An Airtight Alibi

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Author’s Note:

This story’s main component sexually is Group Sex featuring three males and one female, which is why I put it in this category. However, the three guys are college-aged and the woman is older. While this is a theme throughout the narrative, I didn’t think the action itself fit the Mature category. If this age difference isn’t your thing, then perhaps try a different story of mine. Thanks for reading.

– – – –

Marie Pierce pulled up to the Braintree subway station (known to Massachusetts residents as the T) and put her SUV in park. It was the beginning of the weekend and her step-son, Aaron, was coming home from New York City for a quick visit. The main reason for the trip was to meet up with a friend of his father’s to talk about a job opening that would be perfect for him when he graduated college in a couple of months.

He had accomplished so much – an academic scholarship, maintaining a 3.7 GPA, and now getting ready to enter the workforce. His father would be proud. Marie and Aaron’s father, Jared, had married when Aaron was nine years-old; they were together just six years when Jared was killed in a car accident on his way home during a snow storm. Unfortunately, his biological mother wasn’t in the picture.

Also along on the trip were three of Aaron’s college buddies. They had never been to Boston so the plan was for Aaron to go in Saturday for his meeting, then come back to their house in Hingham where they would all hang out on the boat. (It was going to be a lovely April weekend, almost unseasonably warm.) On Sunday, the boys would go in early, catch the one o’clock Red Sox game, hang out in the city the rest of the day, then catch an early train back to New York. Luckily, their class schedules had allowed them to leave late morning on Friday and return Monday morning without missing a beat.

– – – –

“So your step-mom’s picking us up?” Seth asked as the train pulled into the station.

“Dude, how many times have I told you guys? . . . Yes, she’ll be in the garage waiting for us.” He looked down at his Apple Watch. “As a matter of fact, she just texted me that she’s here.”

“I was just asking because.” His voice trailed off.

Brad chimed in, “Dude, we’ve all seen her pic on your Facebook feed. She’s kinda hot.”

“Guys, seriously. She’s like 50 years older than you,” Aaron said over his shoulder as they got on the escalator heading down. He knew she was in fact 18 years older than them, since she had recently celebrated her 40th birthday. He also knew they were right; she was good-looking. Heck, he had seen a picture of Lucas’s mom and she was basically a model so he couldn’t fault them for “appreciating” his step-mom.

“You two are something else,” Lucas said, “talking about Aaron’s step-mom like that.”

“Thank you,” Aaron replied, an exaggerated tone in his voice, arms outstretched.

“Besides,” Lucas continued, “we all know who she’s going to like the best.”

Aaron playfully smacked Lucas on the back of the head as they went through the exit. Scanning the garage across the way, he saw his mom’s silver Volvo XC90. “There she is,” he said.

Marie saw Aaron step out of the station with three guys in tow. One of them looked a little taller than Aaron, maybe just under six feet; the others were a few inches shorter. They were all dressed, well, like college students: jeans, hoodies, and ball caps. She opened her door and stepped out to meet them.

“Hey, mom,” Aaron said, giving her a hug.

“It’s good to see you,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “And who do we have here?”

“That’s Lucas,” he said. Lucas was around her height with dark hair, olive skin, and a wiry build.

“Seth.” He was about the same height as Lucas but with wavy blond hair and an athletic build.

“And Brad.” He was the tallest of them all, with brown hair and an average build.

They all awkwardly said their hellos, trying not to stare, but it was difficult. Aaron’s step-mom was every bit as hot as they had thought, with long blonde hair, a beautiful face with green eyes, and epic curves.

Marie noticed their eyes linger on her curvaceous body even before Aaron had made the introductions. She couldn’t fault them for it. They were young and in their sexual prime, and she did have big tits and a healthy bubble butt of which she had always been quite proud. While she thought she had dressed on the conservative side to pick them up, in hindsight jeans and a v-neck shirt, while not showing much skin, did little to hide her hourglass figure.

Aaron got in the front seat while the other three piled in the back of the spacious SUV.

During the 25 minute drive to the house, Marie got the boys talking about where they were from, their majors, and their plans for after graduation. Lucas was an art major who was planning on going into graphic design. Seth was a business major like Aaron, but instead of getting a job right away, he was planning on getting a masters degree in finance. Brad was a history major who was istanbul travesti going to continue his studies at the University.

