied. Dad was sleeping on it and there was no way I could wake him up.

I walked through the house checking the beds. The only bed available, was Dad’s bed. I undressed and slid into the bed next to my mom.

Later that night I was dreaming that a warm, naked body was close to mine. I could feel a woman against me. Her breasts were against my body. Her head was on my chest, I could smell her hair. Her hand was softly stroking my cock, which was hard already. Then the woman turned esenyurt escort around, took my cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking. It was so good.

Slowly I came back from my dreams and I realized there was really a woman sucking my cock. This was so good. I pushed my cock deeper in her mouth which made her wiggle her butt and lower her pussy close to my mouth. I could smell her juices. My tongue touched her pussy. She moaned and pushed her juicy cunt even harder to my mouth. I licked her cunt and sucked her clit. It made her moan.

Her sucking and licking was so good, my cock exploded. Cum squirting in her mouth. She took my cock even deeper in her mouth and swallowed all of my sperm. With my fingers I was playing with her cheeks, her pussy and her rosebud. It made her moan hard and she had an enormous orgasm too. Her body was shaking and her pussy was so tight against my face that I could hardly breath.

She cleaned my cock with her tongue and her lips. As a result my cock was still hard and ready to fuck. Boy I would love to fuck this woman. She probably read my mind and moved a little forward. On all fours with her butt high in the air she reached behind and grabbed for my cock. There was no doubt that she wanted the same as I did.

I positioned myself behind her and guided my tool in her dripping wet cunt. Slowly I moved forward. When my cock was halfway in her hot cunt I pushed it in her until my balls were touching her body “Ooochhh… mmmmhhhh…” was her reaction. I started moving in and out “Ooocchhh …. Yesssss …. Ooohh … your cock feels so good tonight…. Go on fuck me…….. fuck your slutty wife. You make me cuuuuuummmm….. ohhhhhh go on….. again…. Fuck meeeeeeee.

Lighting could avrupa yakası escort not have been clearer. This was the voice of my mom. It suddenly hit me what happened last night. I was in dad’s bed because he slept on the sofa. Mom thought I was dad……

She already sucked my cock and now my cock was fucking her juicy cunt.

“I’m fucking my mom. This is wrong, but it feels so fucking good.”

Mom and I fucking together felt so good. It excited me even more. I reached forward and grabbed her lovely tits. I squeezed her nipples and my cock pounded even harder in her cunt. She could feel the change and moaned harder and she had another orgasm.

” Ohhhh fuuuuck….. I’m cumming honey… give me more…. Fuck meeeeeeeeee….. oooooh yeesss…. Yeeeeeessss….. oooooooooohhh… Now fuck my ass….. I want you to fuck my ass …. Ooooh ..”

Her juices were all over her butt so there was enough lubrication. With my fingers I played with her asshole. She wiggled her butt and moaned. She moaned even louder as I gently slid my finger into her tight ass. I began moving my finger in and out of her ass. With 2 fingers in her ass she was moaning even louder.

“Now put that cock of yours up my ass, honey. Fuck my ass!”

I held my juices covered cock at her anus, slowly applying pressure. I pushed harder, her ass opened and my cock slowly slid in. As I penetrated her ass, she moaned and pushed her ass back towards me to take me deeper. I started to slowly pump her ass. Her ass was so hot and so tight. This felt so good. Slowly I moved my cock in and out of her ass as she continued moaning. As my pace quickened I heard her moaning even louder.

“Oh yeeeeees, fuck my ass, anadolu yakası escort Ohhhh you feel so big tonight….. Go on… keep fucking my ass honey… I want you to cum… cum in my ass… please do it…… please?”

“Ooooh…. My Mom is begging me to cum in her ass….. this is soooooo good!”

This was too much… My cock exploded and I shot a stream of hot cum into her ass.

“Oooooooooh,…. Uuuuuuhhhuuu “

My hands were still holding her soft tits. While I pushed my cock in her ass as deep as possible, my hands were pulling her tits, which made her lift her upper body. She threw her head backwards. Her hand reached behind and squeezed my balls. Still squirting my juices, I groaned and moaned.

“Ohhhhhh .. I’m cumming…… this is so gooooood……oooooh….. I love you…… Mummyyyyyy.”

Still coupled we fell down on the bed. She was still holding my balls in her hand. I kissed her neck and her ears.

Then she seemed to realize what she heard.

“Mummy? Did you say Mummy?”

She turned around. There she was, sitting in front of me, naked with her gorgeous tits dangling in front of my face. Her nipples were still hard. Her loving eyes showed disbelieve.

“I’m sorry Mom…. Dad was sleeping on the sofa…. The only place to sleep was here……. I didn’t have any intention to do this… But…. You started while I was asleep and when I realized it was you, It was so good…. I couldn’t stop anymore…. It was sooooo good Mom. I’ll never forget this.”

“Please Mom, don’t stop loving me…….”

She kissed my lips, it was a very tender kiss.

“I can’t believe what we did baby, but how can I ever stop loving you?”

Then she came forward and took me into her arms, our naked bodies close together.

“The terrible thing is how much I enjoyed it, I thought your dad had never fucked me so good before…as I was pushing against your hardness I kept wondering how he was suddenly such a performer!”

With both of her hands holding my face, she whispered: “Ouch Pete, I know it was wrong, but my pussy is creaming at the memory…. It was so good…. what are we going to do now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32