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This is an adult erotic story with fictional characters and plot, targeted at fingernail fetish readers. If extremely long fingernails and/or toenails gross you out, then you’re in the wrong place.

‘After-hours tech support’

by V. Tarransky

Mar 2022

Home at last. No one to worry about, or report to, or to be reported to by. I parked the car in the drive-way and entered the house to be met by… silence. I liked it like this. The job had been quite challenging these past few days, the company I worked for had decided the time was right to upgrade a new intranet system and, being in IT, I was at the forefront of the operation. Or rather ‘on the battlefront’ of it. Supporting all company employees in migrating to the new version was the all important purpose of the existence of the IT department these days.

Entering my home I felt like a hunted beast finally finding a safe haven. The plan was, as usual, to freshen up and go out to the pub where I was a regular in the hope that I would get a decent dinner and find comfort in seeing and hanging out with the people I knew. And also at least a little more entertainment than in front of the TV.

I barely had time to take a shower and get into less ‘dress-code’ enforced clothes when the phone started buzzing. The number was not hidden, but also not in my contacts list, so I had no idea who it was.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Hello. Nathan?” I heard a woman ask. The voice seemed somewhat familiar, but I could not assign it a face in my head. The background noise gave me the impression that she was driving.

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“Hi, Nathan, it’s Tiah from ‘Assets’. Sorry for abusing your time, but this is an emergency.”

‘Tiah?… THE Tiah?…’ I thought to myself as my heart went up in my throat.

It felt like the world had stopped along with any random thought that may have been in processing in my mind. This was the lady that was effectively running the ‘Assets’ department but she was not in charge of it, and unless she would… change her appearance, her career would probably have a very difficult time advancing. Her super long fingernails, to everybody’s mind, were the obstacle that kept her from going higher in the company’s ranks. Except to her own mind. And… mine.

My ever-existing ‘soft spot’ for super long nails on a woman was one of the defining elements of my personality, and by ‘soft spot’ one should understand that to me long nails are the most sexy, alluring and… arousing thing a woman could possibly possess. Nobody knew about it except maybe some like-minded people I kept in touch with on the internet and those… supremely gifted ladies that would grow super long nails and show them to their fans on social media.

But Tiah’s nails I’ve watched grow over the past ten years from ‘tiny’ two inchers to the marvelous perfectly arched curves that had to be at least fifteen inches by now. I was constantly trying to keep my distance, because I could not focus on anything but her nails the very few times I had to give IT support to her or to someone in her department.

“Nathan? Are you there?” she continued not getting an answer from me.

“Hi, Tiah… yeah, sorry. What’s up?”

“Listen, I… need your help. Do you have a few minutes? Actually… more than a few? It’s about my laptop.”

‘She wants… MY… help?… Oh no!… Oooh no!… Oooh-… Wait! What the hell am I thinking? Oooh… … … …yes?…’

“Nathan?… Are you with me?…”

“Yeah, yeah… sorry. I’m-… yeah. Sure. Where are you?”

“Never mind where I am, where are you? Did tandoğan escort you get home already?”

“Yes, but I can-“

“Okay. Send me a map pin on this number and I’ll be there ASAP. Okay?”


“See ya in a few” she hung up.

I sent her my location and tried to think of what I should be doing. Instead, I was running around over-excited like a kid waiting for Santa, and at the same time trying to make myself presentable. She was not my boss but she was ranking higher than me in the company so I felt like I should… at least look… ‘smart’ though still casual.

I’ve made myself an instant decaf and no later than I took my first sip I heard a car pull up in the driveway. I looked through the window from the kitchen and indeed, there it was. I put my mug down and started towards the door, but I didn’t have time to get to it before I heard the knocks.

I opened the door and… there she was. Two-piece business dressed, laptop bag on her shoulder. But… oh God, her nails! Symmetrically arched in a beautiful wide curve, without any twist to the side, metallic copper polished, so… strong looking, unbreakable even, it was a mystery to me and probably to everyone who knew her how she was able to live with them, though obviously it was not a problem to her. It was impossible not to look at them, they demanded attention from anyone who laid eyes on her. And I was no exception.

