Amy Returns The Favour

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Amy was disgusted with herself. First she had fooled around with Julia’s boyfriend Jack at a wedding while her friend was passed out in the bathroom. They did not fuck mind you, but she did allow him to finger her pussy until she enjoyed the biggest orgasm of her life. Then, if that was not bad enough, she had engaged in some truly filthy dirty talking over the phone with Jack as she masturbated to another earth-shattering sexual release.

She felt sick to her stomach when she thought of the betrayal she had wrought upon one of her very best friends, not to mention her faithful boyfriend Pete. But still, she could not deny the other powerful emotion that washed over her whenever she reminisced about either of her two illicit encounters with Julia’s boyfriend.

Ever since the moment she had met him, Amy had lusted for Jack in silence. She had constantly fantasized about him, picturing him while making love to her boyfriend or pleasuring herself. And now that she had shared a couple of intimate and taboo indiscretions with her fantasy man, her carnal desire for him was stronger than ever.

Much like she had done after the first encounter with him, she had been desperately trying to avoid both Jack and Julia after the second incident. Her guilt was keeping her away from her friend, while her seemingly uncontrollable attraction to her boyfriend was forcing her to keep her distance from him. Her plan of steering clear of the couple worked well for a couple of weeks, but her feelings and memories surrounding the past events were not as easily dealt with.

No matter how bad Amy felt about her disloyalty to her friend and for her unfaithfulness to Pete, those feelings of guilt were clearly superseded by her wanton lust for Jack. She simply could not help herself. Images of their transgressions frequently popped up in her mind and she constantly found herself imagining new scenarios in which the two of them could come together in explicit detail.

She often remembered the words spoken in the heat of passion as he she fingered herself to his voice that night. With his encouragement, she had told him that she wanted to be his “fuck-toy’, that she wanted him to use her like a dirty little whore and that she would do anything for him. As she thought of that night and those submissive statements uttered as she pleasured herself to his commands, she could not lie to herself… they were all true. Amy knew that deep down she truly did want to fuck Jack. Not just fuck him, but do exactly as she had said — become his “fuck-toy” and whore, and do any sexual thing he asked of her.

Of course, the problems associated with her honest and true feelings towards him were clear, and she knew that there was no way she could ever let this go any further than they already had.

It had been almost three weeks, since her last interaction with her secret fantasy man, three weeks filled with an abundance of sinful imaginations and self-gratification. But the drought of seeing him was about to come to an end.

Amy had found it hard to continue avoiding Julia and was running out of reasonable excuses to dodge her friend, so she finally agreed to stop by one night after work to catch up. At first she was hesitant for fear of seeing Jack at the couple’s apartment and not being able to hide her shameless lust for her long-time friend’s boyfriend, but Julia had casually mentioned that she would be alone that night as he would be out at a buddy’s for a poker night, so with her fears calmed a bit, she relented and decided to visit her girlfriend.

Getting to her friend’s apartment right after work, she figured they might go out for a bite to eat or something and slipped into the building as one bursa escort of the other tenants was on his way out. Not knowing where they might go out to, she was dressed fairly casually, but still dressy enough that she would not look out of place at somewhere a bit more upscale. Her denim jeans were stylish and well-fitting, accenting her curves nicely, paired with medium healed black pumps that classed up the look a bit. She wore a light purple blouse up top, basically a baby-doll camisole with some lace trim that plunged fairly low on her chest, offering up a decent view of her ample 36C cleavage. Her brown hair fell in a blossom of full, long, layered soft wavy curls over her shoulders, completing her vibrant and sexy look for her night out with her girlfriend.

She made her way to the fourteenth floor and headed down the hallway to the apartment. Arriving at Julia’s entrance, she quickly knocked twice and, knowing that they always forgot to lock their door, pushed open the door as she always did.

“Hey babe, ready for some fun?” She asked as she made her way into the apartment.

“Well I am now.”

Amy stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Jack standing before her. Immediately she felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy twitch.

“Jack, I thought you…” she began, flustered, “Julia and I…”

“Yeah, she called and said she got hung up at work for a bit.” He interrupted her. “Lucky for you I decided to come home and change before heading out to my poker game.”

