Amanda and Old Mr. Sanders Ch. 05

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I wedge my heels into the curvature of the arms on Old Mr. Sanders’ large green leather clad office chair. My pink lace thong hangs from my left ankle, my skirt rolled up over my waist as Harry nestles his face in my pussy. My fingers grip to the edge of the desk while lay flat on top of it, still clad in my bank issued blouse and blazer. My toes curl up inside my blue high heels as Harry’s tongue darts in and out of my vagina with piston like efficiency. My red painted long nails move from the desks edge to intermingle in his scruffy uncombed silvery hair on the back of his head. I feel myself shiver with an orgasm shooting over me. Harry stands from his chair in between my legs unbuttoning his long brown caretakers smock. He looks amazing in a white shirt and blue tie, a pair of well ironed beige slacks which are soon draping over his shoes. He teases his hands inside the band of his sky blue baggy Y-fronts pulling them down leaving his meaty dick to pop up. He shuffles between my legs tightly grabbing my waist before pushing his large bulbous headed rod inside me. His hips bang against me, I am still incredibly amazed by the stamina and technique of this seventy two year man and how he always gets me going. I only entered his hardware shop today on my Friday afternoon lunch break to pick up some stuff for Simon so he could fix our aerial at home on the weekend, but before I knew it, my thong was being pulled down and two of Old Mr. Sanders’ fingers were buried deep inside me. He pulls my hip backwards and forwards timing it perfectly so my hips to hit his forward thrust at the ultimate time, assuring his cock is as deep as it can possibly be.

“Oh my god! You old bastard.”

“Oh, Mandy you are so fucking hot, you hot fucking slut.”

“Come on fuck your hot slut.”

He pulls me up, I bury my face in his neck, my hands grip his white wrinkly arse, my legs wrap him, my ankles lock, pulling his body closer. Harry pumps his hips into me, it’s not long before we both reach an incredible climax. The heat of his cum gives the inside of my vagina a tremendous warm glow as I rearrange my knickers and skirt. I pull up a wooden stool and sit crossed leg next to a now fully dressed Harry. My leg swings and my shoe rubs up and down his shin. Harry grabs a white lunch box held together by a huge elastic band stopping the lid from sliding off.

“Ooh! What have we got?” I asked knowing for well that the fucking had taken up a lot of my lunch hour, leaving me no time to grab some food.

“Cheese and um, onion. Would like one.”

“Oh go on then, big spender.” Not many hot twenty somethings spend their lunch hour being fucked by an old age pensioner before sharing a cheese and onion sandwich. My free hand strokes his free hand our fingers periodically touching like nervous teenagers on a first date.

“I am going away for two or three weeks, Amanda. My son Gary, the one who lives in Spain. He has had a accident on his motorbike, so going over to help Celeste, his Spanish wife with the grandkids.”

“Hope he is okay, I will bloody miss you, Harry.”

“The thing is I’m nervous.”

“About flying?”

” No my daughter in law. Since we started our affair, Amanda. I find younger women hot. I used to think that they just being friendly, but because of you, when they smile or say something to me, I think they are coning on to me.”

“Sorry about that. But I feel the same about old men. Since you I cant stop looking at them.”

“When Shilpa came round the other Sunday to borrow something, she kissed me on the cheek to say thank you, the new confidence in me since I started fucking you, I kissed her on the lips and the next minute her huge breasts are in my mouth.”

“is Celeste hot?”

“Not as hot as you, but yes.”

“Fucking your daughter-in-law is different to fucking your hot neighbour, be careful. Plus your not allowed any fun while I am here not getting any.”

” Oh Amanda, if you ever fancy a fuck while I’m away, just go for a Sunday morning ramble with my group. We all end up at the disused cricket pavilion.”

“I will remember that.”

I give him a long lingering kiss and head back to work for the last few hours of the week before the weekend. Again I feel a tinge of jealousy that Harry might go over to Spain and end up fucking his hot Spanish daughter-in-law.

The bus ride home is the usual noisy Friday teatime bus as shop workers head home for the weekend. The bus is already full when I enter leading me to stand in aisle running down the middle of the bus.

Simons promise of fixing the aerial doesn’t happen. A lazy Saturday of tidying and cleaning followed by a long walk with my boyfriend and after a pub lunch and a few drinks we head home. We crash on the sofa close all the blinds and watch Netflix, Simon’s hands roam over my body and we start to kiss but after twenty minutes, Simon is unable to get an erection, the impending day of what would of been his dad’s seventeenth birthday looms and with the short days and Haramidere escort long nights of the English winter, Simon is feeling the effects of depression again. The disappointment and frustration etched on my face probably did not improve his demeanour.

