A Strange Beginning

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Alex walked into the bar thinking ‘Great another night of drinking and debauchery – fun – Not!’ Hey he was as red blooded as the next guy and usually he loved pissing up with his mates, but tonight he really wasn’t in the mood. It was still early and therefore quiet, not too many people about. He knew that in a couple of hours that would change and the place would be crawling with people.

He went to the bar to get a drink and maybe take the edge off his bad mood. His mates were checking out the ‘talent’, discussing in crude detail the pros and cons of each. It made him slightly nauseous, particularly Derrick. Derrick wasn’t part of their usual group, he was a science geek, he worked in the lab and almost never came out for after work drinks. The way that guy talked about women gave Alex the creeps.

Alex had a good relationship with his mother and sister and when he was out he often wondered how he’d feel if someone was treating his sister that way. It made him treat women with a lot more respect than the average guy. That didn’t mean he didn’t like to have fun.

He tried to distract himself from their conversation by looking around and that’s when he saw her. Well the back of her. She had shoulder length auburn hair; she was wearing a flowy blue dress that didn’t quite hide her generous curves. She wasn’t fashionably thin like all the other women around, besides he never liked that look, starving yourself for some ideal was a turn off for him. He hoped the front of her was just as good as the front but he didn’t get to find out because she moved away and he got distracted by one of his mates. ‘Damn I’m really going to have to meet her.’ he thought before joining in the conversation again.

Alex was driving tonight so he didn’t get another drink when all the other guys were on their third or fourth. He was content to just people watch while the others drank or tried to get themselves laid. Derrick caught his attention.

He was moving along the bar, not talking to anyone in particular, he came to a stop next to the girl he’d seen earlier. She didn’t appear to notice him as she was half turned the other way. From where Alex was standing he thought he saw Derrick wave his hand over her glass and then move away. It was really quick and he thought he may have imagined it. He stood there stunned, was Derrick the kind of guy to slip a girl a ‘Rufie” – yes definitely. ‘Damn, shit, fuck!’ Alex swore in his head.

He had to find out what happened, the girl might be in danger. Lucky there were still not too many people in the place and Alex could see Derrick heading to the men’s room.

Moving quickly he followed him. He checked the stalls and made sure they were alone. When Derrick finished he walked out to find Alex standing there.

“Hey buddy, how ya doing?” he drawled as he washed his hands.

“What did you give her?” Alex said in a very low voice.

“Oh you saw that? Nothing bad, just one of my little inventions.” Derrick smirked. He wasn’t even denying it; the jerk. Alex could feel his anger rising, he had to find out, she might need a hospital.

“What. Was. It.” Alex said through clenched teeth.

“Oh I put together this compound. It’s a mix of several things; I had to work out the quantities to get them right. But yeah, generally it makes women really horny, like really. They cum without even touching them and they can’t control it, they just want to fuck. They try to stop it, but it causes them pain if they do. So you can fuck them all night and even if they don’t want to they can’t help themselves.” Derrick said in a rush proud of his achievement.

“You’ve done this before?” Alex asked incredulously.

“Yeah a couple of times, had to experiment you see. And the best part is they can’t claim rape ‘cos who’s gunna believe them if they’re so into it.” he said and laughed. Derrick didn’t expect or see Alex’s fist coming straight for his face but boy did he feel it.

“You bastard!” Alex growled. Normally he wasn’t a violent guy, this just pushed his buttons. He went through Derrick’s pockets as he was lying squirming on the floor clutching his broken nose and found a small bag with two pills in it. He quickly flushed them down the toilet and went back to Derrick who was now looking at him with fear.

“How long does it last and is it dangerous?” Alex asked.

“Aaaabout tw-twelve hours and no lasting s-side effects.” Derrick stammered. Alex grabbed Derrick’s left hand, took two of his fingers pulled, twisted and crushed until he heard several satisfying cracks. Derrick screamed.

Alex let him go and said “If you do this again, I will find you and break every other bone in your body, one at a time. Do you understand me?”. He didn’t yell or scream, it was said in a quiet but firm voice. This scared Derrick more than anything else and he nodded furiously. Alex walked out, he had to find that girl and let her know what was happening, and make sure she was ok.

