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Generally, the baths can be described as a serious place for easy male sex. Last Thursday, that seriousness was put aside for a bit, at my apparently amusing expense.

Arriving just at opening, finished with my customary beer, I went downstairs, showered, and slid into the empty whirlpool. The warm water felt nice, though when the splashing central jet started, the lack of contact with the man who had sat across from me a moment previously ensured a quick exit.

Back upstairs, I checked the darkroom, deserted as is generally the case, looking briefly at the empty video booths before entering the porn theater. The porn involved a bit of anal pleasuring, something that has always been enticing to see and get hard to. Reaching the end of the wall that creates the entrance walkway, my eyes roamed over the tiers.

Four men were sitting on the three levels. The man in the center of the lowest level was wearing his towel, as was the man on the next level, though his hand was obviously touching his cock. The man on the top level to my right along the wall was also covered. Making it easy for me to concentrate on the sight of the naked fourth man, playing with his stiff rod as he watched the porn.

My right hand dropped to the front of my towel, running over my cock, pressing it along an inner thigh, looking up as my eyes adapted to the dimness. He wore glasses, had short curled hair, body relaxed in a familiar slutty way. Soon, my hand reached under the towel, touching myself, and he seemed to roll his head my way lazily for a bit, before returning his attention to the porn.

Eyes adjusted to the low light level, it was possible to take in some detail concerning my intended destination at the left corner of the bed length upper tier. Moving to the first ‘step,’ I took off my towel while moving up, swinging my black bag down against the wall as I spread out my towel. Though I had glanced over a couple of times, till now, my focus had been determinedly non-personal, letting me note what seemed to be a couple of condoms and a smallish bottle to the left side of the man.

The more than life sized porn remained interesting, the man that had been rimmed now being sucked, the cocksucker stroking himself. Getting hard openly, soon I was horny enough to begin watching the stranger next to me, quickly losing any pretense of my attention being accidental. His cock stiffened in response. Rapidly, it was plain that we were looking at each other’s cock while jacking off, enjoying the sight of bare cock.

I spread my legs and leaned back, openly exposing myself, fully aware of how interested he had become in my cock. Both of us knowing just how satisfying things were likely to develop, naked with a stranger in a bathhouse. He was roughly my age, glasses heavier than mine, his cock and balls similar, though shaved.

By now, we had both shifted a bit, my left leg against his thigh, his hand gliding slowly upwards along my tingling skin. His fingers reached my bush, then slid down over my balls as I kept fisting my shaft. Feeling the tension change, his fondling distracting me, my head turned, seeing how focused he’d become on a stranger’s cock. The porn had become incidental, replaced by reality.

My left hand reached out against his chest, soon sliding downwards. And stopping when his hand slid over the tip of my cock, exquisitely paralyzing. The sensation was engulfing, soon riding the edge of utter pleasure and almost pain, leaving me unable to do anything but grasp his stiff cock, surrendering to his skilled touch.

At some point, pre-cum welled, even if this style of cock play has never made me cum. Spreading it around my cockhead, I couldn’t stop moaning, talking really dirty about how his finger had completely captured my hard and slutty cock, right at the tip, how fantastic it was to be used by a man that way, watching hot porn.

After a certain interval, long enough to have the porn on the screen expand into an orgy scene, with a couple of pairs and a threesome, only now appreciating the details of what had happened in the movie as my cock slit was expertly manipulated by a stranger. The men in the room had changed too, now noticing one man in particular, who apparently had just entered. Watching him take off his towel, there was no question that he was a regular sauna visitor.

I’d enjoyed various encounters with him, but he was adamantly anti-condom, whether on him or on me. Considering how many men I’d seen him involved with in just a single sauna visit, there was no way that condoms were not going to be a part of cocksucking. Not that we didn’t enjoy each other’s cocks and skills, whether in the whirlpool or the shower or a private cabin.

Fairly small and fit, maybe 40 years old, he possessed a truly sexy large cock. Definitely a bigger slut than I – something to respect in my eyes, actually, if not for a somewhat old-fashioned attitude in terms of following my wife’s wishes. Something that also happened to allay one of the more serious downsides of bahis şirketleri bathhouse fun – losing control so thoroughly among strangers has its attractions, but as the past proved, also its risks. Manageable ones, to be honest, when getting sucked, but temptation indulged leads to bad habits over time.

