Back to School: Incentive Ch. 06

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Big Tits

Colleen started taking off the rest of her uniform. She was not wearing a bra so, when she pulled her top over her head, her large 38D breasts sprang free. Colleen had a peaches and cream complexion and her areolas were pale pink on her firm tits. Colleen knelt down on her hands and knees on her mat before reaching back with one hand to finger her clit as Joe knelt down behind her. He lined his hard dick up with her shaved, dripping snatch, and shoved it in, balls deep, with one hard thrust.

“OH, FUCK! YEA!!!” screamed out Colleen as an intense orgasm exploded inside her and Joe began pounding his cock in and out of her.

Chica pulled her mouth away from Natalie’s breast with a wet pop before heading over to her mat. She yanked off her uniform, exposing her olive-skinned 36C-22-38 body. Her long legs really did go all the way up and her pubic hair was trimmed short and shaved for bikini wear. Her full breasts stood high on her chest and her brown nipples stuck out as she inhaled to thrust them out even more.

“My guys, right here, right now,” ordered Chica. She looked over her group with a critical eye. “Strip. I want one in my pussy, one of my ass, one in my mouth, and one in each hand at all times. Hand jobs can swap for my mouth, pussy, or ass when the other guy is done there. You can come in my mouth or ass, but not my pussy.” Chica looked at the thirteen hard, throbbing dicks in front of her. “Aie! Chi-wa-wa! I think I am going to like dees!”

Chica made the first guy lie down on her mat and threw a leg over his hips. She grasped his hard cock and pointed it up at her glistening cunt. With a moan of pleasure, she sank down, fully embedding his prick inside her. She bent over, pulling her ass cheeks apart to expose her already lubricated rosebud. The second guy had smeared more lubricant on his cock and squatted down behind her. There was a little resistance, but Chica’s sphincter muscle ultimately gave way to the hard dick pushing up into her ass. Chica’s hands wrapped around two more pricks and she told them to put their hands over hers to help her jack them off before opening her mouth for the fifth cock.

“Exhibitionist,” muttered Mai to Jenny about Chica before Jenny left to go over to her group.

Jenny gave her guys a big Cheshire Cat grin and held up two fingers. She pulled down her uniform panties as the first two guys in her group stripped off their clothes. Jenny pulled her blouse up and over her large tanned breasts. She knelt down on her hands and knees, still wearing her pulled-up top and skirt. Her big tits hung down pendulously towards the floor.

Jenny’s first guy knelt down behind her and flipped her skirt up over her back, revealing a round tanned ass. He grasped his hard cock and rubbed it up and down over her wet slit, causing her to grown in anticipation. He then quickly thrust into her, causing Jenny’s breasts sway and wobble in response. The second guy knelt in front of Jenny and she opened her hot mouth to suck on his prick. The first student fucking Jenny from behind placed his hands on her hips, and quickly had her rocking back and forth between the dick in her hot, sucking mouth and the one in her tight, wet pussy.

“You ready, Natalie?” Mai asked quietly into Natalie’s ear.

“More…more than ready,” gasped out Natalie, shaking all over.

Mai pulled the two dildos out of Natalie and waved Natalie’s group over to her. Will was in the forefront. Natalie saw that her group had not wasted any time. All thirteen of them were naked. She was suddenly reminded of the time when she crashed a quantum physics discussion group in college. The group was made up entirely of eight male students and she felt slighted that they had not included her. She made it abundantly clear to them that she not only had the brains to join into their discussion, but there were also fringe benefits in including her. It had been her first gangbang.

“Hey, Coach Porter,” greeted Will.

“How do you want it?” asked Natalie with a knowing smile.

“Well, my dick is dying to be buried deep into your pussy,” said Will.

“Oh, I think I can handle that,” cooed Natalie.

Will stepped up next to the table and pulled Natalie over to the edge so that her legs were hanging over the edge. Natalie smiled up at him as he stepped forward and pushed her onto her back. Will then grasped her legs by the ankles and held them up in the air. Natalie cooed as he split her legs apart into a V and she felt cool air blow across her heated cunt. Looking down, Will shuffled forward and Natalie felt his stiff cock nudge against her wet folds. They both gasped in pleasure as Will’s hard shaft slid deep into her hot, tight hole. Will began to bang her and Natalie’s large tits rippled with each thrust.

Mai watched Natalie for a few moments and then walked over to her own lineup of men.

“Let’s get you all naked,” she said as she pulled off her uniform blouse.

