Arcade Siblings

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“Oh my god, just wait until you see him. He’s super hot. He’s so hot that even Quinn would find him attractive,” my college roommate and best friend Olivia said to our group of friends before looking over at me.

“C’mon, I’m not as picky as you make it sound,” I responded.

My friend group gathered at the local arcade right before they closed because Olivia demanded that we check out her newest crush. Apparently, she saw him working here a few weeks ago when she came with her family. Since then, she couldn’t go one day without talking about him even though she didn’t even know his name. We all told her that she was crazy for being so head over heels for a guy she never talked to before, but that was Olivia. She even started to regularly visit the arcade, which was why we were all told to suddenly meet here.

“Yeah right, Quinn. You’ve been at college for 2 years now. How many guys have you gone on dates with? How many cute guys did you shoot down?” my best friend asked me.

“I’m sorry, am I supposed to say yes to any lame-ass guy who approaches me? Is it so wrong to have standards?” I replied hotly, annoyed that we were once again having this conversation.

“Your standards are going to turn you into a lifelong virgin,” she said while giggling.

My quick temper got the better of me and I punched her arm lightly while exclaiming, “I am not!”

If only she knew the truth. I was far from being a virgin. In high school, I was pretty open with my sexuality. I fucked quite a few guys and gave more blowjobs than I cared to count. While I had no trouble getting laid, I had the worst luck with it came to love. Several times a guy I really liked would give me attention only to find out he just wanted to fuck me cause he knew I would. It honestly really sucked, and by the end of high school, I was pretty depressed.

When I went to Wheaton College, I decided that I was going to be a completely different type of girl. I wasn’t going to mindlessly flirt with every guy and gain yet another reputation. I’d only sleep with guys who I was really into and after I made sure they were really into me as well. Unfortunately, most of the guys at school who approached me didn’t impress me or give me butterflies. The guys I did like couldn’t be bothered to even glance in my direction. My friends had no idea, but I was constantly horny from this dry spell. I wanted to be with a guy I liked, but it seemed impossible.

The other girls in our college friend group quickly tried to calm us both down since they knew how often we got into it when Olivia quickly changed topics by saying, “Let’s go over here. He was working that area last time I saw him!”

Without waiting for any kind of confirmation, she briskly walked away and the rest of us practically had to run after her to keep up. I had a gut feeling that this guy was going to be shockingly average and nothing special, but I tried to keep it to myself. Olivia had a new crush seemingly every few weeks, but when she was obsessed, it was best to be supportive.

Suddenly she stopped and ducked behind one of the arcade machines. The rest of us acted like we were on a spy mission or something, and quickly hid behind her so we wouldn’t be seen. Part of me wondered how ridiculous we all looked, but it was fun to play along. We all gathered right around Olivia and peered around the corner.

“Look! There he is! Isn’t he the hottest guy like, ever? He’s so hot that if I was with him, I wouldn’t even need a jacket outside,” I heard Olivia whisper to us.

I sucked in my breath, but for a completely different reason. No way. Was that…fucking Nate? My older brother Nate? My eyes widened in surprise and I pulled my head back so I was completely hidden behind one of the machines. What the hell was he doing here?

He graduated from college last spring and was living at home while looking for a job. It was now November and he still hadn’t found anything. He said he was going to get a part-time job while he looked for something permanent, but he never mentioned it was at the arcade. Of all the people for Olivia to get a crush on, it had to be him. It almost made me sick. Yuck.

I looked back to my friend group and saw that Olivia was giggling like a schoolgirl while talking about how awesome he was. Part of me wanted to shake her and tell her that he was my brother and she should totally not be interested in him. However, knowing how obsessive she was, if she found out he was my brother, she would endlessly bug me to set them up. I didn’t think I could deal with the 500 texts a day asking about him. While my friends knew I had a brother, they fortunately didn’t know it was him.

“Ok, ok, let’s start off with something simple. I’ll walk by him and see if he notices me,” Olivia excitedly said.

All the other girls nodded in agreement but I was unconvinced and said, “Really? That’s your plan? Instead, you could…I don’t know, just walk up to him and say ‘hi’ or something?”

