A Late Night For Frances Ch. 1

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Last week, I returned to the office about 8:00 pm after a dreadful blind date. I was lucky that the restaurant is about two blocks from my office. I couldn’t wait to complain to my friend Abby for setting me up with a boring real estate agent. She’s been trying to set me up with Nancy from her office for the past 6 months. I guess straight people likes the challenge of trying to pair off their gay friends. Nancy is a nice woman in her thirties, but she is just too aggressive for my taste. I felt comfortable with her rubbing her bare stocking feet against my calf during dinner under the table. She was discreet, and the tablecloth shielded us. I am a romantic person, and I still believe in the art of conversation on my first date. I made up an excuse that I needed to fax an important document to our office in Japan. I owe the security guard a big thank you for not allowing Nancy to my office for security reasons. I made my escape to the elevator and wave goodbye to Nancy.

I noticed the cleaning lady has emptied the waste paper basket as I walked toward my office. It seem they have vacuum the floor and cleaned the desk. I thought she was nearby, because she usually turns off the lights when she finished unless someone was still on the floor. I went to my office to check my voice mail for any new calls. I check on my emails. I was just stalling for time to avoid meeting Nancy downstairs or at the train station.

After a few more minutes, It seems that Lourdes, the cleaning lady was not coming back to turn off the lights. I wander around the floor to see if anyone was still burning the midnight oil. As I reached the other end of the floor, there was a vacuum cleaner in front of Frances’ office. Frances was transferred from our London office about a year ago, and she is one snobbish bitch. She criticizes the American work ethics at every departmental meeting. I have never had a conversation with her other than a fast hello. Frances is a mystery to everyone. She is in her late thirties, and everyone presume she is single. She is a plain looking person; I have never seen her in make-up or even made an attempt to dress up a bit from the normal dress down garb she wore. Since she does not communicate with any of us, Frances is the subject of many vicious rumors. I try to stay away from the rumormongers, because of my predominantly lesbian lifestyle. I date men previously, not for the past few years. When I passed my 30th birthday a few years ago, I dated only woman. I am not ashamed of being a lesbian; I am just a confused woman in my early thirties. I couldn’t resist trying to get a closer look to see if she is still working in her office. Frances usually is Üsküdar Escort out of the office before everybody. I figure I can talk to Lourdes for a few minutes once I find her.

Lourdes is a single mother with 2 young kids from Puerto Rico. I enjoy talking to Lourdes when I work late, because I admire her enthusiasm. I give her a lot of credit for coming to a new country with her mother to start a new life without much support. Lourdes is a petite vibrant woman in her early twenties, and she is a beautiful woman. She is not your normal middle age cleaning lady. She takes college courses during the day as her mother helps watch the kids. She cleans houses on the side and works nights to pay her bills. As I stated before her enthusiasm for life is enlightening.

As I walk closer to Frances’ office, I could hear faint quiet noises from the open glass door. I didn’t want Frances to see me. I position myself near a cubicle by her office, which gave me good view of her office, and I can hide behind a structural column. It was easy for me to view Frances’ office because the entrance door and front wall are glass. I was surprise to see both Frances and Lourdes completely naked. Lourdes’ ass was leaning against the front of Frances’ desk and Frances was kneeling on the floor obediently gently rubbing Lourdes’ smooth legs. I can see Lourdes was in control of the snobbish bitch and Frances wanted to do more than touch Lourdes’ legs. It was the first time that I saw Frances with make-up on her face. The rosy red lipstick highlighted her smile, and for the first time I noticed her beautiful hands accentuated with red nail polish on the fingertips. The joke was Frances had the softest pair of hands because she never did any work. She should have been a great hand model. I was getting turn on from watching this lesbian action in front of me.

Lourdes’ foot reached down and retrieved a pair of panties with her toes from the floor. I heard Lourdes barked an order to Frances, but I was unable to hear it clearly. Frances snatched the panties from Lourdes’ and began to smell the crotch of the lace panties. I assume it was Lourdes’ panties and she asked Frances to smell them. As Lourdes spoke again, Frances began to lick and suck Lourdes’ feet and toes. Frances did a good job of licking each toe, between the toes and the sole of Lourdes’ feet. I was beginning to feel a strong sensation in my crotch watching Lourdes who is barely 5 feet tall dominating Frances who is about 5 feet 6 inches tall.

