Adam , Eve’s Garden of Eden

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Finally, it is rest time for me and Lisa.

We are going on vacation and have no worries. We just sold the nudist resort we owned and are free to do what we want. Lisa is finished with all her obligations. We have finalized our financials and now we are just going to do nothing.

We have decided to drive across the country, taking in all the sights.

We are on our way…be back in six months.


We have been home from our fabulous vacation for about a month now and I can see Lisa is restless with nothing to do.

One day she told me she was sorry we sold the nudist resort. She said she misses it.

I told her if she wants, we can buy property and build a bigger and better one.

Her eyes opened wide and she was beaming.

We decided on at least 200 acres with more than one lake. It had to have private paths for walking.

We also wanted a tennis court and some other games for the guests.

The main thing was that it would be only for adults.

There would be cabins with interiors similar to the ones in the Pocono resorts.

And, there would be apple trees (real & fake) around the resort.

I told her we could start our search tomorrow and we both made it mandatory that it would have to be in a climate that allowed use of the resort all year long.

After extensively looking at areas, we decided to look in Florida’s east coast, around Palm Bay.

I made some calls to find out if there was reasonably priced land available. When I was told there was, I made contact with the local politicians to run our plan by them.

Lisa and I met with the political leaders and after almost two hours of negotiating, we came to an agreement.

The next step was to go with a commercial realtor to select a site. After more than two months, we finally found the perfect location off of Rte. 192, just west of I-95.

Lisa and I toured the property and agreed that it was perfect. Our next step was to hire an architect and a construction company.

After six months, we finally had the plans in our hand.

Along with the designer and construction company, we approved the plans and moved ahead with the project.

Lisa and I visited the site daily, going over ideas and making changes and or adjustments.

As almanbahis adres the work was nearing an end, Lisa and I went over the rules for the resort.

. Only couples would be allowed,

. Minimum age would be 25,

. No alcohol could be brought in,

. Nudity would be required at all times,

. Sexual activities would be permitted throughout the resort,

. Photography would not be allowed unless management supervised it, and

. Apple picking is not required but suggested.

We also decided on pricing and membership.

Well, construction was almost completed and we toured the resort.

We visited every one of the fifty cabins. Each one had two bedrooms, a small swimming pool, hot tub, fireplace and mirrors throughout the cabin, including the ceilings over the beds.

There were two public pools and two publicly traded hot tubs big enough for ten.

The dining room could accommodate 100 people and there was a snack bar for lunch.

All in all, the place was gorgeous.

The one thing we had to figure out was the best way to use the artificial apple trees.

Lisa came up with an idea. Let’s put a plastic apple on each tree that is in front of a cabin. Inside the apple would be a sexual note from the cabin residents to whoever picked the apple.

The notes could vary…depending on the guest’s desire, such as:

Come inside if you want to fuck my wife, or

Knock if you want to come in for a blow job. You can pick a male or female, or

If you want to swap, just hit us up.

Stuff like that Lisa said.

I laughed but thought it was pretty funny and agreed to it.

We hired a bunch of people all of whom had to be nudists and good with customers.

Finally, we had the opening day ribbon cutting ceremony.

We did the ribbon cutting ceremony under the sign “Adam & Eve’s Garden of Eden”

More than fifty people showed up. We gave them free use of the facility for the day. We gave them a tour and accepted memberships. We even provided free food and drink.

By the end of the day, we had twenty couples become yearly members and twenty other couples sign up for monthly memberships that could be rolled over to yearly ones.

All in all, it was a almanbahis adresi successful beginning.

The people we hired were remarkable and took good care of the guests. They made sure that the guests understood the rules and explained to them how the apple picking worked.

The grand opening lasted three days and after that, we all settled into a routine.

I managed the administration end of it and Lisa was the good will ambassador, going around to all the guests and chatting with them.

Many of the guests knew Lisa from her porn days and took pictures with her. Some asked about her porno career and the sex scenes she did.

Lisa came to me and said that so many people asked her about her career, she said she would give them a presentation with questions and answers in the dining room.

So, we put out an announcement that Lisa was going to give a presentation the following Saturday.

Well, more than two hundred people showed up. We gave out more than 100 day passes to the couples who weren’t members.

The dining room was so crowded that Lisa had to give two presentations.

After a couple of weeks, things settled down and the members enjoyed themselves. They especially liked the picking of apples.

Lisa made sure all the guests enjoyed themselves. Always the one to push the envelope, she would pass by an occupied cabin and pick an apple. She would read the note and put it back. Once in awhile, if the note was very interesting, she would do what the note said.

She told me that one of the apples she picked said “If you fancy being our personal slave for three hours, come in.” Lisa said that she had never been a slave and wanted to try it.

She was intrigued by it and knocked on the door. She said an older woman opened the door and was surprised to see her there. Lisa told the woman that she picked the apple and liked the idea, so she wanted to visit them.

The woman let Lisa in and the woman’s husband said they could never make Lisa a slave.

Lisa said she had to insist on being their slave for three hours.

When Lisa got back, she said it wasn’t that good because they knew me and didn’t want to get me to do certain things.

On more than one occasion, people were seen fucking or getting blow jobs almanbahis adres without a care in the world.

On one of her outings, she picked an apple and the note said, “Come inside and direct us in making our personal porno movie.”

Lisa said she couldn’t pass that one up. She knocked on the door and a very young couple answered the door. The good thing was that they didn’t know who I was.

I told them I would love to direct them in making their porno movie. I told them I had some experience in that area.

I told them to get naked and get on the bed. The guy’s cock was big and thick and the girl’s pussy was neatly trimmed.

I took their camcorder and started shooting them. I told them to feel each other up and get into it.

I had to stop shooting and told the girl to get off the bed so I could show her what to do.

I got on the bed and pulled the guy to me. My hands were all over him as we kissed and slipped our tongues into each other’s mouth.

Then I grabbed his hard cock and played with it. Then I told the girl to get back on the bed and continue.

She got on the bed and continued what I started. Then I told the guy to mount her and slide his cock into her cunt.

I kept shooting as his cock slowly disappeared into her. I told him to start fucking her. I told him to fuck her hard and fast. I told him to stop and get off of her, as she was only laying there, doing nothing.

I got on the bed alongside of the girl. When I was in position, I put the camcorder on by remote and told the guy to mount me.

I told the girl to watch me.

I told the guy to get his cock in me and start fucking me hard. He didn’t waste any time getting his cock in me and started fucking me.

I moaned and moved my hips around and matched his thrusts. When he was ready to cum, I stopped him and told him to move over and start fucking the girl.

As soon as his cock was in her, he started fucking her hard. This time she was into it.

He said he was ready to cum. I told him to pull out and cum on her tits and face.

He pulled out his cock and shot stream after stream of cum all over her. I told her to scoop it up and put his cum in her mouth and swallow it all, which she did.

I told them they could stop.

They thanked me for helping them and I told them that if they wanted to do a better one, to let me know.

I kissed them both goodbye and left, never telling them who I was.

Lisa told me that she loves the resort and is content. She continued by saying that this is where she wants to be.

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