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It had been a wet and rainy day and Kristine was glad to get home. After a long day at the office and then having to fight the traffic, she was ready to relax and enjoy her family. As she entered the house, she put on the TV to check on the weather. She then noticed that no one else was home. Where were the kids and her husband? Usually her husband and children were always home before Kristine and more often than not had supper started by now. She heard the weather man on TV state that the weather was taking a turn for the worst and flooding was occurring throughout the county and the weather would continue to get worst as the night progressed.

Kristine could hear thunder and the noticed the lights flickering as she continue to listen to the weatherman. Kristine jumped instinctively as she heard the house phone ring. As she answered the phone, she recognized her husband voice on the other end.

“Hey baby” Eddie, her husband stated.

“Where are you…where are the kids?” Kristine asked.

“That’s why I’m calling. The kids called me at the office just as I was getting ready to leave. They said they were stuck at school with no way home. Their normal ride had got stuck in traffic due to flooded streets and couldn’t make it. They said they tried to call you but couldn’t get thru. So they called me. I picked them up and decided to take them to eat at the Mall for dinner because of all the traffic and heavy rains…I was..”

“Well I’m glad that you guys are alright.” Kristine interrupted. “I was beginning to get a little worried when I got home and no one was here.”

Eddie continued. “..I’m hoping that by time we finish dinner the rain and traffic will have died down. I promise to bring you home some dinner, okay?”.

“Sounds great, darling. Just take your time and don’t rush. I don’t want you guys to get in a wreck or something. Just call me when you’re on the way so I can keep track of you guys…love you.”

“Love you too…see you soon.” Eddie responded.

Feeling relieved, Kristine then decided to take a shower and have a glass of wine. Although the weather was bad, she had to admit to herself that she could use a little quiet time for herself.

Having just finished her bath, Kristine put on a thin white cotton shirt and some silk thong underwear and then wrapped herself in a robe and decided to watch TV. She was hoping the lights would quit flickering. She wasn’t the bravest person in the world.

As she sat there brushing her hair, she heard a loud banging sound coming from the front door. Kristine jumped up and approached the door carefully. She looked through the peep hole and saw David, her eldest daughter’s boyfriend, was banging on the door. David was home from college for the summer and working for his parents.

“David, what in the world are you doing here and why are…” Kristine tried to asked and was interrupted as David came rushing in slamming the door behind him.

“I’m sorry Ms. K, but my car got stuck about a 1/2 mile down the road in high water and I ran all the way over here to get some help. I was hoping your husband was home to help me.” David replied as he bent over catching his breath. Kristine looked at the drenching wet boy and her maternal instincts took hold.

“First thing first, let me get a towel and let’s dry you up”. Kristine said as she looked down at the puddle that was forming around David’s feet.

As she returned with a towel, Kristine informed David “no one’s here right now, everyone is stuck on the other side of town due to the weather. I guess they should be able to make it across in a couple of hours. I’m sure my husband will help you then. In the mean time dry yourself off the best you can with this towel.”

She watched him as he began toweling himself off, and thought to herself that he was definitely becoming a man. He had grown up so much in the year he was gone to college. It was obvious he had added some much needed weight and seemed a few inches taller then she remembered.

Kristine had always liked David. But she was also glad that both her daughter and David had decided to go to different colleges so that they could really determine if they were made for each other. Kristine felt that her daughter would have a chance to date other guys before deciding who she really wanted to be with. Although David and her daughter had been dating for a few years now she had caught him staring at her previously at different times with a seemingly lustful glances. She always chalked them up to male hormones. Consequently, she always tried to make sure she never showed more skin than necessary when he would come to the house. She didn’t want to distract him.

Kristine continued to watch David towel himself. He had gone into the kitchen and taken off his shirt and was squeezing the access water out of the shirt into the sink. Kristine could see his well developed chest bare with his boxer shorts riding above his jeans. For some reason she found herself reminiscing about a previous time in which she was trying to avoid casino şirketleri some mud getting to the house from the driveway. David was leaving the house after visiting her daughter. He notice her trying to avoid the mud, when in a playful mood, ran up to her and put her on his shoulders and carried her up to the front porch. She remembered the moment and laughed to herself, but she also remembered how he felt when she held on to him during that brief moment. She also remembered how his hand unintentionally held on to her ass to keep her from falling off his shoulders.

