A Short Four-Day Weekend

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John rubbed his temples to try and relieve the eyestrain. Working non-stop for the past week and a half on the project, he’d finally gotten it done. The client had wanted the project finished yesterday, but John wasn’t through with it yet. Three times yesterday and last night he’d gone over the entire project, correcting the little mistakes that were always so distracting and which could sabotage a lot of good work in a hurry.

The anger and impatience in Milton’s voice last night surprised him, but he’d have to live with it. John’s pride in his work product made sloppy work unacceptable and late or not, it wouldn’t be ready until it was ready. Yes he was a little behind schedule, but best to get it right the first time out rather than having a potential buyer nick-pick it to death over trivial things. John hated when that happened, it was so easily avoidable yet surprising easy to let happen.

He’d gotten up early this morning and after breakfast he got down to the final edit. He poured a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and absent-mindedly sipped the hot dark liquid. Forcing himself to take it slow, he was critical of everything he had done. When he’d finished the final review, he realized he hadn’t changed a thing, that everything was in order, no typos, no glaring lapses in logic, nor misplaced labels on any of the exhibits. Milton might find something, but John considered the project presentation 99% done and ready to go to press.

Printing out a copy for Milton to review, John headed for Milton’s house on Lake Rockford. It was Friday and after dropping it off, John planned to take care of few non-Milton related business items he had put off, but after that he planned to take a well-earned three-day weekend to recoup his energy.

As he drove towards his destination his thoughts turned to Teresa. She had called earlier in the week and had asked him if he’d like to party with her when she returned from her trip. Unconsciously his tongue wet his lips as an image of Teresa came to his mind, dark auburn hair draped over one green eye, thrusting out a stiff nipple protruding from a half-dollar sized areola of her incredible 40D tit for him to suck.

The sumptuous image caused his dick to grow hard. His mind wandered as he thought of all the wonderfully decadent things he and she would be doing trying to fuck one another’s brains out. She was a great once a month gig and he looked forward to banging her to near unconsciousness.

“Damn!” he said out loud as he slammed on the brakes, nearly missing the turn into the Lake Villa subdivision.

John drove down the winding streets lined with opulent houses to Milton’s home, enjoying the responsive handling of his BMW Boxer. Finding the house he pulled into the circular driveway. Clearing his mind of salacious thoughts, he stepped from his car and for the first time noticed what a beautiful day it was, clear blue skies, warm and with a gentle breeze. It was a perfect day for a round of golf or any other outdoor activity.

“Screw the bull shit,” he muttered. He just wanted to give Milton the ad material and get the hell out of there to start the weekend early. Clutching the packet of material, he walked through the open gate of the porte-cochere.

Trigger, the fox terrier, eagerly greeted him with his ever-present tennis ball ready for a game. Trigger dropped the ball on his foot and tensed for action. John rang the doorbell. He waited and rang the bell again. Still there was no answer. He was certain Milton had said he wouldn’t be leaving until noon and it was only eleven. Reasoning that if Trigger was out, then Milton was probably in the backyard taking care of something before he left.

John picked up the ball and threw it into the back yard. He walked around to the back of the house expecting to see Milton out on the dock, fooling around with one of his boats. He’d only taken a few steps before Trigger was back, dropping the ball at his feet. The speed and energy the little bastard had always amazed him. John took a few more steps before Trigger dropped the ball on his feet again. The energetic little dog picked up and dropped the now wet ball on his feet as he walked at least four times on his way to the back yard.

Rounding the corner of the house, John saw Sandy, Milton’s nineteen-year old daughter sunning herself by the pool. The pupils of his eyes involuntarily dilated at the luscious sight.

“Oh baby,” he muttered to himself.

He tried not to gawk, but hell, she was practically naked in the scanty red string bikini. Even from a distance he could see that her tits bulged at the edges of the skimpy top causing a bulge of his own to begin to form. He paused and studied her before approaching any closer. He guessed that she had 36C tits, very ample but not overly large.

She turned her head towards him and sat up on her elbows, long honey blonde hair cascading across her bare shoulders. She pulled down her sunglasses, revealing her sparkling blue eyes, flashing a wide, bright smile as she greeted him.

“Hi, Mr. John! Daddy isn’t here. He and Mom left almanbahis for the airport fifteen minutes ago.”

A pang of panic set in. “Damn,” he muttered so that she couldn’t hear. “He said he wasn’t leaving until noon.”