When they arrived at the house, all three of Aaron’s friends were taken aback. The house was a white colonial, literally a minute’s walk to the harbor. While the house looked old, it was in amazing condition. They knew Aaron’s family had money, but they couldn’t imagine how much a house like this was worth.

“Welcome to our home,” Marie said, as she opened the door for them.

The house had a New England charm to it, with a few nautical-themed decor pieces, a large rustic kitchen, formal dining room, a front sitting room, and a living room in the back of the house.

“Nice house, Mrs. Pierce,” Seth said.

“Yeah,” the others chimed in.

“Thanks,” Marie replied, “though I can’t take credit for it. It’s been in Aaron’s father’s family for two generations.”

Aaron took his friends up to the second floor where there were three bedrooms, one of them having two twin beds.

“You guys can fight over who gets a room to themselves,” Aaron said.

Lucas and Seth were roommates anyways so they naturally gravitated to the double.

“Fine by me,” Brad said, dropping his bag in the other bedroom.

Aaron showed them where the one bathroom was on the floor and pointed out that his mom had laid out towels for each of them on their dressers. He then finished the tour of the floor by showing them his room.

“Where’s your mom’s room?” Brad asked. “Downstairs?”

“No,” Aaron replied, motioning for them to follow him to the other end of the floor where there was another set of stairs. “When my parents moved in, they renovated the attic and turned it into a master suite.”

“Sweet,” Lucas said.

They all laughed, then went downstairs where there was a pitcher of lemonade waiting for them.

“It’s such a beautiful day, why don’t you enjoy the lemonade out back.”

“Sure. Thanks, mom. C’mon guys; there’s a place out back we can hang.”

Aaron led them out the back door to a small but lush backyard, which was completely private due to the bushes and trees lining the property. Several feet from the house was a rock-enclosed firepit surrounded by four Adirondack chairs.

It was now past four in the afternoon and pushing 75 degrees. Even with the breeze off the water, Marie was getting a little warm in her jeans so she went up to her bedroom to change. Her windows open, she could hear the murmur of the boys talking below. She pulled off her shirt then went over to the window facing the backyard.

As she unzipped her jeans and slid them over her hips, she heard Seth, the blond-haired boy say, “Dude, we knew your step-mom was hot, but Jesus!”

Marie felt her heart skip a beat. Did he really just say that?

“Yup,” Brad said.

“I know she’s your mom and all, but damn you’re one lucky dog,” Lucas chimed in.

Marie bit her lower lip as she listened intently. She was proud of her looks and how she took care of herself. While genetics gifted her natural beauty, she also worked her butt off to keep her figure as she aged.

It had been seven years since her husband had died, and she only started dating in the last couple of years, though nothing serious. Most of the guys she met seemed more interested in her assets (whether that be her physical assets or her money from both her marriage and her own flourishing real estate career) than her; and with Aaron, she didn’t want to take the chance of bringing someone into the picture that wasn’t father material, at least that had been her focus while he was still living at home. The situation did leave her wanting in one department, however. She had had a couple of one night stands, but nothing worth a second night, and her array of toys could only satisfy her so much.

“Guys,” Aaron said, “can we give it a rest already?”

Marie snapped out of her reverie when she heard her step-son’s voice.

“I get it; she’s pretty, but dial it back. That’s my step-mom you’re talking about.”

Marie smiled. Paid her a compliment while defending her honor.

They all threw up their hands as if to say “you win.” The conversation did leave Marie with a wicked thought, however. Perhaps she could have a little fun while giving them something to talk about.

Going through her dresser, Marie pulled out blue high waist shorts that she hadn’t worn since last summer. They were short indeed, barely covering her butt, and she loved the way it hugged her curves, showing off her ass and legs. She then chose a white, short-sleeve top with a sweetheart neckline that showed off a lot of skin and a hint of cleavage. She looked at herself in the mirror. Of course, with her bust a “hint” of cleavage was borderline scandalous.

Marie went down to the kitchen to finish dinner prep. She had put a curry in the slow cooker earlier and started the rice cooker before pouring herself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and going out back.

“Hello, boys,” she said, “I made an Indian curry istanbul travestileri for tonight; one of Aaron’s favorites. Dinner will be around seven, if that’s okay.”

They all did a great job of not allowing their jaws to drop on the ground at the sight of her, she thought, but it was obvious her outfit had the desired effect.

“Thanks, Mrs. Pierce,” Brad was the first to say, after clearing a lump in his throat.