“Don’t worry my darling. It will get sorted.”

I sit on the toilet phone in hand my other hand strumming myself crazy trying to bring myself to a climax. Sunday morning downpour put pay to my leisurely walk and hopefully more with the old men of Harry’s rambling group. So a boring Sunday ensued. The rest of week surprisingly past quickly as the rain continued to pour down. My finger and porn movies on my phone before I showered were becoming not enough, I needed fucking it was a week since Harry fucked me in the back of his shop.

The low November sun shone as if it knew it is the weekend. I hear the clatter of a ladder crash up against our outside wall, Simon must be preparing to fix the aerial, at last I can finally get back to watching my soap operas. My friend Michelle, Ryan the football team captains fiancé is picking up to do my nails.

“Michelle is on her way, Simon. I will see you later. Please be careful or wait until I get back.”

“I have help coming. It is probably a good idea you are out.”


“Uncle Percy is coming around to help me. I know you hate him.”

I did hate him with a passion, he isn’t actually Simons uncle, just an old friend of his dad’s who his dad didn’t even like that much. He has tried it on with all the female relations of Simon. A scruffy, smelly fifty something man who paid no interest in himself, his grey hair is balding but he sweeps it over from the sides to give the impression he has hair, the man is an absolute dick head. I wait outside and after five minutes, Michelle pulls up and I climb into the passenger seat of her pink VW Beetle, she is a beautician so the car fits her job. We head to hers, Percy passes us in his beat up rusty Skoda, his arm hanging the window and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

As Michelle adds my false nails to my original ones, our conversation turns to the Halloween party.

“You had a good time at the party, Michelle by the look of it.”

” Oh my god, this old guy Clive, asked me to dance, I could feel his erection pushing against my hip, it felt huge. I was so drunk I wanted to see it. When the boys left, I sat him on a bar stool and he got it out. Bloody hell Mandy, it was huge. I couldn’t help myself I gobbled the whole thing up and went home with him.”

“Was he any good?”

“Unbelievable, I have been with him again since. He has invited me on his walks on a Sunday morning, I am fucking so tempted.”

“Well, I need to tell you something.” I replay the whole story of Harry, Don and even being fingered by Ronnie.

“Bloody hell, Mandy. Shall we go? They told me about an old cricket pavilion. All I can think about is being serviced by the other old bastards.”

I knock back my second glass of prosecco.

“Wait for Harry to come back from Spain it will be worth it.”

“Oh my god, Mandy. Okay.”

Michelle drops me home, the lunch time prosecco left me in high spirits, also all the talk of sex had heightened my arousal even more, the heat radiating from my body is volcanic. As I turn the corner into my cul-de-sac, my good mood is soon diminished at the sight of uncle Percy’s rust bucket Skoda still abandoned outside my beautiful home. I kiss Michelle on the cheek and enter my house. The stench of body odour hits my nostrils before I step in the hall, as I enter the living room, it’s a mess, tools and dust strewn the carpet.

“What the fuck you doing? It is a bloody pig sty.”

“Hi Mandy, good morning at Michelles.” Simon replied

“Don’t worry about that, what’s going on here.”

“Percy as run some leads up to the bedroom, so we can watch the TV up there in bed.”

“Okay, where is the smelly bastard?”

“Toilet. He has been a while.”

It’s not long until the toilet flushes and the waft of body odour starts lingering behind me, all of sudden taking me by surprise he hugs me from behind.

“Mandy! You sexy little minx.” Screamed Percy down my ear. To be completely honest in the horny situation I found myself in, his strong arms taking me from behind felt good, even to a point where my arse instinctively starts grinding against his crotch a little. He certainly took notice as he whispers in my ear.

“You little slut grind that arse on me.” The smell of his breath soon bought my senses back around as I push his arms off me. I sit flicking through tik tok videos. I can sense Percy staring at me, I look up at him, he is standing behind Simon, he looks at me putting his two fingers in a V shape before flicking his scaly tongue at the tip of the V shape to simulate oral sex. The action and speed of his tongue sent a flutter down below making me awkwardly cross my legs. He saw this and immediately sent Simon outside and İkitelli escort bayan up the ladder.