“They had to go do something before they went to the airport. Dad said for you to put the proposal on the kitchen table and he’d look into it when they got home Monday afternoon.”

John couldn’t help but gawk at the pretty girl. He’d seen her many times over the past three years that he’d been working with Milton. To John, it seemed like Sandy and her two younger sisters were always lounging about in a bikini around the pool and John always struggled not to stare. All three of Milton’s daughters were good looking babes, very athletic, and he always made a great effort to be cool with the risqué display of young flesh, after all, he was twice Sandy’s age and her younger sisters were definitely jailbait. Still the pretty young cunts were great to look at and to fantasize about.

“Uh, um, you didn’t go with them?” asked John trying to extend the moment.

“No, I came home unexpectedly yesterday.”

“Oh yeah.” He was about to ask her if she still played soccer but then remembered that Sandy was a freshman at State U. “How’s State U?”

“I dropped out.” She bit her lower lip and continued, “Daddy’s furious with me, but I figured I’d better drop out rather than flunk out. At least I can apply for readmittance for the fall.”

“What was the problem?”

“Oh, you know,” she said cryptically. “I got behind and I knew I couldn’t catch up.”

John smiled at the lame excuse. “Too much partying?”

“Yeah, you could say that, “ she said sheepishly. “Daddy says I have to get a job.” She pouted, “Do you believe it, he suggested I join the Air Force or something.”

“Well, I don’t know about the Air Force,” John answered hesitantly. John struggled to keep the conversation going so that he could prolong looking at the lovely girl. Client’s daughter or not, he was hard as a rock.

As the silence became awkward, she batted her long lashes and rose to her feet. John sucked in his breath. Her figure was divine. A deep navel accented her wasp-like waist that flared into womanly hips before tapering into her slender shapely legs and perfect feet. She walked towards him gently swaying her gorgeous hips. John’s eyes darted back and forth between her jiggling tits and her crotch. Her ample tits, strained at the two triangles of thin material, the outline of her nipples clearly visible. Thin strings dove from her hips to connect to the tiny strip of fabric that barely covered her crotch; it was evident that she had to shave her pussy.

John was keenly aware of his massive hard on and hoped that the young girl either wouldn’t notice or better yet, not be offended. Smiling sweetly, she took the packet from his hand and turned to walk towards the house. Scanning from her wide shoulders that narrowed to her small waist, his eyes followed her torso to where it swelled to her rounded hips. As John got a good look at her backside he muttered, “Jesus.”

She turned back towards him. “What did you say?”

“Oh nothing, I…it’s… it’s just that you are such a beautiful girl.”

She tilted her head, coyly smiled, and said, “Thanks. Would you like a Coke or something? Maybe a beer?”

“Uh, um, er, yeah! I’d love a beer.”

She turned again a headed for the sliding glass door. John feasted his eyes on her shapely buttocks covered by a Brazilian-type bottom that exposed nearly half of her firm ripe cheeks. Temptation was great to follow her inside but he decided to wait by the pool. A minute or so later she returned outside, sauntered up to him and handed him a cold brew.

Sandy put back on her sunglasses and lay down on her chase lounge. She cut her eyes to the side and surreptitiously studied the older man as he stood a few feet away sipping his beer. She smiled to herself as she watched the older man’s eyes darting across her nubile body. Judging by the huge bulge in his pants, he was obviously well hung. Not only that, but he was clearly hot for her and she liked that.

As her eyes covertly wandered over him she could tell by his exposed biceps and flat stomach that he was in good shape. She studied his face. She had always thought that he was cute, but she now realized that he was not really cute, but very handsome, and very masculine. He was so very different than the jerk frat guys she had hung out with at State U. He was mature, much more mature than the asinine boys she knew. ‘Get real,’ she thought, ‘he’s Daddy’s friend.’

After several minutes with each of them furtively looking over the other in silence, she noticed that John was perspiring standing in the sun. She turned her head towards him and lowered her sunglasses to make eye contact. “John, you look hot. Do you want to take a dip in the pool?”

“Uh, thanks, but I probably ought to go.” To go was the last thing he wanted to do. John wanted to kick himself for not being bolder and being too cautious.

“No, no, please stay. Being alone here almanbahis giriş kinda gives me the willies.”

“You have Trigger to protect you,” he offered.

She laughed and said, “Of course Trigger would protect me, if he would ever put his ball down!”

