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Big Dick

Ch 19

It takes me nearly an hour to convince mom that she hadn’t see an alien ship abducting Summer, and thankfully my sister is there to back up my story. Summer and I agree that my sister needs to leave our mother’s home, though, just so that a repeat occurrence isn’t likely. Her first thought is to come up and stay with me. When I point out that we aren’t likely to be able to keep our hands off each other, and people will notice, and that Lela and/or Harana can pick us up easily enough wherever we are, she decides to hitch a ride back home with Lela. That also allows her to start getting her affairs in order, just in case the demons kill us.

My wonderful sister is even willing to let me know (in excruciating detail) of the fun the two angels and she has, as Lela and Harana take turns incubating my un-hatched children.

Somehow I can’t help but think that I need to reevaluate my life, when I can make a statement like that.

We don’t fool ourselves, as we know that the odds are against us. The demons have an entire fleet designed for battle, and we have a few ships that aren’t intended for combat, but exploration and science. What chance does Earth have against that? My switches? Even having physical contact with my sister, I’m not certain that I’ll be able to affect that many at once. Everything just seems too daunting.

The start of the new semester is today, and I personally consider it a bad idea to go. I need to concentrate on coming up with a strategy for defeating the demons. This time it’s Summer that does the convincing, stating that I need to act normal, and like nothing is going on. “Besides,” she informs me cheerfully over the phone, “once we stop the demons, it’s not like school is just going to go away. You’ll still need your degree. . . That is unless you’ve changed you mind about manipulating people with your switches. . . ?”

And so I find myself walking in the cold air, through campus, on my way to my first class. I decide to walk, so that I’ll have more time to think. It just isn’t fair, looking around at everybody else enjoying themselves, as they return from Winter break, and chatting with their friends as if the world’s not going to end in a month. Was I ever that carefree, and ignorant?

Well, I guess I have Gina, or even the twins to talk to if I need to, but I don’t feel right dumping this on any of them.

I’m so absorbed in my own thoughts, and concerns, that I’m not paying attention to where I’m going, and run right into someone shortly after arriving on campus.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologize, giving the woman my hand, after I pick myself up off the snow-packed ground.

“Quite alright, Mr. Xavier,” the woman says in a voice I almost recognize. She looks slightly familiar, but I can’t place her. She’s an older woman, with long red hair, skinny, and rather attractive. She’s wearing a white smock, and so at first I think she might be part of the nursing program. The only problem with that theory is that I don’t know anyone from that department, and I’m certain I’ve met this woman before. Something tickles my mind, and I check for my switches. I’m surprised to find some in her: ‘metabolism’, ‘skin elasticity’, ‘red hair’, and ‘slow aging’.

Who’ve I given those switches to? Thinking hard, I come up with the answer, as it finally dawns on me. “Mrs. Polkins?” I ask in shock.

“Have I changed that much?” she asks me with a smile and a titter, while she brushes her smock off. “I’ve been feeling so energetic lately, and my hair color actually came back. Well, not really my hair color, but it’s still better than grey. Not sure why it turned red. Not even the doctors can explain it, but I’ve been feeling so ALIVE!”

I can tell that she is indeed feeling well, by the sparkle in her eyes, and the speed with which she talks. I can’t help but smile, thankful that my switches have helped at least someone out for the better.

Mrs. Polkins is looking at something red on her smock, and then examines her own hands. Suddenly she grabs my hand, exclaiming, “You cut yourself. Come with me, young man. Let’s get this cleaned out.”

I try to protest, it only looks like a minor cut and the nanites will take care of it soon anyway, but she is surprisingly strong, and refuses to listen to me. She chats the whole way to her office. “Ever since just before Winter break, I’ve had more energy, and the pounds just started slipping away. I’ve not felt this good in years. If only Mr. Polkins hadn’t passed away some years ago. . .” She glances at me surreptitiously, before continuing, “But you probably don’t want to hear about how lonely it is for an old lady. Anyway, I went to see Doctor Peterson, but he says nothing is wrong with me. In fact, he says that my body is acting like it’s almost twenty years younger. Oh, here we are. After you, Mr. Xavier.”

I step into the energetic nurse’s office, her hand on my lower back, and sit down where she indicates. She grabs some alcohol and gauze, before returning back to me, grabbing a stool, and setting it between my legs. She cleans the cut on my hand; or rather, the blood from my palm. The nanites have already closed the cut for me. Mrs. Polkins looks astonished at my appendage for a few seconds, flipping it over, and then rubs her thumb across where the blood had been.

“Huh, what do you know,” she says in wonder. “The blood had to have come from somewhere. . .” She continued to rub my hand, and despite my worries and concerns over the last couple days, her light caresses of my hand are starting to turn me on. When her light caresses turn into a hand massage, I finally look back to her face, and see her staring intently into my eyes. “It’s been so long since my husband died,” she tells me. “I get so lonely, sometimes. . .” She grabs my other hand, and starts to rub it, and I know instinctively what she is going for. I’m curious to see how far she’ll take it, without any action of my own. Even though she is sitting between my legs, rubbing my hands, her eyes never leave mine, and I can’t deny that she looks years younger than she had before Christmas break. It looks like she wants something from me, so I give her a slight nod. It seems to be enough. “I know how stressful it can get for you students. Even during the start of a new semester. All new classes, no idea what the new professors are going to expect from you. Finals are over, but that only means you have a whole semester to look forward to more of them. Why don’t you take off your shoes, and lay back on the table?”

I do as she requests, setting my shoes and socks next to the examination table, and laying back. She takes my left foot in her hands, and digs her thumbs into the meat of the pad. It feels really good to get a foot rub, and I’m soon relaxing to the older woman’s touch. With all of the stress over the holiday break, and then learning that the demons are coming early. . . Well, this is just what doctor, or nurse rather, ordered.

“Just relax, and let me take care of you,” she croons softly. Taking my right foot next, she starts to give it the same treatment that the left had received. “You know, Mr. Polkins and I used to be swingers.” I’m so relaxed at this point, that I just take the news in stride. I know where this is going to lead, and think that it might be a good release for me. “You wouldn’t believe some of the parties we used to throw.” She’s working on my calves now, and seems to be speeding up. “Sometimes I’d have five or six men in me a night and even played with the ladies. Pussy, lips, cock, ass, I didn’t care, but you know what I like the most?” I shake my head as she starts to rub my thighs. “Swallowing their cum.” As she says this, she unzips my pants, and pulls out my mostly hard cock. She looks at it for only a second, before groaning, and shoving her mouth as far down it as she can.

I moan as I feel my head hit the back of her throat, and then louder, when it goes in even deeper. No one has ever been able to truly deep-throat me, as my girth is too large to fit down their esophagus, but somehow this talented older woman is taking me deeper and deeper down her gullet. She must have some phenomenal muscle control in her neck.

Her skill is flawless. She takes me as deep as she can for a few seconds, pulling up for air while her hand works quickly on my fully erect member, then drops back down to take me into her throat again, humming as best she can. Every time she pulls up, spittle connects her lips to my cock, and it’s turning me on, like no other blowjob ever has before. It takes her a few bobs before her lips hit my pelvis, and a few seconds later, I lose control, and start shooting my spunk directly into her stomach. She continues to gag herself while I unload, and when I finally collapse back, she pulls her lips off my quickly shrinking cock.

