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Author’s Note: 1) This fictitious story deals with consentual sexual situations between adults, including inter-family situations, masturbation and feminization. If any of this is going to make you ill, please select something else to read. There’s plenty of good stories on Literotica. 2) Also, I want to thank my friend, Jack, who proof read this chapter and offered suggestions that has made it better. 3) I have received an abundance of email on this series. Thank you for that. I try to answer each one personally. Many of your ideas and suggestions have been incorporated, or will be used in upcoming chapters. Thanks, and may the force be with you.

This chapter picks up immediately at the end of chapter 12 with no transition.


Have you ever been in a state where you were so utterly satisfied and content that you became oblivious to everything else around you? That’s exactly where I was.

We shared the pillow, my mother and I, as I looked over at her through my squinty eyes, her lips finally turned up into that all knowing and understanding smile that simply seemed to say “Yes, I know.” I smiled back at her briefly, then, suddenly feeling exhausted, I closed my eyes to rest.

I hadn’t felt tired and in fact, I had been wound up so tightly since yesterday, sleep was the very last thing on my mind. But as she stroked my forehead and pushed the hair out of my eyes, I realized just how exhausted I was. Maybe it was the intense, almost non-stop excitement since yesterday, or maybe it was the fact that she had just shaken my entire world as I lay there, offering my bottom to her.

In any event, she must have either noticed or anticipated my exhaustion because she stayed with me for only a few minutes more before she softly said “Baby, let’s slip that out of you now so you can relax your legs. Just stay where you are and I’ll take care of everything.”

I felt her move behind me and her soft, familiar touch returned, caressing my back as she did before she took my innocence. I only felt a slight pressure in my ass when she turned the harness from side to side as she slowly withdrew it. There was no pain or discomfort whatsoever, and when she pulled the dildo free from my butt, I felt…….well, I guess the best way to describe it is ’empty’. I expected her to say something, make a gesture or come back and lie down with me again, but she stepped off the end of the bed and disappeared into her bathroom.

I heard her turn on the water at the basin. Letting it run, she came back out and sat on the bed and reached for her panties. “Don’t forget these, sweetheart,” she said with a knowing smile as she handed them to me, “you never know when they’ll come in handy.”

I opened up my left hand and she placed the panties into my palm and closed my fingers around them as if she was giving me her most valued possession to hold for safe keeping. It was an incredibly touching sensation – the way her soft and warm hands closed up around my own.

Leaving the water running in her bathroom, she moved fully onto the bed and moved up next to me. Touching my shoulder she said “I just need to get that condom off you and then you can stretch out. Bear with me for a minute, sweetie.”

She didn’t take more than a whole ten seconds to pull the condom from my spent and soft cock. I felt it slip right off. She didn’t bother to even try to roll the sheath down at all, I think she just put her hand around my shaft, grabbed the tip and pulled it off.

Moving back up toward my head, I heard her gasp and then giggle. Bending over to hold the condom up so I could see it, she remarked “Good thing we put a condom on you, huh?”

That was an understatement if I had ever heard one. As it hung in front of me, I could see the condom was full with at least an inch of my fluids, a mixture of pre-cum and the catchings of my flowing ejaculation. “Bobby,” she remarked, “that’s a hell of a lot of cum!”

“I’ll just keep this for later.” She said, as she stepped back off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom again. I heard her turn off the water at the sink and she came out with a wash cloth and reached over to my backside to wipe off the lube that was all over my bottom. “Okay,” she continued, “go ahead and stretch your legs out behind you and just relax for a while. They might be stiff when you first move them, but, you’ll be fine in a minute. Go ahead, sweetie.” She urged.

She was right as usual. As I tried to slide my legs, I felt the stiffness and stopped. Helping me, she moved my knees closer together and then straightened them out under me as I pushed them back. Finally, I lowered my hips to the mattress and let my head sink into the pillows once again.

Watching her walk back into her bathroom, I closed my eyes and rested.

When I awoke, she was standing next to the bed looking at me, smiling as she tilted her head to the side, brushing her hair. Now fully dressed in her ‘mom’ clothes, she asked “Have canlı bahis şirketleri a little nap, did we?”

