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I wanted her the moment she walked in the bar. I had been driving all day on my way to visit some old friends in western Massachusetts. It was late and I decided to get a drink then head back to the sleazy motel just down the road and get up early. The shabby bar was empty except for the bald headed bar tender with a pot belly and an old guy by himself at a back table with his head down on the table, holding a shot glass; the head of a buck with huge antlers hung from the wall over the bar. We were in the middle of nowhere so I was surprised when this sexy young woman walked in wearing tight faded jeans that strained against her round ass.

Our eyes met as soon as she entered then she looked away but I noticed a slight smile on her face. She had an exotic, hippy look about her—long curly black hair, dark olive skin, dangling earrings.She wore an old jean jacket that was embroidered with bright colored beads on the sleeves. I guessed she was in her early thirties—considerably younger than me. When she sat down at the other end of the bar, she glanced at me, that slight smile on her lips then looked away when the bar tender asked her what she wanted.

I heard her order a martini, which surprised me but I said to the bar tender,”Put it on my tab.”

Our eyes met and we nodded, smiling at each other then she got up and walked over and sat down on the stool next to me. I could not believe how tight her jeans were and how they hugged her legs and hips. She put her small back pack on the floor and smiled.

“Thanks, mister–mind if I join you. My name’s Sarah.”

“Not at all—my name’s Thom,” I said then took a sip of my Jack Daniels.

Our eyes met again and she gave me that slight playful smile, both of us knowing something was brewing and wondering where this sudden meeting in a bar in the middle of nowhere would end.I knew the moment I saw her walk in that I wanted to fuck her and I had a feeling from the way she looked at me that she was interested in something happening. It sounds trite but there were definitely hot sparks flying.

When her drink came she picked it up and we clicked glasses. She smiled and looked me in the eye and said, “Here’s to luck!”

“I’ll drink to that,” I said as I raised my glass then took another sip.

She took a sip of her martini then put her glass down and stirred the olive with her finger. She then put her finger in her mouth and licked it with her tongue, looking at me as she started sucking her finger. “Mmmmmmmmm—that’s so good,” she said,looking into my eyes.”I love martinis.”

I could not believe how sexy she looked licking and sucking her finger and my cock immediately got hard. I could tell by the way she looked at me as she licked her finger that she was enjoying teasing me. The sexual energy between us was growing rapidly and I suddenly appreciated her toast to luck. Things like this don’t happen except in fantasies I thought, but here we were in a dinky bar in the middle of nowhere—two strangers– both of us knowing we wanted to fuck each other. It was just a matter of time.

So what are you doing here?” she asked, taking another sip from her drink.

“I’m on my way to visit some old friends but needed to stop. I’m at the motel down the road.”

“Nice. I’m on my way home from a conference and visiting friends and thought I would stop too. “I’m probably at the same motel you are—-hmmm…serendipity,” she said taking another sip from her drink then picked up the olive out of her glass and placed on her mouth, swallowed it, looking into my eyes with that slight sexy smile on her lips.

“You look interesting,” she said, nodding,”like you think a lot. What do you do?”

“I’m a writer—novels, poetry.”

“Cool. I like your eyes—eyes tell a lot about a guy and I like beards, she said glancing at my beard then back at my eyes, that same sexy smile on her lips.

“Thanks,” I said, taking a sip of my drink, our eyes looking into each others eyes as if exploring a new territory.

“So, where’s home?” I asked, finishing my Jack Daniels and motioned to the bartender for another one.

“New York,” she answered. “Where are you from?”


“Oh, I was in Maine once a few years back… beautiful. I loved it.” She finished her martini, smacking her lips, “Mmmmm, that was good. I could go for another one,” she said, looking at me just as the bar tender put down my glass. I pointed to hers—”She’ll take another one.”

“Thanks,” she said then took her jean jacket off and put it on top of her back pack on the floor. She was wearing a skimpy black tank top that could barely contain her big tits and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. I moaned to myself when I saw her tits and her nipples making little peaks on her tight tank top. Her cleavage was driving me crazy. She smiled and looked into my eyes, knowing she was getting me hot. She glanced down at my crotch and could see my sudden hard cock bulging in my jeans. Neither of us said anything but it was clear our lust bahis firmaları for each other was climbing rapidly.