“Mmm, thank you,” she tells me, making sure none of my semen has escaped her mouth. Her talent is such, that none does. “I think you are sufficiently relaxed, now.” She smacks her lips, smiling, “And Doctor Peterson did say that I need to add more protein to my diet.”

“Thank you!” I shoot back, feeling much better. Then I realize I haven’t done anything for her. “Do you want me to. . .?” I ask, pointing to her.

“Oh, no thank you. I actually got off myself, so I’m good. But come back if you ever need to relax.” I promise her that I will, and leave her office feeling better than I have in days. I’m still worried about the demons, but somehow I think everything will work out in the end.

I have only one class with Professor Frankens, but it’s right after lunch, and I have another class immediately after that. The professor smiles at me, but otherwise treats me just as she does the other students. I wonder if she’s hoping for a repeat performance, but other than a couple of sly smiles, she doesn’t act any different than normal, so I don’t try anything. Unfortunately (or maybe it’s fortunate considering the few smiles the professor gives me), neither Gina nor Shanna is in this class.

Gina had come by to see me the day after I’d gotten back from finding out the demons are almost here, but nothing she’d been able to do, could cheer me up. How odd it seems now, that one blowjob completely out of the blue, can turn my mood around. Gina had left saddened, and disappointed. I feel bad for her, but I can’t tell her the real reason I’ve been so depressed.

I start to feel down again, just thinking about it, and am about to give her a call, when Julia calls for my attention.

“What’s up, Julia?” I ask, wondering what she wants. Shanna is nowhere in sight, and I can sense her switch on the other side of campus. I marvel at how I can feel my switches from even further away now. I really am getting stronger.

“I’m hoping to talk to you, if I can?” she tells me innocently; too innocently, if you ask me, as red flags wave in my mind. I remember what Shanna had said about this woman stealing her past boyfriends, and am wary. Julia is cute, and I know she has a fantastic body, but I have no intention of hurting Shanna. I know I can use my switches on her to have her, and make her forget, or even make Shanna okay with it, but I’m still uncomfortable with the thought of manipulating people with my ability. Shanna is the first woman to truly like me for me, without having to use my switches on her. The fact that she is a geek like myself, is just icing to the cake.

I know I still need to practice with my ability, though, so I use it on inanimate objects, more often than not. I’m getting good at making them quickly and easily, but I’m not sure how much my practicing is going to help. What good does turning on lights, starting cars, or opening doors do against a horde of demons coming to devour humankind? I guess it is slowly making me stronger, but still doesn’t give me an idea of how to use my ability.

Julia clears her throat, and I realize I haven’t answered her. “Sure, what do you need?” I try to keep my voice level, and not sound suspicious of her. It won’t do to upset Shanna’s and Julia’s newfound friendship if I’m wrong about her.

“Can we talk somewhere a little more private? I don’t want to discuss it out here where anybody else might hear.” I raise my eyebrow at this suggestion, even more alarm bells going off in my head. “It’s about what happened the other night at Shanna’s, and I don’t want people to think I’m a slut.” Well, that sounds legitimate enough.

“Sure,” I tell her, looking around. I see a corner we can stand in, which will allow us to see if anyone comes close enough to hear, while still being public enough that I’m fairly sure she won’t try anything. A small part of me is thankful for Mrs. Polkins’s blowjob; I’m sure to think with the proper head right now.

When we get to the corner, I see her grimace slightly, but she looks around, before saying quietly, “I think I know a way that I can convince Shanna to allow us to be together and no longer be off limits.” I raise my eyebrow again, and she hurries on. “I’m not trying to steal you from her, I promise. It’s just that sometimes it’s nice to have a dick in you, and while I really enjoy what Shanna does for me, I want more. Who better than you? I know she trusts you.”

Ha! I think. I know she doesn’t, else why would she be so adamant about what I’m allowed to do around this other woman?

“I don’t know,” I tell her uncertainly. It isn’t that I’m adverse to the thought of fucking this beautiful golden blonde haired woman, just that I really don’t care to hurt Shanna, who has done nothing but care for me.

Julia isn’t about to give up, though. “You know she loves you, right?” The words delivered so matter-of-factly, seem to come out of nowhere.

Of course I suspect that she might care for me more than just a little, but the ‘L’ word is a bit strong. Isn’t it? Thinking back to when she’d taken care of me, after I’d been so exhausted from Lela, and everything else since then, I can see how what Julia says might be true. Then I remember Shanna actually saying the words to me, and almost saying them one other time.

“How do you know this?” I ask. “Did she tell you?”

Julia looks down at her feet, while she fidgets before answering. “Well, no, but you can tell by the way she lights up when you’re around her. She actually DIMS when you leave. I swear it. If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.”

“And you want me to use that love, so that she’ll allow me into your pants, is that it?” I can’t quite keep the disgust from entering my voice. If I’m not going to use my switches to manipulate Shanna, why would I use her love? Of course, Julia doesn’t know about my switches.

“You don’t have to make it sound like a bad thing,” she admonishes me, looking me fiercely in the eyes again. “I saw how you looked at me the other morning. You want it, too. Don’t lie to me. We wouldn’t be hurting her, but helping her. She is my friend now, too, remember. I don’t want to hurt her, but why can’t we be together as well?” She takes a step closer to me, and places her hand on my chest. Her perfume fills my nostrils, and I can’t stop myself from breathing in deeply.

Why indeed? She sounds so convincing; I almost want to believe it. Shanna loves me, and as long as she’s there, what would it hurt to help her and Julia to become closer? The added benefit of me slipping into this hot woman isn’t exactly a hard price to pay. Almost. . .

“Thanks,” I tell her, trying to be delicate about it for her sake, “but no thanks.” It won’t do to piss off Shanna’s girlfriend, and end up having Julia as an enemy. That’s a sure-fire way to lose Shanna. “I’ll wait for Shanna to change her mind on her own. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to lay with you, and find out just how good you are, but I can wait. I won’t hurt Shanna, and I can’t manipulate her, either.” Good, I think that’ll work.

I’m wrong.

“How good I am? You can wait? Who do you think you are? God’s gift to women?” She’s yelling now, and despite how secluded this corner is, people are starting to look. “Just because you’ve got a monster cock, and know how to use it, doesn’t mean that every woman is just going to come crawling to you!”

I have no idea what just happened, but she turns around and stomps away, before I can think of anything else to say. A small crowd has gathered while Julia was yelling, and they’re sniggering behind their hands at me; a few women even giving my crotch an appreciative look. Face turning beet red, I flee the scene.

I decide I’d better do some quick damage control, and call Shanna up, but she doesn’t answer, so I leave her a message to call me back as soon as possible.

I sense for her switch, and start walking towards her. I’ll be late for my next class, but this is more important. Maybe if I talk to her in person, it’ll be better. Hopefully I’m in luck, because her ‘happy’ switch is moving to the on position. Before I’m halfway to where she is, she calls me back.

“I just got off the phone with Julia,” are the first words that come through the phone. Dammit, I think, I’m too late. casino şirketleri But why is she so happy? “And saw that I’d missed a call from you.”

