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Samantha Harris was infuriated to hear from her daughter Dianne that, Grace Vincent, the 34-year-old governess Samantha had hired to supervise her two children, Dianne and Jason, both in their early 20s, had already misbehaved on the job. While Samantha knew that Dianne, who had been humiliated by Miss Vincent in front of Jason and Samantha during their initial meeting, obviously bore a grudge against the governess, this latest news was highly disturbing.

Although Samantha had expected that Dianne would merely be seeking to discredit the governess in any way, it appeared that this time she had the goods on her. Dianne had been prevented from using the toilet by Grace Vincent, who told her that she would be allowed to go when her disciplining was over.

Diane realized that she could not hold on that long and then, while on the way to the bathroom, lost control, peed, and dropped a large turd from under her dress right on the floor. This had obviously been extremely embarrassing for the 24-year-old, who had returned him along with her 22-year-old brother because both were working part-time and even together could not afford their own apartment.

But now Dianne had managed to overhear Jason visiting Miss Vincent in the governess’s bedroom. While Grace had spanked Jason for his failure to respect her, she had apparently rewarded him in a rather intimate manner: she had removed her panties and allowed him to insert one inch of his cock into her vagina. Dianne had overheard Grace’s instructions and realized the governess was preventing Jason from completing intercourse by grasping her hand around his cock below the glans.

So Samantha prepared herself for the inevitable interrogation of her newly-hired governess. Grace was summoned to her employer’s bedroom after dinner. Samantha made certain that the door was secured after Grace entered and she had the TV on loud enough to ensure that Dianne and Jason would not overhear what would follow.

“Yes, Ms. Harris,” Grace said calmly, “may I ask for what you have called me in? I hope you were not bothered by the problem we had with Dianne’s toilet control this afternoon?”

“No, Grace,” Samantha said equally coolly, masking her immense displeasure, “I am more concerned about your behavior later with Jason. To put it bluntly, I did not expect to hear that you had permitted, nay invited, my son to place his penis in your vagina, to be technical. This was penetration, however slight, and thus qualifies to me and anyone else as fucking. I do not feel that is proper conduct by a governess.”

Grace blanched and wondered how on earth Samantha had already found out about her indiscretion. She was nonplussed as to how to respond but Samantha continued her end of the conversation.

“I’m afraid, Grace,” she went on, “that I’ve made a mistake in hiring you. I thought you would be mature enough to handle what is clearly a challenging assignment but I was obviously mistaken. If we act now and end this relationship, we may be able to keep the problems to a minimum and both go on with our lives.”

Grace now somehow kept her composure and replied quickly, “Ma’am, I know now I made a mistake but I can assure you that nothing of the kind will happen again and I hope you will correct me, physically if you so feel it is appropriate, so that we may put this unfortunate occurrence behind us. Yes, I was,” she hesitated, “oh, yes, even at my age, I was a bad girl and bad girls should be punished, but I think I can do a good job for you and you will not be sorry if you give me another chance.”

Samantha found herself sympathizing with the young woman, although she did not feel this was really a remediable situation. How could this girl supervise her son when she had allowed him to fuck her, however slightly?

“Grace, I need to ask you a very personal question but you have invited it because of your conduct,” Samantha declared. “I need to know with whom in the past year you have had sex, and how often.”

Grace blushed deeply now, and slowly responded, “Ma’am, I had a boyfriend much of the year and we did engage in sex quite often for about seven months. But aside from that, I have not had intercourse or other sex with anyone this past year, so that is since three months ago when we broke up.”

“I assume you çiğli escort are on birth control,” Samantha continued, seemingly relentlessly.

“Yes,” Grace blushed again. “I am.”

Samantha drew a deep breath as she did not want to have to worry about her son’s having already impregnated the governess.

“Very well,” Samantha said firmly, “I don’t really know why I’m doing this but I intend to give you another chance. However, as you have requested correction, I intend to punish you so that you fully appreciate the gravity of what you have done. Stand up and lift your skirt and bend over the chair there,” she said, pointing to the high hassock in the bedroom.

Grace was relieved at the outcome: she would not be summarily fired, but now was worried about what kind of painful punishment she would now be subjected to receiving from Samantha.

“Do you intend to spank me, ma’am?” she asked plaintively.

“When I am dealing with a governess,” Samantha replied very authoritatively, “I use my thin cane on her bare bottom.”

“Oh,” Grace exclaimed and then got control of her emotions, “that is very severe, Ms. Harris, but…yes, I know I deserve to be punished harshly.”

“You certainly do, Grace,” Samantha Harris rejoined, “and I intend to make you understand that this is indeed what is done with girls who have been advanced to a responsible position and then forget their responsibilities. Moreover, I expect that this punishment, by the time I am finished, will embarrass you and make you recall it the next time you are tempted to misbehave. So bend over the hassock right now.”