Stepping between us, his hands reached out to our cocks, mingling easily, his own cock already 3/4 erect. We reached out to play with his cock, turning a twosome into a threesome with practiced experience. Soon, hands were sliding over nipples and balls, and the new man bent down to suck me off.

Saying “condom” was enough to make him disagree, asking why anyone needed one. I remained adamant in refusal, without any need to justify my terms. Surrendering to pleasure involves being aware of what one is surrendering too, even if others disagree.

As happened now, the man next to me snorting at my refusal. Being in a good mood regardless, it was easy to guide the head of the new man to the other’s willing cock. What other people do is simply not something I care about – and it isn’t as if others cared about my opinion more than I do theirs at the baths. When occasional disagreements occur, there has been no reason not to remind someone that men have no problem in forcing others to respect decisions.

Till now, no one has even come close to being able to force me to do anything unwanted. Though it has been an exceedingly delightful surprise to discover just how much I’ve wanted, and how till now, keeping unbridled temptation in check has not been burdensome.

The cocksucking occurring next to me was clearly wanted, especially when seeing how the cocksucked man brought the poppers bottle to his face, and unscrewed it. He took several deep hits, breathing out each time, spreading his legs as his cock went deeper into a willing mouth. My right hand was jacking my cock, the left playing with the sitting man’s nipple as he began to moan in pure pleasure, hard cock deep in another man’s mouth.

Leaning over, now starting to tongue the nipple I’d been playing with. At some point, I felt an exquisite gliding sensation under and around my cockhead. The groaning that followed was unstoppable. Finally, looking down after taking a break from licking a stranger’s breast, I could see a glistening finger circling underneath my glans. It was fairly obvious that the third man had used spit on his finger to coat my cock. Looking up from his blow job, his expression was clearly amused.

The other man brought the poppers bottle back up, and after he finished, I made my own desire clear. He held the bottle under my nose, letting me take a deep breath. The sensations from my cock grew more intense, the other man moaning helplessly as he was deep throated by an expert, his hand playing with the magnificent cock barely within reach.

Breathing out, my left hand slipped down to the base of the other man’s cock, sliding upwards along its wet length, not quite touching the retreating lips. Someone’s fingers began to play with my nipple, as it soon became obvious that the new man still wanted to suck my uncovered cock.

His persistence was not enticing. After again insisting about a condom, and hearing his refusal, I kept my hand over my cock, keeping him from sucking me. Yes, the fact that his saliva had already felt so good meant my refusal was not exactly well found, but the principle behind it was. Along with the reality that the poppers were not that powerful.

Hearing my rejection, both of them laughed about my insistence on using a condom. Neither of them even seemingly realizing what that could mean in practical terms. However, I’d no intention to stop participating. Such as playing with myself as they went cock to cock, kissing each other deeply. A couple of other men were watching, but none approached.

Taking out my own little brown bottle, distracted by the feel of a palm moving over my cockhead, it took me a while to sit up again. Feeling the touch of a finger on my cock slit, I quickly took a hit of rush. Breathing out, I saw the third man starting to go down on other man again, his hand circled around the base of my cock, stretching the skin along my length.

The fact that it was exposing my slit was the reason for the intense sensations that were starting to overwhelm me, again with an intensity that made a distinction between pleasure and pain difficult to judge. Its purely sexual quality was completely addictive, though truly at the edge of my endurance as it continued.

Needing to distract him, it was an easy solution to offer the stranger a hit of my recently acquired rush. He breathed in and out, then moved his head a bit, prompting me to close the bottle after doing another hit. My lips found his nipple again, the likely cause of his finger sliding away from my cockhead.

By this point, pure animal sluttiness was filling both of us, with a deep throating slut sliding his hand over my cock in rhythm to his mouth giving wet head to a stranger.

Offering bahis firmaları the bottle again to the man beside me, he breathed in several times, face taking on the sexy expression of pure male sluttiness. An unsurprising reaction, beginning to thrust his naked and glistening cock into the other man’s mouth. My left hand found his spit covered balls, my extended middle finger soon pressing against his pulsing ring. Also on the edge of orgasm, I was able to control myself while feeling him lose control completely, my finger going deeper as he pumped his cum into a willing cocksucker’s mouth.

The cocksucker was the first to leave, followed unsteadily by the cocksucked man. Taking the time to get things organized, still recovering from such intense enjoyment, I returned to the locker area, stowing away everything but a couple of condoms before returning to the basement.