“What did she tell you?” I ask, fearing that the other woman has spun some yarn about me coming on to her, and in order to save their friendship, she’s telling Shanna about it. I never seem to know exactly what an angry woman might do. For that matter, I never seem to know what any woman might do. I’ve seen numerous video game vixens go to extreme lengths to get revenge. Okay, so video games aren’t a great example of the average female (Tomb Raider, anyone?), but it’s the best I have at the moment.

It takes me a couple seconds to process what Shanna tells me, however.

“She says that she tried to come on to you, and that you turned her away, because you care for me too much.” I can hear a slight undertone of excitement in her voice, as I attempt to comprehend the turnaround of what I’d thought Julia had said. “She says that you’re completely worthy of my trust, and that I shouldn’t hold back anymore, with you. Is that what happened?”

“Uh. . .well. . .” I say stupidly, still trying to switch tracks, “yeah. Yes, it is. I’m so sorry you can’t trust her after all. I’d truly hoped that you and she could be friends again.”

Shanna laughs lightly on the other end of the phone, and while I enjoy the sound of it, a pit starts to form in my stomach, as a few thoughts seem to clink into place.

“You were testing me,” I accuse, knowing already that it’s true, and feeling my anger rise, because of it. Here I am, refusing to manipulate others, despite how easy it is for me to do so with my switches, and yet she turns around and does it to me.

“Please don’t be mad at me,” she pleads, and I feel her happy switch drop a little at my anger. “I needed to know that I can trust you, and now I do.”

“And if we’re together five years from now, will you test me again?” I shoot back at her. “Trust needs to be earned, not tested. I trusted you, despite the fact that you never want to be official with me.” I know I’m being unfair to her. I have been sleeping around, and she really doesn’t deserve my anger, but I hate being manipulated. The irony of the situation isn’t lost to me. And the stress of the demons, my children with Lela, and even the other female angels, all seem to come to a head right now. “With all of this lack of trust, how do I know I can trust you?” The words are out of my mouth, and I know them for the mistake they are immediately, but it’s too late to take them back.

That one thought, that single word, ‘manipulated,’ crosses my mind, and I have to start laughing. All of my efforts to refrain from doing it to other people, and here it’s happening to me. I suppose this is payback for what I’d done to Gina, Nancy, and Professor Frankens, and can’t help but laugh at the irony of it all.

Still laughing, I hang up the phone. For a second, I debate on walking to her, or walking away. Making up my mind, I start moving, ignoring my phone as it starts to vibrate.

Shanna sees me coming, and I can see that she’s been crying. It’s still a bit of a shock to see her with her hair dyed red, and I wonder if she’s going to go back to her natural color, or not. I feel bad for causing those tears, but know I’m going to be causing some more shortly.

She throws her arms around me as I get close, and starts to sob against my shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, Nick. I didn’t think you would be upset. It was stupid of me and I shouldn’t have done it. Please, forgive me!” she pleads, and my stomach sinks, but I have to follow through.

Placing my hands on her shoulders, I gently push her away.

“No, Shanna,” I tell her softly, “you did the right thing.” She looks up at me with hope in her eyes, and I hate myself for what I’m about to do. Maybe the demons will kill me, I think, and then I’ll be doing her a favor. “I haven’t been faithful to you.” I see the hurt start in her eyes, but I continue, knowing that I must. “You didn’t want us to be official, so we weren’t.”

“But. . .but I love you,” she pleads with me, a split second before I feel her slap on my face. I know I deserve it, but it still stings.

“There’s more,” I say, deciding to come completely clean with her.

“No, I don’t want to hear it,” she tells me through a fresh set of tears. She tries to turn and run away from me, but I’m not going to let her. I don’t know why, but something in me wants her to understand. She is the one person that I can completely be my geeky self with; the one person that I don’t need to hide my love of anime and sci-fi from, and can actually play a decent video game against. Okay, so truth be told, she’s probably better than me at games, but that only makes what I feel I need to do, all the worse.

“Please,” I say softly, and that one soft word seems to stop her from walking away.

“Who—who is it?” she says, sniffling.

“Can we go somewhere private? I promise to tell you everything.” She looks at me accusingly, and I remember Julia asking me that same question not that long ago.

Silently she turns and starts walking. I hurry to walk next to her, trying to match her fast pace. I remain quiet as we walk, not sure what to say quite yet, but trying to organize everything in my head. When I see that we’re heading to the parking lot, I begin to worry that she intends to get in her car and drive off. When we get to her vehicle, however, she unlocks the door, and waits for me to get in the passenger seat. It isn’t going to get much more private than this, right now.

“So start talking,” she tells me, her voice stiff with emotion. She’s sitting with her hands in her lap, and staring into her steering wheel, as if it might impart some wisdom to her.

“Before that night in the freezer, I slept with Gina, from Professor Frankens’s class,” I begin.

“That was before we were together in the freezer. It doesn’t count,” she tells me stiffly.

“No, it doesn’t, but it didn’t stop that night,” I reply. “You already know about your sister, at the party. . .” I tell her everyone I’ve been with, holding nothing back, even telling her about my sister, mother, and Donna Frankens. She sits in silence, through it all, until I mention Lela.

“Wait, you want me to believe you’ve been with an alien? Do you think I’m stupid?” Her eyes flash angrily at me, but her tone is oddly soft, and sounds all the more dangerous for it.

“No, I think you are the smartest woman I know.” I tell her carefully, but meaning every word. Well, at least the smartest in my age group. “I can prove it,” I tell her, and her eyes lift in disbelief. “She gave me an ability that I think of as switches. Anything I can conceive of as a switch, I can affect. I can also sense those switches. That’s how I’m always able to tell you apart from your sister. I made a switch in you, but not one in her. That’s why you could never trick me, after the party.”

“You made a switch in me?” she asks, obviously not believing me. “And what does it do, make me fall stupidly in love with you?” The bitter quality to her tone feels like a knife digging into my chest, but at least she’s listening.

“No. I think of it as a ‘happy’ switch. If I move it, you’ll feel happier,” I tell her, while looking shamefully at my hands.

“So why don’t you move it now, and just make me happy? Come on. I’m tired of feeling angry, and hurt, and sad, and betrayed. If you really have this ability, make me happy,” she demands of me, but I’m not going to cheat at this. Her emotion is genuine, and I don’t care to create fake feelings in her.

“I won’t manipulate you like that. I’ve never used that switch, other than to sense whether I’m dealing with you, or your sister. I can still prove it, though,” I hurriedly tell her, as I sense her anger rising. I think for only a split second, and her car starts up. It’s too easy for me to do it, as I’ve been starting cars since practically the first day.

Shanna jumps when her car starts, and she digs the keys out of her pocket. She looks from her steering wheel, to her keys, and back to me for a few seconds, before she can gather enough words to speak.

“That’s a fluke. Some trick you’re playing on me. Did you install one of those automatic starters when I wasn’t paying attention?” I know she is just trying to rationalize everything.

I shake my head, and just for theatrics, snap my fingers and turn her car off. Her eyes grow wide, and I know I have her complete attention now.

“Okay, so you have some strange power. I still say you should prove it by making me happy,” she says, obviously still upset with me.