“Yeah, thanks, Mrs. Pierce,” Seth and Lucas said, almost in unison.

“Do you want a chair?” Brad asked.

“Oh,” Marie started, “You don’t want to hang out with me,” she said, leading the boys to water.

All three of Aaron’s friends insisted, with Brad pulling one of the chairs over that was sitting by the grill.

“Thanks,” she said, sitting down and slowly crossing her legs; three sets of eyes followed the movement with great interest. “So,” she started, “what have you been talking about?”

The four of them looked at each other and shrugged, the three boys looking guilty for obvious reasons. Marie smiled and mentioned a movie she had seen recently in the theater, taking them off the hook.

As they talked about different movies they’d seen, Marie took the time to admire Aaron’s friends. All three were good-looking, for their age. As they settled into easy conversation, she secretly wondered what they looked like under the ball caps and hoodies. While certainly young, they were quite . . . put together, in their respective ways.

During dinner, Marie offered them wine since they were all 22, and all accepted. She asked Aaron about his meeting or pre-interview or whatever it was, and then coyly asked what his three friends were going to do for the few hours Aaron was going to be in the city.

They all looked at each other.

“Not sure yet,” Lucas replied.

“We were thinking of checking out the harbor and walk around downtown,” Brad replied.

“Yeah,” Seth said, “since we’re going to be in the city all day Sunday, we figured we’d hang here by the water.”

Marie wasn’t sure why, but she was glad they were sticking close to the house. “I think that’s a great idea,” she said. “And, if you need a guide, I’m happy to show you around.”

The three boys looked side-eyed at each other and blurted out simultaneously:

Brad: “Yes!”

Seth: “We’d like that!”

Lucas: “Absolutely!”

Aaron rolled his eyes. His friends were so transparent; they just wanted an excuse to ogle his step-mom.

“Well, we’ll see what you think tomorrow, but I’d be happy to entertain you,” she said.

As they cleaned up, all four young men thanked Marie for dinner. Now that Aaron’s friends had shed their hats and hoodies, Marie couldn’t help but notice how well-built they were. Lucas was wiry, his lean muscles giving him a cyclist’s build; Brad was tall, trim, and carried himself with confidence; and Seth was build more like Aaron – athletic, like he regularly worked out.

They all went outside and enjoyed sitting by the firepit, which they lit as the sun began to set. Marie had decided that a second bottle of wine probably wasn’t the best idea so she offered them coffee and freshly made cookies from a local bakery. They all thanked her again for her hospitality.

“I’m happy to have you all here,” she replied, leaning over to squeeze Aaron’s arm. “I can’t believe you’re graduating in a couple of months.”

“Yeah, I know,” Aaron replied. “Crazy.”

They talked about their classes for the last couple of months of school and what they each had planned for the summer.

“How about you, Mrs. Pierce?” Brad asked. “Anything special planned now that Aaron will be officially out of the house soon? You are moving out of your mom’s house, right?” he asked Aaron.

“Yes!” Aaron replied quickly. “No offense, mom.”

Marie smiled. “None taken.” She paused, then looked at Brad. “I don’t know. I’m always busy with work so . . . we’ll see.”

“No big parties?” Seth asked.

“No, no. Those days are long gone. I prefer something more,” she paused for effect, taking the opening she had been given, “intimate. Three or four people is more my speed,” she said, smiling at Aaron’s three friends.

Subtle, perhaps, but effective. She noticed all three shift in their seat. After more small talk, Marie looked at her watch. It was 9:30.

“Well,” she said, standing up, “I’ll leave the night to you boys.”

Marie turned to face her step-son and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek, making sure her round ass faced his three friends. She shifted her weight as she stood up, her hips swaying alluringly.

“Goodnight, Aaron. Don’t stay up too late, now.”

She looked over her shoulder, keeping her ass facing the three young men. “Goodnight, boys.”

They all awkwardly said goodnight, and as Marie left them, she couldn’t help but notice the looks on their faces: Wide-eyed and no doubt horny. As she closed the door behind her, she wondered if they were all hard. For her.

As Marie changed out of her clothes travesti istanbul and slipped on her sleep bra and pajama shorts, her mind wandered back to the look on the three young men’s faces. What were they thinking? For that matter, what was she thinking?! After finishing her ablutions, Marie took a peak out the window. It was 10:15 now and the four of them were still out there talking. Giving them their privacy, she climbed into bed and grabbed her iPad to catch up on some reading.

