A Jealous Mother Ch. 02

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A Jealous Mother — ch 2

Denise lay in bed, watching her son’s shallow breathing, the light of dawn gradually filling her bedroom. Her mind had tormented her since she’d woken about two hours earlier. The struggle between her conscience and her fears were unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. Her conscience screamed what a wicked, filthy mother she was to have carnal relations with her own flesh and blood. Her fear gnawed at her as she thought about losing her son to some other woman. Some “little girl” who might take her son from her, the way that little tramp took her husband from her. Her son was the last man in her life. The thought of losing him was making her nauseated with anxiety.

She reached over and lightly stroked his chest remembering the night of love making they had shared. There was no denying he had made her feel a depth of love she hadn’t felt in years. He had made her feel alive, desirable, sexy, even needed. Things she hadn’t felt in a very long time. She rolled out of bed needing to use the bathroom. She immediately felt his cum seeping out of her pussy and draining down her leg, smiling as she sat down on the toilet, remembering how many times he’d emptied himself in her. “I forgot how much stamina those young ones have.” She mumbled to herself smiling.

Denise sat at the kitchen island, on a bar stool, sipping her first cup of coffee, her bathrobe tied tightly around her naked body. Her mind was racing back and forth between the eroticism and satisfaction of what had happened the night before, and the consequences of those actions if it were made public. The first thought bringing a warm throbbing between her legs. The second causing her to shudder in fear. Her thoughts were interrupted by Kenny as he walked into the kitchen wearing just his boxer shorts. ‘Fuck! He is such a gorgeous creature!’ She thought to herself as she watched him pour himself a cup of coffee. “Good morning baby! Did you sleep ok?”

Kenny chuckled. “Oh yeah! I slept great!” He responded as he sat down next to her

“Baby, we ought to talk about what happened last night.” Denise didn’t want to talk about it. But she knew ignoring the elephant in the room wasn’t going to help anything.

Kenny had spent his own time thinking through all that had transpired the night before. His perception of his mom had changed. Maybe that’s one of the consequences of those actions. It had only been one night of passion. Yet those actions had torn down so many barriers. And the fact that his mother initiated their incestuous evening together really impacted the way he saw his mom now. He had never been so naive and innocent as to see his mom as not having a sexual appetite. But she had directed that sexual appetite at him, and in the process revealed a vulnerability in her own psyche that he was finding it impossible to ignore.

He looked down at his cup of coffee, then up at her. He didn’t know what to say or how to respond. Back and forth he looked at his coffee then his mom. Finally, he looked up at her. ‘Fuck it!’ He thought to himself. “There’s nothing to talk about.” He couldn’t bring himself to call her mom. “You made it clear last night that you would do anything to keep me all to yourself. I know dad left you, and now you’re afraid I’ll leave you too.” He felt like a complete piece of shit for what he was thinking. Just as his conscience screamed at him, telling him he couldn’t do it, he remembered what she was like last night and realized he could get that whenever he wanted.

Denise couldn’t move and couldn’t speak. She knew where this was heading, and she had no inner strength to stop it. She knew she would never deny him anything he demanded of her now. She moaned as she began to weep. “What have I done to my baby?”

Kenny felt that stirring in his groin. He knew he should feel some compassion for his mom. But the lust she had awakened in him when she seduced him was taking control. “Maybe you should have asked that question before you seduced me last night. No turning the clock back now.” Denise hung her head, sobbing softly, as Kenny wrestled with the conflicting emotions within him. He felt compassion for his mom as he watched her sobbing. That compassion was trumped by his anger towards her for destroying the mother/son relationship they had had before.

She knew everything her son was saying was true. Yet one side of her didn’t want to turn the clock back. Despite the shame she felt, she wanted to feel those sensations again. She wanted to feel her son inside her again. She wanted to feel the way he’d made her feel last night. And she wanted to feel it over and over again. She sobbed for several minutes, Kenny just staring at her the whole time in silence. She finally looked at him, tears streaming down her face. “I’m sorry baby. I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t know what I was doing. I wish so badly I could take it all back.” Her conscience screamed inside her at the hypocrisy of her words. She didn’t want to take anything back.

