A Surprise for Mark Ch. 2

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As soon as we got to the bedroom I laid back on the bed and looked into Mark’s eyes. “You’re dying to lick it aren’t you?” He grinned back at me “You know I am but your going to have to wait for a few minutes.” Mark moved onto the bed beside me and started kissing my rock hard nipples. Gently at first, he licked and sucked, making them harder and harder. My pussy was flowing and he still hadn’t touched me. “Eat me baby, I need your tongue on my clit.” I begged, He smiled and kept sucking my nipples, now applying more force as he drew the hard sensitive flesh into his mouth. As his mouth would work on one nipple his fingers were pinching and pulling on the other. Any harder and it would have hurt, any softer and it wouldn’t have been enough.

I was going crazy and my pussy needed attention now. I was loving the treatment that Mark was giving my tits so I moved my hand down to rub my clit, before I even got to my pierced navel, Mark grabbed my hand. “Not yet Annie” He pulled my hand back up beside me and kept up his assault on my nipples. As he sucked one into his mouth his tongue would flick at it, causing waves of pleasure to wash over me. Suddenly I felt my pussy start to flow as an orgasm took me by surprise. It wasn’t the big one I needed, but it brought a little relief to my dripping cunt, and believe me I needed it.

When I quit crying out I realized that Marks mouth was no longer on my nipples. He had moved down my flat stomach, kissing my navel ring, moving down to lower to where there had once been fine blonde hair. Finally I thought, my pussy is going to get licked like it needs. I opened my legs to give Mark the room he needed. I wanted him to stick his tongue inside of me, and then work his way to my swollen clit. He had other plans. He kissed his way down my crotch, on the side, driving me crazy because almanbahis adres it tickled, and moved to my inner thighs. I was about to tell him he missed his target when he moved to the other thigh and began kissing it, this time moving up towards my dripping cunt.

I knew the way Mark ate pussy and I expected him to plunge his tongue into my wet hole as far as he could now that he had finally reached the object of our desire. Again he proved me wrong. He kissed his way up my outer lips, never touching the more sensitive inner folds of my cunt. Ever so slowly, starting at the bottom of my slit he kissed and licked his way up, outlining my pussy, but never touching where I needed it most.

When he got to the top of my slit I could feel his hot breath on my clit, but only for a second as his mouth moved down the other side of my swollen lips. When he got to the bottom of my pussy lips he ever so gently slid his tongue between them and licked my inner lips. I almost came at that instant. He used his tongue to open my pussy and at last I felt his tongue sliding into my hot cunt, tasting the juices that were pouring from inside of me. Mark moved his tongue around my cunt, probing my depths as far as he could, then sliding his tongue back until it was almost not touching me, then slowly sliding it in again. I was moaning like crazy, not able to make any words, just sounds as my pussy was overcome with pleasure.

Marks tongue left my the inside of my wet cunt and he began kissing my inner lips ever so gently. He moved closer to my clit, kissing and sucking on my inner lips and moving toward my swollen clit. At last I felt his tongue flick over the swollen bud and I cried out. “Oh God yes baby suck my clit now.” He started to pull away from my clit and I grabbed his head and pulled it back to my clit. Mark knew that almanbahis adresi the time to tease was over and his tongue began to lick my clit. Up and down his head fighting to keep up with my bouncing hips. “ahhhhh, yes baby that’s so good, so good, so good.” I kept crying out. I was right on the edge of having a massive orgasm, I needed it and I wanted it, yet I just hung right at the edge of it. Marks tongue felt so good lapping at my clit and I knew that when I went over the edge it was going to be awesome, but something was holding me back. Marks tongue was working overtime on my clit flicking it from the top to the bottom, then from side to side. Just as I was starting to think I was never going to cum, Mark slid two fingers sharply into my cunt. That did it, “Ohhhhhhh fuck yes baby I’m cumming.” I cried as I pulled his face into my hot cunt. Mark sucked my clit into his mouth as I started cumming and held it there as my hips bounced against his face and his finger plunged in and out of my gushing cunt. I cam for what felt like hours, even if was only a minute at the most. Finally as I started to relax I pulled marks mouth off of my now to sensitive clit. As good as his lips felt, it was more than I could take right then. I didn’t think my pussy could handle any more pleasure, and I was sure my brain couldn’t, But Mark knew better, a I laid back against the pillows, eyes closed, he moved between my legs and I felt his hard cock moving up and down my slit. I looked down and saw his throbbing dick in his hand, rubbing my cunt. He looked me in the eyes, put the head of his cock against the entrance of my cunt and ever so slowly began to slid it in. As I looked down I could see if disappearing into my body, and I could fell my pussy stretching around it. Oh my god it felt so good. I hadn’t had a cock inside me sine he left almanbahis adres for basic two months earlier and I swear it felt like it was bigger around than when he left. At last he was all the way inside me, and then I surprised him. You see I had read several books on sex and they talked about exercises a woman could do to keep her pussy tight and drive her man crazy, and for the last two months I had been an exercising fool. I squeezed his cock with the muscles of my cunt and watched his eyes get big.

“Oh god where did you learn that” he said with a grin.

“I’ll tell you later, right now I want you to fuck me.” He smiled and pulled his cock out, again ever so slowly until just the head was in my cunt. Then he started forward, slowly. When abut an inch and a half was in he slammed the rest into my cunt.

“Oh yea” I moaned as his cock drove home. It felt deeper than it had ever been. Again he pulled out, quicker this time and then right back in. three or four times he rammed his cock into me, then went back too ever so slowly. Then hard and fast then slow.

“Oh baby fuck me ” I cried out. Mark reached down and pulled my legs up higher on his back. I crossed my ankles over his ass and started to pull him into me. He took the hint and began to fuck me hard. His cock was slamming in and out of my cunt like a piston and I was squeezing it with my pussy as hard as I could. I could feel it getting harder and knew I was about to be filled with his cum. My pussy juices were flowing out of me, I could feel them running out of my cunt and down between my legs soaking the sheets underneath us. Mark slammed into me one last time.

“I’m cumming” He cried, as I felt his hot seed splash inside of me. That sent me over the top.

“Ahhhhhh yes baby, fuck fuck fuck fuck me” I cried out, as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over my body and shot after shot of cum filled my pussy.

When we both came back to earth we went to sleep in each others arms, knowing that we were just getting started on our exploration of the pleasures of making love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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