He flashed a devilish smile at her as he let the gravity of his words sink in. They were alone together, and his girlfriend would not be there for at least a little while.

“Maybe I should go…” she stammered out finally, trying to do the right thing. She even turned back towards the door.

“Hold up.” He countered, making it to the door before she even had a hand on the knob. His body pressed close against hers as he put his hand on the door in front of her, turning the lock.

“Jack, I…” she started to attempt at a protest.

“You’ve been avoiding me again.” He said as his eyes wandered up and down her. “Haven’t you?”

“No, I…” her voice trailed off as her pulse increased with each second she spent in his presence.

“Is it because of what we did on the phone?” He asked smugly.

She could not even bring herself to look at him, the memories of that night causing her loins to ache. When he leaned in close to her, his nose brushing against her curls, she almost thought she was going to come right there.

“Did you mean everything you said?” He whispered in her ear.

Her heart racing and pussy dripping, Amy could no longer stop herself.

“Yes.” She answered in a sigh. “God, yes.”

With that admission, Jack brought his hand up to her face and lifted her chin, forcing her to look him right in his dominating eyes.

“Tell me what you told me that night on the phone.” He ordered her.

Not even pausing to consider the ramifications of where this was leading, she readied herself for what was about to happen.

“I want you to fuck me.” She answered.

Disappointed with her reply, he added a bit of pressure to his grip on her chin and pulled her even closer to his face.

“Tell me what you wanna become.” He clearly relished his dominance over her.

“I wanna be your whore,” she whispered, looking into his controlling eyes, “I wanna be your fuck-toy.”

With that, he pulled her completely into him and pressed his lips tightly against hers. His body pressed hard against hers, pinning her against the wall as he aggressively kissed her. She did not resist whatsoever, welcoming his long-awaited touch. His hands raced to her chest, bursa escort bayan groping at her breasts as his tongue snaked deeply into her willing mouth. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds by this point, and she assumed that her panties were probably drenched by now as well. After at least two full minutes of his intense attack on body, he finally broke their lip-lock and pulled away from her a bit.

“Won’t Julia be home soon?” Amy asked, trying to catch her breath in between words.

“You’re right,” he replied, that familiar sly smile creeping over his face. “We don’t have much time.” Taking her by the hand, he quickly led her into the living room.

Her head was spinning at how fast things were happening around her. Was she about to fuck her friend’s boyfriend… her fantasy man? She snapped back to reality as Jack let go of her hand and swiftly began to undo his belt and jeans.

“Guess we only have time for a blow job.” He said as he undid his belt. Catching the somewhat surprised and confused look on her face, he added, “I mean I figure I’ve gotten you off twice, it’s my turn now.”

Taken aback by his brashness, she was at a loss for words. But regardless of her inability to reply, she did have to admit that his sense of sexual fairness did seem logical in its own perverse way. Plus, she could not deny that the thought of finally feeling his cock inside of her, even in her mouth, was something she had fantasized about for what felt like forever.

“Get on your knees slut.” He demanded.

Without even a second thought, Amy did as she was told. She quickly knelt down in front of him and pulled down his zipper. Her fingers dug around in his jeans, finding his now rock-hard cock and hauling it out with a low moan.

“Kiss it.” He told her.

Obediently, she did as instructed and leaned forward and placed her lips gently on the tip of the dick. The exhilaration of this long lusted for fantasy finally coming true easily overshadowed what little humiliation she felt at being treated so submissively. Her wet lips fluttered along the head of his prick for a few seconds before sliding down around his stiff shaft.

“Oh, that’s it whore.” Jack moaned at the heat from her mouth.

She smacked her lips around his cock, delving down about halfway, swirling and massaging his manhood with her tongue as he sighed in pleasure, his hips rolling with the motion of her actions.

“You like my cock in your mouth slut?” He asked her in between groans of satisfaction.

Her mouth never leaving his dick, she simply looked up at him and nodded her head in agreement, faint slurps and sighs emanating from her lips as she continued to work him. She sucked and pulled, stroked and squeezed his penis with her mouth and hands as he savoured every lick and suck and tug.

