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You only get one chance to make a first impression and this was not a good one. His shirt was wrinkled, the socks didn’t match his pants and his hair was as neat as when he woke up that morning.

For someone like James who prides himself on his professional appearance, he was being totally self-conscious at this time. His job interview was supposed to be a slam dunk. His friend Aaron had been with the company for several years and his reference got him this appointment.

This interview should have been a formality as James was not only qualified but almost bred for this position. His resume should be a perfect closer for this would-be ambitious job. If only his morning had gone closer to normal, he wouldn’t be sweating the formalities now.

Being a first time visitor to Chicago, James had planned to fly early on Tuesday and see some of the town and get oriented before the interview at 11 AM Wednesday. That was the plan. But as plans can often fall together perfectly, they can just as well collapse on themselves.

First, James girlfriend in Austin was not so pleased to hear about the interview in Chicago and specifically the fact that he did not tell her until cornered two days prior. James had been dating Nicole for 8 months and was ready to break up after two. But the sex was good and her crying was horrible so he stayed with her despite himself.

On Sunday night as he was watching football and she was by him on the couch, she was talking about her upcoming week and her lesson plans for the kids at school. James did his best to acknowledge her while all the while totally oblivious to what she was saying.

James was good at being a listener as he knew what she was probably talking about (she was not a treasure of knowledge or good conversation which James regretted) and knew when to agree or when to sympathize, when to nod and when to chuckle. Halftime came and the game was a blowout so he leaned over to Nicole in mid-sentence, kissed her forehead to indicate he was going to bed.

James had a mental image of the girl in the Budweiser commercial and was sporting some wood from it. Being the bored boyfriend that he had become, he now used Nicole almost solely for sexual release and walked like a zombie through the rest of his boyfriend duties.

As Nicole continued to describe some reading test for the 3rd graders, James saw her reflection in the bedroom mirror as she removed her pajama bottoms with nothing underneath but a butterfly tattoo on the small of her back. He approached behind her in his boxers and pressed his hard self against her and told her, faking sincerity, that the test sounded great.

She was about to go on more when he ran his hands up underneath her tank top and cupped her small breast. Nicole broke out of cute teacher mode and knew James was quieting her for foreplay. Nicole, who was an inch taller than James at 5 foot ten, let him kiss her on the neck and down her shoulders and he playfully squeezed her nipples.

Nicole began rubbing herself against him and moaning in delight. The two made love almost daily but for the last month, James had not climaxed. He was always sure to satisfy Nicole, often 2-3 times a night, but work, masturbation, and Nicole herself had desensitized him and while he was concerned, he still enjoyed the foreplay and the act of sex enough to not sweat the orgasm. He got satisfaction without release and that was good enough.

They were rather predictable in their sex as they always started off hot and heavy with heavy petting and kissing; massaging each other’s groins and getting each other stimulated in all the right areas. James dropped his hands form underneath her tank top and put his right above her cunt and felt the wetness. Nicole, in turn, was now stroking James hard cock blindly with her left hand as he stood behind and grinded into her backside.

Both somewhat shy, James backed away to turn off the light and remove his clothes as Nicole into bed and threw off the pillows. Typically after the foreplay, James would lie on the bed as Nicole slowly went down on him and gave him a blowjob. Though it is hard to describe any blowjob as bad, she did nothing more the put James’ dick in her mouth and slide up and down.

There was no true sucking, no ball-squeezing and no tongue play. James enjoyed watching Nicole perform and often said her name to encourage her but he really used this time to think about work and what he could do next to her.

Next in their standard sex routine, James would pull her gently up with a tug at the head and Nicole would position herself over his now extremely hard 8-inch cock, slowly come down on it and begin riding him with her eyes closed and her hands on his chest.

James got sport out of this time to see how quickly and how often he could make Nicole cum. He would let her control the pace briefly before he started thrusting casino şirketleri his cock upwards, imagining a jackhammer, and waiting for her tell-tell signs of orgasm.