It was a little after 11 o’clock when Aaron decided to turn in so he would be well-rested for the next day’s meeting. Seth, Brad, and Lucas stayed out by the firepit as the discussion slowly pivoted to Aaron’s step-mom.

Brad looked toward the backdoor, ensuring Aaron was inside, then said, “So, Aaron’s step-mom . . .”

“Holy shit, dude,” Lucas interjected. “How old is she?”

“I think she just turned 40,” Seth said. “She’s pretty smoking.”

“Yeah,” Brad replied, “She’s a MILF. Do doubt about it.”

Marie had heard an uptick of talking and gone to the window. What she heard the three boys say left her cheeks hot and her knees weak. A MILF, she thought. That’s what she was to them. She turned away from the window and leaned back against the wall.

“If you had the chance,” Lucas asked, “would you?”

Marie turned her head to listen.

“Bang Mrs. Pierce?” Brad replied.

Marie held her breath.

“Fuck, yeah,” he replied. “That’s literally what MILF stands for.”

“I know,” Lucas replied, “I was just asking hypothetically. It’s one thing to call a hot woman a MILF; it’s another to actually do the deed.”

Marie felt her heart thumping hard in her chest. Her nipples were hard and sensitive as they pressed against the fabric of her sleep bra.

“Well, I think we made the right call not going into the city tomorrow,” Brad said.

They all laughed.

“Those tits,” Seth said. “Fuck, they’re amazing. I just want to bury my face in them.”

They were getting bolder, she thought, feeling free to speak their mind with Aaron gone and the damn broken.

“How about that ass?” Lucas asked.

“Dude,” Brad started, “I would lick that hole clean.”

They all chuckled at that one.

Marie felt a familiar itch between her legs. How long had it been since she had felt an urge like this?

“I bet you would,” Seth said, a laugh in his voice. “Can you imagine what it must feel like to fuck that ass?”

Marie slipped her hand under the waistband of her pajamas and felt the heat of her desire. Fuck, she was so turned on, wet from listening to three college boys talk about having sex with her.

“Well, now I need a cold shower,” Brad said, standing up. “Head up?”

The other two nodded and the three of them went inside.

Marie heard them come up the stairs as she fell onto her bed and began rubbing her damp pussy in earnest. She needed to come and sighed as she heard them move below her. Just a few feet away were three 22 year-old young men in their sexual prime. Marie slipped one, then two fingers between her puffy lips. God, she was soaking wet. If she wanted them, she could have them; she knew that now. She could suck their young, virile cocks. Marie reached for her nightstand and took out her favorite dildo. Taking it between her lips, she sucked it off until it was slick with her saliva.

She imagined letting one of them fuck her pussy while the other two watched. Who would be first? Brad? She penetrated her pussy, using both hands to manipulate the thick dildo, moaning softly as she bit her shoulder. How would he fuck her? Slow and careful or hard and fast like the eager young man he was? What would the others be doing? Stroking themselves while they waited for their turn, or positioning themselves to take more of her holes?

“Oh, fuck,” she sighed, reaching for the open nightstand and grasping one of her butt plugs.

Marie licked the toy until it was well-lubricated, then positioned it at her puckered hole. Who would it be? It was Seth who brought up fucking her ass. She pushed the plug against her tight hole until it finally gave way.

“Ugh,” she grunted, “Mmmmf . . . oh, God.”

Marie double penetrated herself, imagining Brad and Seth fucking her senseless. Poor Lucas, stroking his cock on the sideline, she thought. Only one hole left to fill.

“Fuck!” Marie hissed, then came hard, covering her face with her pillow as her body convulsed, a second and third wave crashing over her. She shivered, clutching her pillow in her fists, the dildo and butt plug still inside her as she felt the aftershocks of an orgasm that just kept going until finally, mercifully, she relaxed and melted into her bed.

– – – –

The next morning, Marie got up early to workout on her stationary bike that she kept in the corner of her bedroom, took a long shower, then prepared breakfast – scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast. Aaron was down first. He poured himself a cup of coffee.

“When are you going in?” she asked.

He looked at his watch. “I’ll leave in an hour, I think. Better to get there early than be late.”

“Absolutely,” she agreed.

Lucas and Seth were the next ones down. They hadn’t showered yet, still wearing the shorts and t-shirts they had slept in.

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