“I don’t want to manipulate you,” I try explaining to her again, but she won’t have it. Sighing with resignation, I start to push against her ‘happy’ switch. It takes some serious effort to move it. I think it’s because she’s primed against it. The simple fact that it moves at all, shows how much I’ve grown in power over the last few weeks. Once it starts to move, however, I notice an immediate change in her demeanor, and it becomes easier and easier to move. “See,” I tell her, once I have it all the way on, “You’re happy now. Satisfied?”

“Oh my. . . I. . .I can’t believe it. I AM happy. I was so angry a moment ago, but you really can do it!” she nearly titters.

Not feeling comfortable with myself, or what I’ve done, I start to move the switch back off, but she stops me, sensing what I’m doing. “Don’t you dare take this away! Okay, you want me to believe, I believe. Just don’t take this away. You’re better than an anti-depressant.” She looks at me with a slight smile on her lips, but it slowly straightens out on its own. “You still cheated on me though. . .”

Feeling sick and disgusted, the words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. “I didn’t cheat, because we weren’t officially together. I tried to ask you numerous times, and you kept telling me ‘no’.”

She drops her chin to her chest, as she contemplates that, and I feel her ‘happy’ switch slip a little more. “You’re right. If you’d have said that a few minutes ago, I probably would have blown up, but I can handle it now. You may think of it as manipulating me, and it probably is, but I want you to know that I appreciate you moving that. . . switch.” She looks back up at me then, before asking, “Are there any other switches in me?”

This time it’s me that breaks the gaze, and I nod. “Two others,” I murmur, feeling her ‘happy’ switch drop a little more.

“And what do these other switches do?” Her tone is level, but I can feel the ice beneath.

“Remember how nervous you were before Professor Frankens’s final?” I wait for her nod, before continuing. “I made them to help you remember things easier, and to increase your confidence.”

Her emotional switch ticks up a bit, but oddly her words are juxtaposed with her emotions. “I thought you didn’t want to manipulate me?”

“I wasn’t manipulating you,” I defend myself. “I gained nothing by helping you out. You were so worried, but I knew you could pass it on your own. I just tried to give you a bit of a boost, is all.”

She doesn’t respond for awhile, and her switch doesn’t give me any clues as to what she might be thinking, either. Finally after a few minutes she asks, “I don’t understand why this alien gave you this ability, though. Is it just to mess with the human race?”

I’m glad she’s sitting down, as I know the next part might be the hardest to explain, and believe. “No, she did it to try to save all of us.” I explain to her about the demons, how they gained their technology, and then turned and used it against their teachers, the angels. “The demons will be here in a month,” I conclude.

“And you’re supposed to be able to stop them with these switches of yours? How are you going to do that? Make them all happy? Start their cars?” She asks me, and despite the guilt I feel for using her switch, I’m glad it’s removed most of her anger.

“My sister, Summer, has the same gene I do, but her ability is different. She magnifies my ability, but in order to do so, we have to be touching.” I tell her, fearing her wrath will return.

“Touching? How much touching?” she asks hesitantly, and I know she is thinking about me being with Summer.

I take a deep breath before answering. “The more contact we have, the more powerful my ability, and the easier it is to both sense, and manipulate my switches.” I tell her about what happened with my father, as an example.

She is silent for a long time, and I’m afraid she is going to blow up. When she finally speaks, it’s with a calm I don’t expect. “You mean sex.”

“Not if I don’t have to,” I tell her. “If I can do it without having to resort to that, then I won’t go that far.”

“You’re not stupid, Nick,” she berates me instantly. “I know in anime and on TV they always wait till the last second to use their full power, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Besides, it’s not like you haven’t already slept with her.” She surprises me by grabbing my hand and looking fiercely into my eyes. “If I’ve ever meant anything to you, then I only ask one thing.”

“You do mean something to me,” I promise her. “That’s why I’m telling you all of this. I also trust you. I’ve never told anyone all of this. Gina knows about my ability, but she doesn’t know about Lela, or the demons. Summer only knows because of her ability. I want you to understand. . . No, I need to you see what I am up against.”

She shakes her head at that. “No, I know you can make me forget if you have to, by using one of your switches, and don’t tell me you wouldn’t, because you don’t want to manipulate me.” I marvel at how smart this woman is, and how well she knows me. “I love you, Nick, and I don’t want to lose you.” She pauses to take a breath to steady herself, before continuing. “I want to be there, when you fight against these demons.”

I open my mouth to protest that it will be too dangerous. That Lela’s ship will be the first casualty if I fail, but she covers my mouth with her hand. “I’ll be there, or we’re through.” She moves my head up and down, forcing me to agree with it, and I can’t help but laugh. “Now get out of my car. I have a lot to think about, and I want to make sure they’re my own thoughts.” I know she doesn’t think I can actually control her thoughts, but understand her motives. Well, most of them at least.

Silently I step out, knowing that she needs her space. I’ve done all that I can. The rest is up to her. Before she pulls away, she rolls down the window and leans over. “Oh, and Nick, all of the others stop, unless I’m there.” She speeds away before I can answer.

I don’t look forward to breaking it off with Gina, but know that I can give up the rest with minimal pain. I ask myself why I’m willing to put up with something like this. I mean, I can have any woman in the world, with my switches. Sure it would take some work, and I’d have to get over my hang-up about manipulating others, but still. . .

But Shanna is the first woman to like me, for me. She is also a geek on my own level. And I truly do care about her.

I turn my steps towards home, and start trudging.

Ch 20

I find Robin and Dennis sitting in the main room of the apartment, when I get home. They’re watching TV and not screwing, which I’m thankful for, considering the conversation I’d just had with Shanna.

Dennis greets me as I walk in the door. “There you are,” he acts like he hasn’t seen me in days. “Have you been watching the news?”

“About the satellite?” I ask, fairly sure I know where he’s going, and not really wanting to think about it. Flashes of the demon scout ship blowing up run through my mind, and I do my best to squash them.

“No, about some of those freaks with abilities,” he corrects me. I can feel my temper start to rise at the mention of freaks, but I quickly get myself under control. Doesn’t he understand that one of those freaks is standing right in front of him, and may be the only thing standing between him and annihilation? Of course he doesn’t. “Looks like someone’s been going around, burning and killing them.” He looks at me closely, before continuing, “Are you alright?”

Nodding, as I head to my room, I feel sick, wondering who might be doing that.

“Oh yeah, hey,” my roommate suddenly says, stopping me, “did I see you coming out of Mrs. Polkin’s office earlier?”

I’d almost forgotten about the terrific deep throat I’d gotten in her office, until now. It’s a better thought than thinking about people getting burned up, or having to break things off with Gina. “Yeah, I got a small cut on my hand, and she insisted she take a look at it. It turned out to be nothing, though.” I show Robin and him my clean, undamaged palm.

“Is it true what their saying?” Robin asks me excitedly, leaning on the arm of the chair to grin up at me. I have no idea what she’s talking about, until she continues. “That she’s giving blowjobs to every guy that goes in there,” the redhead clarifies. I feel my casino firmaları face turning red, and know that they have their answer, as I go to my room, accompanied by their snickers.

I have to work tonight, so I jump in the shower, and furiously clean up. Sometimes I hate showering before work, knowing that I will need another one, after working at the grill, but I hate going to work dirty, also. I should’ve asked if Shanna has to work, but it hadn’t crossed my mind at the time, and I don’t dare call to find out. She’s made it clear she’ll talk to me when she’s ready.

