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Hi all, Sanpeux back. It has been a long time, years in fact since I last posted. I have decided to do things differently, move away from mind control stories. But I also wanted to explore the characters of my previous story, so I then created this new series.

Hope you all enjoy!


Taylor walked along the rows of cages, each cage had a cat inside. Some were clawing at the cage door while others were more skittish and kept to the back. There were other cats that fell somewhere in the middle, moving about the cage, glancing at him as he walked past and then returning to what they were doing.

They are all so cute, Taylor thought. Cats were his favourite animal, he seemed to have such a deep love for them. Being in a room filled with cats meant he had a constant smile on his face, so much so that a few of the other students had noticed and commented.

However, right now there were no other students in the room. It seems like others couldn’t hang around cats as much as him. The Academy actually had an animal sanctuary, which was taken care of by a few dedicated staff members and volunteers from the student populace.

As Taylor walked along the rows of cages he heard shouting from outside, at first he had thought it was just the general buzz from the students but as he stepped closer to the exit he realised there was something strange about the shouting.

“Don’t place the boxes there, they need to go into their actual cupboards.”Yucera said, the lead supervisor sounding exasperated. “Take it off to the back room now.”

“But miss, it looks better here, perhaps we should leave it where it is.” said a male voice.

Taylor stopped in front of the exit, he didn’t recognise the male voice but in his short time here he knew Yucera’s voice well. The supervisor wasn’t really a teacher, just the person that ran the whole department. He couldn’t remember ever hearing her shout before, but her voice right now was close to that.

“No, I do not have time for this. Just take it to the back room, it will help when I have to sort it out later.”Yucera said. “I need to go to the supply room and pick up some feed, so please do that now.”

“We can do it later, right now I got a free period and I want to relax.” said the male voice again.

Taylor frowned, while the Sanctuary used volunteers heavily. Those volunteers would still have to sign on and work during the hours they had requested, so they couldn’t just come here and relax as the voice stated. Taylor pushed the door ajar, peering out into the hallway and finding Yucera standing with a group of students.

Taylor examined the situation, there were three male students and Yucera standing opposite them. The students were smiling at each other, as if in on some big joke. While Yucera stood with her hands on her hips. Between them all was a pile of boxes, small but numerous.

“Go and put them into the storage cupboards now.”Yucera said, a hint of steel in her voice.

Taylor leaned against the door frame watching the scene unfold, silence descending on the hallway. The students stared impassively at Yucera, their smiles had slowly disappeared off their faces. Yucera’s chest rose and fell with each passing breath.

“No we won’t,” said the middle student. He looked between his friends before turning to face Yucera.” This isn’t funny anymore, let’s go. I don’t want to spend my free time in this dump with some stupid animals anyway.”

“You can’t just leave, what about these boxes.” Yucera said.

“You can do it yourself.” said the boy. He turned away and walked down the hall, followed by his friends.

Taylor sighed, he didn’t like guys like that, bullies that thought they could get away with things. A woman had to be talked to with respect, even when trying to get into their pants and that was what those guys were hoping for. He saw the looks on their faces, they had been mentally undressing Yucera.

Yucera was a statuesque woman, almost as tall as him. She was a black, hair placed in a simple ponytail with purple highlights. She wore grey yoga pants and a tank red top. The clothing showed off her impressive body, from the tones calves to her prominent breasts. Overall she was a sexy woman, someone that he would like to fuck.

Taylor watched her stare at the retreating backs of the student, she continued to breath in deeply. She took a step forward, bending at the waist she picked up the small pile of boxes and stood back up. He felt his cock harden at the sight of her arse, even if it was for only a moment, it was enough.

Taylor continued to admire her arse until it disappeared behind a door, he blinked having now realised she had been walking away from him. Taylor glanced at the room behind him filled with cats, he could play around with the cats some more or check to see if Yucera needed any help. The sight of her arse flashed through his mind, how firm they looked through her yoga pants.

Let’s see if I can check her out some more before my next class. Taylor thought. casino şirketleri He had noticed a fair number of sexy teachers in the Academy but hadn’t included Yucera in that list, a harmless bit of fun couldn’t hurt.