Now she was standing in the kitchen watching her daughter’s boyfriend half naked drying himself with a bath towel. Realizing that he was completely soaked to the bone and was leaving a trail of water all through the house, she decided to take some action. She went to bedroom and grabbed a pair of shorts and tee shirt from her husband’s closet.

“That towel is not helping and your making a mess in my house with all that water. Here, put these dry clothes on. I’m sure my husband won’t mind.” She ordered.

Surprisingly David grabbed the clothes and walked back into the living room to change. As he unbuckled his jeans and began to remove them along with his briefs, Kristine gasped as she looked into the living room and saw David bending over taking off his clothes and seeing his bare ass staring at her! She immediately turn around, face flushed and went to the kitchen sink and started to wash some dirty dishes trying to distract herself from what she had just witnessed. Kristine could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She was having trouble breathing thinking of seeing David’s firm ass on display. The only thing she had going for her was that David hadn’t notice her looking. At least that’s what she thought…

David was glad to have gotten the dry clothes. He was really soaked to the bone. He decided that he didn’t want to track any more water through the house so he went back into the living room to change. As he started to unbuckle his jeans, he felt Ms. K presence behind him. He hope that she was looking at him undressing but couldn’t be sure. As he started to lower his jeans he faintly heard Ms. K heavy breathing. David smiled to himself and his confidence grew. He felt that it was now or never and decided that he was going to see how far he get teasing her. Taking his time , he bent over exposing his ass in the direction of the kitchen entrance. “I wonder if she can also see my nuts” He thought to himself. When he heard the water in the kitchen sink he knew she was no longer staring. So he quickly put on the shorts and tee shirt and went back into the kitchen with a big smile on his face and a growing erection.

As David walked into the kitchen, he couldn’t help notice the robe that Ms. K was wearing. Although it wasn’t transparent or short, it did show off her shapely calves and just a small portion of her thighs. It was also apparent that Ms. K had tightly wrapped the rob around her because he could also see the distinct outline her ass and tits. David slowly walked towards her making his way directly behind her as she continued to wash dishes. Just as he was about to thank her for the clothes, a bright flash and then a thunderous explosion shook the whole house.

Kristine let out a scream and attempted to jumped away from the kitchen window as the lights went out. David being immediately behind her, instinctively grabbed her as she bumped into him.

“Don’t worry Ms. K, it will be all right.”

He held her tight not wanting to move. He could smell the scent of her freshly washed hair and could feel her heart pounding through the robe.

The lights came back on almost as fast as they went out. Kristine startled by the lightning and thunder was even more alarmed by the fact that she was now being held by David and his strong arms were wrapped around her so tightly that she could feel every inch of his body pressing against hers. She felt his hot breath on the back of her neck not to mentioned his growing cock poking her.

“I’m scared of lightning especially when it’s so close” She admitted as she started to turn around. She really didn’t trust herself at that moment and was doing everything she could to break the physical contact between them but as the same time not wanting to embarrass either one of them.

Releasing her he stated “I’m sorry Ms. K, I was just trying to …” but David couldn’t finish his sentence. As Kristine had twisted her body to face him and break their physical connection, he couldn’t help but look down between their bodies. Ms. K’s robe had worked its way open all the way down to her waist. He also noticed that her t-shirt was damp from his wetness and was becoming somewhat transparent. Her nipples were poking through her shirt.

Kristine couldn’t believe what just transpired. She could see David staring lustfully at her breasts and it sent shivers down her spine. She knew that she should move away and somehow change the direction that this incident seem to be going. But casino firmaları she couldn’t move! Her legs wouldn’t move, her arms were useless as well. As he looked up, he noticed that Ms. K, was looking directly into his eyes! She had caught him red handed staring at her body. He could see that she was going to say something to him. He only hope it was something that he had fantasize for some time.