I think about what Dennis had say about Mrs. Polkins. Have my switches turned her into a nymphomaniac, or just given her the ability to live out that lifestyle? She’d told me that she used to be a swinger with her late husband. I wonder if she had suppressed her sexuality in her older age, until I’d helped her body feel younger with my switches.

It’s my first night back to work, since I’d left for Winter break, and Shanna is working tonight, though she doesn’t pay me much attention. I try to talk to her, but she only gives me a small smile, before turning, her dyed red hair flinging out as she walks away. It hurts to be treated like that after pouring my life out to her earlier, but there is little I can do about it, short of using my switches. A quick sense of her ‘happy’ switch, informs me that she’s a little more happy than not, which is at least something. Unless she’s happy at me being miserable? Naw, that’s not like her.

Bradley is just as ornery as ever, however. There’s a new waiter, which he actually makes cry, after he’d made a simple drink order mistake. There’s another mistake on one of Shanna’s tables, and when Bradley starts to chew her out, I step up, and claim it’d been my mistake.

“Sorry, Bradley, I misread the order. It’s not her fault.” It really had been her fault, but I’m trying to win her back over, though with the way she’s treating me tonight, I’m not sure why I’m bothering.

“It’s coming out of your paycheck then,” Bradley informs me heatedly. “And you, Shanna, make sure your orders are clear enough, that this doesn’t happen again!” Our boss turns and storms away, to start berating someone else. I can’t remember the last time he was this miserable to work with, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why he is. The place is hopping, the orders flowing generally smoothly, and there is a thirty-five minute wait just to be seated. He should be ecstatic.

“I don’t need you to fight my battles for me,” Shanna informs me as she turns away to go back to the front. “Thanks, though,” I barely hear her add, before she’s through the doors separating the kitchen from the dining area.

I feel a bit warmer inside after that, though she still refuses to talk to me.

I’m so distracted by worrying about Shanna, the demons, and dealing with Gina, that I actually DO screw up an order, cooking a steak medium-well, when the customer ordered rare.

“Where is your head, tonight, Nick?” Bradley nearly screams at me after Shanna brings the plate back. “That’s twice now, you’ve screwed up. I can’t believe how incompetent you are tonight. What did you spend your vacation doing? Giving yourself brain damage, by running into walls? Smoking pot? Or were you smoking someone’s pole, instead? Someone’s going to have to cover the cost of that steak, and since I know it’s not me that screwed up. . .” He is nearly spitting in my face, he’s so angry.

For some reason everything comes to a head, and just seems to be too much: Shanna testing me and then ignoring me tonight, Bradley chewing me out, the world likely ending soon, and angels expecting me to somehow save it. Don’t they all understand that the weight of the human race is on my shoulders? Well, Bradley doesn’t, but Shanna does. I’m just so sick and tired of listening to my bald boss rant and rave, I almost blow up. I just wish he’d quit yelling.

For one second, one split moment in time; I consider walking away, and leaving them all to their fate. Who knows. . .? Maybe the world can take care of itself. I mean, the human race has made it this far, without my help, or even my interference. Why should I be the only one to defend it? I’m just a geek, after all. Not some military strategist or even a skillful negotiator. What chance do I really stand against the technologically advanced and violently alien demons?

The moment passes, however, and I see Bradley still staring at me, waiting for an answer. Looking around, I see that everyone is staring at us. A part of my mind wonders at that; I mean, Bradley is almost always yelling at someone. Why should they stop and stare now?

Then I realize that the big man isn’t just staring at me. His mouth is moving, and so are his arms, but no sound escapes his lips. Everyone stares in shock as the man tries to yell and scream, but no volume comes out. It’s not that he’s choking; I can easily see and even hear him breathing heavily. Then I feel the switch I’d inadvertently created in him, shutting him up. I have, in effect, switched off his vocal cords.

I can’t help but laugh. The whole thing just seems too comical. Here is a man I’ve feared ever since I started working here. Wider in the shoulders than me, even with the extra muscle I’ve gained, he stands taller, and with his shaved head, he has this intimidating demeanor that usually puts me in my place. But as he tries to talk, his arms waiving, face going red, and occasionally pawing at his neck, he no longer scares me. Somehow the loss of his voice seems to remove any sense of a threat from him. Like Rand al’Thor, I’ve remembered how to laugh.

“I quit,” I tell him calmly, getting my laughter under control. “I’m sick of dealing with your attitude. You run around here, yelling at everybody, chewing them out for perceived issues, and I’m done with it. Take that steak out of my paycheck too, but I’m through.” His eyes bulge in shock as I add the next line. “Better yet, shove that steak up your overbearing ass, along with my last paycheck. I’m done.”

I calmly untie my apron, and throw it at his feet. Shanna steps up next to me, unties the apron that she keeps her tips and orders in, and throws it at his feet, right next to my apron; after removing her tips, of course.

“I quit, too,” she tells him breathlessly. “I only put up with your bullshit for one reason, and now I don’t have to. You can eat my paycheck, for all I care.”

Suddenly everyone around us is quitting as well, throwing in their aprons, tired of the way the big man has bullied us, and only now that he can’t speak, do they lose their fear of him.

Shanna grabs my hand, and pulls me out of the kitchen, as the aprons pile up at Bradley’s feet. Only as I’m walking out the front door, do I think to turn his vocal cords back on, and smile slightly as I hear his roar from the kitchens.

The restaurant has been more than busy tonight, and now he has no one to do the work. I feel sorry for the customers, but that guilt doesn’t make up for the torment Bradley has caused.

Shanna still has a hold of my arm, and is dragging me to her car, but I plant my feet, and she takes a few extra steps, before she realizes I’m not following her anymore. I feel heady with power. The episode with Bradley has flipped my perspective, and right now I feel like I can take on the demons, even without my sister’s help. I know that thought is foolish, but right now I don’t care. Only it’s not demons in front of me right at the moment, it’s Shanna.

Sweet, loving, sexy, geeky, devious Shanna; the woman that took care of me after the marathon sex session with Lela, who can equal or beat me in video games and is just as geeky as me, has shared her sister with me. . . And then tested me. She ignores me most of the night, barely acknowledging me, when I try to help her out with Bradley. And now she stands there with a half uncertain smile on her face, looking so innocent and cute. I’m sick of the games, and sick of the deceit.

“No,” I tell her, my voice quiet, but underlying it is solid granite. She looks at me, and I can see the fear blossom in her blue eyes. She knows what I’m capable of, and is likely thinking I mean to use my ability on her. Hadn’t she paid attention when I told her I’m sick of manipulating people? Well, I guess after what I’d done with Bradley, I can understand her forgetting, but I thought she understood me better than that.

“Nick?” she asks me uncertainly, her voice shaking slightly, as she takes a half step back to me.

“No more games, Shanna. What are we? If you’re afraid of me, walk away now, and I won’t stop you. I won’t make you forget, and I won’t use my ability on you ever again,” I inform her, my voice staying even and firm. “But if you want to be with me, then you’re going to have to trust me. Trust that I won’t use my switches to control you, and will do anything else in my power to make you happy, so long as you treat me properly. You have to accept me as I am.” I pause for only a second, “So I ask you again: what are we?”