When her martini came, we clicked glasses again then taking swigs of our drinks looking into each others eyes, smiling silently, reading each others thoughts. She rotated on her bar stool and faced me and sat with her legs spread apart so that I could see her crotch and how the seam of her faded tight jeans pressed into her pussy, sending me a message that she was opening herself to me. I faced her too, my legs spread apart and she could see the outline of my cock as it was straining to break out of my jeans. We were clearly teasing each other as our knees touched.

She lifted her martini to her mouth and took another sip while I did the same with my drink. Our eyes locked on each others as we drank, both of us feeling the effects, knowing we wanted each other, our lust growing, our inhibitions fading.

“So what do you do in New York?” I asked, swirling my drink, letting the ice cubes clink.

“I’m a professor at NYU and write articles on feminism and other women issues. I’m in the Women’s Studies Department.”

“So are you a strident feminist?”

“I am,” she said, “very strident. In fact several hours ago I delivered a paper at the conference on the professional woman in a man’s world and was dressed in handsome pant suit, my hair in a tight bun.” She then glanced over at the bartender whose back was to us and then reached forward and started to rub my cock. “Mmmm….nice.” she moaned.

I put my hand on top of hers as she rubbed my cock, surprised at her aggressiveness.

“Are all feminists as aggressive as you?”

“I don’t know about others. We’re not suppose to let ourselves be sexual objects and that’s what I teach and write about—you know, professional equality, how to handle sexual harassment, how to maintain female dignity in the workplace and not be exploited.”

As she leaned forward, biting her lower lip, rubbing my cock, I could see her cleavage and with my other hand reached forward and started rubbing one of her tits with the palm of my hand, squeezing it, hearing her moan again, “mmmmm I like that.”

“So you’re a professional feminist,” I said, trying to talk while we touched each other, the sensation making it difficult to form words.

“I am but if my students and readers could see me now, they’d be shocked.”

“Why?” I asked as she continued rubbing my cock and I rubbed her tit, loving how soft it was and how hard her nipple felt against my palm as I squeezed, liking how she bit her lower lip before speaking, the lusty look in her eyes.

“Cause I shouldn’t be in a bar like this in the middle of nowhere, dressed in tight jeans and a tight shirt wanting to get laid.”

“Then why are you?”

“Cause I’m tired of all the bullshit. I mean a lot of what I teach is important for young women to know but sometimes I get really horny and just want to fuck and forget all that crap—get out of my head.”

“Interesting,” I said nodding, smiling into her eyes liking what I was hearing, her honesty getting me hotter.

“Yeah, sometimes I just want to be a slut and shove all that intellectual crap out the door and just be taken, let myself go.”

“Very interesting,” I said, my curiosity about her aroused. “So how do you do that?”

“I find places like this where no one knows me—dress the way I know men like, let my hair loose and I become the sexy woman I am underneath the intellectual—you know, the putting on a ‘face to meet the faces that you meet’ like Eliot says in that J. Alfred Prufrock poem.” “I know what you mean, Sarah, you want to live your erotic fantasies not just fantasize. You don’t want to be prudent like Prufrock.”

“Right and that’s why I sometimes stop in places like this where no one knows me to see if I can find a guy whose on the same page as me.” She smiled, took a sip of her martini and looked into my eyes, “like you.”

“What do you mean like me?” I asked, finding our conversation adding to the heat of what we were feeling, wanting to see if our honest words would take us where we wanted to go.

“I saw how you looked at me when I came in and knew you wanted to fuck me and I said to myself, “jackpot.” “Jackpot?” I repeated, chuckling.

“Yeah. I knew I was going to score—get what I was looking for.”

“Is that so,” I said, glancing at the back of the bartender, moving my hand to the inside of her thigh, sliding it up closer to her crotch while she rubbed my bulging cock. “I think we both hit the jackpot.”

“I think you’re right,” she said, biting her lower lip, looking into my eyes, rubbing my cock through my jeans, my hand rubbing her tit. “You’re getting me hot.”

Just then the bartender went into a back room leaving us alone at the bar and suddenly all inhibitions were gone and our raunchy lust for each other took over. I then cupped her pussy, pressing harder against her crotch. She pushed her pelvis forward so that I could rub her harder. kaçak iddaa “Oh fuck,” she gasped softly and then again, a little louder, thrusting her pussy against my hand. “Oh fuck!” she moaned again, biting her lower lip harder, our eyes locked on each other.

“Let’s finish our drinks and get out of here,” I said.

“Cool!” she said, wrapping her fingers tightly around my hard cock through my jeans. “I want this big hard cock.”

