A Southern Love

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Callie Eagen washed the floor of the empty Diner with bone weary hands. She had just worked the long open to close shift and was dead on her feet. Thank God there were no chairs to lift onto tables she thought as she made her way toward the back room with the sodden mop. Swish, swish, swish the rhythmic motion was almost soothing after such a long day.

Even tired she was a beautiful creature to behold. Her Daddy called her his ‘fallen angel’. Her long curly blond hair brushed the top of her bum. She was not very tall 5’5, maybe 110 pounds soaking wet. Her lovely deep blue eyes looked almost purple. They were highlighted by dark long lashes. She had full sweet lips that made men think dirty thoughts about her. It didn’t help that she had a body that never quit. She was skinny without being too thin. Full breasts, tiny waist and curvy hips. She was stunning in deed.

Taking a break to stretch her back she watched as a set of headlights pulled into the parking lot. Music was blasting out of the truck so loud that she could hear it inside the small roadside establishment. It looked just like an old Airstream trailer with windows, only battered now with age. Billy-Bob Eagen, Callie’s father, flashed his headlights at her to let her know he was there to get her. Oh great she thought. CJ’s with daddy, they are probably drunk or high, or both!

A trendill of fear rose in her. Her daddy was a dangerous man and especially when under the influence. If he and his best friend Colton James (CJ) had been hanging out, there could be trouble. They usually got up to no good together.

Callie put the mop and bucket away in the back room before slipping out the ugly brown door next to it. The diners back entrance was disgusting enough to put you off eating there if you got looking around. The big garbage receptical smelled putrid, adding to the run down feel of the place. She locked up and headed to the truck.

CJ saw her as she approached and got out to let her in. That drew daddy’s attention to her. “Evening Cal” CJ said as he found any excuse to touch her. She shrunk away as his arm grazed her elbow. Scrambling into the truck Callie felt ill at ease. Lately CJ always had a hard on and smelled like dirty underwear. He stared too long at Callie and was always trying to touch her. Something was up with these two, she could feel it.

Daddy had a mean look tonight. He scowled at Callie’s uniform. The diners dresses were pink with white collars and pockets. White aprons finished the look. Her Daddy objected to how tight and short they were. Callie’s full breasts threatened to spill out the top and the skirt just covered her. It was Big Al’s way of drumming up business.

Daddy’s greeting was gruff as he spun out of the parking lot. Callie noticed that he never asked her how her shift went. He simply didn’t care. Daddy always told her that as long as she was at work or in school he didn’t have to worry about what she was up to. Now that she was done school he made her work at the diner full time. He wouldn’t let her go to college. He kept her on a real tight leash.

She was surprised he let her keep her pay and her tips. She was grateful though cause she was saving to get away from him. It wasn’t easy. Daddy was real tight fisted with money. He provided everything Callie needed and nothing more. If she just wanted something she had to get it herself.

The police scanner under his seat went off as they turned for home. Daddy sped the whole way assured that the local ‘pigs’ were busy over at Ruby Weston’s. She and Grey, her husband, were at it again. A fight broke out at their place at least twice a week.

The men rolled their windows down and cracked a beer each as they raced home. They hooted and hollered out the windows the whole way. Despite the warm June weather Callie was cold. Music pounded into her ears until her head hurt. Her heart was in her throat the whole way. Her Daddy was an authentic bad ass redneck. No respect for others, the law or women… In that order.

Mamma was the only real exception Daddy had ever made. He tried real hard to clean up when she was alive. Della Eagen had been Daddy’s walking fantasy. She had real dark hair, pale white skin kissed with pink, and full red lips. Her dark grey almond shaped eyes had thick lashes that always looked made up. Large high breasts and full hips. Long, long legs and a small waist. Billy-Bob had worshiped her.

She’d been gone three years now and it seemed Daddy got harder and more depraved each year. He was making moonshine and she couldn’t be sure but Callie suspected that he and CJ were cookin too. Not at their trailer but somewhere deep in the bush.

They arrived home in a cloud of dust. Daddy and CJ were laughing like a pair of idiots as Daddy threw the trailer door wide open. The two men fell in the door in high spirits. “Get us another beer Cal” He said as they headed to the back to ‘smoke’. Callie walked into the tiny kitchen and retrieved two beers from the fridge. Opening both she walked back through the small trailer to the side almanbahis door. She stopped as she heard Daddy’s voice.