She closes the last of the small distance between us, and without hesitation, places her hand on my cheek. “I love you Nick. I’m sorry for what I did with Julia. I do trust you. I thought about it, and I realize that you made those switches in me some time ago, but only today have I ever been happy when I had no reason to be. I know you won’t use your ability on me, to manipulate me.” Her blue eyes look directly into mine, and I don’t doubt her sincerity. “I want to be with you. . . But only if you still want me.”

“Why have you been ignoring me tonight?” I demand, ignoring the plaintive look in her long-lashed eyes.

She drops her gaze to the ground for a moment, and I see her breath mist in the cold air three times before she answers. “I. . . I don’t know what to say. You’re almost like a god now with your abilities, and what am I compared to that? Hell, I can’t even match up to your sister, with her ability to magnify yours.” She lifts her gaze back to mine seeking understanding, but I keep my mouth shut, waiting for her to continue. “Why would you want someone as lowly and simple as me? Frak it, Nick! I love you, but I can’t see any reason you would want to be with me. You can have anyone you want, with your switches.” Her gaze grows fiercer. “I don’t want to stand in your way, but after what you did in there, I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep you.” I almost. . . almost, laughed at her Battlestar Galactica terminology.

I can still hear the uncertainty and fear in her voice, as she turns her face to mine. I know I have a choice right now. Kiss her, and she’s mine, but that means dropping Gina, Nancy, Professor Frankens, mom, and Summer. . . Summer. . .

“You know I still have to be with Summer in order to stop the demons,” I say carefully, worry that this one thing may crumble the house of cards, I feel I’m standing on.

I feel her lips on my chin, before she gives me her answer, “As long as I’m there. Do that for me, and I am all yours.”

For a moment I’m afraid. Lela’s ship will be the most dangerous place in the coming confrontation. Shanna kisses my chin again, and I know my answer now, as I drop my head, and meet her lips with mine. For good or ill, Shanna is now officially my girlfriend.

* * *

We drive to her place, me following in my car, and barely make it in the door, before clothes go flying; neither one of us cares if anyone else is there, as we go straight to her room. As soon as I walk in, I take but a moment to look around, and remember part of why I find this woman so wonderful: from her anime posters, to her figurines, and even her gaming systems, this woman is a true match for me.

Shanna grabs the back of my neck, and pulls me to her naked torso, bringing me back to the reason we’re here. Our tongues entwine with one another, as my hands roam across her smooth back, and I feel hers grip my rear end. My throbbing penis is poking her in the ribs, and I pull her tighter to me, squeezing my member between us. I can easily feel her hardened nipples pressing against my chest.

She spins us around, and suddenly shoves me away from her. Caught off balance, I trip backwards over her bed, and land on my back. She smiles wickedly at me, and I can’t help returning the smile. She saunters slowly over to me, lightly running a finger seductively from her lip, down along her breast, belly, and then finally to her pussy. I can see that her crotch is already sopping wet, when she pulls her finger away, and a string of liquid connects her finger back to her crotch.

She reaches the bed by this point, bends over my waist, and licks her way up my thigh, until she reaches my balls. Sucking one of my eggs between her lips makes me moan in pleasure, before she licks her way up my shaft to the head. Her eyes meet mine with a smile in them for a bit before she swallows the large head between her soft lips, and I feel myself hit the rear of her throat.

Dropping my hands to the back of her head, running my hands through her red-dyed hair, I enjoy how her tongue lashes around my prick while she sucks on the knob. She has nowhere near the skill of Polkins, or even mom or Nancy, but what she lacks in skill, she more than makes up in vigor.

She pulls her head up, and uses her saliva to run her hand up and down my member. “I know you won’t use your ability to control me,” she says softly, and I grow suddenly wary, “but are you willing to use it on me if I want you too?”

My first impulse is to deny her, but if she wants me to, then I won’t really be manipulating her, right? “What do you have in mind?” I ask cautiously.

“I’m just thinking how much more interesting this can be, if you use your switches to stimulate or entice me, while we make love,” she says, emphasizing her words with a quick lick along the length of my shaft. The word ‘love’ leaves her lips with a purr and I feel a delicious shiver run along my spine.

“Are my skills not good enough?” I ask, slightly insulted.

“No!” she promises immediately, realizing how she must have sounded to me. “I have never had a better lover, I promise. I just want to get really kinky, is all,” she pouts cutely.

Why not? I figure. If it makes me a better lover, and truly pleases her, then is there really any reason not to, other than being selfish?

I use my hands on the back of her head to guide her back to sucking my cock, as I make more switches in her. She moans around my cock as her nipples grow stiff, and become more sensitive, rubbing against my shins, her pussy gushes as I increase its flow, and just for good measure, I make her asshole start to tingle. She starts to go wild, sucking hard on my long rod, and using her hands on the length that can’t fit into her mouth, as I feel her have a slight orgasm.

“How’s that?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Oh, frak, yeah!” she moans, diving up my body, and kissing me passionately. Her hands are travelling all over my body, as she’s overcome with sexual desire. I feel her reach down, and try to get my cock into her sopping wet slit, but I’m not ready for that yet.

I break the kiss long enough to flip us over, and tell her, “Uh-uh,” before taking a second to suck on her hard sensitive nipples. I kiss my way lower and as soon as my lips touch her swollen labia, her liquid cum gushes out of her, coating my face in the delicious substance. I love the way this sexual woman tastes, and lap up all I can. Nibbling on her labia, and sucking hard on her clit, I shove my tongue as deep inside her small hole as I can. All of that in conjunction with my switches sends her into orgasmic bliss again and again.

Finally she can’t stand it anymore, and painfully grips my ears, pulling me up, until we’re eye to eye.

“If you don’t stick that fat fraking cock in my pussy right now, I’m going to lose it,” she informs me through gritted teeth.

“Aye, aye, Starbuck,” I tell her, grinning to let her know I’m enjoying her terminology. Wondering what exactly ‘losing it’ means, I decide to oblige her. My cock slips into her, all the way up to her womb, in one stroke. She’s never been this wet before, and as soon as I’m seated inside her, her cunt grips my length hard, as she comes yet again.

I decide that I’d better dial back my switches a little, or she’s going to be too worn out, before I even have the chance to finish.

“Oh, god,” she moans, with her hands on the back of my neck, and our foreheads touching, “I never knew anything could feel like this!” She presses her lips to mine, in a hungry kiss for a few seconds, when I feel her legs wrap behind me, and pull me into her even deeper. Once more I feel that strangling circle engulf my rod, and moan with her at how good she feels. “Fuck me, Nick. Fuck me hard, NOW!” Apparently we are done with ‘Fraking,’ and now it’s time to ‘Fuck!’

I pull out until I feel that ring slip loose, and then drive back into her, making us both grunt. She’s so wet and hot inside, it feels like my hotdog is in an oven getting cooked, but it feel so güvenilir casino good, I don’t want to stop.

I roll us over, and get fully seated inside her womb again, as I pull her chest to my lips and suck hard on her sensitive nipple. Her hips start rocking back and forth with a fervor that will soon have me coming, as it whips my cock around inside her womb. I look down between us, and can see her frothy juices pooling on my pelvis. I can even feel a steady stream of them running between my balls and thighs.