He walked through the hallway, towards the storage room at the far side of the sanctuary complex. Not many students wandered these hallways, likely due to everyone focusing on feeding and playing with the animals rather then the actual storing of supplies. He found one of the supply room doors ajar, he stopped outside the door and he heard Yucera’s voices just before he was going to knock on the door.

“Come on you can do it.”Yucera said.”Just do it, don’t take what they say to heart.”

Taylor frowned, lowering his hand and stepping closer to the door. He wondered who Yucera was talking to, this place had been deserted when he walked through. He looked through the opening, finding Yucera pacing back and forth in the middle of the room.

She is talking to herself, Taylor thought. He raised an eyebrow as he watched her pace, she hadn’t appeared to have noticed him yet. Which gave him time to check her out some more, he really did want to fuck her.

“Come on, you can do it. It is just some kids, don’t let them get under your skin.”Yucera said, brushing a hand through her hair.

She is giving herself a pep talk, Taylor thought. He had seen her getting angry but hadn’t realised that her confidence had been knocked. There was a frown on her face, a light sheen of sweat was on her forehead.

“Ignore them and get on with work, I don’t need to deal with this.”Yucera said, her voice hitching as she spoke.

Taylor frowned, his heart went out to her. Students could get very annoying, especially at his age range. He just wanted to walk in there and give her a big hug, but looking at her figure he also wanted to stick his cock inside her as well.

Gotta get myself under control. Taylor thought. He placed a hand on his crotch, massaging his hardened cock through the fabric. It might be best to give her some space, he didn’t think he wanted to get her even more worked up.

He turned away from the door and walked back through the hallway. He imagine all the things he wanted to do to her, from giving her a hug to pounding her arse.

So much to do, yet so little time. Taylor thought, walking out of the sanctuary complex.


Taylor walked along the pathway to the Sanctuary, happy that his day was over. He would now spend an hour or two checking out the animals, cats mostly and then head home.

He walked through the front door of the Sanctuary, nodding at the receptionist and then walking into the back office. He had really lucked out in choosing this Academy, he had been here for almost two months now and he knew he would finish his studying here. All the money he put into enrolling had appeared to pay off, having bought a extra place in an already crowded Academy.

Such is life for a millionaire, Taylor thought. He neared the equipment room, noticing the door was ajar. He stopped in front of it, glancing back down the hall he had come through and then at the open door.

“I thought there was a closed door policy here.” Taylor murmured, he narrowed his eyes when he heard sounds coming from inside. Taylor edged closer to the door, peering through the opening.

With the little amount of light in the room he found Yucera’s silhouette sitting down on a bench, her head in her hands.

Taylor frowned, examining the rest of the room and finding no one else inside.

She is crying, Taylor thought. He remembered the other day when he had followed her, he had given her some space then and not interfered. But had something else happened today, something to set her off.

Taylor glanced back down the hallway and found it empty. Maybe this happened regularly, and everyone else knew but didn’t help. He wasn’t most people though, maybe he could provide her some comfort.

He pushed open the door, the small amount of sound it made didn’t alert Yucera. She continued to cry into her hands, as he stepped into the room he was able to make out her words.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid, Don’t let them get to you, you can do this.”Yucera mumbled.

Taylor examined her form, she wore yoga pants that finished at the knee and a loose red tank top. He could just make out the fabric of her sports bra in the dim light, and the curvature of her large breasts.

Her breath hitched every few seconds as she cried, Taylor felt awkward at having stumbled upon her. But he was a gentlemen, at very least he could see if there was anyway to help her.

“Ms I heard you crying, are you fine?” Taylor said, keeping his voice low. Yucera sprang up to her feet, evening in the little light he could see the tears streaming down her face.

“What, have you come back to irritate me some more.”Yucera said, trying to wipe away the tears from her face.

“What,” Taylor said. He then paused trying to gather his thoughts, placing his hands casino firmaları by his hips as a placating gesture.”My name is Taylor, I am new here. I heard you crying so I came in, has something happened.”

“Taylor, oh I am sorry. I am not in the best mood right now, stuff has happened.”Yucera said, brushing a hand through her long hair.” Erm, is there anything you need or could you just leave.”