Her brown areolas showed up sharply on her cantaloupe-sized breasts. The escort izmit guys immediately began stripping off all of their clothes and Mai pulled off her panties. She signaled to the first guy to come towards her. As he walked towards her, Mai raise one leg up in the air and then rested it on his shoulder. The guy stopped and Mai reached out with both hands. When he grasped her hands with his own, Mai pulled him quickly towards her.

The boy and Mai both gasped as their hips slapped together. Mai’s legs stretched out into a vertical split and, by pure luck, his hard prick thrust right into her tight, wet hole. All of Mai’s muscles tensed as she shivered and shook through powerful orgasm. Her pussy gushed out its cream to roll down her one leg and both of his. As her orgasm subsided, Mai placed the guy’s hands on her hips and showed him how to push her back and forth on his thick cock.

Haru walked over to her mat and stripped off her clothes. Her nipples were hard and dark against her dusky skin and her breasts were easily as large as Sarah’s. She had a narrow waist flaring hips, but her group seemed mesmerized by the incredulous difference between her full-figured body and her youthful, innocent face.

Haru pouted at her group and asked in a sweet voice, “Doesn’t anyone want to fuck my pussy?” as she reached down to spread her labia apart.

The first guy in her queue was nudged out of his trance by Yolanda. He chuckled to himself and began to strip, which so to set off the rest of them who began peeling off their clothing. The first guy then walked up to Haru.

Haru mashed her large tits up against his chest, which made his cock throb even more. She put her arms around his neck and jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist. The guy managed to catch her ass with both hands before she slid back down.

“Up a little more…a little more,” said Haru. “There…hold it… now down annnnnd…oh, yeah!”

Her fellow student lowered Haru right onto his hard shaft. Haru still had her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. The next guy in her lineup was naked and approached her.

“Hey, Haru, can I do your ass at the same time?” he asked her.

“Any objections?” she asked the first boy.

“Hell, no,” he replied.

“Grease your cock,” said Haru to the other boy.

The second guy smeared lubricant all over his prick. With the first boy gripping each of her asscheeks, Haru’s puckered anus was completely exposed. The second guy hunched down a little behind Haru and placed the tip of his cock against her asshole.

“Easy,” grunted Haru as the guy behind her straightened up and the pressure on her anus increased. The head of his cock suddenly pop passed her sphincter and he sank balls deep into her bowels. “Ugh!!! Hold on just a sec!”

Both men placed her hands under her buttocks and held her in place. Gradually, Haru became accustomed to the double penetration and she nodded that she was ready. The guys together began to lift her up and down on their stiff cocks.

“Well, Coach, I think it is time to take care of the needs of our guys,” said Yolanda to Sarah.

Sarah lifted herself off the Tailsplitter, dragging the huge toy out of her asshole. She was shaking all over with sexual tension, and had to hold onto Yolanda for a few moments until her trembling subsided. As Sarah let go of her, Yolanda smiled and nodded to her before moving off to her group.

“Yo, Tim,” greeted Yolanda as she walked over to her group. She smiled at the rest of them before saying, “You’re number one, so…?”

Tim walked up to Yolanda and put an arm around her waist. She reached up, and put a hand behind his head to pull it down. Their lips met in a fiery kiss and Yolanda’s tongue darted in Tim’s mouth to duel with his tongue. Tim’s hand slid up under her blouse. Her breast was be, firm, heavy, and the hard nipple poked into the palm of Tim’s hand.

“Very nice,” murmured Yolanda as she broke the kiss, “but I have others I have to take care of.”

“Well, how about if you take care of me fast, and then I’ll tag on at the end?” asked Tim.

“You’ll come back for seconds?” asked Yolanda. “…with all the other pretty girls here?”

“And thirds, if you don’t mind,” stated Tim.

“We’ll see,” said Yolanda as she pulled off her blouse. Her huge E size breasts sprang free and bounced a little. She then dropped down to her knees in front of him.

Yolanda reached up, unbuckled Tim’s belt, and unzipped his pants before pulling them down to his knees. His hard cock pushed out the front of his underwear and Yolanda slowly pulled it down to release his throbbing prick. She reached up and encircled his lily-white shaft with her chocolate-brown fingers.

She began stroking Tim’s cock and a large drop of pre-come oozed out of the tip. Her pink tongue snaked out to lick up the drop before it fell to the floor. Her tongue then swirled around and around the head of his cock, causing Tim to groan in ecstasy as his balls tightened izmit escort up in response.