Suddenly Shanna yelps, as her cunt clamps down harder than ever before on my meat, and I start to cum with her, shooting my seed deep into her, filling every bit of her vagina.

Shanna’s still breathing heavily, when she collapses on top of me, her cheek pressed to mine, and it takes me a moment to realize that she actually passed out.

I soon follow her into slumber.

* * *

We’re in my car, driving, with the sun setting behind us, and the moon already sitting high in the sky.

“You don’t have to come with me,” I tell Shanna. I’ve tried to talk her out of coming, without trying too hard, and making her suspicious, but it hasn’t worked. “I promise you, that I plan on breaking it off with Gina.”

“I know,” she tells me calmly, her hand lightly resting on my thigh. “I just want to have a small talk with Gina, too,” she tells me. “I trust you.”

I wonder at that, wondering if she’s playing some game or another, but she’s assured me she’s not. Calling Gina over the phone to break it off isn’t an option for me. I feel like it’s the chicken shit thing to do, and know that the blonde deserves better than that. Shanna insists on coming with me, and I’m just not up to arguing with her anymore.

“Now, you told me that Gina knows about your ability, but not how you got it, right?” Shanna asks me, her tone curious. “And not about the alien?”

“Yeah,” I answer, wondering what Shanna is planning on talking to Gina about, “she knows nothing about Lela.”

“Lela, yes. What about her mom?” she asks next.

“To the best of my knowledge, Nancy doesn’t know about any of it,” I tell her.

“You know, you can make her forget all about you,” Shanna tells me solicitously, and I glare at her. She knows how I feel about using my power like that. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Sheesh, you’d think I asked you to rob a bank of something.”

“Not a bank,” I mumbled, “just someone’s mind and memories.”

“Well, I guess if you put it that way. . .” she says quietly. “But how do you explain what you did to Gina and Nancy, then?”

“I was still learning, and made mistakes,” I tell her defensively. “That’s why I’m so careful about using them in people now.”

“Okay,” my girlfriend finally relents. And then changes tactics. “What about me?” She asks, and I’m thoroughly confused. “Can you tell if I have the magic gene? Maybe I could magnify your power, so you won’t have to lay with your sister.”

“It doesn’t work like that,” I try to let her down softly. “Everyone seems to react differently to the gene being activated. In some, nothing happens. In others, they simply die. Only a few gain abilities.”

‘She doesn’t have the gene.’ Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that Lela is watching us at the moment. I decide against telling Shanna the news.

She remains silent for the rest of the drive. I can understand her drive, though. She now sees me as some mythic person, and is trying to find a level ground to stand on. Shanna isn’t the type of woman to stand behind a man. She wants to be right next to me.

When I ring the doorbell, Nancy answers the door.

“Oh, Nick! I didn’t expect you. Come in!” She’s cheerful as she greets me and even smiles as Shanna comes in after me. “I’ll go get Gina.”

“That’s okay, mom.” Gina says at the top of the stairs, “I’m here.” She looks at Shanna for a few seconds, her mouth tight, before looking back to me. “I wasn’t expecting you either, and by the look on your face, I can guess why you brought Shanna. . . Or is it Shannon? I can’t tell you two apart,” this last bit’s directed at my girlfriend.

I’m not aware of any look on my face, thinking that I’d kept my features calm, but I guess Gina knows me too well to fool her.

“I’m Shanna,” the woman says, “and I actually made him bring me. I want to talk to you, if you don’t mind.”

I can see the hurt in Gina’s eyes, and it hurts me too, but she’s always known that we aren’t right for one another. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Am I making a mistake with Shanna? Only time will tell, and even then, only if I defeat the demons.

Gina shrugs her shoulders despondently before turning around to head to her room, and Shanna follows. When I step after her, Shanna stops me. “You stay and keep Gina’s mom company. This is girl talk.”

“Be nice to her,” I say, and she arches an eyebrow at me, while she bats her long lashes. I don’t buy the innocent look.

“Why, whatever do you think I’m going to talk to her about?” she asks me innocently; way too innocently, for my tastes. When I grumble incoherently, she laughs at me, and quotes her favorite line, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” She pats my cheek, and hurries up the stairs.

“Can I offer you some tea?” Nancy asks me and I turn around. For a second I wonder that she doesn’t seem bothered by everything going on around her daughter, and then I remember the switches I’d made in her forever ago. After our trip to mom’s house, I realize that her ‘contentment’ switch only applies to anything I do, and I guess by extension in this case, that applies to Shanna too.

I only hope that Shanna goes soft on Gina.

“No, thanks,” I tell the older woman, and we sit down to talk about minor stuff, my mind is nowhere on the conversation. As she natters away, my mind wonders to past escapades with her and her daughter. I think about how I used my ability on her, and how things have ended up.

“Nancy,” I interrupt her in mid-sentence, and she contentedly lets me, “are you happy?”

“Of course,” she answers without hesitation.

“I mean, with everything that your daughter and I have done, as well as with you?” I press, having a sudden need to know.

“Where is this coming from, Nick?” the older woman asks me, and I can hear a note of concern in her voice.

“It’s just that most people would have some kind of issue with the things we’ve all done, and I want to know if you’re okay with everything,” I explain.

Nancy studies me for a moment, before giving me an answer. “A lot of people can think what they want to think. If you concern yourself about what other people think, you will never be happy, Nick.” She takes a sip of her tea, before continuing. “I might once have had a problem with it, but Gina and I are closer now than we’ve ever been in the past. You ask if I’m happy, and the answer is yes. What I really think you’re asking is, are you happy?”

I’m stunned at the depth of her words. Is she right? I think I’m happy. . . But then again, the knot in my stomach, over what Gina must be feeling upstairs, says otherwise. Shanna makes me happy when I’m with her, but her attitude lately, has soured that somewhat. Of course, Gina and Summer make me happy as well. When I first discovered I have the ability with my switches, I thought my life would be made, but it’s turned out to be a lot more responsibility than I ever wanted. I recall a line from the Dragon Reborn series, talking about how death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain. Only now do I truly understand what that means. It would be ever so simple to just shrug my shoulders, ignore the coming demons, and just go wild with my ability, conscience be damned.

“Nick,” a soft voice from atop the stairs breaks my concentration, “will you please come up here?”

I turn to see Shanna and Gina both standing side-by-side, their expressions blank as they wait for me. I thank Nancy for her advice, before going up the stairs, and follow the two women into Gina’s room.

Once inside, the women have me sit on the bed, and they sit on either side of me, Shanna on my left, Gina on the right. I’m surprised when they each grab a hand, and Shanna starts speaking.

“Nick, we’ve been talking,” I nod. Of course they’ve been talking. I don’t see any broken furniture, scratch marks, or forming bruises that would indicate a fight, and I haven’t heard screaming, so what else would they have been doing?

“Shanna explained to me about what she told you today,” Gina says next, and I have to turn to face her. It occurs to me that the women might have set up this seating arrangement, so that one is always behind me, and keeping me off balance. It only adds to my apprehension.

“And Gina told me what you mean to her,” I have to turn again, so that I’m facing Shanna. “And we’ve agreed that it isn’t right that I have you all to myself.”