“You’ll keep your hands off her till you get married. You touch her before then and I’ll pound your ass.”

Her Daddy had CJ by the throat. His face was inches from his best friends.

“Alright! Alright! I don’t get why you want me to marry her anyways Billy-Bob. I really don’t. Not that I mind but she’s half my age for fucks sakes!”

Her Daddy growled and lowered his voice. “Listen up you stupid fuck. She turned 18 this month. She gets her inheritance and I want that god damn money.”

His face screwed up and anger made his eyes look like the devil.

“That money should have been mine when Della died. That bitch mother-in-law of mines crazy clause cut me out of my wife’s money, leaving everything to Callie.”

Callie was shocked! She had money from Mamma?! This was the first she’d ever heard of it.

Callie knew her Daddy loved her somewhere in his being. Though he was a harsh disciplinarian he had never really hurt her, he was protective and though they were never close he did do the odd thing with her. He’d taught her to shoot a gun, hunt, fish… He even showed her how to fix things on the cars around. But, to hear him now? Callie could hear nothing but hate and contempt in his voice. Her eyes grew wide at his next words.

“You WILL marry that little bitch in two days time. I control you so I control my fucking money. GOT IT!”

He shoved CJ clear off the porch. She had never liked or trusted CJ ever in her recollection but she kinda felt sorry for him now.

“I’ve already got the licence. All you gotta do is show up.”

CJ seemed pretty shook up as he sat down in the lawn chair. He ran his hand over his buzzed head.

“Okay, okay! Jeez Billy-Bob. You don’t gotta be an ass about it” he whined.

“Just fucking be there.”

Callie felt frozen inside. Her Daddy was marrying her off to CJ for money! She couldn’t stand the idea. It repulsed her deeply. Not only was CJ a pretty bad guy, he really was a lot older than her. Her Daddy was 48 and CJ was only a few months younger. Where Daddy was still real good looking for his age CJ wasn’t holding up so well. He wasn’t ugly but there wasn’t anything to recommend him either.

Bile rose in her throat at the thought of being touched by him.

Callie jumped when her Dad yelled for her. She rushed out with the two beers. She set CJ’s down on the little table beside him without looking at him.

She was careful to bend at the knees and not the waist. Last time she bent over in front of her Daddy in her uniform he had spanked her bare ass till it hurt to sit! Daddy had spanked her a few times over the years and always on her bare ass. She was a beautiful girl and her Daddy wouldn’t tolerate no slut.

She turned and handed her Dad his beer. She could feel CJ’s eyes traveling the length of her body. It creeped her out and made her skin crawl.

“Daddy? Can I have permission to order a pizza? I am really tired tonight, it would be a real treat not to have to cook.”

Her eyes implored him as she spoke. He eyed her with barely concealed animosity, still riled from his confrontation with CJ. Callie watched as the monster in him ebbed away and her ‘Daddy’ came back.

“Ya go ahead. Get plenty of meat on it.” He shouted the last part as the screen door slammed. Callie was already inside.

First things first she thought. Callie called for the pizza. The guy on the phone said it would be 55 minutes. Looking at her watch she noted the that it was 10pm. Not much time. She hurried to the back door on her way to her room and called out to her dad.

“pizza in 55 minutes Dad.”

She didn’t wait for his answer. She rushed to her room and ripped her uniform off. She threw on jeans and a t-shirt. Callie pulled her hiking bag out from under her bed and stuffed it full. Grabbing her passport, State I.D. and legal papers she zipped them carefully into the front of her bag. Then she snuck out the front and rushed into the woods. As quickly as possible she took the path to the Old Fort. Leaving her bag there she ran back as fast as her legs could carry her. She was standing serenely when her Dad came looking for her.

“What the fuck are you doing out here?” Daddy growled.

Callie jumped and spun around.

“J…just waiting for the pizza Daddy.”

“The pizza guy can knock like everyone else. Get in here and get us some beers” he growled menacingly. She rushed to do his biding.

Callie waited a few more minutes. She had to time this right…10:30



“Can I run into town quick?”

“What the fuck for?”

Callie’s heart was beating real real fast.

“I just started… I need girly stuff. Besides, your almost out of beers. I could get myself a pop too.”

Daddy looked at CJ.

“I’ll take you after the pizza comes.”

Callie took a fortifying breath. She wasn’t used to defying her dad.