“He is a friendly dog.”

“Too friendly. He never barks at anyone and he tries to get everyone to play ball with him.”

John put down the empty beer bottle.

“You could use one of Daddy’s swimsuits.”

John wasn’t about to say no again. “Okay, I’d like to swim.”

“Good, let me go get you something to change into.” Sandy stood up again and disappeared into the house.


John thought to himself, ‘Just what in the hell are you doing? That’s Milton’s daughter for Christ’s sake! What if he finds out? Finds out what? I had a beer, I went swimming, hell its no big deal! Besides she’s legal and she invited me to stay. Oh crap, this could cost me a good client. Why should it? I’m only going for a swim.’

After a few minutes Sandy reappeared with a pair of dark colored men’s trunks. “Here try these on,” she said handing him the swim trunks. “Daddy’s a little bigger than you are, so they might be a bit big.”

John took the trunks and went inside to change. The suit was definitely a bit big as Milton was at least four inches greater in the waistline than John was and at six foot three, was four inches taller than John. Still with the string tie it was serviceable even if it was very baggy.

Sandy was sitting up applying sun tan lotion when he walked out into the patio. She looked up and smiled, amused at how baggy the suit was. It was one of her daddy’s older swimsuits, one that he wore before he had lost forty pounds. It hung like a sack on John’s lean muscular frame.

In spite of the ill-fitting garment, Sandy liked what she saw. Every other time that she had seen John, it was always strictly business between him and Daddy. This was her first good look at his body. She already knew he had well-developed arms, but his torso was much better than she had imagined. His pecs were well defined and his abdomen taut with the ripple of a six-pack. His broad shoulders appreciably tapered to his waist. His thighs were massive and his calves bulged. Every muscle seemed clearly defined, despite the generous layer of body hair that covered him. She couldn’t help but compare him to the shaven college boys who purposely looked boyish; here was man, a real man.

She rose from her lounge chair and dove into the crystal clear water of the pool. Joining her, John dove in enjoying the cool shock of the water. John immediately started swimming laps in the pool. The physical exertion felt wonderful after the long hours cooped up in his office the past two weeks. Churning the water to a boiling froth, he sprinted back and forth. Sandy watched in amusement for the ten minutes or so that he swam.

Suddenly he popped out of the pool and went to the diving board. John studied the board and tested its spring. Then he very coolly measured off the distance, turned, took two steps forward, and made a perfect back flip, entering the water perfectly outstretched without hardly any splash. However, as soon as he hit the water he knew he was in trouble. Sandy saw the baggy suit float to the surface and laughingly swam out to retrieve it. John came up and looked around in a panic.

“Lose something?” she teased as she lifted his swimsuit from the water.

John blushed. “Yeah, it’s a little too big. Throw it over here honey.”

Sandy was sorely tempted to toss it out of the pool and see what his reaction would be. She could clearly see that his face was flushed. Sandy considered his vulnerable position, but realized she’d better be careful, after all, he wasn’t some boy, he was a man. She swam to the side of the pool and lifted herself out.

He watched her intently as she walked along the edge of the pool. She was sexy as hell and he felt that she was deliberately flaunting it. John ogled her ripe young body and thought she was going to play some games with him. Games that if she started, he mused, he would gladly finish. Contract with her daddy or not, if she wanted to play, he’d play.

She stopped, playfully displayed his trunks and to his disappointment, she threw them back to him. “Here Tarzan, catch!” Then she calmly walked back to her chase lounge and lay face down. John slipped the wayward suit back on and swam around for a few more minutes before getting out. Sitting next to Sandy, he studied her perfect feminine form.

She turned her head to him, “John, would you mind putting some lotion on my back, I don’t want to burn.”

Would he mind? Is the Pope a Protestant? “I don’t mind at all,” said John smoothly as he grabbed the bottle, ready to rub every inch of her body.

“Just my back.”

“Uh, yeah, sure. Just your back.”

John poured the cream into his hands and rubbed them together to warm the liquid. He began rubbing the lotion into her silky smooth skin, starting at the shoulders. Massaging her as he applied the lotion, he slowly almanbahis yeni giriş kneaded her muscles, covering every square inch of her back from her neck to the top of her bikini bottoms. He worked his way back up, briefly under the string tie of her top and then up to her neck and then down again.