Yolanda looked up at him and gave him a big sexy smile. She leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock and then leaned a little farther in, taking the head between her full lips. Yolanda pulled back slightly and began bobbing your head back and forth, sucking on Tim’s thick prick. Her hand stroked back and forth along the shaft in time with her head. Tim could feel his balls becoming tighter and tighter as he raced towards a tumultuous climax.

“Hiya, Coach,” said Mark as he led group a over to where Sarah was sitting on the table. “Are you ready for us?”

“To the victors goes the spoils,” quoted Sarah, giving Mark a sly smile. “So…mouth, pussy, or ass?”

“Well, if it’s okay with you, my buddy would like to fuck you while I fuck your tits,” said Mark as he and the others began to strip.

“Sounds good to me,” said Sarah as she spread some lube between her large breasts.

She swung around so she was laying on her back with her butt right on the edge of the table. Mark stepped up on the table and straddled her chest area. His long, thick cock slapped down lightly in the valley between her breasts. Sarah poured a little dollop of lubricant on Mark’s shaft and gently smeared it over his entire cock. Mark had to really concentrate on not blowing his load too soon. Sarah felt a pair of muscular arms hook themselves underneath her knees and lift her legs up and apart.

“Oh, yes!” gasped out Sarah as she arched her back in response to a hard dick being pushed slowly into her hot, wet vagina. Mark pushed her soft, large breasts up and together, cocooning his throbbing cock between them. Sarah placed her hands on either side of her tits to help hold them in place as Mark started to slide his slick cock between them.

“Shit, is she tight!” gasped out the guy who’s hammering his rock-hard prick in and out of Sarah’s dripping pussy.

Sarah tried to lick the tip of Mark’s cock each time it was shoved up towards her face, but the double pounding her body was getting made it impossible. The room was filled with moans and groans of desire, and the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh.

Sarah could feel the sexual tension in her body begin to rise. Mark’s cock was leaking a copious amount of pre-come, which pooled in the hollow at the base of her throat. She knew he was as close to cumming as she was. Suddenly, the hard shaft that had been filling her wet pussy pull out and Sarah groaned in frustration. She saw the student, holding his dick, coming around towards her head and she remembered that they were not supposed to cum inside her pussy until after the first round was done. Sarah turned her head to the side and sealed her rich, full lips around the head of the guy’s cock just as he let go.

Hot, thick sperm gushed into Sarah’s mouth and she moaned in satisfaction as a second gush followed it. Sarah’s cheeks billowed out and she took two quick gulps, swallowing down the gooey baby batter just before her mouth was filled again with the third and final spurt.

Mark felt his balls tightened painfully when he saw Sarah’s sweet lips seal around the head of his buddy’s prick and saw her cheeks billowed out as she accepted the hot load into her waiting mouth. After the final spurt, Sarah pulled her face away and Mark could see the cum in her mouth as her tongue swirled it around. The erotic sight pushed him over the edge.

Mark shivered and shook as he shoved his throbbing cock is deep between Sarah’s tits as possible. The head of his cock was peeking out of the top of her breasts as his climax exploded. Mark groaned as his prick pulsated and his cum burst out of the tip to splatter against Sarah’s chin. Sarah lifted her head and opened her mouth.

Mark’s next spurt was long and sustained. Sarah caught a mouthful and had to swallow as his white jism continued to hose out of Mark’s cock. Gooey sperm splattered across her cheeks, lips, and chin, and Sarah opened her mouth again to catch another mouthful before the flow finally subsided. Mark, gasping for breath, eased his semi-flaccid penis out from between Sarah’s soft breasts and sat down heavily on the bench next to her.

Sarah rolled onto her side to look at Mark and propped herself up on an elbow. Her blond ponytail draped over one shoulder and her large, firm tits hung down enticingly. There was a twinkle in her baby blue eyes and glistening cum coated the lower half of her face. Mark felt his cock begin to harden up once more.

“You know, Coach, you look so god-damn sexy, I’m ready to do you again,” he told her.

“Call me Sarah,” she said. “Unfortunately for you, I’m got eleven others waiting.”

“…and I’ll be in line right after Jeremy,” stated Mark.

Sarah smiled at him, scooped some of his cum off her cheek, and sucked it off her fingers as she smiled at him.

“I’d like that,” she said.

“Hold up just to sec,” said Mark to the number izmit kendi evi olan escort three guy.