Kenny laid his hand on her arm as she held her cup of coffee. bursa escort “Enough mom!” He said calmly. No anger in his voice. Neither was he going to tolerate her bullshit. “You knew exactly what you were doing last night. So please save that bullshit line for the therapist if you ever use one. You’re afraid of losing me the way you lost dad.” He knew they would never be just mother and son again. The innocence of that relationship was shattered.

Kenny had called her bluff. Denise calmed herself and looked at her son, resolved in her mind that she was giving herself over to her base desires, and she no longer cared about the consequences. The fear of losing her son far outweighed any other rational thought in her brain. Her face streaked with tears as she spoke. “I know what I did. I know I should regret it. And one side of me does. But the other side is glad I did it.”

Mother and son sat facing each other. The tension and desire once again mounting between them. Kenny finally broke the silence. “Good. Because we’re way beyond turning back. You want me all to yourself.” He paused as he reached for the knot in the sash holding her robe closed and untied it. Denise offered no resistance as he opened her robe, exposing her naked body. “Well, that’s what you’ve got.” Kenny’s lust took control. He stared at her tits for several seconds before reaching out and caressing them. His fingers glided all over her sensitive breasts as he came to the realization of the control he now had over her. “You want to keep me? You better take care of me.”

Denise closed her eyes as she once again became lost in the sensations. She knew she was becoming addicted to his touch. The more he made her feel these sensations, the more she knew she would crave his demands on her. “Oh fuck baby!” She gasped. “Don’t stop! That feels so good!” She opened her eyes, seeing her son in a new way now. “I’m going to take care of you baby. You’re the man I need.”

Kenny just smiled at her. The smile of a man who knew what he had under his control. His fingers grazed over her hardening nipples. Then he began to tease them with his thumb until Denise began to moan. “What should I do with these?” He asked softly.

Denise opened her eyes. “Whatever you want baby.” The need in her voice was unmistakable.

“You want me all to yourself mom? You want me to stay away from all those little girls?” He knew he was playing on her fears and jealousies. But if she meant it when she told him he could do whatever he wanted with her, then he was going to take this as far as it would go.

Denise grabbed his hands and pulled them into her chest. “Oh yes baby! You know that’s what I want. The thought of losing you to one of those little tramps just kills me. I can’t bear the thought of losing you too.”

He dug his fingers into her tit flesh, squeezing them like they were two giant sponges. Denise gasped in pain. “Then from this point on it’s whatever I want, whenever I want it. Is that understood?”

Denise smiled as she continued to gasp from the pain. She was going to keep her son. There was nothing she wanted more than that right now. “Yes baby! I understand.”

Kenny stood up, grabbed the lapel of her robe and led her into the living room. He slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then he pushed his boxer briefs down his legs and stepped out of them. Sitting down on the couch, he pulled his mom down till she was kneeling between his legs. “You know what to do. So do it.”

Denise sat back on her calves as she reached for his already stiff cock. Her left hand cupped his balls and gently massaged them as she stroked his cock with her right hand. She traced the veins, running the length of his shaft, with the tip of her finger, reveling in the softness of his flesh. She smiled up at her son when she heard his moan of approval.

Kenny’s head was laying on the back of the couch, his eyes closed, moaning his enjoyment of his mom’s touch. He had to admit his mom was more attentive to his needs and pleasure than any of the girls he had played with at school. “OH FUCK!” He moaned louder when he felt her lips slide over the head of his cock and down the length of his cock.

His moans excited Denise. The more her son moaned, the more she intensified her efforts to please him. Swirling her tongue around his shaft as her head bobbed up and down on it.

Both mother and son began to moan in unison. Denise purred like a cat, keeping her mouth full of his manhood. A feeling of fear washed over her as she thought about the possibility of losing her son. She intensified her efforts even more. The line between her love for her son and her fear of losing him became so blurred in her mind, she couldn’t distinguish where one ended and the other began.

Kenny grabbed her head as a reflex, as he felt his orgasm building. “Oh fuck! So good! So fucking good!” He moaned.