First, she would start opening her mouth in a quiet moan, followed by a light gripping of his shoulders. Next, Nicole would begin saying James’ name like he just surprised her with a new car in the garage. The last step before her orgasm, Nicole would not simply go up and down on James but would now keep all of him inside her and start grinding against him, all over his groin before her pussy tightened and she screamed that she was cumming.

This was the moment that kept James around Nicole. Not her beautiful features of blonde hair and lean, fit body. Not her sweet yet immature, just out of college teaching school children demeanor. It was when he had totally satisfied her and she came on him and squeezed both with her pussy muscles on his dick and her hands on his shoulders.

James would be capable of bringing her to orgasm 2 more times that night and talked to her as they both fell asleep, usually creating funny stories for her to giggle to and nod off to. But James on this occasion told her that he was going to Chicago. It was James on this occasion that told Nicole that he was going for a job interview. It was James that stupidly told her that he would move there if he got the job and it was James that had to hear Nicole and her quiet weeping, her pleading for him not to do it and subtle turn into demands about not leaving her and that they were supposed to be together forever.

He really cared for her but did not love her. He hated himself for treating her so coldly but was ready for change. After a long Monday on no sleep and a longer Tuesday with very little sleep because of phone calls, text messages and IMs from Nicole, James was on route to Chicago via Delta.

No matter if you believe in karma or not, it does seem to exist when you are feeling its wrath sometimes. James, for all of his neglect and objectification of Nicole, was now bound to her memory as he flew over the vastness of Texas and into the hills of the Ozarks before reaching the gray mist and steady winds when he touch downed at Midway.

He had wanted to be relaxed and enjoy the city Tuesday evening and get his mind set right for Wednesday but Nicole’s weeping was haunting him as he took a taxi to the Hilton. He saw her in every tall blonde walking the streets with an ipod. He saw her in every woman zoned in at the shoes on sale in the department store windows along Michagan Avenue or the women joggers running in place, waiting for there chance to cross the busy streets.

James checked into his room and starting unpacking his clothing, leaving nothing unprepared for the next day. It was then that he realized he had gone and forgotten his navy blue tie that he knew he had taken out of the closet, had carefully rolled up and now recalled leaving on the nightstand as he talked with Nicole on the phone.

Well, it was his favorite tie and being comfortable during an interview makes a world of difference but he was going to walk around anyway and he would now have something to look for. If that was his one mistake for the trip, James was happy to get it out of the way.

After scanning some of the tourist info he had gathered in the lobby and getting some idea of where he wanted to head to, James left the room and closed the door behind him. He was turning for the elevator when he quickly caught sight of a very beautiful woman walking into the room next to his.

In the 2 seconds that it took her to open the door, pick up her suitcase and carry inside, James was able to notice a five-foot six, curvaceous redhead with a black executive suit on, two-inch heels, beautiful calves and the profile of a very large chest.

He gave a whistle to himself as he got into the elevator and sculpted his hair with his hands in the reflection as of the elevator doors. James walked out to a chill in the air of night time Chicago and walked to a nearby men’s store for a new tie followed by a nice steak and a glass of wine.

James enjoyed hearing the el-train and all the commotion of pedestrians and cars, the wind making tossed newspaper dance in the street and the faraway blues music coming from a distant bar.

After a couple of hours, James returned to the Hilton, smiled to the counter staff and caught a full elevator before the door closed. He was looking at himself again in the door’s reflection, admiring his still youthful looks when he noticed the curvy redhead to his left. Going up to the 8th floor with several people getting off floors below, he had plenty of time to admire her looks and nonchalantly gaze at her deep cleavage.

They got to the 8th floor and the two of them were the only ones to get off. He showed her the courtesy to exit first and also so he could watch her walk to her room. He approached his door and fumbled slowly for his key as the redhead opened hers and gave him a grin as casino firmaları she entered and closed her door. James knew he would have a great image to beat off to before going to bed and getting a good night’s rest.