Carissa was starting to almanbahis adres feel funny. She hadn’t had much to drink, in fact she was still on her first one as she chatted and laughed with her friends. She sighed at she looked at them. Sometimes she got so envious of her friends’ tall and thin bodies. The kind that could wear anything and look fabulous. She cursed her Mediterranean genes that made her short and curvy. Curvy was kind, she often used harsher words for herself but she was feeling good about herself tonight because she finally found a dress she actually thought she looked good in.

The odd feeling continued as she took another sip of her drink. She was feeling warm all over, but that could just be the alcohol. She was also starting to feel tingling in her nipples. ‘Oh my God, I think I’m horny.’ she thought and giggled. The warmth started to spread to her belly and she started to become concerned. It wasn’t as if she was thinking about sex or anything. Carissa asked for some water at the bar to try and cool down. It was like she couldn’t control her own body.

Alex spotted her at the bar. Now that he could see her she took his breath away. She had beautiful almond shaped eyes that were so dark brown they were almost black. Smooth olive skin and full pouty lips. Not to mention the full breasts and tiny waist. He made his way to her as he considered how he was going to do this. How do you go up to a girl and tell her she’s been drugged with some super sex drug. Alex thought he should start with ‘hello’.

Carissa noticed a tall incredibly sexy guy with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes walking her way. She went to get her friend’s attention thinking he wanted one of them, no-one looking like that had ever wanted her.

“Hi” Alex said. Carissa nearly choked on the water she was drinking, he was talking to her.

“Hi” she said back shyly. “Um can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked. This was a very weird pick up line or he wanted to ask her about one of her friends. She normally didn’t get annoyed she was use to guys passing her over but right now she was really, really aroused and all she wanted to do was jump on this guy.

“Which one?’ she asked impatiently.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“Which one of them do you want me to introduce you to?” she said motioning her head to the group over her shoulder.

“None. I wanted to talk to you. It’s important.” he said. Carissa looked at him strangely. “I don’t know how to tell you this but you’ve been drugged.” he said.

“Is this some sort of weird joke?” Carissa laughed but she felt pressure building up in her body.

“No joke, this guy slipped you something and it’s going to have some strange effects. I just want to make sure you are safe.” he explained. Carissa was looking at the broad expanse of his chest and the muscles of his arms all perfectly shown off in the tight t-shirt he was wearing.

All of a sudden she was breathing heavy, she grabbed the bar for support and then she felt waves of pleasure roll over her. She was grateful for tight grip on the bar because she felt her knees go weak. ‘Oh my God I just had an orgasm just standing here, what the hell is going on’ she thought. She opened her eyes to find the guy looking at her with concern. She was so embarrassed.

“Oh crap its starting isn’t it?” he asked.

“What the hell is going on?” she asked.

“The drug, it’s designed to make you want to um have sex all the time, it lowers inhibitions and you can’t control your body. He was planing on taking advantage of you.” he said uncomfortably. Carissa felt her body becoming warm again. She looked at him with panic in her eyes. Without knowing if he was doing the right thing he put his arm around her and escorted her out and to his car.

Once he’d settled her in the car he didn’t know where to take her, he didn’t know her address.

“Do you want me to take you to the police or the hospital?” he asked. Carissa couldn’t think straight it was too much.

“No – how the hell do I explain this?” she answered.

“Where do you live then?” he asked. She couldn’t go home, her flat mates were all home and would ask a million questions. She shook her head. Alex couldn’t think of anything else

“My place then?’ he asked gently.

“It’s too much to ask, you’ve been so kind already” she said embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it, as long as you’re ok.” He said. Carissa could feel the pressure building again and she panicked. She didn’t want to cum in this guy’s car so she tried hard to stop it. Carissa gasped in pain. Alex glanced over at her and saw the pain across her features and he realized she was trying to prevent herself.

“Damn, don’t try and stop it, it’ll make it worse. He said it would be painful, just let it happen.” he said concerned. Carissa couldn’t take the pain so she slipped a hand under her dress and stroked herself through her underwear. Alex could hear soft moans almanbahis adresi and whimpers it was so incredibly sexy. He also noticed the smooth expanse of her thigh as she had pushed her dress up to play with herself. He felt himself getting hard. ‘You are a right royal bastard getting off on this girls’ situation.’ he thought as he gripped the steering wheel harder as he heard her groan as she came.