I only smiled as I looked back at her. I didn’t know how long I slept, but, it must have been a while because she had enough time to take a shower and get dressed. “Bobby,” she said, “I’m not trying to sound crass, but, don’t you love that ‘just fucked’ feeling?”

I smiled at her question and simply nodded my head ‘yes’. And, it was true. I did feel like I was ‘just fucked’. It’s hard to describe, but the feeling I had was a mixture of submission, acceptance, accomplishment and satisfaction. I hoped she was, in some way, deeply affected, too, given they way she skillfully performed such an intimate and taboo act. I wanted to verbalize my feelings with her, but I knew she already knew.

She looked at the clock on her dresser and told me I needed to get cleaned up, too, before my father and sister got home from their fishing trip. “Come on, sweetie,” she continued, “I ran you a nice, hot bath in the other bathroom. You can relax and soak in there for a while before they get home. I’ll bring you a cold drink and help you wash up if you’re not too embarrassed to let your ol’ Mom give you a bath.”

Setting her brush down, she reached out to me with her hand. “Come on, baby,” she urged, “we don’t want them to catch you with your panties pulled down like that, do we?”

I reached my hand out to her and she pulled me up. As I moved, I caught a whiff of the perfume she dabbed on me, and it suddenly brought everything back in vivid, living color – the way she dressed me up in white for my deflowering, led me to her bed, lubed me up and then made love to my ass. What an incredible gift.

Struggling to get off the bed with my panties still down below my hips, I was finally able to right myself with her help. “All petered out, I see.” She observed, looking down at my cock. “I was really worried you were never going to go soft, sweetheart. I’m glad you finally worked all that off…. but,” she added, “I have to admit it was fun keeping you hard and erect.” She giggled as she reached down and held my cock, telling me, “You have such a beautiful penis, sweetie.”

She led me into the bathroom in the hallway, the one my sister and I normally use. It’s usually cluttered with curling irons, tissues, makeup, brushes and an assortment of other ‘girl things’ my sister leaves out, but it was spotless now. The bath tub was full, and I felt the warmth from the hot water hovering in the bathroom as soon as we entered. There was a slight sheen on top of the water and as she bent down to check the temperature, she swirled it around in circles with her hand. “I put just a smidge of bath oil in the water. Not much,” she added, “but I think it’s enough to cover the smell of the perfume. They’ll just think I was in here shaving my legs, or something.”

Looking in the bathroom mirror, I saw myself. The bra she dressed me in was still snuggly around my chest and as I turned myself this way and that to see my reflection, she laughed. Turning her way, she took my hand and pulled me to her. “Quit admiring that person in the mirror,” she said, “let’s get your sexy self undressed and into the tub.”

She reached down and hooked her fingers into the waistband of my sister’s cotton panties and whisked them down, past the thigh highs, and they settled on the floor. I stepped out of them as she reached down to pick them up. Mocking my actions when I sniffed her panties earlier, she held mine to her nose in an exaggerated fashion and inhaled deeply, looking up at me as she did. “Oh, mom” I said, “I’m sure they aren’t as good as yours.” Her playful way of imitating me made me smile and appreciate her gentle and understanding handling of me.

Closing the lid and sitting on top the toilet seat, she patted her lap and told me to put one of my feet up. As I lifted my right leg to her, she put her fingers in the top of the thigh high stocking and pulled it down, gathering it as she went. Slipping it off my foot, I lifted the other leg and she removed that stocking, too. Then standing up, she moved behind me and reached for the clasp of the tiny bra. I expected her to undo it and slip it off my shoulders, but she surprised me when she grabbed the bra strap, pulled it away from my back and let it snap against my skin as she keeled over in laughter. “I’m sorry, Bobby”, she said in between sits of laughter, “I couldn’t resist that. When I was a teenager, everyone used to snap each other’s bra strap.” Somehow, I didn’t understand the humor in it, but she obviously did, and as I watched, she continued to giggle. At one point, she almost doubled over she was laughing so hard. Her amusement was eventually contagious and after a few seconds, I was laughing, too.

“I guess no one does that anymore, huh?” She asked when she regained her composure. Trying hard to keep a straight face she said “Never mind, baby, let’s get you in the bath.”