“God, you are a hot fucking bitch.”

I look at him, rodent features and brown teeth. The sweat drips off his arm pit hair with a stench of strong body odour. I am starting to worry if stays any longer I may not be able to fight his advances.

“Just do the aerial and piss off.”

“Why? Am I getting that sweet pussy wet. I bet your gagging for it, I know that wet blanket out there isn’t satisfying you.”

“Leave Simon alone, he is ten times the man you are.”

“No doubt, but he is not getting you off is he. Tell you what give me half hour with you, I’ll have you coming in minutes.”

“Yeah really.”

“Oh yeah I will, I will treat you like the dirty fucking slut you are. I have heard rumours about you, been on many pool tables lately.”

“Oh the fuck do you know?”

“Did I mention my cousin runs the pub down the road.”

“Alf? Shit.”

“Shit indeed. What if Simey Wimey found out his loving girlfriend was a dirty tramp.”

I know what is coming, the thought of having to fuck him made me cringe; but saying that I am still horny as hell. Suddenly my phone pings, its a message from Harry with an image attached. I open the image with contains a naked hot young Spanish girl curled up asleep, her head resting on Harrys bare chest. The message simply read: Oops I did it.

Harry must have fucked his daughter-in-law. This is final straw, the thought of Harry rutting with the insanely gorgeous Celeste tips me over the edge, my body is red hot and pussy soaked, I need a cock inside me, Simon is a waste of time at the moment so it is going to have to be Percy. I look at him, I still can not take it in that he is my only option but desperate times. I walk up to him, grab a chunk of his clammy vest in my fist and French kiss his mouth, he soon kisses back I feel his slimy tongue running around my mouth.

“Get rid of Simon for an hour.”

“Well this a turn up for the books. The hot bitch who always looks down her nose at me, suddenly needs me. You are going to have to beg.” An evil grin come over his face, showing his brown teeth. I thought about walking away, calling his bluff. I have never begged for sex, he should count himself lucky I am letting him anywhere near my young hot body, but I have no choice and with Simon making his way down the ladder and back in the house, I break.

“Okay, uncle Percy. I want you to fuck me, I need you so much, please fuck me.”

“Oh my god, you really want me don’t you. I thought you were taking the piss out of me. Okay then, this is really happening.”

There is genuine shock on his face, a vulnerability in him that I actually found quite appealing.

“Yes, I am serious. I need you now.”

“Okay, get upstairs and dress in the sluttiest thing you have and i will send Simon to the store over the bridge for something.”

“I like it uncle Percy, a bit of role play.”

I skip up the stairs and scour my wardrobe for something to wear, I find a black lace Basque and pull up black stockings, a pair of black stilettos that have been sat on the bottom shelf of my wardrobe for months, not used since I dressed up for Simon for his birthday and slip them on. I know the skimpy sexy outfit is probably a bit OTT for a Saturday afternoon fuck with a smelly man who I detest, but the fact I am dressed so provocatively for Percy made it seem more sordid, I certainly look hot as I pose in front of the full length mirror. I clasp the Basque clips at the front, I sit at my dresser applying some rouge to my lips making them look plumper and fuller. My hair sits below my shoulders, I can not believe the lengths I have gone too for this horrible lecherous man, who I hate. I could hear his loud steps coming up the stairs. I took a deep breath, even though I was fucking horny and needed a cock inside me, I had a feeling I would live to regret the choice of man supplying it.

I gaze at my hot body clad in sexy black lingerie in a full length mirror, he steps in the bedroom, I sit on the crisp white bedding, anticipating his next move, on fire down below.

“Fucking hell, you look fucking amazing, like a fucking high class hooker.”

” Thank you, I will take that, now are you going to fuck me?”

“Oh yes, I warn you it is going to get rough.” With those words his hand pulls me up off the bed gripping my throat as he forcibly kisses me, his tongue flicks around my mouth, I wish I had got him to mouthwash first but I soon ignore the taste of his mouth as my own tongue reacts with his own creating a very hot wet kiss. His hand roughly slaps on my arse and stays crudely groping it. I prepare my self for some rough stuff, not a time for slow love making. He takes my hand off my butt and with a yank of my arm spins me around so I am leant against him, my back to him. All this happening right in front of the full length mirror I had just been checking myself Escort Çapa in. I watch us in the mirror as he nibbles at my neck. His dirty hands with poorly drawn tattoos spans across my torso groping my breasts over my black lace Basque. He slides his black finger nailed fingers to the clips on the front of the sexy black corset forcing it open with malice; almost tearing it in his swiftness to rid me of it. I watch in the mirror as the black sexy lingerie drops to floor revealing my olive skinned breasts which bounce from the force of his actions and my perfectly trimmed pussy. He wastes no time in roughly grabbing my tits, squeezing my nipples hard, all made more erotic from the view in the mirror as I watch his rodent looking face contort with anger as my areolas and nipples suffer from his vice lock grip on them. The pain of the assault hits me first until pleasure kicks in and what pleasurable feeling it is when it hits my body.