“Oh my God” she whimpered and started crying. “I’m so sorry” she said through her tears. Her distress pulled at something inside him.

“None of this is your fault. It’s that arsehole’s. I should have killed him.” Alex said angrily.

“You know him?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah unfortunately, but don’t worry he wont be doing this anymore.” he said.

“Huh?” she asked.

“I kinda broke his nose and a couple of fingers. Oh I may have also threatened him with grievous bodily harm if he did it again.” Alex admitted and shrugged sheepishly. Carissa was in awe of this man that went to such extremes to look after someone he didn’t even know.

They drove in silence for a while before Carissa said “Um since I’m going to be having orgasms around you left, right and centre shouldn’t I know your name?”.

He laughed, “Alex, and yours?”.

“Carissa” she said. He was glad she was starting to relax a little. They arrived and he guided her up to his apartment. She liked the clean lined simplicity of it. She went to sit of the couch but stopped. “Um you think I could have a couple of towels, I wouldn’t want to make a mess of your couch.” she said as she blushed. Alex ran to get her the towels and she spread them on the seat before sitting. Before she could even get settled it had started again.

Alex looked at her trying to discreetly put her hand between he legs and stroke herself. Within a couple of minutes she had leg up against the couch and her head thrown back. Alex was trying to not stare at her but she was so desirable like this. Again he felt himself getting hard when she moaned through her orgasm. As soon as she opened her eyes he almost bolted out of the room. In his bed room he paced up and down a couple of times trying to will his erection down, the whole time berating himself for being a creep. As soon as he went back in she looked at him oddly but didn’t comment on his swift exit.

“Um I feel like an idiot but I don’t want to ruin this dress. Would you have anything for me to wear?’ she asked shyly.

“I’ll see what I can scrounge up.” he said. Less than a minute later he was back with one of his t-shirts.

“The bathroom is over there.” he pointed as he handed it to her. Carissa changed quickly and decided to remove her panties. They were soaked through anyway so there was no point. The t-shirt came almost down to her knees so it was comfortable and modest enough.

Alex sat next to her and they chatted for a while. The usual: friends, work, music. They found they had many things in common. Carissa was having such a nice time talking with him that she was trying to stop the next onslaught. The pain made her gasp.

“Hey now” he said “don’t go trying to stop this, you’ll hurt yourself.”. Alex put his arms around her and held her back against his chest as her fingers found their way to her pussy once more. He groaned inwardly when he realized she wasn’t wearing underwear, and now that he was this close he could smell her. A hint of jasmine and the muskiness of her dripping juices.

He held her tighter to prevent his hands from straying. All he wanted to do was cup the heaving breasts that were within his reach and play with the hardened nipples he could see straining against the material of the t-shirt. By the time she came he was so hard it was almost painful. Once she calmed down he excused himself and headed for the bathroom. Splashing cold water on his face he wondered if he could take this all night. When he returned she asked

“How much more of this?”

“About twelve hours.” he replied. He could tell she was close to tears again so he held her hand and decided to change the subject.

“Ok not bullshit, no lies – at the bar why did you think I wanted to be introduced to one of your friends?” he asked. Carissa laughed at his expression, and considering the situation there was no point lying.

“Well it happens a fair bit. You see some guys think that if they get me to introduce them they appear more appealing or something.” she answered.

“And what no guys come up to you to pick you up?” he asked incredulously. Carissa shook her head without looking at him. “You have to be kidding me. That just isn’t possible.” he said. He couldn’t believe that such a beautiful woman didn’t have men falling at her feet. Carissa figured he was just being nice and by now she was comfortable around him.

“I thought it was a little weird when you came up ‘cos guys like you usually don’t bother with the middle man. Besides you are so way out of my league.” she blurted out. Blushing almanbahis adres bright red she couldn’t even look at him, she was completely shocked that she’d said that out loud. Alex couldn’t believe that she thought so little of herself and was about to say something when she said “Ok quid pro quo – no bullshit, no lies – after I, um, you know, how come you bolt out of the room?”. Alex rubbed a hand over his face, he didn’t want to lie to her but how could he explain.