Denise smiled to herself, squealing softly with glee at his words. Her mouth remaining stuffed with his meat. She found herself getting more excited as bursa escort bayan he took control of her head. She felt his hands gripping her head so tightly, she knew she couldn’t pull off his cock if she’d wanted to. She felt herself becoming lost in his control as he pumped her head up and down. Her pussy began to throb as the realization that her son was using her like a cheap whore gripped her psyche. ‘What’s he doing to me?’ her brain screamed, tasting his pre-cum, knowing what was about to happen.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” Kenny chanted over and over as his body tensed. He began to grunt, his hands pumping her head up and down. The object between his legs was no longer his mother. But just another woman to be used to satisfy his passions. He grunted with each ejaculation. His body spasming. His stomach cramping up, the intensity overwhelming him.

Denise did her best to swallow every blast that came from his cock. At one point coughing as she started to choke. His cum mingled with her saliva ran down his shaft and over his nut sack and her hand as she massaged it, trying to drain him of every drop of his seed.

His grip on her head slowly loosened as his orgasm subsided. He still held her in place, enjoying the aftershocks. “Don’t stop!” He gasped. “Keep sucking till I tell you otherwise.” Kenny’s head rolled back as he continued to enjoy the attention his slowly deflating cock received from his mom. He finally lifted his head and looked down the length of his body at his mother. He watched her slowly and lovingly nurse on his cock, bathing it with her tongue and lips. “You can stop now.”

Denise reluctantly released his cock from her mouth and sat back. She looked up at her son. A wave of sorrow swept over her as mother and son locked eyes on each other. The man she saw staring back at her had no tenderness in his eyes. Just the coldness of a man who saw her as a sexual object to be used for his pleasure. Then she realized how aroused she had become when he took control of her head. Forcing her to suck his cock. Not allowing her to pull off till he was finished with her. Making her swallow his load. She had never been taken control of like that before. There was something intoxicating about it.

Kenny stared at his mom kneeling between his legs. Her chest heaving as both mother and son strove to regain their composure. She was a gorgeous, sensuous creature. His inner struggle with coming to terms with their new relationship was quickly fading. She had not only drained his cock three times since he’d gotten home. She had done it with an eagerness and proficiency he’d never experienced from any of the girls he’d fucked at school. Plus she’d voiced her desire and willingness to take care of all his sexual needs. Now that he’d tasted that forbidden fruit, he was hooked.

He leaned forward, dropping his arms between his legs. Despite the fact his mom had just satisfied his sexual urges with one of the most incredible blow-jobs he’d ever been given, he still found himself irresistibly drawn to her. He cupped her breasts and lifted them, enjoying the feel of their weight and size. “This is how you keep me all to yourself mom.” He said as he squeezed her tits. “You take care of me, and I’ll take care of you.”

Denise smiled up at him. “Yes baby.” She knew exactly what she was giving herself over to, and she was happy to do it, if it meant not losing her son. She reached for his cock and balls with both hands, and fondled them lovingly. “Anything my baby needs.”

Kenny smiled back at her. “I’m hungry. Go make some breakfast.” A rush came over him as he realized he now had a level of command over his mom, knowing she’d do anything he commanded her to do. He wanted to see how far he could take that.

“You can put your robe back on.” He told her as she stood up. “But that’s all. Just your robe.”

“Yes sir.” Denise replied softly with a slight smile. Her son was taking control of her, and she was feeling drawn to it like a moth to the flame.

Kenny followed his mom into the kitchen a few minutes after her. He sat down at the island where he’d left his coffee mug. “Ah! It’s cold. Never understood those people who love cold coffee.” He said as he walked around to the sink and dumped it out. Then he walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a new cup.

Denise busied herself making breakfast, not sure what to say. She had never felt this barrier between her and her son before. She knew the sex would change everything. She was determined to work through that barrier. She’d lost a husband. She wasn’t going to lose her son. Kenny interrupted her internal conversation with herself.

“I need to do some shopping today for a few things.” He said as he sat back down at the island. “After breakfast we can get dressed and head on down to the mall.”

Denise looked over her shoulder. “You want me to come with you baby?” Her question was both one of shock and excitement.

“Yeah! I want you to come with me.” He gave her a lascivious smile. “I have a new perspective for having escort bursa you around. Plus, we can go out for lunch.”

