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Ava Addams

***Everyone in this story is 18+ years old***

Note: This is chapter 3, for details leading up to this please read previous chapters. Also I added “Bonus content” at the end of this chapter. I have written most of what I’ve been posting as an experimental story. So there are some erotic and non-erotic pieces. Since this chapter for me felt short, I wanted to include some more storyline so we can get a glimpse into Aria’s professional life. Please let me know if it’s too much, boring, or not developed enough!

Thank you, enjoy, all feedback is welcome!


I sat in my lecture Wednesday evening, furiously taking notes. After starting my job as an automation developer, my parents were shocked when I told them I’d be going for a master’s in business. I had acquired my bachelor’s and was working at a few different places after high school. But the pay was always shit for the work. I had to admit my pay now was comfortable, especially for just me, and one of the only reasons I wasn’t jumping ship.

But Lucas’s insistence that I was too fucking immature and irresponsible irked me. I knew that fucker would hold me back. And it was stupid because I could be a great fucking business woman, I just choose not to. It’s exhausting doing everyone’s work while pretending to be some well-mannered, suit wearing cunt.

“Do not forget the exam is next week!” he called out and I sighed, pulling my phone up to log it into my calendar. I knew I would forget. Future me would appreciate this damn gesture. I started packing up when my phone rang. An unknown number? Hmm.

“Hello?” I answered it.

“Hello, is this Aria?” a man’s voice. It sounded familiar….

“Speaking,” I muttered, slinging my bag over my shoulder as I went to leave the lecture hall. “Who’s this?” I demanded hastily and he chuckled.

“Howard, you wrote your phone number on my hand when we met last week,” he laughed and I smirked.

“To what do I owe the pleasure Howard?” I mused, licking my lip with excitement as I walked out toward the parking garage.

“Are you busy tonight?” so forward. I snickered and threw my backpack into the back seat, sitting down to turn my car on.

“Something tells me this isn’t work related Howard,” I teased and he laughed. “What if I’m not busy tonight? What would you propose?” I pulled out of the parking lot, putting him on speaker as I set the phone in its little holder by the wheel.

“Maybe a drink?” he sighed.

“Is the stanch businessman curious?” I purred, waiting to pull out onto the road. Would I need a toy or two? How far would this go? No. It was a work night. I didn’t want to be out late. “I could settle for a few drinks, but it means nothing. I’m not joining you at your fucking house, or apartment, or a motel,” I breathed and he laughed.

“Of course not, just drinks,” he insisted and I smirked.

“Send me the address, I’m just leaving class now,” I breathed, hanging up. I pulled up to a red light when I got a text. I hurried to put it into my GPS, changing course to the bar. I parked nearby and walked, chewing a new piece of gum as I did. I saw him standing out front, glancing at his watch and looking around eagerly. His back was to me as he started to pace. I walked up behind him and grabbed his wrist. He gasped, turning to look back at me. “Gotcha!” I laughed and he chuckled.

“Come on,” he grabbed the door and held it for me. I saluted him playfully, meandering in and taking a seat at the bar. He plopped down next to me and smiled. “How was your class?” he breathed as the bartender came over.

“Fucking boring! I’ll take the seasonal pour on tap,” I pointed to the tap and he smiled, nodding.

“Make that two, tall!” Howard gestured with his hand, leaning on his elbow as he smiled at me.

“Did you come from the office?” I demanded, pinching the lapel of his blazer. He laughed and nodded. “Damn monkey suits make my skin crawl,” I grumbled as a glass was plunked down in front of me. I grabbed it and took a nice long chug, sighing happily after I swallowed.

“You definitely do not seem to be the business type,” he chuckled, sipping his beer. “What degree are you going for?” he muttered and I smiled coyly.

“A master’s in business management,” I breathed and he nearly spit his drink out with laughter. “Oh fuck off. You don’t even know me suit. I’m only 24, I have plenty of damn time to learn how to act the fucking part,” I grumbled and he smirked.

“Would be a shame,” he breathed, running his finger along the rim of his glass. “I like your spunk,” he muttered before grabbing his glass and sipping it. “I found it refreshing, seeing someone so good at their job and so ignorant to normal business etiquette,” he chuckled and I snickered.

“Ignorant? Please, you act like it’s not a choice. That I’m not aware how fucking inappropriate it is. You think my boss doesn’t want to fire me at least five times a day?” I laughed and he smiled. “It’s just horse shit. I shouldn’t have eryaman escort bayan to smile and suck your fucking dick for you to respect my work and what I’m capable of. Makes no damn sense,” I grabbed my glass and chugged it some more, sighing as I set it down.