She reached into her handbag and withdrew a small fiberglas rod, which would serve the same purpose and impart a similar sting and striping as a traditional disciplinary cane. Meanwhile, Grace had followed the order to lift her skirt and bend over the hassock. Samantha was now staring at Grace’s commodious bottom, protected by a thin pair of white cotton panties.

Samantha stepped toward Grace, bent down, and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the panties. Grace now knew that her last shield against full exposure of her bottom, and ultimately all of her most intimate areas between her legs, was now to be removed. She felt highly vulnerable and very sorry that she had permitted Jason the liberties she had allowed.

“It was all because I was so horny from not having sex for so long,” Grace told herself, by way of assigning blame for her current position awaiting castigation from her new employer.

Samantha now tugged Grace’s panties down below her knees and ordered Grace to keep her legs apart to hold the panties at that level.. She stared at the governess’s pale bottom and the ample crack between her bottom cheeks. Samantha saw the cute little anal pucker surrounded by darker skin and then she could even see the pooched vulva between Grace’s legs disclosed by Grace’s holding her legs apart.

Samantha found herself getting wet at the view of this young woman’s private parts but proceeded to the task at hand. She grasped her little rod, lay it across Grace’s cheeks, and then flicked it twice quickly with her wrist to impart two strokes. It took a minute for the sting to be felt by Grace who moaned in pain as Samantha watched the tell-tale red stripes appear on Grace’s bottom.

Now Samantha proceeded to deliver a series of two-stroke flicks of the wrist that left the governess’s bottom striped from top to middle to base near the sensitive crease between bottom and thigh. She resisted the temptation to apply the rod to Grace’s thighs, deciding that she would reserve that increased punishment should Grace misbehave in the future. Grace cried out after each two-stroke imposition and pleaded that she would be good.

After Samantha had imposed 16 strokes with the rod, she stopped and told Grace to stand. “Now, face me, and remove your panties,” Samantha ordered.

The shaken young woman quickly stood and slowly removed her panties which had fallen to her ankles.

Now came the most humiliating order: “Hold your legs apart and then hold your pussy open for my inspection,” Samantha said in ordinary tones.

Grace was taken aback at this embarrassing stance she was being told to assume. But she did stand legs apart and çiğli escort bayan reached down to hold her labia open, disclosing her pink vaginal opening to Samantha’s view.

Samantha approached, rod in hand. “Just as a reminder that your offense was highly compromising and in keeping with my practice of punishing exactly where you offended,” she said to Grace, “you will receive one Mistress’s stroke on your open pussy. If this is too much, you may change your mind and pack your bags.”

“Mistress’s stroke?” Grace asked, not anxious to hear the answer.

“Yes,” Samantha answered, “it will given on your open vulva.”

“Oh, no, I mean, well, yes,” Grace cried. She somehow held back her tears and braced herself.

“I take that as a yes,” Samantha intoned, as Grace helplessly nodded her assent.

“Very well,” Samantha said matter-of-factly. Then she gave the most fear-inducing order for Grace: “Hold your lips apart.”

She lay the rod down Grace’s split, drew it back, and flicked it right into the open vulval lips.

“Yeeooowwww,” Grace exclaimed and jumped up in pain as the little rod had snapped on her most delicate place.

“You may retrieve your panties,” Samantha stated.

“I trust we will regard this matter as closed,” Samantha said formally. “You may go,” she added.

Grace decided it would be appropriate for her to bow and she did so as she made her exit. Her face was now as red as her pantied bottom.

Her punishment was not a secret for long. Dianne had perceived that Grace was going into Samantha’s bedroom and managed to get her ear close to the vent where even the radio noise Samantha had had playing in the background failed to keep the 24-year-old daughter for hearing what was being discussed. She felt herself get excited and her fluids start pouring out of her vagina as she heard her mother lecture the errant governess.

“Wow,” Dianne said to herself, “Mom ran with what I told her big-time. She’s giving that bitch what-for on her naughty little bum and then she even gave her a whack on her dirty little cunt. I can’t wait to see when Jason finds out his little fuck toy has been removed from his service.”

The next day, Grace told Jason and Dianne at breakfast that she would inspect their rooms. Neither was overly concerned. Jason figured he had Grace between his fingers and Dianne was ready to have it out with this assertive girl who had just been whipped by their mother.

Grace inspected after the two left for work. She soon found messy rooms—Dianne had left the last two pairs of panties she had worn on the floor, and each had nasty skidmarks; Jason’s room was in complete disarray, with clothing and papers strewn about. When the two returned, Grace assembled them, both scowling at being treated like children.

“I inspected your rooms,” Grace intoned, “and you both have failed miserably. Dianne, you left your underpants on the floor and I might note that they are filthy and disgraceful for a woman your age.”

Dianne blushed at this, not recalling that her wiping when she used the toilet tended to be cursory.