“Can I come in?” she woke me up from the trance I was slipping into.

“Yeah, yeah, sure… Come on in.”

The front door led directly to the living room where she entered and started looking around, taking in the environment and trying to guess where we would… conduct the business at hand.

“Nice place… Where do I… uh-…?”

“Either there…” I pointed to the table in the dining area of the living space “…or there” I pointed to the coffee table by the corner sofa from the entertainment area.

She went straight to the sofa and started taking the laptop out of the bag. After I closed the door I looked almost hypnotized at her maneuvering her nails with amazing dexterity through this task.

“What? You’ve never seen me doing this?” she said, smiling to herself.

“Erm… no… I can’t say I have… erm… Can I get you something? A… coffee?… Or… something… to drink?” It was getting difficult to move my focus away from her waving and clicking nails.

“Yeah, just some water, if you don’t mind.”

I did hear what she said, though it probably seemed to her that I did not, because I didn’t start off, still looking at her laying the laptop on the table.

“Well?” she raised her eyes at me.

Still nothing from me.


“Right… erm… water” I snapped out. “Hang on” I went on my way.

A few moments later I was back with a small bottle of water from the fridge.

“Here you go” I handed it to her and she wrapped her nails around it and took it from me while my eyes were glued to her nails.

“Thanks…” she took it, opened it and immediately took a mouthful. “Oh God, I needed this” she said panting and closed her eyes, starting to wind down. Ten seconds later her breath was back to normal and opened her eyes again straight at me. “Say it.”

“Say… what?”

“Whatever goes on in your mind. Just… say it. I’m a big girl, I can take it.”

“Take… what?”

“Whatever you’ve got to say!”

My brain halted.

“Nathan, my nails are a distraction to everybody. Get it off your chest! You won’t be of any use to me like this! Say it!”

I felt like being put on the stand with a demand for confession.

“I… tunalı escort don’t… know… what to say…” I started stammering.

“Well, the first thing I usually get asked-“

“I’m not going to… ask… that. It would be… degrading.”

After a few seconds a smile started taking shape at the corners of her mouth, still looking straight at me.

“Sooo…” she tapped with her index on the water bottle looking at the front of my pants which were doing their best to conceal what was starting to become obvious. “You’re… erm… not… turned… off by my nails… are you?” She kept tapping. “It looks… quite… the opposite… to me… am I right?” she moved her eyes back into mine.

The expression on my face undoubtedly confirmed her assumption.

“You’re not in a hurry to go somewhere, are you?” she continued.

“Erm… uh… yeeeah… I mean no. I am not. Going anywhere, I mean. Oh, sh-… sorry, I’m… uh… erm…”

“Yeees?… How… are you?”

“Tiah… your nails… they… are…” I was unable to formulate something coherent.

“Yes?… Tell me… How are my nails?…” she raised her eyebrows waiting for my answer.

I was trying to speak, my mouth was open and after a few attempts I let it spill, stuttering.

“I… am… super… massively… turned on by your… nails. I have never… ever… seen nails so… long and… beautiful as yours.” Her smile became a grin. “Oh, God… you’re… the most beautiful woman I have ever got to… know. I’ve been watching your nails grow for the past ten years, but I never had the guts to tell you how much I love them. I’m a… total… sucker… for your nails.”

Her grin grew wider.

“Theeeere… don’t you feel better now? …Hmm?”

“Yes… No!… I mean… I don’t know… I can’t think!”

“Then don’t…” she put the bottle down on the coffee table.

Then she raised her right hand looking at her own nails, while she kept the other hand folded over her chest on the other arm, with nails spread out, with the massive thumb curving downward, over the top of her palm.

“Would you like to feel them?” As she was examining her nails from various angles, her nails were clicking on each other adding to my arousal. They were obviously coated with something for strength making their clicking sound more like a ‘clack’, making it feel like they were also a thing of power in addition to beauty.

“Well?” she added “Would you?…”

I wanted to, badly, but I was unable to say it. Out of my open mouth were coming out only noisy exhales, bordering on moans, no matter how hard I was trying to behave civilized and rational.

