A Night on the French Riviera

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Alex looked up from the book she was reading to gaze across the azure sea before her. She was lying in a hammock on the beach overlooking the ocean and was finally starting to feel the stress of her everyday life melt away. She thought back to her normal life. Three days ago she had been stuck in an office in London rushing from one meeting to the next with scarcely a moment to breathe. She worked as a lawyer for a banking group on Canary Wharf and she loved her job. Loved the thrill it gave her, loved the lifestyle it enabled her to afford, loved the challenge. But she was tired and had been for a while. There were only so many eighteen hour days a person could work before they started to burn out. And she had felt herself starting to. That’s why she had finally taken some of the vast amounts of holiday time she had accrued since she started working. She’d barely had any time off in four years and as a result her boss was more than willing to accommodate her last minute request for a fortnight away. She’d come home to her apartment on the Thames three days ago and realised that if she didn’t take a break she was not going to last much longer the way she was going. Deciding where to go was easy, all she wanted was a bit of sun; somewhere where it wasn’t likely to rain while she was there and somewhere she could see the ocean and maybe break out the new bikini she’d bought herself over a year ago but still hadn’t had a chance to try out. The French Riviera had seemed like an obvious choice. So she had packed up her stuff and now here she was, overlooking the ocean at sunset and it was beautiful.

The rumbling in her stomach interrupted her reminiscing. Alex looked at her watch and realised that it was time for dinner. She packed up her things and moved them back into the little beach front house that she had managed to rent for the two weeks. It was a lovely evening, a warm breeze coming in off the ocean tempering the oppressive heat that the day had bought. Alex looked at the clothes that she had bought with her and decided on changing into a white cotton halter neck sundress with blue, green and turquoise splashes of colour on the skirt and bodice. As Alex finished getting ready the looked at her self in the mirror and smiled, quite pleased with what she saw there.

“I may not have had much of a social life in the last few years but at least I look good.” Alex thought to herself.

The splashes of blue highlighted her deep blue eyes whilst the white fabric was a nice contrast to her naturally olive complexion. Her long, dark chocolate coloured hair hung in loose waves to just between her shoulder blades. A rigorous training regimen had ensured that Alex’s body was slim and toned but still maintained some feminine softness about it. All in all, Alex thought she looked pretty damn good.

A quick flick of eyeliner and a splash of red lipstick completed her look and Alex left her cottage in search of dinner and maybe a little company. It had been quite a while since Alex had had any sort of romantic company other than her hands and the toys she kept in her bedside table. That thought depressed Alex just a little and she resolved that by the end of the holiday she would no longer be in this sexual dry spell.

With a renewed spring in her step Alex walked into the nice bistro/bar she’d seen on her way into town late last night. The restaurant had a bar area along the left hand wall with bar stools arranged in a L shape while the rest of the room was taken up by an indoor dining area which was about three-quarters full of people. One of the waitresses came over to her and asked if she would like a table. Alex replied that she would. She was then asked if she would like to sit indoors or outside. This intrigued Alex as she had seen no sign of an outdoor seating area in the street, nevertheless she replied that she would like to sit outside. The waitress smiled and led her through the indoor area out to the back of the restaurant where the area opened up into garden area. It was lovely. The tables were arranged on the patio area around an open space which was obviously set up for dancing, there was a DJ setting up on the far right hand side and Alex decided that when it got a little later into the evening she would enjoy herself on the dance floor.

The Bostancı Escort waitress led her to the left hand side of the patio area to a table which overlooked the rest of the garden. As she took a seat and perused the menu, Alex took in the fragrance of the flowers nearby and inhaled deeply savouring the aroma.

After she ordered herself a rum and coke and a plate of coq au vin, Alex looked up and took in the other people dining outside. The patrons were mostly couples enjoying nice evenings together. There were one or two people on their own like her but mostly the atmosphere was romantic. Alex sighed wistfully. She really had missed being intimate with another person. Not just the sex although that was something she missed a lot. No, she missed the simple intimacies of sharing a meal with someone you cared about, or just sitting together watching the world go by.

Alex was jolted from her reverie by her food arriving. As the waitress put her food down, aLex took a sip of her drink and looked up once again. That was when she noticed her. Her breath caught, the woman was stunning. She had long blonde hair that shone in the gentle lights from the patio that cascaded down her shoulders, past the swell of her breasts that were encased in a black silk dress that clung to her lithe form. Alex gaze followed the dress down the woman’s body until it ended at mid thigh. She continued on her journey down over tanned, toned legs to strappy four inch black heels. She reversed course and travelled back up the woman’s body marvelling in its exquisiteness. As she finished making her way upwards any breath that she was holding onto whose out of her body as she realised that the woman had been watching her check her out. Their gazes met and held. Alex felt a blush using to her cheeks, slightly embarrassed about being caught ogling the woman so obviously, she was usually a lot more subtle. As they continued to stare at each other Alex noticed an amused expression on the woman’s face, her eyes sparkling with mirth. Alex felt herself grin in response and she raised her glass to the woman, waiting. The woman returned the gesture and they both drank at the same time without breaking eye contact.