We both finished our drinks and I threw a twenty on the bar and we were out of there, both of us drunk and wobbly as we left.

Our cars were the only ones in the dark parking lot. The red neon sign in the bar’s window blinked on and off, casting an eerie red glow. As we approached my car, I suddenly pushed her hard against the door and we kissed,devouring each others tongues. I grabbed her ass and pulled her against my hard cock and we started grinding and humping each other, our tongues swirling madly. She grabbed my ass and pulled me against her, our hungry bodies desperately fucking each other through our clothes—our humping getting harder and hotter–our mouths and tongues almost hurting from the force of our kissing.

Suddenly, we released each others mouths to get some air but continued grinding and humping, looking into each others hungry eyes. She lowered herself slightly, arching her back, spreading her legs wider apart, thrusting her jean covered pussy harder, moving up and down my hard cock, grinding herself harder into me, loving the intense pleasure we were giving each other. “I love your cock, mister!”she gasped, sliding up and down my throbbing cock.

I grabbed her ass with both hands squeezing and kneading and loving how the thin tight denim strained against the firm roundness of her ass as I humped her harder.

“Oh fuck,I’m going to cum,” she cried out, humping her pussy harder and faster against my cock.”Oh fuck,I’m going to cum.Oh baby, baby fuck me… ohhhhh baby fuck me fuck me… ohhhhhhh yes.. yes… don’t stop don’t stop ohhh fuck I’m cummmmmmmming ohhhhhhhhhhh baby I’m cummmmmming in my pants.”

She was pounding her pussy into my hard cock with all her strength moving up and down up my pole, grinding, humping, pounding, her words driving me insane, making me pump my cock against her harder as she suddenly shuddered in an intense orgasm, screaming, “Oh baby, I need your cock in me.” she said, holding my ass and pulling me against her. “I need it. Let’s get in the car. I need you to fuck me.”

Luckily it was late,the parking lot was dark and there was no traffic on the desolate road. I opened up the back door and she got in and lay down on her back, taking off her jeans as fast as she could while I pulled mine down. I then reached and pulled her jeans over her feet and then her soaked panties, throwing them on the floor then got in. She placed one leg on the back of the seat, the other on the floor, her pussy wide open to me. She looked at my cock then at my eyes, reaching her arms out for me.


Her horny yelling drove me insane and I rammed my cock into her pussy with one hard thrust.


“YOU’RE SO TIGHT I CAN HARDLY GET MY COCK IN YOU!” I yelled as I pulled out and rammed my cock into her tight pussy as hard as I could, opening her. “TAKE MY COCK YOU LITTLE SLUT!”

“YEAH! TALK DIRTY TO ME! MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!” she yelled, lifting her ass off the seat. I could not believe my ears, her words inspiring me.


“HARDER! HARDER!” she screamed, lifting her ass, arching her back. “FUCK ME HARDER YOU BASTARD! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME!”

I pulled all the way out and then slammed deep into her again and again, her head thrashing from side to side,screaming, “I’M CUMMMMMMMING OH BABY DO IT! YEAH THAT’S IT! FUCK ME DON’T STOP! OHHHHHHHH GOD I LOVE YOUR FUCKING COCK! DON’T STOP! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!” OHHHHHHHHYEAH! THAT’S IT! “TAKE MY COCK! TAKE IT! I LOVE YOUR TIGHT CUNT!” I screamed as I felt her juicy pussy gripping and squeezing my swelling cock with her pussy muscles, sensing she was on the verge of exploding.

“OHMYGOD! I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMING!” she screamed again,her whole body tensing,trembling. “KEEP FUCKING ME! DON’T STOP! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! OHHHHHHHHH YES HERE IT COMES. OHHHHHHHHH YES! YES! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY I LOVE FUCKING YOU OHHHHHH BABY THIS IS SO GOOD! OHHHHHHHH MYGOD! I’M CUMMMMING! OHHHH FUCK THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD! KEEP FUCKING ME! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! OHHHHHHGOD I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMING! I’M CUMMMMMMMMING!I’M CUMMMMMMING!” she screamed, her delirious words urging me to pound her harder, her tight pussy gripping my cock taking me over the edge and suddenly, my orgasm hit, rising through me, my cock swelling, my whole body tensing, trembling. “I’M CUMMMMMMMMMING!” I screamed thrusting faster and faster, harder and harder again and again, kaçak bahis my cock going deeper with each thrust, “COME ON BABY FUCK ME!”