All of a sudden there was a intense flash of light which seem to come from just outside the kitchen sink window followed immediately by a booming sound “Kaaabboooommm!!!” causing everything in the house to rattle. The house was again thrown into darkness. This time, the lights were not coming back on.

Kristine panicked as soon as she heard the sound and instantly without thought, jumped back into David’s arms. Breathing heavily and panting she looked around in panic trying desperately to calm herself down.

David again took the opportunity to grab Ms. K and hold her tight. It felt good to feel her breasts against his chest. He knew that his luck would run out soon if he didn’t make the most of this opportunity. He also knew he would live to regret it if he didn’t take a chance.

With the lights still out and Ms. K. holding him tightly, he allowed his hands to move slowly down to her ass. Slowly, yet firmly he grabbed both ass cheeks and pulled her even closer to him than she had been before. With her head nestled in his chest he could hear a slight gasp coming from Ms. K.

“Oh my God!” Kristine thought to herself. Forgetting about the lightning and thunder, she could only focus on the feel of David’s hands on her ass and his cock pressing against her stomach. It felt big! Her heart was beating out of her chest and her breathing became erratic. “I can’t let this happen” she thought to herself. This was bringing back memories she had so desperately tried to keep locked away the farthest part of her brain. Just as she was composing herself to confront David ,the lights came back on and it gave her the courage to break away from David for the second time that night.

Still unsure what to say or do regarding what happen she hurried away from David and began to put some snacks together trying her best to defuse the sexual tension that lingered in the air. God, she needed a drink. She grabbed her wine glass and drank the remaining wine in one gulp. She then poured another glass.

David sensing that Ms. K was a little uncomfortable, decided to give her some space for a moment. He didn’t want her to feel threatened. That fact that she hadn’t immediately yelled or slapped him gave him the confidence that he could go further if he played his cards right.

“Do you mind if I used your phone in the bedroom to call home and let them know I’m okay? My cell phone got all wet and it’s not working.”

“Of course” she replied, wanting him to leave her so she could compose herself.

Staring at the wine bottle David stated “Wouldn’t mind a glass myself when I get back. You realize that I’m old enough?” and continued into the bedroom.

Kristine gave a sigh of relief or was it regret? Was she relieved that the lights came back on and nothing more happened between them? Was she regretting that nothing else transpired? Either way, she could lie about the fact that she could feel herself moist between her legs and that she had broken out in a cold sweat.

He’s my daughter boyfriend! He’s too young to be interested in someone as old as I am. Did I just imagine what happened? she thought. She was beginning to second doubt herself. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe he wasn’t thinking because of the intense lightning and thunder. Maybe I’m making this to be worst than it really is. Kristine felt bad, she should of thought of this herself If only she wasn’t so preoccupied with sinful thoughts.

“So, what does a guy have to do to get a drink around here?” David asked returning from the bed room.

“I’m sorry, did you want a coke?” Kristine replied.

“I rather have what your having” David responded.

” Are you trying to get me in trouble with your mother?” Kristine teased.

“I’ve had stronger drinks at school than some wine and besides I won’t tell if you don’t.” David responded to her teasing.

Kristine thought it over and decided that one glass of wine would be okay.

As Kristine continued to move about the kitchen making snacks, David couldn’t help but notice her long firm legs tapering up into the robe. He focused on her ass, he couldn’t help but begin to reminisce about the time that he and Kyle, a high school football buddy, had come by the house during a summer day after graduation. Ms. K was outside on the kids trampoline sun bathing, wearing a very small two piece thong bathing suit.

As they quietly approach, they noticed that Ms. K was wearing headphones listening to music and she was also wearing those glasses people use to cover their eyes when they go to sun tanning salons. She was lying on her stomach and they could see that she had her top undone. They güvenilir casino both lustfully scanned her body from head to toe taking in the soft and smooth looking skin before them. The firm ass stretching the thong material to its limits. The light sheen of sweat that covered her body. They looked at each other and smiled wondering how they could get so lucky to see Ms. K in this position. The fact that she was on the trampoline allowed them to get a perfect eye level view of Ms. K’s pussy and ass.