“So tell me Aria, what do you want?” he breathed an I glanced at him curiously. “I heard you were looking for a new job,” he started and I gasped.

“How the hell did you hear that?” I demanded and he laughed.

“People in my circles talk. I work in client relations and corporate procurement. We keep our eye on up and coming talent,” he admired me and I smiled cynically.

“Up and coming talent, eh? Pfft, up and coming my fucking ass. This cunt’s established talent,” I threw my thumb toward my chest and he laughed happily. “What I want is for my boss to not be a fucking prick. He uses me. I make up half of his damn team. People say it’s my own fucking fault for getting the work done. But how can I not? It’s just part of my nature. Why am I to blame when he abuses it?!” I demanded and Howard smiled.

“Well, it’s in my best interest to help you stay where you’re at,” he laughed then and I smirked. “Simply because you are our best service provider. Every automation project is shot down the pipeline to you,” he gestured to me and I snickered. “So what would it take to make you stay?”

“Your company has no interest in building its own dev team?” I challenged and he shrugged. “Damn shame, it’d probably be cheaper than outsourcing the fucking labor. And I bet I don’t even get compensated near enough based on what you pay for the damn contracts,” I mused and he laughed.

“And could you imagine your company is always one of the lowest bidders usually?” he breathed. I snickered, shaking my head. “But enough about work, I didn’t really want to talk too much about it,” he admitted and I smiled.

“Do you find me intriguing Howard?” I teased and he smiled, nodding. I glanced at his hands as he sipped his beer, noticing a wedding band. “But you’re married,” I pinched his finger and he blushed, sighing as he glanced at the bar.

“No one believes me,” he glanced at me warily and sighed. “But my wife and I have a unique relationship,” he mumbled, fiddling with it uncomfortably.

“Oh is that so?” I smiled, crossing my arms as I leaned back in my chair. Now this was intriguing to say the least. “And what might that be?” I demanded.

“We’re a bit adventurous,” he mumbled, blushing as he cleared his throat. “I don’t usually talk about this with people I work with,” he seemed uneasy. I snickered and licked my lip, taking another sip as I glanced around.

“It’s just you and I here compadre, by all means pour your heart out to me,” I laughed happily and he chuckled. “To make you feel a bit easier about it all,” I started and he glanced at me. “I’m a dominatrix,” I mused and his eyes widened. “Plenty of men have been pummeled into oblivion by me,” I snickered and he chuckled, blushing as he smiled and sipped his beer again.

“What about women?” he raised his eyebrow at me and I shrugged.

“If they’re fun I’m not opposed to it,” I mused. That was true. “Are you two looking for some fun?” I breathed and he cleared his throat.

“Well,” he hesitated and sighed, rubbing his forehead. “We’ve only really done stuff like this a handful of times. We’re still figuring it out,” he insisted. I smiled and closed my eyes, sipping my beer some more.

“Well Howard, you have my phone number. Think about it. Just know,” I glanced at him, our eyes meeting. “No one gets to do anything to me. Nothing enters my fucking body, unless I decide,” I breathed and he nodded, seeming shocked. “So I won’t suck your dick, you can’t finger me, and you certainly can’t fuck me,” I breathed. He blushed, looking around frantically.

“Uh, understood,” he muttered and I smiled.

“It’s getting pretty late. Why don’t you get home to your wife and let me get home,” I offered as I set my empty glass down. He took a deep breath and nodded with a warm smile.

“Thank you for your time Aria,” he muttered. We pushed up from the bar, hell he even offered to walk me to my car like a kind gentleman. I had a lot to think about tonight.


“The fuck you doing meeting up with clients for drinks?” Lucas demanded, standing at my desk as I walked in Thursday morning. I snickered, crossing my arms as I leaned on the divider on the side of my desk.

“You jealous?” I wiggled my eyebrows at him. “We can go for drinks if you want boss,” I teased and he scoffed, rolling his eyes.

“Please, I bet you’re worse fucking company outside of work,” he grumbled and I snickered. I popped my gum, pushing my headphones off my ears as I shoved my hands into my hoodie pocket.

“Would you like to find out?” I breathed. I reached up and grabbed his tie daringly, tugging on it. He blushed, grabbing it as he stumbled toward me. “Most men keep crawling back when they get a taste of what I have to offer. I could rock your fucking world,” I muttered quietly. ankara escort His eyes darted around frantically as he blushed.