Olivia şişli escort looked at me with a hurt look on her face before she continued, “Are you crazy? You want me to make the first move? Don’t you know how this works? Guys need to make the first move and chase us. Otherwise, they get bored. Duh?”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, but Olivia had already moved on and said, “Ok, you all stay here and watch except for Quinn. You need to come with me so I don’t look like a desperate slut or anything.”

Once she finished talking, she pulled the sweater she was wearing over her head and revealed a sexy top that would’ve been way too skimpy to wear outside in the brisk weather. She was blessed with big boobs and they were extremely noticeable in her top. There was no way a guy wouldn’t steal a glance at her. Knowing how perverted my brother was, I was sure he would do more than simply glance.

“C’mon Quinn, take your hoodie off and let’s go already before he leaves,” she said to me.

I sighed and couldn’t believe I agreed to do this. She didn’t want to be the only girl who was dressed to impress, so she convinced me to look sexy as well. Initially, I didn’t mind since I liked wearing skimpy clothes and getting stares from guys. Now that I knew that her crush was Nate, I regretted everything.

I reluctantly pulled off my hoodie and revealed my own sexy top. It was a lacey, spaghetti strap top that had a plunging neckline down to the middle of my breasts. There was so little material covering my chest that my perky C-cup breasts were half exposed. The top closely clung to my body and had built-in pads at the bust so I didn’t need to wear a bra too. The top was also slightly cropped, so part of my thin waist and flat, toned stomach was naked as well.

Since it was so cold out, I couldn’t pair my sexy top with a cute skirt or anything. I opted instead to wear a pair of jeans, but they were so tight, that they wonderfully showed off my curves. While I was fairly thin and petite, my years of playing golf sculpted my legs to be more muscular than most other girls and were well highlighted by the denim of the jeans. It wasn’t just my thighs that stretched my jeans out, but my ass too. Between having lucky genetics and being a bit of a gym rat, I had an incredibly large ass that was both round and well-toned. Olivia lucked out with her breasts, but she couldn’t compete with my big butt.

Handing my hoodie to a friend, Olivia grabbed my arm, pulled me towards her, and soon we were walking towards my brother. My heart was pounding in my chest and I really hoped that my brother wouldn’t notice us. Please, please don’t look. All of my hopes were quickly dashed. We tried to act natural, but I saw my brother’s face turn to look at Olivia. I saw his eyes check her out and it made me almost want to barf. Soon his eyes moved to me and when ours met, his widened in shock. Instead of him just giving us a quick look, he was now staring at us dumbfounded as we walked past him. Well, shit.

We turned and looped back around to meet up with the rest of our friends and the whole time I felt almost sick. Once back together with everyone, Olivia practically screamed with excitement as she lightly jumped up and down. Sometimes I wondered how we could be such good friends since we were so different.

“He totally checked me out! Not only that, but he couldn’t stop staring at me. Yo, your girl here is apparently smokin’ hot,” she said and then laughed with the other girls.

He checked her out, sure, but he only stared cause of me. I could have told her, but I didn’t want to burst the happy bubble that she was in. Hanging off the side of the group, I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I needed to yell at my brother.

‘What the hell are you doing working at the arcade? Why didn’t you tell me?!’ I quickly typed out.

Within just a few seconds I saw him typing a response and soon read his message back, ‘So that was you. I thought I was hallucinating or something. So…uhh…who’s your friend?’

A flash of anger heated up my body and I quickly typed out, ‘DON’T YOU DARE.’


‘You know what. And btw, act like you have no idea who I am.’

‘Wait, why?’

‘Just do it, ok? I’ll explain everything when we go home later.’

I sighed heavily and was waiting for my brother’s response when I heard Olivia yell at me, “What’s going on Quinn? You’ve been staring at that damn phone of yours. Aren’t you excited?”

“Oh…yeah. He sure is… something,” I said with a forced smile, unable to bring myself to call him cute or hot or whatever.

“Ok, so here is the next step in my plan. Quinn and I are going to go play one of the claw games near him that has a cute stuffed animal. We’re going to act frustrated like we can’t win it and see if he comes to help. You guys just stay here and watch, yeah?’ Olivia said to the group.

