All New to Him

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I met him online, he was conflicted, worried, not sure if he had gay tendencies, not sure if he liked guys or gals. He sent me a message and asked a few questions, he hoped I could answer some for him and maybe something more.

He was nineteen years old and had dated a few girls through high school, even dated in university, but he always felt like there was something missing. He liked sex with his now girlfriend but she did not have the drive he had. He wanted it six times a day, his cock was always hard and ready to shoot a load.

He had wanted to experiment in high school but worried he may be found out that he might like both sexes, or possibly preferred male on male sex that much more. He asked me all sorts of questions like how did I know I was gay? Did I like to suck and be sucked? Had I ever rimmed a guy? Had I ever been rimmed?

After countless messages and emails he and I would meet in a public place, he knew what I looked like I would have to go by his description. He was six foot three, well built, love sports from soccer to football, he ran daily, and worked out in the gym all the time. He had light sandy brown hair, brown eyes, a beard, his cock was nine by six uncut.

He trimmed and shaved his balls cock and pubes, his girlfriends idea, he had never played with his own ass he was not ready for any of that yet. His girlfriend had tried to suck his cock but did not like the taste or how thick his cock really was, she did not like to have intercourse with him as his cock was to bit to long and too thick for her to really enjoy it.

He and I exchanged numbers I would message him only when he messaged me, which meant he was able to chat freely his girlfriend not around to ask questions. It had to have been a good two weeks of messaging and emailing that he was comfortable to meet up.

He sent me cock pics, some soft some hard, some dripping precum like a leaky faucet, I knew I had to taste his cock, at the very least. We ankara travesti found a spot we could meet where no one would know him, it was a very private park. I got there a bit early, I knew he would take his time to come up and talk to me. I sat there for a good half hour before he came up to talk to me.

He sat as far as he could from me and had on sunglasses and a face mask, even with so little showing he was a handsome guy. Well built and very muscular, he was nervous and very shy and semi erect, I knew once he sat down he would want to leave.

I started with general conversation, how was he, was he nervous, and he was terribly nervous not really sure why he was there, but then he did comment what a good looking man I was. I thanked him and told him to relax, we were just chatting is all. He seemed to relax a bit, it would not be something he would get used to quickly.

We talked about all kinds of things, and yes of course sex was the number on subject, he still wanted to know how I actually knew I was gay. I told him I was never attracted to women ever, it was always guys. I knew this from a young age, I never had sex with a woman ever.

“Then how do you know your not into women then?”

“Because it has always been cock that I have ever wanted and nothing else, for me to even try sex with a woman would be a total waste of time for both of us.”

He asked me all kinds of things from cock sucking to anal sex, does it hurt the first time a guy gets fucked, his last question was if I gag with a cock in my mouth and would I be able to take his cock in my ass.

“I rarely if ever gag sucking cock, no matter how big it is, and yes I could.”

He was so cute the way he turned so red, I could tell all this talk was getting him more and more horny. All I knew is I wanted to taste that cock of his, I wanted to play with his entire body, maybe see if I could get him to make out with me.

“So would you be willing to come over ankara travestileri to my place? You and I could try a few things, really would like to try sucking that cock of yours and maybe more if your up for it.”

He was nervous and shy, he wanted this so badly but he worried someone might see him coming into my house and know who he was. I assured him he could wear his mask and glasses, that way no one would know him.

With a little coercion, and some tempting ideas I got him to agree to come over to my place. I gave him the address and where he could park, I suggested down the street this way no one would know what house he was coming too. I got home before he did, he softly knocked and ducked in quickly once I opened the door.

I shut and locked the door, he stood there not sure what to do, I took his hand and walked him to my bedroom. He and I stood there beside my bed, he was shy and nervous, our eyes met and he slowly leaned in. His lips pressed to my own, he was a really good kisser, we held the kiss then I slowly undressed him.

I lifted his tee over his head, he had rock hard abs a full six pack, his pecs were incredible, his nipples just perfect in every way. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt, his hand holding my right pec, I leaned in and sucked on his right nipple. I got a soft moan from him, I then sucked his left one as well, he was going crazy his cock bulging outwards.

I untied the button then slowly slid his zipper down, just my hand running over his bulge had him moaning. His cock pushed outwards as his zipper opened up, I slid my hand inside of his pants and felt his cock, the guy was hung like a small horse, not only long but so thick.

I went to my knees and pulled his jeans off of him, I removed them completely, then his socks and I watched as his cock bulged outwards in his tight underwear. I leaned in and licked his underwear covered cock, he had a wicked wet spot at the tip of his massive cock.

I grabbed travesti ankara his underwear and pulled them down, his cock sprung out of its prison, it sprayed me with a long stream of precum. I reached out and grabbed his cock, he was moaning already and I had not even done anything to him yet. Here he was naked on the side of my bed, I had him lay in the center of it, his cock standing at attention.

He grabbed his cock but I quickly told him he was not allowed to even touch his own cock, it was now mine to use as I saw fit, I stripped naked and got between his legs, I gently held his huge cock in my hand. It was a perfect specimen, long thick uncut with a generous foreskin, I had to taste it. I leaned in and pulled his foreskin back as my mouth came in to his wanting cock.

I held his huge balls in my left hand and his massive cock in my right, I licked his precum soaked knob, I gently kissed it and took his knob in my mouth. His balls pulled in he was ready to shoot and I had not even swallowed his cock yet. I slowly took his cock into my mouth and throat. His cock was massive, long and oh so thick.

His cock slowly sank into my mouth and throat, his balls ready to unload, I sucked down and worked his massive pole. His body jerked as his cock shot me full of his seed, his hands came to my head and held my mouth on his cock. I sucked and swallowed, I wanted all he could feed me and more, his body contorted as his cock shot me with seven full shots of cum.

I held his cock in my mouth, it would not be allowed to soften, I sucked and ran my tongue all over his magnificent huge pole. He laid back his hands laced into each other behind his head, his legs spread ready for round two. I took his entire cock into my mouth his trimmed pubes in my nose, I sucked down and worked his huge man meat till he was once again close.

He rolled us over and he would fuck my mouth, his huge cock trying to gag me, I sucked and swallowed as his big beautiful cock came in deep. His cock shot me with five full streams of cum this time, the taste incredible, I still wanted more. I would drain him till he could produce no more, his balls would ache his cock sensitive from all the activity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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