After brushing his teeth, making sure his shoes were shined and lying the new tie over his dress shirt to admire his fashion sense, James got into bed and was channel surfing TV caring for nothing on. He called the lobby to ask for a 7:30 AM wake-up call and asked about he continental breakfast. As he was about t turn it off the TV, he heard knocking against the wall directly behind his bed frame; the wall he and the redhead shared.

His first thought was this was going to make for a hard night’s sleep. He rolled on his side to look at the time on the radio clock and knew he probably couldn’t go to bed this early anyway. He was a bit of a night owl and could be restless when trying to close his eyes. The knocking was a heavy rhythm of what he imagined as a hot redhead getting banged.

James created more mental images, setting a fantasy of a hotel employee bringing room service and more to a lonely woman who had no way too tip monetarily. James was wrapped up I the episode, working his right hand over his hardening cock when his door knocked.

“@#$%” was the first thing that came to his mind. Not only was it late but he was in bed…with a hard dick…and clearly in no proper mood to open a door. He reluctantly rose out of bed in his boxers sporting a tent and looked through the peep hole to see what possibly could be needed at this time of night.

To his amazement, it was the redhead in a robe and holding a high shoe in her left hand while looking down the hall in both directions like she was being chased. James knew that the redhead knew he was there. He also knew that he couldn’t open the door completely until his little friend settled down.

He opened the door slightly and with a smile asked what the problem was. The redhead introduced herself as Tracy and explained that she was very sorry to disturb him but there was a spider in her room and she was deeply afraid of them. She had called for assistance but she was panicking and couldn’t stay in her room waiting. Tracy remembered him from the elevator and thought to ask him for assistance.

James first thought that this was a great line and he was getting hard again despite himself. He told her to please wait a moment so he could put on something. He grabbed a robe from the bathroom and followed her into her room. He saw the bed had moved a few feet from the wall and the night stand was in the middle of the room. Tracy explained that she had panicked and had to try to kill the spider with her show and moved everything away from the wall when she lost it.

Apparently his room service fantasy was just that. He led the way towards the bed and assured her that he would take care of it. He grabbed a newspaper from her dresser and rolled up it up as his weapon of attack. James got on his knees and began looking around the furniture. He lifted the bed spread from the side to look under the frame when he was startled by hotel security entering the room.

Apparently this was a security issue for the Hilton and Tracy explained that she had a friend who was now taking care of the situation and led them out. James smiled at her and looked down her figure, admiring her exposed chest and legs behind the cheap cotton robe when he saw granddaddy long legs next to her right foot. This is why she was freaking out; he thought and chuckled to himself.

Without wanting to frighten her, he told her not to move or to look down. This of course made Tracy glance down and she then freaked out. She hopped up and down and squealed but instead of instinctively jumping away from this monster, she actually jumped on him in her panic. The poor guy never had a chance.

As James looked on in amusement, Tracy was now disgusted at what was now smeared across her right sole. She lifted her right leg to see what was there, totally forgetting first that James was still there on his hands and knees 4 feet away and that she wasn’t wearing panties which was made clear when the robe opened below her waist as she inspected her foot.

James certainly noticed and liked the red bush and the fact that she was giving him quite a show to her complete unknown. James hard on was back and with only a thin robe on to cover his boxers, he was now vulnerable himself. Tracy diverted her eyes from her foot to see this man looking at her with a wry smile and she immediately knew why…she darted for the bathroom to clean off her foot and was now wondering how to settle the matter with the stranger in her room.

Tracy was tying her robe more tightly and thinking she could just ask him to leave with her bathroom door closed. She was the one that killed the spider anyway and he had gotten a nice treat himself as payment for coming over. But Tracy also knew this was a great time to treat herself. She had noticed that he was güvenilir casino interested and a one night stand wasn’t entirely new to her. She carefully loosened the robe enough to show more of her chest and also allow it to perhaps fall off if she were to move in a certain manner. Tracy opened the door and saw James standing there with a newspaper and a small tent at his his waist. Her eyes darted there first and James tracked her stare.