Without waiting for any sort of response from me, she grabbed my arm again and I muttered mecidiyeköy escort ‘ow ow’ as I was dragged over to the row of claw machines. She found one with a cute stuffed animal inside and I saw her eyes light up. She looked over her shoulder and my eyes followed hers and spotted my brother nearby. Nate, I swear to god, you better not come over here or I swear I’ll kill you.

She quickly refocused on the game and swiped her game card for a claw attempt. Over, down, and the claw came up empty. She swiped again, and the stuffed animal barely moved. After a third try, she turned to me and acted so sad and frustrated. It took every ounce of willpower I had to not roll my eyes at her. She tried a fourth time, and after yet another failure, she turned around, leaned her back against the machine, and cried out in frustration.

I looked at her incredulously when I heard a deep voice nearby say, “Need some help?”

I quickly turned my head and saw Nate towering over us. My eyes narrowed and I wanted to kick him so badly, but I knew Olivia would kill me. Instead, I looked at him with a gaze that screamed ‘what did I just fucking tell you?’ He seemed to completely ignore me and was giving my best friend a charming smile. I tried to quickly think of something to separate them, but my mind was coming up blank.

“This game is just sooo hard and I don’t have a handsome boyfriend to help me,” she said while trying to look pitiful.

I figured my brother wouldn’t fall for something so obvious, but I was shocked when I heard him reply, “Oh, really? I guess I need to step up and help then. Can’t let a cute girl leave without a cute stuffed animal.”

Oh yeah, he was totally going to die the moment we get home.

They continued to stare at each other for a few moments without talking before he moved closer to the machine and said, “Here, let me try.”

We both stepped to the side, but Olivia stood so close to him that her bare arm was practically rubbing against his. He swiped her card and moved the crane. With just a single attempt, the claw picked up the animal and dropped it down the prize shoot. I heard her squeal in pleasure and wrapped her arms around his thick arm and hugged him. Of course, she couldn’t resist pressing her large breasts against him while she did so too.

He handed her the prize and she immediately took it, and pressed it against her chest in a hug before she said, “Thank you so much! It’s so nice having a big, strong man around. I’m Olivia by the way.”

“I’m Nate, and you’re very welcome. I have a feeling I could help you more in the future. Why don’t you give me your number and I can text you when I’m free,” he said with his devilishly handsome smile.

This time, I couldn’t hold back my anger. My leg swiftly moved and kicked the side of his leg, but it felt like I kicked a brick wall instead. He didn’t even acknowledge it while he took out his phone and entered the numbers that Olivia was rattling off. I felt like I was losing my mind. How was this happening? There was no way I would allow the two of them to date.

“I look forward to hearing from you,” Olivia said while smiling shyly before she grabbed my arm and started to walk away.

I glared at my brother before I turned my head to look at my roommate as we walked back to our group of friends. Once we were out of eyesight, I saw her excitedly hop up and down before hugging me. Our other friends soon gathered around and she told them that he asked for her number. Soon enough, they were all screaming together in excitement. Everyone except me anyway.

“Quinn, you saw him up close. Is he as hot as Olivia says?” one of our friends turned and asked me.

I cleared my throat before saying, “Well…uhhh….”

Olivia interrupted and said, “Of course he is! He even ticks all of Quinn’s impossible boxes.”

“I…I don’t know about that,” I said hesitantly.

“Oh please. Let’s go through all the excuses you usually give for not liking a guy. Number one, they don’t have a charming smile. His smile is brighter than the lights on these games!”

I don’t know if I completely agreed, but she had a point. Nate definitely had an award-winning smile. I saw him use it so many times to get out of a punishment or to flirt with girls at stores. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw him smile. Damn that boy. His natural charisma was insane.

“Number two, he isn’t tall enough. Did you see him? He was at least 6 feet, maybe even taller!” Olivia continued.

She was right about that. My brother had a commanding presence to him. I wasn’t some tiny girl at 5’4″, but when I stood next to him, I felt quite small.

“Number three, he has skinny arms. Girl, did you see how muscular he was? His arms were as big as our legs! Hell, his chest was so muscular that he looked like he was going to pop the buttons off his polo!”