“There won’t be almanbahis yeni giriş time Daddy. If I don’t go now the beer store will close.”

Callie waited with baited breath. Daddy reached into his pocket and threw her his keys.

“Hurry up.”

She was shaking as she started her Daddy’s beat up truck. She backed out of the drive and careful not to floor it, she drove toward town. At the stop sign she put it in park. Slipping down from the wheel she headed into the bushes. She came back to the truck a few minutes later with her bag. Throwing it into the flat bed she hopped in and drove off.

Her fingers shook so bad she could hardly dial her cell. She started crying as soon as she heard her best friends voice on the other end of the phone.

“Ginger can you meet me at Big Al’s? It’s urgent.”

Callie pulled into the empty lot at the Diner. Ginger was already there waiting in her ‘little old hand me down’ pick up. Callie hid her Daddy’s keys under the seat. She slammed the door and grabbed her bag from the back. Rushing to Gingers passenger side she yanked the door open.

“Hurry Ginger!! I gotta get to the bus station! Hopefully by the time Daddy figures out I’m not coming back, finds his truck and realizes he can’t find me… I’ll be with Grandma in Atlanta.” The two girls drove off into the night.

“Fairview Georgia to Atlanta- $56.90”

Callie stood outside of her Grandmothers. The massive house looked frightening and intimidating in the dark. The crisp night air was nipping at her skin. For a June night it was freezing. Callie felt like the night air matched her hurting insides.

She watched as Grandma turned on her porch light. She wasn’t expecting anyone at all for a visit, especially at 4am. Suddenly Callie was grateful the taxi driver had agreed to wait and make sure someone answered the door before leaving her there. The door flew open and Callie was enveloped in a surprisingly strong pair of elderly arms.

Callie cried into her Grandmothers ample bosom. Her tears fell hot and fast. Grandma had a surprisingly beautiful and youthful face and it was etched in concern as she understood the gist of her sweet granddaughters broken heart. Ushering her inside the warm house, grandma was met by her life long servant. Quiet orders were issued. He rustled away to make hot chocolate and prepare a room for Callie.

As Callie explained her situation it occurred to her that, while this was not the first place her father would look, it was pretty high up the list. She knew she couldn’t stay more than a day or two at most. She was loath to tell her.

Grandmother was a grand ol’ southern belle. A beautiful, graceful old lady that remembered a simpler time of sweet balls and gentleman a plenty. She never could deal with crazy rednecks like Callie’s dad.

Della, Callie’s mom had been an only child and stunning debutante. A diamond of the first water. How she met and fell for Callie’s bad boy redneck Daddy, Callie never knew. But the dark haired, grey eyed beauty had stole Billy-Bobs heart and shattered her parents.

It had always pained her Grandmother to see Callie’s fair beauty because she was an Eagen through and through. There was no resemblance to the Grantham side of the family at all. They were all tall and dark haired. But oh how she loved her only grandchild! Hot chocolate sipped and tucked up in bed, Callie slept.

Morning brought a visit from the family lawyer, Fenton James Drummond, of Drummond and Drummond law firm. The lawyer sat with Callie and her Grandmother for several hours explaining the will, inheritance, and estate. Finally she understood her daddy’s greed.

Callie’s parents had eloped. Without a prenuptial agreement Billy-Bob would get anything Della got so Carl and Morgana Grantham changed their wills.

Mamma had been worth $250,000.00 when her papa had died. It was tied up in trusts that didn’t allow her to access the money so long as she remained married to Daddy. She died of an aneurism before anything could be done about it. In the event of Mammas death, Callie would inherit the money on her 18 birthday. She was only 15 when Mamma died so all this was explained to Daddy as her guardian. Now that she was of age she could access her inheritance. The papers were all ready to sign if Callie would be ready to do so. She spent the next few minutes doing just that.

Mr Drummond gently took Callie’s hand and explained that when her Grandmother passed Callie would inherit her entire estate too as her only living relative. It was valued at 3.2 million in house, cash, investments and overall assets. This would all go to Daddy if anything happened to Callie. She was to carefully consider that. Grandma lifted fearful eyes to Callie’s. She knew and understood Daddy’s hate and greed.

Callie was in the bath the next day when she got the call. She feared it was Daddy. He had already called several times. She didn’t put it passed him to call on a blocked number.