James asked if she was alright with a playful laugh and if she needed anything else. Tracy giggled back and said that she was again sorry for disturbing his night. She walked towards him and her robe began opening up at the hip and quickly gaped up. She was exposed to James and was not trying to conceal anything but made a modest attempt to cover herself.

James stood erect in all senses and approached her. He placed his hands on her the sides of her face and placed a passionate kiss on her lips then lowering his hands as she returned his kiss with a slip of the tongue. He now held her hips and pulled her closer as his manhood jutted out and touched her inner thighs as it pulsed.

Tracy slightly moaned as James grabbed her ass and was massaging her inner cheeks, slowly working his under and into her wet crotch. She now also had her hands on his firm butt and was pleased with its firmness. They stood for several minutes I this position, neither knowing exactly where to go next but certainly enjoying what was happening here. Precum was on James’ tip as he removed his robe completely.

Tracy took a half-step back and rubbed her hands over his chest and down his worked abs. In one quick motion, James picked her up in his arms and carried her like a princess to her bed where he laid her gently down and removed her robe that was about to fall off anyway. As he admired her full body with large nipples and nicely trimmed bush, Tracy reached for his cock and stroked it in her hands.

She asked him if he liked what he saw and put him in her mouth without waiting for a response. That first sensation of a blowjob is immeasurable. The warmness of the mouth along with the wet saliva, the suction and the sound create an essence of pure bliss. James was amnesiac for a time, forgetting all else as he gazed up to the ceiling and slowly rocked back and forth as he fucked her mouth and grew still a little larger.

She could go about three-fourths the way down on him but his thickness was what fully stuffed her. She had little room for tongue play as she tried to devour him. She would slowly bring him out and her lips would stick to the head with a small trail of saliva running down his shaft.

Tracy took him back in with vigor as she started playing with herself. She put her right hand on her clit and began to rub while her left held his balls and squeezed gently. James in turn was now thrusting at her head and squeezing her left tit, pinching her nipple.

He told her that he had to fuck her right away and climbed on the bed. He positioned his cock at her entrance as she lied on her back and slowly penetrated her as she looked into his eyes. She moaned in loud relief as he went balls deep into her and kept it there while he massaged her breasts. He lowered his right hand to rub her clit as he came out of her as saw how wet his cock was from her. James thrust back into her and starting fucking her hard, pounding her and not stopping to hear her pleasure.

Tracy spread her legs back for better penetration and came almost immediately as he stimulated her clit and filled her pussy. He felt her clinch his cock and shake some and he knew that she was enjoying him. He pulled out of her and crawled over to put his cock in her mouth. She took him in and hummed as she tried to deep throat.

He yelled that he was about to cum and she grabbed his ass to force him to stay in. He thrust in and out and shot his cum down her throat in two large shots. She swallowed in great intensity, not letting one drop escape from her mouth as she sucked him hard as he slowly pulled out. He was completely clean as he popped out of her.

Still hard and not wanting to waste time, James got on his knees, asked Tracy to turn over onto her belly and inserted himself into her doggy style. He began fucking her like an obscene animal and she grunted. Tracy came again as he pulled her up from underneath, cupping her breast. Her wetness went down her inner thighs and James lowered her and placed his hands between her legs to smear her juices, rubbing them into her smooth skin.

He backed out of her and turned over to lick her pussy. She grabbed his hair and moaned again as he put two fingers into her and licked her clit. He said a few dirty things to her in muffled hysteria as he was wild with sex. She raised her hips to get more of him into her as she was on the verge of climaxing again. He removed his fingers and put his index finger at the entrance of her ass, teasing it and her.

With no word to stop, James kissed her clit and began inserting his finger into her ass. Her ass was sooo tight, squeezing his finger and gripping it ever more as she moved in pleasure. Tracy said some unreal things about wanting him to fuck her hard in the ass, to give everything he had and to make her scream.

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