“CUM IN ME! CUM IN ME!” she screamed, her hands on my ass squeezing and pulling me into her, feeling her tight pussy gripping me as I rammed my cock deeper and harder.

She then wrapped her strong legs around my back, her arms tight around my shoulders, pulling me even deeper into her. I could not believe how wild she was lifting her ass up while I pounded her back to the seat, “I’M CUMMMING OHHHHH BABY I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING,” I yelled, our screaming filling the car.

Suddenly, we both came together in huge convulsions– my cum bursting forth, her cum spilling out of her soaked pussy, our bodies writhing in ecstasy until I collapsed on her, both of us gasping for air. I lay heavily on her in the back seat of my car, both of us completely spent, desperate for air.

Sarah kept her legs wrapped around my back, trapping my cock in her and holding me to her with her strong legs and arms, panting heavily.

“Oh baby I want more,” she whispered in my ear. “I want to fuck you all night. I’m insatiable.”

My deflated cock was still deep in her and I began to move in a slow swirling motion and felt her begin to move with me as we continued to draw warm sensual feeling from each other. “Man, this was one hot woman.” I said to myself as I lay on her body, feeling her big tits crushed against my chest, my mind spinning still not believing what just happened, the word “insatiable” exciting me.

“Insatiable, are you,” I said as I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy, looking at her on the back seat of my car, thinking about her being a college teacher, a feminist, who taught young women to be on guard against being exploited.

“Yes,” she said, looking into my eyes as I looked down at her. “I love to fuck!”

“Good! Let’s get going. We’ve got a long night ahead of us,” I said.

We quickly got dressed and noticed the lights in the bar were out and the neon sign was turned off. She dashed to her car and followed me to the Riverside Motel which was five minutes away from the bar. The neon sign on the motel office was on with the blue letter R blinking. The office was dark. It had to be past midnight.

Sarah pulled up alongside of my car. We walked quickly to my room and as soon as I opened the door, she squirmed by me, her round luscious ass straining her tight jeans. I had left a lamp on. When I entered and closed the door, she took her jeans jacket off and tossed it on the floor, her eyes on me like I was prey.

“So how do you like your feminist slut,” she said, walking towards me.

“I like how aggressive you are.”

“You do, do you?”

I could not believe how beautiful and sexy she looked with her hair still messed up, her tight, faded jeans molded to her body, her big tits stretching her black tank top, her intense hungry eyes looking at me. She was a fantasy come true and I could not believe my luck—meeting this sexy hot woman in the middle of nowhere–strangers in the night. With our eyes locked on each other, she pushed me hard against the door and grabbed my balls in the palm of her hand.

“So you’re a college teacher and a feminist,” I managed to say, my cock harder than ever.

“Right, but not tonight,”she said, getting down on her knees,rubbing my cock as she slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. I looked down at her as she held my cock in her hand moving her mouth to it, licking the tip with her tongue. She looked up at me with those hungry brown eyes as she licked, her hand gripping my cock, her tongue moving up and down the length of my shaft, the warm wet sensation of her mouth forcing me to lean against the door and just give in to what she was doing to me.

She then slid her mouth over the full length of my cock, swallowing me, moving her hot mouth up and down, slow at first then faster as her hunger for my cum grew. The soft slurping sounds she made swallowing my cock made me grab the back of her head, thrusting into her hot mouth, fucking her harder with each thrust.


I watched my cock going in and out of her mouth, her hands grabbing my ass as I pumped harder, my cock swelling in her mouth. She sensed I was about to explode and moved her mouth faster, deeper, hungrier, slurping and moaning as she took me over the edge.

“OH SARAH I’M CUMMMMING! I’M CUMMMING!” I screamed looking down at her head, my hands pulling her hair, her mouth moving faster and faster up and down swallowing my swollen cock. Suddenly, my cock exploded, filling her mouth with cum– gush after gush bursting forth, dribbling down her chin as she gobbled up all that she could.

My cock popped out of her mouth and I slid down to the floor, unable to stand after that intense release. She leaned back and smiled, my cum on her lips and chin. I sat on the green carpeted floor, my back against the door, my legs straight out, my cock hanging limply, Sarah kneeling between my legs, breathing heavily. She then crawled closer, lifting my cock and continued licking the remains of cum from my cock, moaning as she licked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32