“Well, I want to know if you need help. Was it those kids from the other day, that did want to take the boxes.”Taylor said, for a moment she stood stock still and then nodded.”Well I want to say I am here for you, those guys are just nuisances.”

“Thank you for that, it means a lot. But right now there is nothing you can do, please can I have a moment or two alone.”Yucera said, turning away from him.

Taylor stood there for a moment, glancing back at the open door and then to Yucera’s form. He took a deep breath, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around Yucera in a light hug.

“What are you doing,”Yucera said. Her body freezing in his embrace, she turned her head to look at him.

“I think right now you need to forget about them, and that you really need a hug right now.”Taylor said, his mouth was almost touching the back of her neck.

“Thank you, that does feel nice.”Yucera said, he felt a shiver run through her body before she leaned back against him. Taylor tightened his grip, his arm pressed her large breasts.”Ah, that feels nice.”

“You smell very nice,” Taylor said. From his vantage point just above her shoulder he could see into her cleavage, easily seeing her mounds that were held in place by a blue sports bra. “Like I said, forget about them and let me make it right.”

“Yeah, I will.” Yucera said, turning her face and nuzzling her nose it his neck.” You smell nice as well, very … intoxicating.”

It was only a single word, but hearing it come from Yucera’s mouth made his cock harden in his trousers. Taylor pressed his hips into her back, enjoying the feel of her buttocks.

“Perhaps you can ban those kids from coming here, then they wouldn’t disturb you.” Taylor said.”There may be other kids that irritate you but making a start with those three should keep anyone else in line.”

“There are a few other kids, but your right.” Yucera said, he could feel the airflow over his neck as it escaped her mouth.” But they are almost adults really, they may stop afterwards.”

“Adults wouldn’t treat you in such a way, they are kids Yucera.” Taylor said, placing a kiss on her exposed shoulder.” They need to learn to treat you with proper respect, like I will.”

Yucera shivered in his arms, pressing her arse into him. Taylor smiled at her actions, he started to grind his cock into her arse. He really wanted to fuck her now, perhaps even plow her amazing arse. Taylor reached up with his hand and grasped her neck, with his grip on her neck he moved her head away. He was now able to gaze down into her brown eyes, there was indecision in her eyes but most of all he saw lust.

Now or never. Taylor thought. He leaned down and captured her lips with his own. Her body grew stiff in his arms, her eyes widening for a moment before closing. Her body twisted in his grip to face him, her lips parted as she eagerly kissed him back.

She is so eager and easy, Taylor thought. He reached around with his hands and grasped her arse cheeks, while he didn’t mind the feeling of her large breasts pressing into his chest his attention was drawn to the massive mounds in his palms.

He was an arse man, he liked the look of a woman’s arse in whichever clothing she wore, Yucera in her yoga pants made his cock extremely hard. He pressed his hip into her crotch area, rubbing it back and forth, causing bursts of pleasure to travel along his cock.

“Ah…that feels nice,” Yucera said, breaking their kiss.” You are very forward.”

“Not as much as you,” Taylor said.” I am here to make you feel better, let me do that.”

“Sure,” Yucera said. An impish smile formed on her face, causing his cock to twitch in his pants.” Oh, I felt that. Seems like someone down there really likes this, that’s good.”

“Well I am ready, but let’s get you revved up?”Taylor said, pushing her backwards until she fell onto the small bench. Yucera gazed back up at him, panting for breath. Her form was magnificent, for a few moments he watched her chest rise and fall before the motion of her kicking off her boots alerted him.”Let’s get to work.”

Taylor knelt down between her spread legs, reaching forward he grabbed the waistband of her pants and pulled them down her well toned legs until they were off. By this point her legs had come together above them, the longs legs were a sight to behold. He gazed from the tip of her toes down her muscle thighs and then finally to her snatch that was just visible between her legs.

“Enjoying the view?”

“Err, yeah.”Taylor said, blood rushing to his cheeks. He had never been so flustered around a woman before, but she was definitely güvenilir casino a beauty. He gave her pussy lips a light kiss, it was somehow right to do so. He heard her take in some air, it seemed like what he was doing was good. He had experience with women, but mostly others around his age and not a woman like Yucera. The last time he made a play for a woman was the headmistress of the Academy but she spurned his advances, luckily she still allowed him to enroll here.