After kissing and loving Lourdes’ feet and toes, Frances began to plead with Lourdes. I can’t quite make out what Frances was pleading for, but Üsküdar Escort Bayan I saw Frances smile devilishly as Lourdes turn around and lean in front of the desk with her hands. Lourdes brace herself forward against the desk, and she began to move her legs back toward Frances slightly. I had a clear view of Frances’ hairy pussy and ass as she rose to lick Lourdes’ clean-shaven pussy and ass. Frances spread Lourdes’ ass cheeks to lick Lourdes’ pucker anus, and in a clean motion she lick down toward her pussy. I can see Frances is a professional as she alternates fingering Lourdes’ pussy and asshole with her slick tongue. Frances was able to maneuver her fingers to spread Lourdes’ lips and ass cheeks simultaneously so her tongue can penetrate the tunnels of love. I can hear Lourdes’ cry of rapture as Frances work her magic. I saw Lourdes’ body tightening up in anticipation of a powerful orgasm. Frances stood up to cradle Lourdes’ waist with her left arm, but she continue to finger Lourdes’ pussy with her right index finger and her middle finger continue to probe Lourdes’ asshole. Lourdes was squirming in an uncontrollable state from the effect of a mighty orgasm. I was mesmerized by Lourdes’ facial expression. I loved to watch my lover’s face whenever I make love to a woman. The spontaneous facial expressions and contortion sends chills from my toes to my pussy. Frances was strong enough to swept Lourdes from her feet and carry Lourdes against her chest. They switch positions as Frances was leaning against the table while Lourdes’ hand and legs clutches Frances body, and Lourdes was grinding her crotch against Frances’ belly. I felt my wetness escape me as I saw Lourdes’ grinding subsided to a slow sexy halt. Frances kisses Lourdes sensuously and gently slides off her to the floor. I can see Frances’ flat tummy glisten with sweat and Lourdes’ juice. Even though I thought Frances is plain looking, she had the attributes of a tight body woman.

The girls embraced each other gently for a few minute. They were swaying to their own music in a slow dance. After a few minutes, Lourdes gave Frances a sensuous kiss; she began to pick up her clothes from Frances’ chair behind the desk. Frances helps Lourdes into her panties, sneakers, and dress. I heard Frances begging for her to stay 15 more minutes, and she kept tugging at Lourdes’ panties and kissing her face and neck. Frances pointed to a bag on the floor in her office, and Lourdes conceded to stay.

Frances moved her chair toward the front of her office. She sat down and lifted her legs toward the glass. I had a clear view of Frances crotch. Lourdes retrieved a big fat dildo Escort Üsküdar from the bag and a bottle of baby oil. The dildo was at least 4 inches wide and 8 inches long. Lourdes sat in front of Frances on the floor. Frances rested her arms on the armrest and pulled her thighs back toward her head to spread her legs wide for Lourdes. I saw Lourdes squirt baby oil on her fingers and the dildo. Frances moaned as Lourdes one of her finger penetrated Frances’ asshole. Lourdes had one-finger then two-fingers and finally three-fingers wiggling in Frances ass. I heard Frances grunted for Lourdes to fuck her with the dildo. Lourdes brought the monster artificial dick to Frances’ anus opening. She teases her by rubbing the tip on the opening, Frances screamed as Lourdes pushed the dildo into Frances’ ass. Lourdes was having problem controlling the dildo with one hand, she needed two hands to pump the dildo in and out of Frances’ ass. Initially Frances let out a loud scream when the dildo penetrated her ass. Frances adjusted to the dildo quickly, as she continued to scream and moan for Lourdes to stop and not to stop. I couldn’t keep my eyes of the movement of Frances’ ass pumping herself into the dildo as Lourdes continues to pump it into her. They were pumping like a fine tune machine in an assembly line. I can feel Frances is on the verge of an orgasm from her contorted facial expression. Frances was gasping, screaming, and moaning with lust as I swept myself into her orgasm. I had to reach down and touch my drench pussy for a reality check. Lourdes finally removes the dildo from Frances’ ass and offers it to Frances for a taste. Frances obliged and licks the shiny dildo. She made a face from the taste and massages the sore spot on her ass. Lourdes kisses her wetly with her tongue.

I hear Lourdes telling Frances she has to go upstairs or she will be in trouble with her boss. Frances ask her to wait, she went back to her office to retrieve her purse. I saw Frances handed Lourdes money, and said same time next week. Frances went with Lourdes to the service elevator at the other end of the floor. I took the opportunity to take Frances’ clothing from her office. I saw Frances in a new light, and I am going to capitalize on it. Maybe Frances is good for something after all.

I sat in one of cubicles in front of her office waiting for Frances to return. I heard movement in her office as she struggles to find her clothing. I called her extension from the desk, and listen to her desperate hello. I asked her to look at the direction of my cubicle; I previously placed her bra on the edge of the cubicle wall. I instructed her to walk toward the cubicle. As she stood in front of me, I can see the uncertainty in her eyes. I was uncertain as to how to handle the situation. I was still horny from watching her servicing Lourdes, and I want her to do the same for me. I didn’t want a conversation; I just wanted some dirty lesbian sex.

To be continued…

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