“Cut it out Aria! We’re at work, and I’m your fucking boss,” he fixed himself, stepping back. “What were you doing with Howard?”

“If you must know,” I pushed past him to sit down, kicking my shoes off and getting comfortable as I pulled my laptop out. I docked it and snapped my gum, smiling at him. “I was trying to fuck him,” I breathed and he looked appalled. I cackled happily, falling over onto my desk and hitting it. “Oh you’re so fucking gullible! No, he found out I was trying to quit this fucking job,” I jabbed my finger into the desk.

“The fuck does that have to do with him?” he demanded, a sour expression on his face.

“I never thought you were as stupid as you looked boss,” I snickered and he sighed. “I’m the best asset you got and our clients know it. The fuck you think you keep me around for? My charming personality and stunning looks?” I joked and he actually laughed.

“No, you’re right. But just be fucking careful. People find out and both your jobs could be at risk,” he grumbled and I shrugged. “You really don’t fucking care?” he demanded and I smirked.

“I can find another job,” I turned to my computer and wiggled my fingers at him. “Leave me alone, I have work to do!” he grumbled as he walked off. I was about to slide my headset on when there was a gentle knock on my desk. I looked up to see Lace.

“I’d keep you around for your looks and personality,” he breathed and I snorted, shaking my head as I adjusted my ponytail. “I was going to ask if you wanted to get drinks again soon,” he mumbled and I smirked, pulling my knee up to my chest as I adjusted in my seat.

“Your girlfriend releasing the ball and chain?” I teased. He sighed heavily, crossing his arms.

“I told her I’d break up with her if she insisted on preventing me from going out,” he started and I snickered.

“Even though it’s in her best interest to keep you away from me?” I muttered quietly and he blushed, grinning wickedly. “We can get drinks tomorrow after work,” I offered and he nodded happily. He walked off as I returned to my work. After some time my phone chimed and I glanced at it, seeing a text from Lace. I smiled and opened it.

Can I cash in my wish?

I licked my lip and snickered. And what might that be? I texted back, feeling devious as I continued working. Another text had me a bit eager, until I read it.

I want that pussy on my face

What a mood killer. I shook my head, texting back as I grumbled. Before I could hit send another message came in.

Right now…

A picture of a conference room number popped up. I sighed and got up, locking my computer before heading off. I pushed the door open and saw that it was dark. I smiled, letting the door shut behind me, pressing the lock on it. “Didn’t think you’d actually come,” he chuckled and I snickered.

“I promised you one wish,” I breathed and he sighed. “Aren’t I so nice?” I purred, leaning on the door. I felt hands on my hips and sighed. “You’re getting bold there bitch,” I warned and he sighed.

“Just letting you know I’m here,” he muttered. I pressed my hands onto his chest and snickered. I ran my hands along his arms and grabbed his hands, pulling him over to the wall. I pushed him down, my eyes adjusting as I saw him sitting on the floor between my legs. I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans, licking my lips as I smiled.

“Remember you asked for this,” I muttered. I pushed my pants down below my knees and grabbed his head. “Think you can handle this pussy?” I mumbled, bracing my other hand on the wall as I leaned toward him. He whimpered as soon as I buried his face between my thighs. “You better not make this awful,” I warned as his hands grabbed my thighs. His mouth opened, his tongue and lips eager as he lapped at my cunt. My hand slid into his hair as I leaned onto the wall, my hips rolling slightly as I worked myself against his face.

“Fuck, I’ve been missing out on so much!” he panted and I couldn’t help but laugh as I tugged at his hair, pushing his head back.

“You like my cunt?” I muttered. He nodded, his hands squeezing my thighs. “If you want more, tell me what else you like about me. And don’t fucking lie,” I breathed.

“I love how fucking meaty and curvy your thighs and hips are. And this fucking ass,” he grabbed it roughly, kissing my thighs as he panted. “Your tits always look so fucking good in your tank tops,” he muttered as he rested his cheek against my thigh. “And you have a stunning face and smile,” he grumbled.

“You’re talking like you love me, perv,” I muttered and he laughed.

“Cause I do. You’re fucking amazing Aria,” he groaned and I smiled. I pushed my pussy up against his face again, reaching down to spread my lips more. He let me hump his face, his lips and tongue desperate for me.

“Do you worship any other pussy?” I breathed and he groaned, his hands tugging at my ass. “Tell me,” I pulled sincan escort bayan his head away and he gasped for air.

“Just yours,” he groaned. “Fuck, I’d do anything for you,” he sighed. I smiled and licked my lips.