Just then, the waitress bought the woman her food and the moment was broken. Alex looked down and realised that she had been so caught up in the woman that she hadn’t even started her food. She picked up her fork and started eating, glancing up every few seconds to look at the woman. Their gazes met several times throughout the course of their meals and by the time she had finished, Alex felt the slow pulse of arousal between her legs. She crossed an uncrossed her legs several times trying to relieve some of the tension between her thighs. As her plate was cleared away she glanced up again only to see that the woman was still watching her. She smiled as their eyes met and inclined her head towards the dance floor in invitation. Alex’s heart started beating quickly as she stood and made her way towards the dance floor and the woman waiting for her.

The woman was standing just to the side of the dance floor, out of the way of the people already on the dance floor, swaying to the slow music. As Alex walked up to her she raised her hand towards Alex for her to take. Alex obliged and the woman lead her onto the dance floor. The woman turned towards Alex and pulled her towards her. She placed her hands on Alex’s hips and Alex felt the heat of her hands through the thin cotton of her dress, burning all the way to her centre. Alex placed her hands around the woman’s neck, feeling the soft skin there and leaned her head back to look into the woman’s eyes.

“Hi.” She said softly, it was the first word either of them had spoken to one another.

“I’m Alex.” Them woman smiled and replied “I’m Layla.” Neither of them spoke any more for a while and just enjoyed their dance. Layla’s hands on Alex’s hips pulled her in closer until they were flush with each other. Alex rested her head in the crook of Layla’s neck, breathing in the floral yet musky scent that was uniquely Layla. They stayed like that for some time, gently swaying to the music, Layla’s hands stroking softly up and down Alex’s back. Alex revelled in the way Layla felt against her, Bostancı Escort Bayan she could feel Layla’s strong thigh gradually inching its way between her own. She could feel Layla’s breasts against her own, she could feel her own nipples peaking in response and she was sure that Layla could too, after all she wasn’t wearing a bra. As the songs went on the hand stroking Alex’s back was making its was slowly down her back until it rested just below her hips.

Alex looked up and saw that Layla was looking down at her, her heels making her a couple of inched taller than Alex’s own five foot six. Alex looked at Layla’s lips, her tongue subconsciously peaking out and wetting her own. She saw Layla’s lips part slightly in response and simultaneously tilted her head up whilst she pulled Layla’s lips down to meet her’s. The first brush of Layla’s lips against Alex’s was so soft and so brief Alex wondered if it had really happened. She looked again at Layla and saw the same desire that was surely in her eyes reflected back at her in Layla’s. She pulled Layla down to her again, more forcefully this time, her tongue peaking out, seeking entrance into Layla’s mouth.

Layla’s mouth opened, admitting Alex. Their tongues duelled against each other while Layla’s hands started moving their way back up and down Alex’s back, squeezing her against Layla. This time when they broke apart they were both breathing heavily. “My cottage is five minutes from here.” Alex said as she continued to gaze a Layla. “Let’s go” replied Layla, her eyes dark with desire.

Alex and Layla quickly settle their bills and left hand in hand back towards Alex’s cottage. The trip to the restaurant took about ten minutes but despite the fact that they were both hurrying, the trip back took the same amount of time as Alex and Layla had to stop frequently for quick kisses and caresses.

They finally got back to the cottage, Alex finding the lock with her key despite the fact that her hands were shaking in anticipation. As soon as the door was open, Alex and Layla rushed through the door, closing it behind them. Layla turned them round and pushed Alex up against the door, kissing her roughly. Layla’s lips moved from Alex’s mouth nibbling along her jaw until she reached her ear lobe. Layla sucked Alex’s ear lobe, drawing a gasp from Alex. Layla then made her way down Alex’s neck, sucking and nibbling as she went. Alex’s hands moved into Layla’s silky hair, holding her mouth against her.

Layla’s mouth travelled down Alex’s chest following the line of her dress between her breasts, kissing and licking as she went. Layla’s arms moved up to undo Alex’s dress, displaying her breasts to Layla for the first time. Layla’s hands moved back down to cup Alex’s heavy globes using her thumbs to caress Alex’s nipple, drawing a moan from the brunette. Layla smiled and lent in to flick Alex’s right nipple with her tongue, making Alex gasp. Alex used her hands in Layla’s hair to pull her back in, demanding. Layla eagerly sucked the nipple into her mouth while her right hand caressed Alex’s left breast.