She had considered getting a new phone while she was out doing her banking. almanbahis giriş Callie’s new account held $286,000.00 in it with the interest incurred over the three years since her Mamma died. Considering all her circumstances Callie thought she had better take care of a new cell as quickly as possible.

Her heart was thumping wildly as she answered.


“Cal? Is that you?”

“Stacy? Oh my god!”

Callie sat straight up in the bath, water dripping down her supple body unnoticed. Her nipples hardened as the cold air kissed her steaming skin. Callie knew instantly that something was very wrong. Concern filled her voice as it shook. Stacy was still silent.

“Stacy what’s wrong?”

“I can’t explain over the phone. Please come now if you can get away Callie. It’s life or death!”

Callie rushed around packing for the second time in three days. Grandma was upset that Callie was leaving but she knew that she was very close with her only female cousin.

Though the Eagen’s were a large family, Billy-Bobs younger brother Luke had also only had one child, Stacy. She had blond hair and blue eyes like Callie as they both favoured the distinctive Eagen look. Callie was an Eagen in every way but her build. In that she took after her mother, except in height. Mamma was real tall. Like Callie, Stacy had gotten her body from her mother. Tall, thin and small breasted.

All 6 Eagen brothers were fair with dark blue eyes and rugged good looks. Just like their Daddy before them. Many of Stacy and Callie’s cousins were fair haired and blue eyed too. They were all boys and they all had the Eagen build.

Callie and Stacy had grown up together as the family was close though Stacy had left home two years before with very little, if any contact since. Callie was desperate to get to her.

As she arrived downstairs to say her goodbyes Callie pondered the best method of travel. She could take the bus, she could fly, she could take the train…

“You could drive Miss” Dougie said. “Ol Mrs Grantham still has your Mommas bright yellow jeep. It’s been well maintained and is still insured.”

Her Grandmother smiled as she came into the room with the keys.

“I’ve already thought of it Dougie!”

She turned to her darling granddaughter, tears gathering in her eyes.

“I’m a silly old woman” she said as she gathered young Callie to her. She revelled in this hug. She was getting old and wouldn’t be around forever. She pressed the keys into Callie’s hand.

“Now, you drive careful. I called the lawyer back and told him I was giving you the jeep early. I also called and added you to my insurance. It’s probably better your not here when your Daddy comes looking anyway. You keep in touch and be safe. Come back to me real fast you hear?”

Callie hugged her Grandma real close. Then she picked up her bag and left.

Stacy was in Louisiana. Callie dug out a map from the glove box. She located the vehicle registration and insurance card. She took a minute to plan her route. It looked like a seven maybe eight hour drive. Callie waved to her Grandma and drove off into the brilliant afternoon sun.

Callie drove down the interstate listening to John Mayer real loud. A strong feeling of freedom came over her. She felt light and happy for the first time since Mamma died. She was still worried sick about Stacy but she was out on the open road on her way. “Hold on Stacy… I’m coming.”

Callie drove all during the day taking breaks as needed. She pulled over and slept in a Motel that night along the way. She ran into her first spot of trouble leaving Alabama.

It was early morning and the sun was just struggling to rise. Callie left the motel and drove the short distance to the Gas station. She had just finished filling up when a couple of yahoos drove up in a rusty old pick up.

“Well well Dusty… What do we have here?” asked the huge punk rocker.

“A mighty fine young peace of ass it looks like to me” answered his skinhead buddy.

Callie knew she was in deep trouble when they left the truck running and headed directly for her. The massive punk rocker grabbed her and lifted her right off her feet. She screamed. He put his hand over her mouth and threw her in the back of his pick up. His buddy started to undo his pants as he approached the truck.

The punk rocker held her pinned by her throat. She couldn’t get away or draw enough breath to scream. It was an effective way to subdue her. His other hand ripped her shirt open. Callie wasn’t wearing a bra. The chill of the morning air made her nipples harden and gave her goose bumps. “Check this slut out! She’s not ever wearing a bra!” He bent and sucked her nipple hard then did the same to her other one.

He reached into the crotch of her baggy gym shorts. Grabbed her lacy thong he yanked it hard tearing the fragile material. With no other real barrier to stop his hand, he parted her folds and pinched her clit real hard making Callie whimper in pain. He pulled her shorts down.

Callie had never been so frightened in her life! One of the benifits of being Billy-Bob Eagens daughter was that she could come and go as she pleased without being bothered by anyone. The entire community knew who Daddy was and feared him.

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