“OH YESSSSS!” I scream out as he pulls my nipples out with force. My lady garden is his next target of brutality, leaving my red hot nipples throbbing from his attack on them. He turns me viciously so I am side on to him, starts running his hand over stockings, reaching my firm thighs before he peels back the lips of my outer labia. My right arm grips around his neck to steady myself. He unceremoniously slaps the palm of his hand against my vulva, viciously grabbing at it. He then takes his four fingers and repeatedly bangs them against my clitoris. I feel the vibration of every firm strike shoot through my body, mix that with his wet tongue running over red hot throbbing nipples sending a tingling sensation throughout. The combination sending an almighty orgasm thundering through me, it hit me so hard that my legs give way and I put arms tightly around his neck to stay upright. This disgusting lecherous smelly man had delivered one of the strongest orgasm ever to hit me with his cock still nestling in his jeans. The brutal attack on vulva inside and out, with the simultaneous attack on my nipples continues for ten minutes making another orgasm; not as powerful as the first, hit me.

“Fucking hell uncle Percy!” He loves the fact he is getting me off. He pushes me to the floor and I have put my hands on his thighs to balance myself. I feel my nipples and vagina pulsate heavily.

“My fucking turn now bitch.” He snaps as finally I got to see his cock. He undid the button and zip on his jeans and up bounds a erect thin cock of about six inches, but at the end of cock is a large mushroom shaped hood. I just got my senses back when my hair is being pulled into pigtails by his hands and my mouth being rammed down his shaft. I feel the thick hood sit at the back of my throat, he slides it in and of my throat with force never once worrying for my welfare. Thick globules of spit and drool run down the sides of my mouth settling on my chin. He pulls his dick out my mouth and slaps it up against my lips smudging the rouge lipstick that I applied earlier. He perches the head on my bottom lip, I swirl my tongue around it slurping up the excess of my saliva. He places a thumb either of my mouth and pulls splitting my mouth open, with my mouth open to its fullest, he fucks my throat again. I am unable to do anything but take his mushroom crested hood deep down, I start gagging, which he finds amusing.

“Suck that cock you bitch.” He shouts as he pushes it deeper. He releases it which allows to me gasp loudly as even thicker spit and drool now drip from chin and his dick. He pulls me up and licks around my spit covered mouth and chin. He throws me on the bed, I writher about getting my hourglass shaped body comfortable placing a pillow underneath the base of my spine, he fingers me again for a few seconds before climbing in between my stocking covered firm legs. His wirey frame settles down on top of me. My tits spread across his clammy chest and after whipping my clitoris with his dick a few times, his spit covered dick storms my vulva. He grips my hair and violently thrashes his hips against my pubic bone, his dick glides in and out of with an impressive speed. The thick hood rubbing up and down my vaginal walls, a sensation that starts another orgasm to brew up inside me. I lock my stilettos behind his arse, but the force of his fucking is too much and soon my legs are up in the air, my stilettos swinging.

“OHH YESSSSS! FUCCKKK!” I scream out as the orgasm that was brewing hits me harder than the first, I do not even have the strength to hold my legs up as they drop and flay out flat on the bed. He continues to pummel my pussy.

“Tell me i’m the best fuck you have had.”

“Oh uncle Percy! YESSSSS you are, fuck me harder.”

With my words ringing in his ears, he pumps me even harder and with one last push I feel a gush of his cum splash up inside me. We both just lie there gripping on to each others tired bodies, both trying desperately to regain our breath. I love wallowing in the afterglow of a good fuck, who ever the man; even if it is a man I despise, but to fair to him he had just fucked me good and proper. As we lay there in the afterglow, my freshly applied false finger nails scratch down his back as we share a pleasurable wet kiss, the bad breath and poor hygiene does not even cross my mind as my body lies snuggly under his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32