Mark disappeared into the kitchen and soon returned with a washbasin. He gently wash the cum off Sarah’s face with warm water and much to her amusement. After he was done, Sarah signaled him to bend down. When he did, Sarah put a hand behind his head and pulled him closer for passionate kiss. Mark returned the kiss with fervor and reached up to cup one of Sarah’s soft breasts.

“No, no, no,” admonished Sarah, breaking away. “You’ll just have to wait your turn.” She turned to face the next football player in line. “You’re next.”

Sarah found herself flat on her back with her legs up on the shoulders of a muscular lineman as he fucked his short, but thick cock in and out of her tight cunt. Sarah’s vagina was foreshortened in this position, so it felt like the hard cock filling her completely each time it plunged into her. Sarah could feel the sexual tension building up inside of her, but before she could hit the peak and orgasm, the lineman groaned. He pulled his dick out of her, and sprayed his hot jism all over her stomach and abdomen.

Sighing inwardly in frustration, Sarah smiled up at the lineman happy, at least, that the guy got his nut off. She felt a warm glow on her skin as she rubbed his jism over her stomach. The lineman use the washcloth to wipe his judges off her in the next two guys approached.

“Uh, Coach, I’d like to…um… we’d like to…uh…,”

“Spit it out,” said Sarah laughingly. “Mouth, pussy, or ass?”

“Ass!” said the first one.

“Mouth!” stated the other at the same time.

“You, lube it up,” ordered Sarah as she flipped over onto her hands and knees. “Take it slow until you’re fully in.”

The first one greased up his prick while the other guy knelt in front of Sarah. Sarah reached up and took a hold of the hard shaft in front of her and began to gently suck on the head, letting her tongue lave around the fleshy knob. She felt a pair of hands grasped her buttocks and pull them slightly apart. Something hard pressed against the rosebud of her anus and Sarah relaxed her asshole as the pressure increased. The head of the cock popped past her sphincter and Sarah hummed around the dick in her mouth as the other hard shaft wormed its way deliciously into her bowels.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed the guy who had penetrated Sarah’s ass. “This is Heaven! Think my parents will let me transfer to Westville for the rest of the year?”

“You and me both!” gasped the other student. “Her mouth’s like velvet. Do you remember when we both did Mary Jo?”

“Shit, yea!”

“Well, her cocksucking skill ain’t nothing compared to… Ouch! What’d bite me for?”

“Do you to normally talk like this?” asked Sarah, who hap nipped at the end of the guy’s cock.

“Huh? What do you mean?” asked the student, whose prick was buried in Sarah’s ass.

“Is there a problem here?” asked Will. By the flaccid state of his penis, it was obvious that Natalie had drained his first load out of it.

“No,” said Sarah. “Just teaching some manners about objectifying women.”

“Huh?” grunted the perplexed guy who’s cock was dangling in front of Sarah’s face.

“Treat her with respect and not like one of your blowup dolls,” said Will with a little asperity.

“Oh,…uh…, sorry, Coach. We didn’t mean any disrespect.”

Sarah just shook her head and reached for the hard penis in front of her. She wiggled her hips to let the guy behind her know to get back to work. All she wanted to do now was to get these two off as fast as possible. This was the first time during the entire evening that Sarah felt like the losing coach doing punishment. She leaned her body forward, dragging the cock partially out of her ass as she took more of the other dick into her mouth.

Sarah rocked back and forth, alternating between the two dicks filling her mouth and her rectum. Her heavy breasts swung back and forth as Sarah tongued the penis in her mouth, and tightened her asshole around the prick stretching her out down there. She could hear both guys gasping for breath and quivering from the rapid buildup of sexual tension in their bodies. She increased the pace of her rocking until she was actually banging herself back and forth between the two of them.

The guy kneeling behind her suddenly bellowed out his climax and shoved his dick as far as it would go into Sarah’s ass. This pushed Sarah forward and she barely had time to loosen her throat before she found herself with her nose pressed into an abdomen and a hard cock lodged down her throat.

“Oh, FUCKKKKK!!!!”

Sarah could feel both cocks pulsating inside her. She involuntarily began to swallow as thick cum shot straight down to her stomach, and she felt hot jism pump deep into her bowels. Both climaxes did not last long and the cock in her mouth was pulled out before Sarah had to push it back to be able to breathe again. The guy in her ass pulled his cock out with a wet, slurping sound, and stepped down off the table.

“Oh, man! That was great!” said one guy to the other, slapping him on the back as they walked away. “We’ll have to do that again, but reversed. Think we can get Mary Jo to do it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32