“Hmmmm!” she cooed. “Oh, that feels so good. Oh yes. Hmmmm.”

Sandy closed her eyes enjoying the luxurious feel of the massage. Then she felt him begin on her left leg, midway on the thigh. She didn’t protest, as his practiced manipulations felt so delightful. He worked down her leg to her feet and then back up the leg to her upper thigh and then to her buttocks.

John sensed that perhaps he had gone to far and quickly switched to the mid thigh of her right leg. Sandy moaned as he worked her thigh muscle and then her calf and finally massaged her foot, before heading back up her leg to her beautiful rump. As he massaged her hips and her inner thigh, Sandy was becoming increasingly turned on. She forced herself to break off the massage before she lost control, by rolling over and sitting up.

“God John, that was great!” She stretched like a cat and lied, “I almost fell asleep.”

John cursed to himself, ‘Sleep hell! Damn it, just two more minutes and I would have had her naked and begging to fuck!’ “How about if you put some lotion on me?”

“Fair enough. You want it on your back?”

“For starters. I don’t want to burn either.”

Sandy slapped the cold lotion on his back and quickly rubbed it in. She enjoyed the feel of his solid back. Then she rubbed his chest. She marveled at the hardness of his muscles, hardness born of years of disciplined exercise.

“You don’t have an ounce of fat on you,” she observed. Looking up into his eyes, she saw the unmistakable look of sexual hunger. She glanced away quickly afraid that he could see the same look in her eyes. Looking down, she saw the unmistakable tenting of his baggy swim trunks.

She marveled, ‘God, he’s big!’ Restraining herself from grabbing his bulging cock, she realized that she had better cool it right away. “Uh, Mia will be here shortly to clean the house,” she said breaking the sexual tension.

That news was not what John wanted to hear. “What time does she come?”

“A little after twelve on Fridays. She should have been here already.”

Dave cursed to himself, ‘The fucking maid will be here any minute? Shit, that does it. Games up, you lose! What ever gave you the idea…’

Sandy interrupted his train of thought. Looking up brightly she said, “Say, do you want to go sailing? I love to sail and I haven’t been out since last summer. Do you know how to handle the boat?”

John had been out on Milton’s 26-footer many times. Milton was generous with his toys and after checking John out, let him use the boat whenever he wished. He positively beamed answering, “Yeah, I know the boat, been out in it many times.”

“Want to go?”

‘Damned right little girl’ he thought. “Sure, I love sailing too.”

“Good, I’ll grab us some beer and some snacks. Go get the boat ready.”

Sandy got up and ran into the house. John strolled down to the dock and began preparations for the sail, checking out the life jackets and registration. He cranked up the auxiliary engine and was please that it cooperated. He untied all but the last of the mooring lines just as Sandy boarded the boat, laden with an ice chest and a plastic bag full of food.

Mia looked out the back windows just in time to see the sail boat pull away from the dock. She shrugged and went about her job.


While Sandy steered, John hoisted the mainsail. He cut off the auxiliary engine and trimmed the sail. Then he hoisted the jib. There was a nice breeze blowing and the sailboat skimmed along at a good clip. John took the helm and Sandy went forward, standing by the mast, enjoying the near silent rush of water as the boat sped north.

John had to wonder what she was thinking. She’d been teasing him all morning and then pulling back. It was starting to drive him crazy, but of course that’s what she had wanted to do. After ten minutes she came aft and sat next to John.

“You want a beer, Captain?”

“Sure honey, I’m really thirsty.”

She pulled out a beer, opened it and handed it to him. Then she settled down and put her head on his shoulders. He wrapped an arm around her and hugged her. She ran her fingers through the soft wooly hair covering his chest. ‘God damn,’ he thought, ‘this is going to be a great weekend! Take it slow, don’t rush her. Take your time and don’t scare her off.’

She looked up into his eyes and asked, “Do you know where Mermaid Cove is?”

He answered her by leaning over and giving her a passionate kiss, driving his tongue between her sultry lips. Hell yes he knew where Mermaid Cove was! His free hand went immediately to her young firm breast. Sandy moaned out loud and thrust her tongue back at his tongue. They kissed for several minutes, his hands wandering freely over her nubile body. The boat fell off course and the mainsail began to luff, the flapping noise drawing John’s attention. He broke off the kiss for just long enough to alter his course for Carlisle Point, and once on course with the sails trimmed, he tied off the rudder to hold that course.

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