Arty and Steph Pt. 02

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This is a sequel to my previous story, “Arty and Steph.” Please read that before continuing.

All characters in this story are aged 18 or older.

This story is the intellectual property of its writer to the exclusion of all others. This story is a work of fiction and any similarities between real persons or events is merely coincidental.

Arty had finally gotten to the weekend, despite the powerful kick Steph had delivered to him earlier he had not stopped masturbating and his sperm count didn’t seem to have diminished at all. However, all his fantasies now centered around Steph.

It was not unusual for him to fantasize about Steph in general, she was one of the hottest girls in his school, but ever since she had kicked him in the balls it had given rise to a new sort of sexual interest. He loved her for this. He knew he shouldn’t. He knew she showed an indifference to his well-being and saw him as a plaything for her amusement. It didn’t matter.

That Friday he knew the cheerleaders would be comparing their scores, how many different guys they had kicked in the balls. He was hoping they’d begin the bets all over again. He wished he could watch that party, hearing the sexiest girls talk about all the guys they busted, he was hoping bursa escort Steph had won and that meant her kicking him meant something. He probably wouldn’t know.

He instead kept himself busy with homework, video games, and masturbating to pictures of Steph, especially ones where her feminine and toned legs were on full display. He would whisper, “kick me again, Steph,” while looking at them on social media.

Arty had resolved from his last interaction with Steph that he was going to ask her to hurt him again on Monday. Arty had gotten into school on his bus and, as usual the bus came in early. He went to his locker and was going to wait in the cafeteria with all the other early arrivals. He’d normally sit there for 20 minutes or so until the bell rang and would get ready for first period, AP Physics. After unloading his belongings in his locker he saw Steph walking down the hallway.

Steph wasn’t in her cheerleading uniform, but looked great in a black knee length low-riding skirt and a tight pink t-shirt. Steph was also wearing a pair of stilettos. He had no clue how she walked all day in them, but admired them nonetheless. He ran a bit to catch up to the girl and promptly tapped her on the shoulder. Steph pivoted around bursa escort bayan to face him.

Before Steph could say a word, Arty said, “Hi Steph, you kicked me in the balls last week, I would like to know if you would like to kick me again.”

“I didn’t make a bet with the cheerleaders this week, I did win last week though. You’re Arty, right?” Steph said.

“Yes,” he said, “so will you kick me?”

Steph rolled her beautiful blue eyes, “I told you, there’s no bet this week. But if you just like want to get kicked, why not? And nerds like you are always the most fun.”

“Yes, please honor me with your kicks,” said Arty.

Steph pushed him into an alcove to avoid being noticed. She then rammed her knee in between Arty’s legs. His scream became lost in his throat.

Steph smiled in a sexy and mischievous way and kneed him again. His eyes watered,

Still smiling she delivered a powerful cheerleader kick to her classmate. He actually went several inches into the air from the power of the kick and Steph had let him go and he collapsed in the hallway in a heap.

Steph bent down to observe him, smiling widely. Finally she said, “How was that?”

Arty was out of breath, but said, “Thank you, Steph.”

“You’re escort bursa welcome sweetie,” said the cheerleader, “I think you’re the only guy who actually wants girls to kick him in the balls. Especially cheerleaders, who have strong legs. I mean it’s the only way a girl–at least one like us–would ever touch you down there.” Steph laughed at her own joke.

“I don’t know, I feel honored to empower you that way. I feel like girls like you are superior to guys like me, and it feels like it’s right that you put me in my place, and it seems like you had fun doing it,” said Arty, looking up at Steph who was standing over him with her hands on her hips.

“You’re so weird,” said Steph laughing, “but I like doing this, maybe next time the cheerleaders have a party I can invite you.” Steph stomped on Arty’s balls, then laughed and winked and the bell rang. She strolled off to class on cloud 9. Arty finally managed to get up and limp to class as well. Fortunately, he was the teacher’s pet, absolving him of any detention, but even had it developed differently, the pain between his legs that still lingered from Steph’s assault would have been worth it. The fact he could help her realize her superiority and remind himself of how beneath her he was made him feel both honored and aroused.

Arty was Steph’s bitch, however, he was wondering if she would mind letting other girls kick him too. That Friday, he would find out she did approve of this when he was invited to the party of the cheerleading squad.

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