“…Mind if I do?” she brought her right index close to her mouth and placed her tongue right under the nail at the fingertip and started dragging her nail on her tongue. “Mmmh…” she moaned as she did it. “You have no idea what you’re missing” she whispered after she finished with the index nail and was moving on to the next. “Mmmh…” she marked with the same sound the completion of the middle nail. “Are you sure you don’t want to try this?” she pushed on as she started on her ring nail. “Mmmh…”

My dick was like a jailed prisoner pulling and rattling at the bars of his cell, desperate to break free. I instinctively started to bow down and press my legs against each-other trying to make my erection less discomforting and obvious than it was. She noticed me doing it.

“Why don’t you sit down? You’re not going to keep… standing… there, are you? Come here…” she sat down and rapped her clacking fingernails on the sofa to her left.

I did as she said while she ankara türbanlı escort stretched her right hand towards me with the pinky extended towards my mouth.

“Take over for me…” I supported her hand to my tongue while I licked all the way under her pinky trying to restrain my moans. “Good boy, Nathan… now that they’re clean and wet… they’re ready… D’you know what they’re ready for?… Hmm?… No?… Do you wanna know what they’re ready for?…”

I was unable to speak but I managed to gesture a feeble desperate nod.

“Let me show you then…” she whispered.

She took her hand from mine and laid back on the sofa, pulling up her skirt and revealing her underwear. With her left index knuckle she pulled the narrow part of her panties to the side, opening the way to her pussy which she slowly started to probe with her gigantic index fingernail.

“Mmmh…” she moaned “My nails… are… so… stimulating… don’t you agree?… Come on… get it out… if you want to feel their power…”

I immediately started to execute what she said while her middle nail joined her index, probing deeper into her. She let out a deep breath when the nails reached maximum depth and then started slowly dragging them out, moaning.

“Mmmh… yeeeah… oooh, that’s a… very… rewarding display of appreciation you have there, Nathan…” she said looking at my dick “…mmm… I knew my nails turned you on… and it turns me on to know you like them… yeeeah… come on… stroke it for my nails…” she said placing her hand on my thigh starting to thrust her nails in and out of her pussy.

“Come on, Nathan… stroke it…” she said gently wiggling her nails in front of my dick “…give it to them…” her breath and nail thrusting changed pace.

I started stroking with my eyes fixed on her nails, touching them with the tip of my dick.

“Oh yeeeah… feel them…” she raised her index and middle nails for better contact with my dick “…come on…” she was thrusting her nails inside of her faster now “…come on!…” her moans got louder looking at my dick rubbing on her other nails “…come on!… they’re waiting for you!… haaah!… I’m waiting for you!… haaah!… haaah!… haaah!…” her moans were squeaks now, and I was in a straight line, stroke-sprinting for the finish.

Five seconds later I burst out in pleasure all over her hand and nails in my lap, and the moment she saw it and felt it on her hand she flung her head back and let out a sequence of really loud calls of relief, still thrusting her nails in her pussy slower and slower.

We waited for the dust to settle for a few minutes still panting, both of us filled with satisfaction. Eventually she got up, and looked around with the obvious intent to go somewhere to wash her hands and nails and get herself back in order. I pointed towards the bathroom and she started towards it. While she was away I got up, went and got a napkin, wiped myself and re-assumed a… decent… stance. When she came back I had no idea what conversation I could start after what just happened.

“Ehem… so… erm… what’s… wrong with your laptop?” I started.

“Oh, yeah. Erm… I have no idea, it won’t start anymore. It was working perfectly, I went to the cafeteria to get a sandwich and when I got back to my desk it was off and would not start. I freaked out, the analysis report for the board meeting tomorrow is still in there. It would be… really… helpful if I could get to it by tomorrow morning.”

As she said that I tried to start up her PC. Indeed it wasn’t starting.

“Do you have a charger for it?”

“Yeah, it should be in the bag.”

I hooked the laptop to the power line and pressed the button. The screen lit up and displayed:

Battery is below critical level.

Please wait…

She opened her mouth looking for something to say. Three seconds later she did.


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