My jaw feels like it hits the floor. This is the last thing I expect! Especially after the way Shanna acted at school earlier, and even at work.

“We know you’re destined to be so much more with your ability, Nick,” Gina keeps talking, ignoring my shock. “Shanna told me about the demons. After what happened with Derek, I understand why you kept that from me.”

She did? Shanna has no right to break my confidence on that matter. I feel my face go red, as anger starts to rise from my gut.

“Is there anything else you decided to talk about, behind my back?” I ask coolly. Okay, maybe it was a bit more heated than I wanted it to, but dammit! She has no right.

“Just this,” Shanna says, placing her hand on my chest, and I feel Gina’s at the same time. I have just enough time to wonder what she means, when they both push me back, and before I have a chance to even yelp, I see the two women lip-locked together over me.

Anger flees in the face of confusion. I was certain that Shanna had wanted to talk to Gina about me dumping her, but now I find the two women kissing!

“Someone want to tell me what in the world is going on?” I ask trying to get my emotional bearings.

They break the kiss, and two sets of beautiful eyes look at me, one set hazel, the other blue and surrounded by long lashes, as they giggle.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Gina asks.

“We decided to become good friends,” Shanna pipes in right afterwards.

“But, why?” I demand to know.

“Nick,” Shanna says, “Gina told me what you did for her, and how much you mean to her. About what you did to Derek. I realized I’m being selfish with you, and that you deserve better than that from me. I really hope you’ll forgive the way I’ve been acting. The whole thing with Julia really got under my skin, but that’s no excuse. You’re under a lot of stress over the coming demons, and there I was, causing even more stress. You’re actions have more than proven how you feel about me. Can you please forgive me?”

I think back on it, and realize that the change began when Julia had entered the picture. I’m about to tell her that I can forgive her, but Gina cuts me off before I can.

“I know a way to earn forgiveness,” the busty blonde says with a wide smile, as her hand grabs my crotch, and pulls my zipper down.

“I like the way you think, Gina,” Shanna says, and reaches into my Mega-man boxers to pull out my limp cock. I’m still in too much shock, for me to be hard right now. “Oh, it looks like I am going to have to wake him up with a kiss,” she says next, then suits actions to words, and starts licking my penis.

Gina stands up and starts to undress, and only then do I understand what’s happening. I’m not going to have to leave Gina, and unless I miss my guess, Shanna no longer feels like she needs a complete hold on me either. I look at Gina’s large tits as they pop free from her bra, and then down to Shanna’s lips sliding up and down my rapidly hardening cock, and remember what Nancy had ask me a little bit ago. Am I happy? Well, I still have the demons to contend with, but it looks like my social life is back on top. Hell yeah, I’m happy!

Gina is fully undressed now, and she starts helping Shanna undress. When she gets to her shirt, Shanna refuses to let my now fully hard rod out from between her lips, and leaves it bunched up around her neck.

Gina bends over, and plants a powerful kiss on me, before kissing my cheek, and then whispering in my ear, “Thank you for using your ability on her. I don’t know what I’d have done, if I’d lost you.”

I try to protest that I’ve had nothing to do with this, but before I can organize my thoughts, Gina is sitting on my face, and bending over to help Shanna give me a great blowjob.

Deciding that now is no time to be arguing with my good fortune; I stick my tongue out, and poke it into Gina’s tangy vagina. I remember the switches Shanna had asked me to make for her, and debate on doing the same for Gina, but decide not to right now. If she asks, I will do it, but otherwise, I still don’t feel comfortable doing it without permission. Besides, I can still affect her with my voice.

I suck hard on Gina’s clitoris as I feel two sets of lips working my cock, and moan loudly. My hands are idle, and so I decide to start fondling Gina’s ample bosom. My cock is left alone for a second as Gina sits up, and I have just a moment to see Shanna pressing her tits on either side of my penis, her shirt completely off, before Gina slams her twat back down on my mouth. Shanna’s tits feel fantastic as she slide them up and down my length.

“Wow, he’s so big, he completely sticks out between your breasts,” Gina says, and a second later, as I feel Shanna’s breasts go down, I also feel her lips around the head of my rod. I start to moan in earnest as Shanna picks up her pace, and just as I feel myself getting close, she stops, and pinches the base of my cock.

“I think you deserve this first,” she tells Gina, and without waiting any further, Gina slides off my face, and impales herself on my sword, facing away from me. She isn’t as wet as Shanna had been earlier today (despite my moaning getting her ready), and it takes her a number of strokes, before I hit her deepest parts.

I feel my girlfriend’s tongue lick my balls, before travelling up, and I know she’s licking Gina’s clit by the way the blonde’s cunt starts to twitch around me, and she begins bucking as she has her first climax of the night. Luckily the small break from the titty-fucking is enough that I don’t lose my semen at the same time.

Shanna climbs on the bed next to us, and I watch in amazement as she starts to suck on Gina’s bosom, and I can feel her hand down near where we’re connected, rubbing the other woman’s pussy. Shanna’s ass is within reach, and I try to slip a finger into her, but she pulls my hand out. Shanna breaks off pleasing Gina, and leans her head down close to mine.

“I’m still too sensitive from earlier. Let’s just concentrate on her tonight, and maybe another night, you can have us both.” She seals her words with a kiss, and then starts to lick Gina’s juices from my chin and cheeks, making me moan as this turns me on, which in turn makes Gina shudder in pleasure..

The sound of my voice still has a strong effect on Gina and as my voice reaches her, she comes yet again. She leans back, supporting herself on her arms to either side of me, and gyrates her pelvis against mine. I moan again at how good this action feel, and reach up to start fondling Gina’s tits again.

With my face clean, Shanna goes back to giving her attention to Gina. Since the blonde’s tits are covered with my hands, she bends over our legs, and starts licking Gina’s pussy again.

Gina pulls off me, unexpectedly, and Shanna swallows my rod immediately in her mouth, keeping it warm, and cleaning the other woman’s cum from it.

“I want you in my ass,” she turns her head to tell me, and I smile back at her. She then remembers Shanna, and I see her pout for only a second, before asking, “I better let you have some first.”

My cock comes out of Shanna’s mouth with a slight pop. “No, I want to see him fuck you in your small ass.”

Gina smiles and you’d think she’s a kid that’d just been given an entire candy store, as she pulls the recent redheaded woman up for a kiss, murmuring, “Thank you,” before shoving her tongue into the other woman’s mouth.

Shanna grips my throbbing member, and starts rubbing it back and forth, from Gina’s pussy to her asshole, spreading the slick liquids. Without warning, Gina slams her hips down, timing it just right and I slide into her tight colon. Thankfully I still have enough of Shanna’s saliva left on me to lubricate the penetration.

Gina’s sphincter feels wonderful as she slides it up and down my engorged manhood. Something feels a little different this time, however, and it takes me a moment to realize that I can just feel Shanna’s fingers separated from my cock by a thin bit of flesh. Gina starts to go wild, as Shanna fingers her. Her colon grips and massages me to my own orgasm, and I drop my third load that day into Gina’s ass.

Once more Nancy’s question flutters through my pleasure-fogged brain, and there is no arguing that at this point, I truly am happy with my life. . .

Until I recall that the demons will be here before too much longer.

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