“Look after everything you’ve been through I don’t want you to think I’m a pervert or something. It’s just that you look so hot when you’re, well and I just need some time to compose myself.” he said. Carissa was looking at him weirdly. ‘Crap I’ve freaked her out’ he thought.

“I don’t get it.” she said quietly.

“Which part” he asked confused.

“The ‘compose yourself’ part.” she replied.

“I mean that watching you makes me excited and it needs a moment to calm down.” he said pointedly looking at his crotch. Surely she couldn’t be that naïve. “I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.” he said looking into her eyes, he could get lost in those eyes.

“No, not offended, just surprised.” she said.

“Why, surely you have guys wanting you, boyfriends and such.” he asked curiously.

“No. Not like that. I’ve never … well this is as close as I’ve ever …” she couldn’t finish the thought. Alex felt the wheels turning in his head. She was twenty-six, gorgeous and had never had sex.

“You mean you’re a virgin? I knew that I should have killed him.” Alex spat out his whole body tensing. Not only would Derrick have taken advantage of her but she was innocent to boot. There was no way to tell what kind of damage that may have done. He was kicking himself for not breaking all his fingers not just two.

“It’s ok, I’m safe now.” Carissa responded to his anger and chose to ignore his announcement.

“How is that even possible?” he asked when he had calmed down.

“Well, you know the usual way, no sex” Carissa tried to make light of her embarrassment.

“That’s not what I mean.” he smiled. “How on earth did someone as beautiful as you not have been worshiped by someone? I just don’t get it. You make me crazy and I have barely touched you.” Alex ranted and stopped short when realized what he said, he didn’t want to scare her. Carissa was somewhat flattered by his admissions and then she yawned. ‘Yes very sexy’ she thought.

“Oh you must be tired, come on lets get you to bed.” Carissa grabbed the towels and followed him into the bedroom. It was somewhat surreal that she was spending her first night with a guy and it was like this. Once she was tucked in, Alex went to leave.

“Don’t go.” she said so softly that he almost missed it. “I don’t want to be alone, is that ok?” she asked. Alex nodded; he slipped off his jeans and noticed her wide-eyed expression.

“Don’t be scared I would never…” he soothed.

‘And what if I wanted you to’ Carissa thought shocked by her boldness.

He slid in next to her as another wave hit. Carissa groaned as she spread her legs and started fingering herself. Without thinking she took his hand and placed it on her breast. Alex groaned, her hip was rubbing against his cock and now she was letting him touch her. He kneaded the soft flesh and ran his thumb over her hard nipple eliciting wonderful moans from her. He couldn’t help himself he tugged her t-shirt upwards and asked “Is this ok?” husky voice.

Carissa nodded absently, she was beyond caring at his point, she wanted him touching her and whatever else he wanted to do. Alex pushed the t-shirt up until her luscious mounds were exposed. Taking one nipple into his mouth he pinched and pulled at the other one with his fingers. Carissa was moaning loudly before she cried out in ecstasy as she came. “Oh my God!” she panted “That was so good. Thank-you”.

“No problem, glad to be of service.” he smiled. Carissa giggled and he groaned as her hip jiggled against him.

“What?” she asked concerned.

“Nothing, you’re just rubbing against me.” he said. She realized as she felt something hard against her hip.

“May I” she asked tentatively as she reached her hand between them. He stopped her.

“You don’t have to. I don’t want you feeling like you have to.” he said.

“I don’t feel like I have to, I want to.” she said breathlessly as she touched him gently. Alex groaned as her hand tested his length and width. He was enjoying her gentle touch when he felt the band of his boxers being lowered and her hand actually grip him gently. He was surprised at her confidence.

“What do I do?” she whispered shyly. Alex was astounded, moving slowly so as to give her plenty of opportunity to back out. He wrapped his hand around hers and showed her how to stroke him. She started to do so enthusiastically. She threw the sheets back so she could watch and she was fascinated by her hand moving up and down his length, she couldn’t even get her whole hand around him. A small amount of liquid appeared at the top; she ran her fingers along it and then brought them to her lips. The taste wasn’t bad and she heard Alex groan as he watched her. That sound had her tingling all over.

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