They could see her portions of her tits being pressed outwards from body as she laid on them.

As David was focusing on her ass and attempting to memorize every curve of her body, he noticed movement to his left. He turned and saw Kyle beginning to move closer to Ms. K. What’s he doing? Kyle leaned over and moved as close to Ms. K as he could without touching her. He took in a deep breath inhaling Ms. K’s aroma. He Looked at David and smiled raising his hand in a thumps up gesture.

David that he couldn’t see her pussy, so he grabbed a blade of grass and slowly brought it across her calf. Ms. K shook her leg to in an effort to scare off the bug she must have assumed it was, but it had the proper effect.

It forced her to open up and spread her legs out. It was enough for Kyle to see Ms. K’s thong bathing suit being stretched across her pubic mound.

Kyle silently motioned to David to see. David was awestruck as he could see her bathing suit being stretched out by her body. He even imagined that he could see some of her pubic hairs finding its way out of the thong.

David couldn’t remember ever being this hard. He was actually oozing pre-cum just looking at her. He could have stayed there forever looking at her, when he again, notice Kyle tickling her.

This time she turned around and as she did David and Kyle ducked under the trampoline. As she looked around, David reached up and grabbed her top and they both ran towards the house laughing. It was at this time, she noticed them and began to yell at them to give her back her top. Although she held a towel against her body, David was able to see her large tits bounce under the towel every time she moved.

David not wanting to really upset her, but still not wanting her to put her top on, threw it to Kyle who proceeded to run to his house with it. Ms. K then went into the house not realizing that her backside was exposed to David who was still watching her from the corner of the house.

David had always wondered why Ms.K never told their parents, her daughter or even her husband about what they had done…

Kyle and David had discussed that day many times and it was during one of those conversations that Ms. K was given the ultimate title of “neighborhood queen MILF.” She was the best looking mother in the whole neighborhood.

Kyle also stated that he had jacked off several times since that day thinking about Ms. K. It had been over a year since that had happened and Ms. K had obviously forgiven him for it. But, he spent many a lonesome night jacking off thinking about that day.

And here he was now, in Ms. K’s kitchen drinking a beer with her and still experiencing those same feeling he had had during that day long ago. He had come over expecting some help with his car, he never expected any of this to happen. He began to think of different things he could say that would impress Ms. K thereby giving him a chance to maybe get lucky enough to get another hug or better yet, a kiss.

The weather continue to get worse and the lightning and thunder went on unabated. Ms. K seemed uncomfortable and concern about the weather. How long is this going to last? she thought to herself. She was hoping the phone would ring and her husband telling her they were on the way home. But it remained silent.

David got up from the table and proceeded to walk towards the refrigerator for another beer. David had to squeeze by Ms. K to get to refrigerator. As he did he intentionally rubbed against her.

Kristine saw him moving behind her but was afraid to turn around. She felt him slightly rub against her as he passed by. For a brief instance she thought she could feel his prick rubbing against her ass. Having had enough, Kristine began to turn around when David suddenly grabbed her by the waist and forcefully pulled her back against his body.

“Ohhhh, David!!” Kristine yelled and at the same time trying to will her body to move away from him.

Another bolt of lightning flashed through the kitchen window, followed immediately by a loud explosion, temporarily freezing Kristine. That was all the time David needed to move his hands higher up her body and pull her even closer to him. He could feel his cock getting stronger and stiffer by the second. He could see Ms. K delicate hands trying to hold on to the edge of the table trying to balance herself against David’s onslaught. He didn’t want to let her go… At that instance, he decided he wasn’t going to.

Ms K could feel his cock against her ass growing larger. As good as it felt she knew that they shouldn’t being doing this. David had now moved his arms from her waist to around her chest using his hands to fondle her tits. She tried to struggle to free herself but soon realize that he was too strong for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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