Baseballed Ch. 08

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Big Tits

“I swear they were fucking and really getting into it! Big swarthy Anthony was all in that tight little twink ass. I bet Anthony tore his ass up before flooding it full of spunk.”

“You’re just trying to make me cum.”

“Is it working, Ricky?”

The dark-headed hunk pushed his blond buddy’s hairy legs to his chest and bent over him, his face inches away and sweat falling onto the golden mustache and scruff below him.

“I fucked him and Ant used my leaking cum as lube. I pretended to be asleep but I heard big Ant pounding that tight little ass so fuckin’ hard. Kent was purring like a kitten when that big college cock spewed cum into his tight twink pussy.”

“Fuck you, Jimmy,” Rick growled hoarsely as he lost it, his jizz exploding into Jim’s hot hole. His body went stiff as volley after volley left his balls. “Ah fuck!”

Rick pulled his dripping cock out and released his buddy. He rolled onto the other side of the king-sized bed.

“These young fuckers ride each other like rabbits nowadays,” Rick said, wiping sweat from his face with his hand.

“We were pretty busy ourselves, if you recall,” Jim replied, stroking his cock, while his other hand roamed over his furry muscular chest from nip to nip. “You remember the first time you fucked me? In the locker room…after everyone else had left…we had had istanbul travesti to do laps for fighting…”

“You were a cocky little fucker back then.”

“Yeah, you’d said something nasty to me about my cleats or something. And I said something about wanting to put them in your smirking fucking face…you pounded your chest and said something like, ‘Come on, muthafucker’…and we wrestled around in the sand until Coach stopped us,” Jim replied. “Sweat and mud and you grabbing at my jockstrap.”

“I just wanted you so bad. I thought in picking a fight that maybe I’d, at the very least, get to feel you up. Sweet stupid ideas. I remember you with your long shaggy blond hair and your tanned muscled ass in that fuckin’ Nike jockstrap…everyone else was wearing Bike or Duke, but you had that spicy tight Nike that matched your high-tops…damn. You were fuckin’ hot, baby! I wanted you so damn bad. I would jack my cock until it was sore thinking about you in nothing but that Nike jockstrap and shoes, lying on my bed…and that day, yeah, I was horny as fuck…”

“And you wearing nothing but that turned-back cap…fuck, you were a muscled beast. You pushed me against the wall of the shower trying to act so bad-ass tough, saying you didn’t know if you wanted to punch me or fuck me…” Jim laughed.

“Did I really say istanbul travestileri it like that?” Rick said, pretending to frown.

“Bitch, that was what? Twenty years ago? I can’t remember every damn detail…but I do remember the electricity when your big ol’ flared cockhead popped into my tight virgin hole…damn! I couldn’t sit down for days!”

“I remember kissing the back of your neck as you pushed your ass back at my slick leaking cock. I think it just slipped in from all our pushing and grinding. I remember feeling it slide past your ring and being so warm up in there,” Rick mused.

“I think you might have had two short strokes before pulling out and shooting across my back…”

“I don’t think it was that many…maybe one. It all went pretty hazy once I felt you around my cock.”

“And from then on, I just wanted more and more of that big cock,” Jim laughed.

Rick rolled over on his side, reaching for Jim’s cock. Jim let go of it, and Rick’s muscular hand encircled it.

“Oh, I remember, Mr. Catcher!” Rick replied, moving closer to his friend and taking his cock into his mouth.

“There was no better pitcher on the team. You were…and still are the fuckin’ best!” Jim groaned to Rick as his back arched upward and he shot a scalding load into Rick’s waiting mouth.

Rick pulled off travesti istanbul Jim’s cock and Jim shifted positions, pushing his lips against Rick and sharing the load. The couple rolled around the bed, enjoying the tastes and feel of the other.

“When’s Julie getting back?” Jim asked, pulling away from Rick.

“She and Becky are in Maine on some outdoor thing at some lesbian farming camp thing…I dunno…she does her thing and I do mine,” Rick answered before tickling his blond stud’s fuzzy belly.

“Remind me before I leave, I’ve got her birthday present in the car. I found that book she was trying to find. And, pray tell, what’d you get your precious wife?”

“I got her and Becky that trip so they could daddle each other to their heart’s content. Oh, you know I did it just so I could breed you all weekend, fucker.”

“Well, we’ve had sex three times so far today, and I’m still not pregnant,” Jim joked.

Rick grabbed Jim and rolled him onto his stomach. Rick slid onto top of muscular golden body, positioning his cock in the cleft of Jim’s round ass. The brunette grabbed his lover’s tattooed arms and wrapped his legs around the hairy legs beneath him.

“Well, We’ve got a good stretch of time left, let me see what I can do, baby,” Rick growled deeply into Rick’s ear, pulling his hips back in order to position his cockhead directly at the entrance of the hole under him. “You ready for me to breed your ass again, fucker?”

“Yeah, pitcher, give me a two-seam fastball, a real deep sinker,” Jim groaned as Rick sank downward, deep into his lover’s gaping red ass.

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