She turned canlı kaçak iddaa me back towards the mirror and stood behind me. Reaching her arms around my chest and placing her palms over the cups of my sister’s bra, she hugged me into her, pulling me back as her fingers squeezed the empty cups. “I remember when your sister got her first bra, Bobby. It was such a big day for her, as it is for any girl. She didn’t have much more on top than you do now – maybe a little more puffiness, but she was so proud of that bra, and she was so happy. She wore that same bra for three days straight before I made her take it off so I could wash it. And, this is a first for you, Bobby – to go along with all your other firsts. I know how excited you were to put this on, but you need to be careful about wearing a bra around your sister and your father… at least until you decide some things.”

“I know,” I replied. “I’ve been thinking about when we should talk to Dad. Do you think we should do that soon?” I asked.

“That’s up to you, sweetheart.” She answered. “If you really have a strong desire to switch over to panties full time or wear a bra around the house, I think you should do it sooner, rather than later. But, there’s no reason to worry about that right now.”

Then, with both of us watching in the mirror, she undid the bra and slid it down my arms and off. I could see the lines and impressions the bra made on my chest, circling my nonexistent breasts. The lines made by the straps were visible and as I looked at myself, a silent feeling of pride and satisfaction came over me.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed as she swatted my naked buns. “Now get yourself into that bath so mommy can wash you up,” she said as she laughed, “we’re running out of time, sweetie.”

Stepping into the bath, I felt the hot water surround me as I sank down into it. It was hot, yes, but it wasn’t too hot. As I lay back in the water, my cock bobbed up, as if it were a periscope, searching for the surface to spy on an enemy ship. Tossing in a bar of soap, she told me to let it float around while she went to get me something cold to drink. And after gathering up my bra, panties and stockings, she laid them on the top of the commode and left me alone in the quiet of the bathroom.

The quiet was deafening. Relaxing down into the water, I spied the pile of white lingerie I had been wearing and thought about things. “What an amazing time,” I thought to myself, “but, what would my sister or my dad say?” According to my mom, my dad would probably be okay with it all. How about my sister, Linda? Was she getting the same kind of attention from my dad that I was getting from my mom?

I felt my cock begin to harden again as I thought about my sister being in the throes of passion with my dad. Or, maybe she getting him with the strap-on. So many possibilities were popping into my head and each one was progressively nastier than the one before it. Reaching down to stroke my lengthening cock and feeling the hot water sloshing around me, I didn’t even know my mother had returned to the bathroom. “I knew you wouldn’t stay soft long.” She said.

Opening my eyes, I saw her standing there with a cold can of lemonade in one hand, a clean towel with a wash cloth in the other hand, and her head shaking from side to side. “What got you going this time?” She asked. “I’m going to have to keep my eyes on you, aren’t I?”

I watched as she bent down to lay the thick bath mat on the floor and kneel down on it, resting her elbows on the side of the tub. I remember this ritual from when she used to bathe me as a child. She would get down on her knees with everything she needed within arms reach and then proceed to scrub me from head to toe. Reaching in to grasp my cock, she asked again, “What were you thinking about?”

“Promise you won’t get mad?” I replied.

“Okay.” She answered. “I promise. There’s no way I could be mad at you now, anyway.”

“Alright then,” I started, “why did you make me promise there would be no funny business between me and Linda?”

Her answer was delivered so nonchalantly and matter-of-factly that I couldn’t believe it. “She’s not on any kind of birth control, baby,” she answered, “it wouldn’t be good if she got pregnant.”

“Oh, yeah,” I replied, “that’s for sure.”

“So you were thinking about her? Is that why you got hard?” She asked.

“Well,” I answered, “I was wondering if she might be doing the same kind of things with dad as you are with me. I mean, not that it would make me mad or anything, I was just wondering what kind of things they might be doing. That’s all.”

“Does it make you a little jealous?” She asked.

“Oh, no. Not at all.” I answered. “Actually, I think it would be good if they are. It would make it a lot easier for us to have that discussion with him, that’s for sure, and Linda won’t go blabbing it all over the place, either.”

“Are you worried she might do that?” She asked.