Denise almost dropped the frying pan as she scooped out the scrambled eggs. She wanted to jump like a schoolgirl in excitement. He wanted to spend time with her. “Oh, that sounds like fun! I’ll have to figure out what to wear.”

Kenny smiled at her as she put his plate in front of him. “No need. I’ll pick out what I want you to wear.”

Denise felt her desire for her son deepening. She’d always wanted her husband to be more authoritative with her, take control, be the man in the house. She sat down next to him. She wanted to open up to him and tell him of her deepest needs. But the fear of rejection had been ingrained in her over the last twenty years. But then she realized if whatever they had together was going to work, she was going to have to take that chance. “Can I confess something to you baby?”

Kenny just laughed. “You just gave me one of the best cock suckings I’ve ever had. What could you possibly have the need to confess to?”

Denise cringed at the bluntness of his words. What had she become that her own son could talk to her like that? Yet everything he said was true. “You excited me in ways your father never did. When you took control of my head, the way you did. I don’t know how to describe it.”

Kenny paused from eating and looked at her with a smirk on his face. “Turned you on, did it?” His brain shifted into overdrive as his mom confessed to just how deep her needs went.

Denise looked down at her, not wanting to look her son in the eye. “Yes it did. That was something your father never did with me. I think I’ve always craved it. I just couldn’t tell him. It always made me feel like some kind of freak.”

He ate his breakfast, in silence, as he thought about what his mom confessed to him. A minute ago, he felt his arousal growing as she confessed her need for him. Now her confession of feeling like a freak brought out his protective instincts for his mom. He reached over and stroked her face. “You’re not a freak with me mom.” HIs desire for her as a woman was being challenged by his need to protect her as his mom. Her vulnerability was something he knew he had to guard. “You’re safe with me mom.”

Denise grabbed his hand and held it against her face, needing to feel more than just his touch. She needed to feel his tenderness and love. She needed to know the man she’d just opened herself up to understood her and accepted her for who she was.

Kenny put his fork down and turned towards his mom. Denise did the same as an unspoken response. He took her face in his hands and held her tenderly as he spoke to her. “You’re not a freak to me mom.” He kissed her tenderly, eliciting a whimper from Denise. “I see you for who and what you are.” He kissed her again. “But I have to ask again. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Denise moaned softly as she took his face in her hands. Mother and son stared at each other, foreheads touching. “I can’t think of anything I’ve wanted more than this baby.”

Kenny pulled her face towards his again, kissing her tenderly. He smiled at her. “OK. We’ll work out the details in time. But from here on out, I’m taking control. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir!” She replied with a giggle. Her head swimming with clashing emotions. Excitement. Guilt. Fear. Love. Desire. “I’m yours baby. All yours.”

“Good. Now let’s finish breakfast and get to the mall.”

Denise cleaned up the kitchen as Kenny ran upstairs to jump in the shower. After she finished Denise walked up to her bedroom wondering how the day was going to play out. She smiled as she entered her bedroom and saw what her son had laid out for her to wear. A pair of jeans with a blouse she couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn. It had been a blouse she’d purchased years before in an attempt to give her husband some eye candy, and hopefully bring some excitement back into their relationship. It was a sheer silky fabric that was very tight on her, thus accentuating her greatest assets. She knew it wouldn’t be as tight on her now that she had lost some weight. But it would still be tight enough to give her son plenty of viewing pleasure.

Denise quickly brushed out her hair and put her makeup on, getting more excited as she thought about the day ahead. Walking back into the bedroom, she was greeted by her smiling son sitting on the bed waiting for her. “Are you planning on watching me dress?” She asked teasingly.

“Maybe.” Kenny replied as he motioned for her. Denise walked over and stood in front of him. Kenny smiled up at her as he untied the knot holding her robe together. He opened her robe, then reached up and slid it off her shoulders.

Denise felt a level of self-consciousness she had never felt before as her son’s eyes roamed up and down her body. He examined her smoothly shaved mound as his hand slid between her legs. Denise heard herself gasp when his fingertips caressed the folds of her flesh, then slid inside her to the first knuckle. His eyes then slid up her body till they were level with her breasts, jutting out from her body, right in front of his face. His hands worked their way up her body till they were gliding over her tit flesh, his thumbs playing with her nipples as they hardened.

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