Alex’s nipples had always been sensitive but the way Layla was making her feel was above anything she had ever felt before. Heat was coursing through her, shooting through her body in time with her rapidly beating heart. Alex knew her panties were drenched, she was so aroused. Just then Alex felt Layla’s left hand travel down her right leg to the bottom of her dress and then slide its way back up under the skirt. She could feel Layla’s fingertips lightly stroking up and down her thigh getting closer every time to where she desperately wanted those fingers to be.


Layla looked up at Alex’s whispered plea and saw how close she was to release. In response she knelt down and drew Alex’s panties down her legs. Alex quickly stepped out of the soiled undergarment and Layla pulled Alex’s right leg onto her shoulder and put her head under Alex’s dress.

“So wet.” Alex heard Layla say. She could feel Layla’s breath against her sopping pussy and moaned. Alex stood there waiting for Layla to give her what she so desperately wanted, what she needed.

“Please.” Alex said again, this time with a hint of desperation in her voice. Alex let out a Escort Bostancı long, deep moan as she felt Layla’s tongue glide from the bottom of her slit to her clit. Pleasure coursing through her.

“Mmm, you taste so sweet.” Layla murmured against Alex’s clit. The vibrations causing bolts of pleasure to shoot through her. Layla continued to lick and suck at Alex’s clit drawing near constant moan from Alex. Alex’s hips started to thrust towards Layla’s face causing Layla to use her hands to pin Alex’s hips to the door. Alex’s moans continued to get louder until suddenly Alex’s body snapped taut and she let out a deep guttural moan. “I’m coming. Oh God, I’m coming.” Alex shouted as her release coursed through her body, her legs starting to shake. She saw sparks shooting behind her eyelids as her orgasm consumed her.

As she came down from the heights of ecstasy she opened her eyes and realised that she was slumped against the door, the only reason she wasn’t a heap on the floor was that Layla was holding her up.

“Wow.” Layla smiled a smug smile and said “yeah.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard before. I think I almost blacked out.” Alex smiled down at Layla who was still kneeling beneath her, her eyes still dark with desire. Alex realised that Layla still needed her own release and so she removed her leg from Layla’s shoulder and held out her hand to her.

“Come on,” Alex said with a grin as she lead Layla towards the bedroom. Once inside Alex turned and looked at Layla, she reached down and drew her dress up and over her head discarding it on the floor. Alex watched Layla as she looked up and down her body, caressing her with her eyes. When Layla reached out to touch Alex she stepped back.

“Nuh uh. It’s my turn now.”Alex said as she stepped back towards Layla and crushed their lips together. Alex reached round Layla’s back to find the zipper to Layla’s dress and drew it down. She watched as the dress slipped off the toned form before her and fell to the floor. Alex knelt down and helped Layla out of her heels before standing back up and kissing her again. Without her heels, Layla was about the same height as Alex, a fact which Alex enjoyed. As they kissed, Alex caressed Layla’s sides up towards her breasts and then back down to her hips. Layla reached round behind her and undid her bra, throwing it to the ground.

Alex stepped back to admire the breasts in front of her.


Alex stepped forward and pushed Layla down onto the bed, climbing on top of her, straddling her. Alex leaned over and lay down on top of Layla. They both let out sighs as they felt each other’s skin for the first time. Alex resumed kissing Layla as she worked a hand between them and started stroking her through the black lace of her panties. Alex could feel how excited Layla was, could feel her wet heat through the thin fabric barrier.

Layla moaned at the contact. Alex looked up and smiled before turning her attention to Layla’s breasts. As she sucked her nipples, Alex worked her fingers under Layla’s panties and into the wet heat she found there. She worked one finger inside Layla and hearing her groan quickly slipped a second finger insider her. She started a slow thrust inside Layla, curling her fingers and finding that sponginess that signalled her g-spot. She pressed into Layla causing her to writhe beneath beneath her.

Alex sat up and slowly increased the tempo of her thrusts as Layla’s hips began to rise up to meet Alex. Layla’s muscles began to ripple, drawing Alex’s fingers farther inside, signalling Layla’s impending climax. Alex used her thumb to flick Layla’s clit as she continued to pound into her. Layla’s moans increased in volume as she neared her climax and Alex maintained her speed. Just then Layla exploded, her back arching as her climax engulfed her and her wetness flowed down Alex’s arm. Alex continued thrusting into her through her orgasm until she started to come down from her pleasure.

Alex watched as Layla opened her eyes and looked at her, a content smile on her face. Layla held out her hand and drawing Alex up her body before pulling her down for a gentle kiss. All their earlier urgency was gone and they simple enjoyed the contact. Alex lay down at Layla’s side, one leg over Layla’s and one arm across Layla’s flat belly, stroking her slowly.

As they both settled down to go to sleep Alex thought to herself “and I still have almost two whole weeks of holiday left.”

Alex fell asleep with a smile on her face, it was going to be a good two weeks.

To be continued….

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