“I guess so.” I answered. canlı kaçak bahis “Wouldn’t you be worried if you were in my place?”

She thought for a minute before she spoke. “Baby, I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. You know you have to eventually talk to her, anyway, don’t you? After all, she is your sister and she lives here, too. Telling her and getting her to understand would be better than her finding out on her own, don’t you think?

Again, mom’s logic was right on. I would have to tell both my father and my sister if I was going to be able to coexist with everyone in the house. Of course, I could just forget about telling anyone. But that would mean I would have to cover up my new found desires and do everything behind closed doors, secretly hoping I would never be caught.

“Bobby,” she said, “don’t ruin the fun you’ve had or minimize the things you’ve learned about yourself by worrying about all that now. I’ll help you work through everything and we’ll find a good way to deal with it. I promise you…. we will.”

I could see the sincerity in her eyes and I knew she would come up with a way to handle my dad and my sister. It was a comforting feeling, knowing she promised to help me find ways to make everything work. So, without a care in the world, I laid back and closed my eyes to relax in the hot bath. Life was definitely good.

“Hey,” she said, “I’m going to go straighten up the bed and make everything look presentable while you soak.” Handing me the can of cold lemonade, she told me to rest and she would be back to check on me in a little while.

“I’ll leave the door open so if you need anything, just yell.” She said. “I’ll be back to wash you up in a few minutes.”

Settling into the hot bath, I let my muscles go. Soon, I was daydreaming about the adventure my mom and I had been on. I thought about the discovery of my submissive desires, my fascination with lingerie – both wearing it and using it – and how she made love to my bottom with the strap on.

Dissecting everything that happened, I focused on the last few hours and how she prepared me, not only physically but emotionally, to give up my anal virginity. She was loving and understanding and the act, itself, was sweet and tender.

As was the case so many times in the last two days, my cock became hard as I thought about all of this. I felt something touch my cock and opened my eyes to see the bar of soap my mom tossed into the water bump against my straining erection. I reached down to pick the soap up, and when I did, the bar of soap almost dissolved in my hand.

Drawing my hand back, it was covered with the liquefied soap and without thinking, I grasped my straining cock with that hand and began to stroke it. The soap provided an exquisite lubricious feel as I slowly worked it up and down. Settling back into the hot water again, I made the decision to gently massage my cock until mom returned to wash me. I chuckled to myself knowing she wouldn’t be surprised to find me with another hard-on, masturbating one last time.

I positioned my feet to lift my pelvis higher so I could stroke my shaft fully. I began to fantasize about a plethora of things – and finally fixated on a fantasy where mom exposed me to a woman I didn’t know, making me undress to first show my panties and then masturbate in front of the woman. I started to embellish the fantasy more and more, adding in additional women and seemingly humiliating poses with me standing on a table in front of them as they gathered around to watch me jack my cock.

Then, I added a twist where they wrapped their panties around my cock and rubbed them on my face with my mother standing in the background smiling and nodding her head saying, “Go ahead, sweetheart. Make yourself cum for us…. make yourself cum for mommy”.

I had fabricated such an enthralling story, I knew I was going to blow my rocks long before mom got back to wash me and in the instant I realized that fact, I decided to just let my cock erupt when it was time.

Maybe this will sound vain, but, as I got closer and closer to my eventual explosion, I opened my eyes to watch myself shoot. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught some movement and figuring she was coming back to check on me, I asked “Do you want to make me cum, mom?”

I turned to see her response, but what I saw is not what I expected. There in the doorway, with her eyes wide open, stood my sister, Linda. I had no idea how long she was standing there, but it looked like she had simply frozen in mid-step. Her eyes were darting back and forth between my cock and the pile of her lingerie I had just worn.

I was too far gone to stop my explosion and even before I could yell for my mom, or for my sister to get out, I totally erupted in a fountain of cum that shot a foot or more out of my cock, plopping down squarely in the middle of my chest. In the split second I had to think about what to do, I almost yelled. But, I had this vision of my dad hearing the screams and running up the stairs to the bathroom to see what was wrong….. and him seeing me, too. So I just sat there… myself frozen. My cock, though, continued to spurt out cum while my sister stood there watching.

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