“And Jason, your room is a complete pigpen,” Grace went on.

“You both have earned disciplining,” the governess declared, “and I intend to make sure that you both start attending to keeping your rooms and things clean.”

She then took out a small notebook. “I will keep track of the behavior of each of you in this book,” Grace explained. “I will enter all marks awarded for misbehavior or other offenses you commit. At week’s end we shall have an accounting for the marks earned.”

Dianne was then ordered to step forward and lift her skirt. She hated having to do this but decided she had better go along until she could afford to move out. She stood before Grace and cringed as the governess proceeded to lower her panties below the knees. Jason was ordered to stand beside his sister. His belt was then unbuckled and his trousers and undershorts similarly lowered.

“Bend over, both of you, and grasp your ankles,” Grace ordered, now pleased that she was getting some compliance from her charges. “You two better understand that you are not too old to be spanked and punished.”

Grace now took her small thin cane from the sideboard on which escort çiğli she had laid it. She made it whistle in the air a few times, saw the two bottoms shiver in response, and lay the cane across Dianne’s ample posterior. She drew the cane back and with good wrist motion snapped it on Dianne’s bottom.

Dianne cried out but held position.

Now, Grace fired a similar stroke across Jason’s narrower bottom. He too let out a small sound of pain.

“Both of you,” Grace now directed, “keep your legs well apart and hold your bottom cheeks open for my inspection.”

The governess now took two small sheets of tissue and carefully pressed them deep into the two bottom-holes. Diane cringed as she felt Grace’s fingers pressing the sheet into her anal opening and Jason was surprised at how embarrassing it was for this governess person to be subjecting him to this indignity.

Grace looked at the sheets; both had unmistakable brown marks on them.

“You both have failed miserably. Your bottoms are filthy,” Grace exclaimed. “You both will be given punishment enemas.”

Protests immediately emanated from both Dianne and Jason. “You are going too far, Miss,” Dianne argued, while her brother snorted and asked if she intended to put them in diapers next.

“It could happen, Jason,” Grace smiled, “if you do not learn to wipe yourself properly in the toilet.”

“Do I need to bring your mother in and have her witness the administration of your enemas?” Grace asked. She elicited two nodded negatives.

She led the two into the hall bathroom and had them bend over on their knees next to the tub. Then she carefully hooked up full enema bags to the shower rod and inserted the nozzle at the end of each hose into the two spread bottoms. Grace then slowly unclamped the clamp for each and allowed the water to fill each of their bowels but at a slow rate to discourage cramping.

“Ow,” Dianne said loudly, “I feel sick with all this fluid inside me.” Jason didn’t like getting an enema either at his age but he kept his silence.

Finally, the bags were emptied and Grace carefully withdrew the nozzles from each anus with a loud pop and slipped a buttplug in to hold the infusion inside.

“You may stand and I will soon allow you to expel,” Grace said very forthrightly.

“Miss,” Dianne pleaded. “This hurts. May I please…please…go potty?” Her face reddened at the use of the childish word.

Grace smiled as she saw that her program was already getting results in terms of Dianne’s compliance, however reluctantly she did so.

“Dianne,” Grace said smoothly, “you may sit on the high toilet seat there now instead of your potty for this one time and soon I will remove your plug and you may expel the enema into the glass jar that is below the seat..”

Dianne wrinkled her nose at the embarrassing prospect of expelling in front of them and seeing it all go into the big glass jar but hurriedly sat on the toilet seat and then pleaded, ‘Do I have to do this…in front of him and you?”

“I’m afraid you will, sweetie,” Grace answered. “Being embarrassed is part of your punishment so you remember to wipe between your cheeks better next time.”

Dianne’s face reddened further but she sighed happily when the governess reached behind Dianne, bade her lift her bottom, and then carefully extracted the buttplug.

“You may expel now, Dianne,” Grace said.

Dianne cringed but sighed again deeply as she allowed her anal sphincter to open and a flood of water rushed out of her bottom with a few plops as pieces of her shit also dropped into the glass jar, releasing a putrid smell that anyone who has ever been present when an enema was expelled knows well.

Grace now made her turn round on the seat. The governess then took some toilet paper and carefully wiped the 24-year-old’s bottom crack, looking at the nasty shit marks on the tissue before dropping it into the toilet bowl.

Jason was then permitted to expel similarly with less drama, but Grace also wiped his bottom and examined the soiled tissue.

“You may both retrieve your underwear and get dressed,” Grace said in concluding the discipline. “I hope you have learned from this punishment.”

Both did so and departed as rapidly as they were able.

Grace stared at the glass jar under the seat with its disgusting contents.

She congratulated herself on regaining the upper hand despite his misstep with Jason and he humiliating discipline from Samantha. And she was looking forward to a date that night with a new fellow she had met during the day at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32