“You’re such a good little cocksucker,” he complimented, watching her soft lips gliding back and forth on his meat. “I always knew you’d be a good cocksucker.”

Amy felt a bizarre mix of pride and disgust at the piece of praise. She did pride herself in being very good at orally pleasuring a man, but at the same time, the man she was pleasuring at the moment was her friend’s boyfriend. Nonetheless, he was also the man she had desperately wanted for ages. She continued to assault his cock with vigour and lust, her lips and hands gliding over his shaft with purpose and passion.

“Oh, fuck baby!” He growled, obviously enjoying the servicing she was providing for him. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her brown curls in his right hand, pulling her away from her masterful blow job work. “You’re a bad little fucking whore, aren’t you?”

Smiling in satisfaction, she looked up escort bursa at him as her hand continued to slowly stroke his rigid manhood.

“I am a bad little whore Jack.” She replied with a devilish grin.

“You wanna be my little whore, don’t you slut?” He asked her, returning the devilish smile at her.

“Oh, yes baby,” she cooed. “I wanna be your dirty little whore. With that, she returned her lips to his waiting cock and resumed servicing him like the proud slut she was apparently very willing to become for him.

“Rub your pussy, bitch.” He suddenly demanded. “Rub your slutty cunt while you blow me.”

Instantly, one of Amy’s hands bee-lined to her crotch and slid down the front of her jeans. She let out a soft moan as she inserted a finger into her wet snatch as she continued bobbing up and down on his throbbing dick.

“That’s it, whore,” Jack groaned, his breathing quickening as he neared orgasm. “Finger that cunt like a real slut.”

She did as she was told, dunking her middle finger in and out of her dripping pussy at a feverish pace, matched only by the speed at which her mouth and other hand slid up and down his pulsating pole.

Again, his hand shot down and gripped a mitt-full of her tangled tresses, and pulled her off his cock.

“Tell me bitch, do you wish that was my cock in the dirty little pussy instead of your finger?” He breathlessly asked her.

“Yes, God yes.” Amy squealed, her finger continuing to pump in and out of her as she admitted her desires to him.

“C’mon whore, show me how dirty you are… tell me what kind of a slut you are.” I implored her.

“Fuck!” She cried out, her orgasm imminent. “I want your big fucking cock in my slutty pussy! I wanna ride your dick and come on it like a dirty fucking whore!”

Satisfied with her submissive answer, Jack pulled hard on the handful of brown curls in his right hand and guided her back onto his throbbing prick. He immediately began furiously pumping his cock into her hot sucking mouth, making her moan and whimper and grunt all at once. He fucked her face hard and fast, panting and gasping; using his new little slut the way he knew she wanted him to use her.

“Oh, fuck!” He cried out, his body shaking and tingling with a wonderful orgasmic rush. “Take it bitch!” He bellowed as he held her head in place as his dick surged and swelled and pumped thick gushes of sperm between her lips. Her mouth filled with his hot white spunk as he held her close, emptying his balls into her willing oral cavity.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” He grunted, staring down at her in complete dominance. “Suck it all out slut! Eat my come, whore. Swallow every fucking drop.”

Amy looked up at him in complete submission, her mouth loosened a bit around his prick, trickles of his love juice leaking from the corners of her semen-slicked lips. Her nostrils flared as she breathed in and out, her mouth easing back until her frothy lips were just at the tip of his dick, and swallowed quickly. He groaned and pushed back into her mouth, giving her every last little ooze and dribble of come his balls had to give.

“Lick it clean, bitch.” He moaned, as she sucked out every last bit of sperm and swallowed once again.

He kept his cock in her mouth for a few more seconds as she sucked him beyond orgasm, softly licking and sucking his spent penis. Slowly he stepped back, looking down at her come-glossed lips and the trickle of glistening spunk running from the corners of her mouth down to her chin.

Before either one of them could speak they heard the sound of keys at the front door. Quickly Jack tucked in his softening dick and did up his pants as Amy hastily wiped the remnants of their dirty deed from her face. She was barely back to her feet when the door opened and Julia walked in.

“Hey guys,” she said as she entered the apartment, “sorry I’m late… hope you found something to do while you were waiting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32