He gave Yucera’s pussy lips another soft kiss before sticking out his tongue and running it along her lips. From bottom to top, and then up to her nub as her legs parted for him.

“Oh god,”

Taylor smiled then he licked her nub a few more times before placing his mouth over it and sucking.

“Oh fuck yes!”

Taylor sucked on her clit, every few seconds he would lick it with his tongue before going back to sucking. Her legs fell around his shoulders, then he felt her hands grasp his hair and press his head into her crotch. He didn’t mind, happily sucking away at her clit.

“That is so nice, feels so great.”

Taylor moved down to her nether lips, giving them a few licks before again sucking on them. Yucera breathed heavily above him, gazing up along her body he could see her prominent breasts standing to attention even through the sports bra. He could see her face beyond them, her mouth opened and closed as she moaned, sometimes her head thrashed from side to side in conjunction with her legs tightening around his shoulders and then relaxing,

Taylor shifted his mouth back up to her nub, sucking on it as he brought his fingers to her hot entrance. He placed his index finger inside her, slowly at first before moving it in and out a few times. Her pussy was soaking wet, he removed his finger and found her juices had already coated his finger.

“You are definitely ready, but perhaps a little bit more.”Taylor said, licking his finger and tasting the juices of the older woman. He inserted his finger back into her pussy, this time he also used his middle finger.

“You are so hot, urgh!”Yucera said, her back arching as he started sucking on her nub. “Fuck.”

Taylor sucked on her clit, at the same time he pistoned his finger in and out of her pussy. Every time his fingers entered he person he pressed down on her lower wall and pressed upwards whenever his fingers exited. Her legs in the meantime clamped down around his neck, pressing his face further into her crotch.

“Oh god that feels amazing, yes keep doing that!”

Taylor continued, enjoying the taste of her nub and how wet she was getting. He couldn’t wait to fuck her, to make her forget about the students. Her belly arched upwards just as he felt some strain in his wrist, her fingers raking through his hair.

“Oh god, ah GOD!”

Taylor watched as her body shook with her orgasm, it was a truly amazing sight. Her hips bucking around him, along with her deep intake of air. The mature woman having gotten off just from his finger work, it was such a huge ego boost. A few moments later her body stilled, collapsing back onto the bench. Her chest rose and fell, he released her nub and removed his fingers from her soaking wet pussy.

“You definitely are amazing,”Taylor said. He licked his fingers against, loving the taste of her juices.

“No, you are amazing, I have never felt so good.”Yucera said, her chest rising and falling with each breath.

“You are fairly wild, I like that. But now it is time for the main event.” Taylor said, standing up and removing his clothes. A few moments later he stood in his naked glory, his hardened cock standing to attention.

“It looks beautiful, let me play with it.” Yucera said.

“No, time to fuck.” Taylor said, moving into position between her spread legs. Taylor lined his cock in front of her wet pussy and thrust his hips forward.

“Oh god!” Yucera said, her stomach arching upwards. Her large breasts straining against the confines of her sports bra, a very tantalising sight. “Oh god yes, fuck me!”

Taylor did so, pounding her pussy. The expression on Yucera’s faced changed from passion to outright lust as he thrust into her, her arms wrapped around his head as she pulled him into a kiss. Their tongues again battling for dominance, swirling around each other as they exchanged saliva. He pulled back, watching a line of spit connect their lips for a few moments before a little bit of movement broke the connection.

He was in heaven, he was now fucking a beautiful woman. Her pussy was tight, it took all his concentration to not cum right on the spot. He felt stirrings of his own orgasm approaching when her legs wrapped around his hips and locked into place. That action alone sent jolts of pleasure through his body, a woman like her wanted him to keep fucking her.

With one hand he grabbed her breasts, for a moment he was annoyed that they were still held by her sports bra. He gripped the fabric hold each cup together between his fingers and pulled, the fabric held on for a moment before ripping open. Her gigantic chocolate coloured breasts were finally released, he leaned down, the angle a little awkward with his thrusting but he managed to capture one of her nipples in his mouth.

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