“Jerk off while I fuck your face,” I breathed. His hands left my body then as I grabbed his head. He gave me his tongue and lips, letting me hump the fucking shit out of his face as he panted and moaned. “You gonna cum while suffocating on this pussy?” I muttered, getting worked up myself.

“I’m gonna fucking cum,” he groaned and I bit my lip. We both were panting and moaning quietly, my body aching for its own release. He gasped, his head falling back slightly as he shook.

“That’s it, cum for me. Cum while you suck on my cunt,” I purred, grabbing his head and pushing him into me. He growled, convulsing as he sucked at my clit. I humped his mouth and moaned as I bit my lip, trembling with my own orgasm. I pushed him away, stepping back slightly as I took a deep breath. I pulled my pants up and fixed myself, crossing my arms as he sat on the floor panting.

“If I drink my cum again, do I get another wish?” he chuckled and I snickered.

“Tell me,” I crouched down in front of him, grabbing his wrists and holding them up to his face. “What more could you possible want from me?” I demanded and he sighed.

“To see you naked,” he whispered. I sighed, pushing his hand toward his face.

“You’re getting too needy,” I warned and he chuckled, slurping up his own cum. I licked his hands clean too, our mouths tangling in erotic passion as we kissed and slurped at one another. “Your lips taste like pussy,” I breathed and he chuckled.

“Delicious right?” he adjusted his pants and got up. “I meant what I said last week. I’d date you in a fucking heartbeat,” he breathed and I snickered, turning for the door. He grabbed my waist and pulled me against him. “I’m serious Aria. I’m only dating another woman because I want to distract myself. You’re fucking perfect. No one compares to you. Nothing is as good as being with you. So just, think about it ok?” he breathed and I sighed.

“You’re getting fucking sappy and emotional Lace. I don’t like it,” I breathed and he chuckled.

“You know I’d let you do whatever you wanted,” he continued and I rolled my eyes. “I’d even ask to watch,” he muttered. I smiled and crossed my arms.

“But dating means you’d probably want to fuck me back,” I sighed and he did too. “And I don’t know if I feel that way about you,” I started.

“Is that it then? The day you want my dick is the day you’ll want to date me?” he chuckled.

“Don’t read so far into it,” I grumbled.

“One more kiss, please?” he begged so cutely. I sighed, unable to say no when he got all needy like this. I pulled him close, kissing him eagerly. Our tongues swirled and tangled, his hands clawing at my ass. I had to admit, Lace made me feel real fucking sexy. I was pretty average, or at least I felt average. Had naturally light brown hair that I insisted on dying, blue eyes, a heart-shaped face and long pin-straight hair. It was thick and soft, a blessing from my genetics for sure. I also got my mom’s wide hips and curvy frame. I was 5’6″ with some meat on my body. I wasn’t overweight, just plump enough that you couldn’t really see my ribs or hips.

“Alright, we gotta work,” I pushed him away and he sighed. I pulled the door open and left, returning to my desk. I saw a little box sitting on it with a note. I opened it and smirked. Lunch on the company today, huh? Was Lucas trying to get on my good side now? I sat down and ate happily, working away on my project.


Friday morning was uneventful, at least until I got a notice of a meeting for my automation. I was building a bot to access, download, organize and produce records for our payroll team. There was another bot I had to build that would take those reports monthly and spit out some data tables for their analytics team. Apparently these reports aided decisions like department budgets, spending allocations, and whatever fucking else the finance team does.

“Aria, come on!” Lucas hit me with a folder and I grumbled, pushing up and grabbing my lap top. I held my notepad and pen in the same hand, carrying my soda bottle and chip bag in the other as he led me to the conference room. I walked in and sat down next to him, adjusting my glasses as I got comfortable. I pulled my hair up into a messy ponytail, my bangs hanging around my face as I started eating the chips.

“Got something to say?” I demanded when he was glaring at me.

“You act like this office is your fucking house,” he grumbled and I shrugged.

“If I need to behave this way to feel comfortable enough to get all my work done, the fuck’s it matter? Who does this hurt?” I gestured to myself and he rolled his eyes. I had on leggings and another giant sweatshirt, my headphones hanging on my neck as I worked on my laptop.

“Do you always bring your mouse with you?” he flicked it as I plugged it in, glancing at him with a smirk.

“Track pads suck dick,” I breathed and he almost smiled before composing himself. “So yeah, I carry this wireless one in my pocket for these stupid ass meetings,” I muttered. The door opened as I leaned back to sip my soda.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32