I never really thought of his physique before, escort istanbul but she wasn’t wrong. His arms were huge and while he wasn’t ripped or anything, I could clearly see bulky muscles under his shirt. The thought of touching an arm that muscular made me blush. I always wanted to date a guy who could easily pick me up and carry me off, and apparently, that happened to be my brother. Thinking more about it, sometimes when we would fight, he would pick me up like I weighed nothing to him and carry me around.

“Lastly, he probably has a small dick. Did you see how big he was? His cock is probably huuuge,” she said while giggling.

Most of the other girls blushed, but meanwhile, I reached out to punch Olivia again. She sadly moved too quickly and dodged it. I never said anything about liking big cocks, but it was a running joke that Olivia always made about me whenever she couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like a guy. As much as I acted upset, she was actually correct. One of the first guys I had sex with had a big dick and while I loved the sex, he was a huge asshole. Every guy I was with afterwards could never satisfy me like he could. Even the porn I watched had to have a guy who was hung. There was no way Nate had a huge dick, right?

“It’s your loss Q,” she called me by my nickname, “It seems like that hunk of a man is all for me.”

I stuck my tongue out at her in defiance as I grabbed my hoodie from one of my friends and put it back on. I don’t know why, but it was freezing inside the arcade. Our group was discussing what she should wear for their first date, but I was focused on trying to figure out how to convince my brother to not call or text her. Not only would it be hell if they started dating, but I didn’t like the idea of trying to explain why I acted like I didn’t know him to begin with.

“Alright girls, we should go since it looks like they are closing. You coming Q?” Olivia asked me as the group started to walk away, but my feet remained planted.

“Yeah…oh, actually. Hold on. I think I left something at the claw game earlier. You guys can go, I drove separately anyway,” I replied.

We waved goodbye and the moment they were out of eyesight, I walked deeper into the arcade to find my brother. Fortunately, the place was pretty empty and he was a big dude, so it didn’t take me too long to find him. Once my eyes locked onto him though, I felt my blood boil and I swear I saw red. I quickly walked up to him and punched him hard in the arm.

“Ow, damn Quinn, what the hell?” he said.

I slapped and kicked him and with each hit, I slowly stuttered out, “I told you no!”

He started to block my attacks and I stopped to collect myself when I heard him reply, “What’s your fucking problem?”

“You goddamn know what my fucking problem is you asshat,” I practically yelled at him.

I was slightly shaking from the amount of anger coursing through me and I tried to calm myself down. I knew that I sometimes got a little too heated. I unclenched my hands and closed my eyes for a moment while I took a deep breath. I opened my eyes and pulled my long blonde hair that fell in front of my face behind my ears. I felt calmer and more centered. When I looked back at him though, it was like my eyes noticed everything Olivia mentioned for the first time. My brother was sort of hot.

Not only was he incredibly tall, but he was built like a football star. His long sleeve polo uniform shirt was probably a size too small and tightly clung to his body. His shoulders were wide, strong, and stretched his shirt to its limits. His arms bulged out the sleeves, and his chest did the same to the front. Unlike a lot of other muscular guys, his legs looked just as thick as his upper body. On top of that, he had a handsome, clean-shaven face with a square jaw. He smiled at me and I instantly knew how all those other girls fell for him so easily.

I shook my head slightly to refocus my thoughts and I growled at him, “That damn smile of yours isn’t going to get you out of this!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll tell you what. I’m the only one closing up tonight and If you help me clean, I promise I won’t text her. Deal?”

Was he fucking serious? He was at least getting paid to do this and all I would get was a promise from him? I glared at him as menacingly as I could, and his face remained genuine. I felt my facade crumbling in front of him. Oh why not, helping him clean was better than him getting together with my best friend. This was super dumb, but what choice did I have?

“Fine! Fine. What do I need to do?” I eventually broke down and asked.

My brother smiled even wider as he walked up to me, put his arm around me, and walked us to the backroom. With dusters and disinfecting wipes now in hand, he showed me which areas I could help clean. For the most part we cleaned separately, and I wondered if he would keep his end of the bargain while I mindlessly wiped machines down.

Once I was finished, he asked if there were some machines I could help him clean. Some of the games were incredibly tall and hard to reach, even for Nate. I asked if we would need a ladder when he suddenly picked me up by my waist and hoisted me up. My eyes opened wide in surprise. What the hell?

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