The whirlpool was empty, though in exchange, the steamroom looked promising, with a number of towels in the cubbyholes. Entering, the almost palpable heat was not quite overwhelming, but a definite presence. One man was sitting in the near corner, with another man leaving, briefly passing by, without contact. Meaning that the rest of the visitors had to be in the more private dimness at the back.

My slowly adjusting eyes were not much of a guide walking forwards cautiously. Hearing the tempting sounds of steambath sex, unable to know precisely where they were coming from, drawing me on. Just part of the thrill, right hand beginning to play with a swelling cock pressed down against my thigh, left hand cautiously sweeping ahead into the deep gloom. In its way, touching yourself in such a setting is almost like gathering one’s courage, with far less effort needed. After all, in a bathhouse, the predictable result of getting turned on with other naked men is repeated opportunities to have easy sex with horny strangers.

The dim outlines in the back section gradually resolved into a standing trio, with the sounds of sucking making me wonder if it was only a threesome. Though the way their heads were positioned together, enthusiastic kissing was an equally possible explanation. Moving a bit, the light from the newly opened door provided a glimpse of another pair. My ears growing accustomed to the sounds, it became clear that someone was getting a blow job in the dark corner across from me.

Stopping just out of reach of the group, pausing to jack my cock to full hardness before making any decision of what to do. A decision that became simple when another man approached from behind, his light touch against my thigh quickly leading to my free hand finding his cock. His touch at my nipple made me moan. With little effort, we became wonderfully entwined in the steam. Just another horny bathhouse visitor, in a steambath where hot sex among other men was the reason to enter. A reason shared by all repeat visitors, in my now years long gay sauna experience.

His tongue trailed along my neck as I shifted position, my desiring cock touching his, unable to resist the pleasure of such purely male contact. The threesome next to us was a minor attraction by now, but one that we both remained aware of. We could not resist turning to watch them, without hiding that naked interest from each other. On my part, because of curiousity, still convinced that there was a fourth man on his knees, with at least two of the three standing men being sucked at the same time.

As the threesome continued to play, I reached out a bit, and the reaction from the touched man was immediate. His hand rapidly found my cock, then sliding against the other one he discovered. The door opened again, a bit of light leaking into the back, letting me see the turned-on face of the man, as my original partner began to play with his nipple.

By now, all of us were sinking into the bliss of having found several like minded men, which is the cornerstone of enjoying hot group sex. The sounds of cock sucking were definitely coming from at least two different sources, though it remained unclear whether it involved the group I’d just become part of and extended.

Letting my right hand slide down over the ass of my second partner, my left hand played with the nipple of my original partner, drowning in the pure bliss of my cock against a stranger’s, another stranger’s hand holding both, squeezing and sliding them together, pre-cum and sweat adding its own magic. A hand glided over my arm as I began to finger his willing hole, still unable to decide if he was being sucked at the same time.

Staying on the edge of orgasm as the other two men took control of my cock was a challenge, even as my own actions made it difficult for them to remain restrained either. I had begun to lick the neck and ear of the man in the threesome, even as another member began to play with my nipple, his hand having tantalizingly run up my arm before exploring my chest. My satisfied gasp as he began to play with my sweaty turned on nipple wasn’t any louder than the sounds kaçak bahis siteleri of sucking.

The man furthest from me abruptly left, turning us into a foursome. A quartet of the most delicious sort, unable to keep track of who was doing what to who, and not caring. The door opening offered another glimpse of the men I was getting off with. Especially the man I was gloriously humping, unable to resist the sensations offered by such an opportunity.

Shifting a bit, taking a break from the delightful sensations of being cock to cock with a stranger in the steamy dimness, still trying to figure out if this was actually a fivesome. Other hands continued stroking my nipple, my right hand beginning to jack off the other man as he grasped my shaft. Our bodies were tighter against each other when I felt a soft wetness surround the tip of my cock.

The pure satisfaction that my surmise about a kneeling cock sucker had been correct merged with reality of his soft wet lips discovering my cockhead. Followed slowly by the sexy realization that I was easily the fourth or fifth man he had gone down on since I’d come into the steamroom. A realization that firmed my will, even as his warm wetness made me push deeper at first.

My solution was to withdraw and half turn, going cock to cock with another man. One who had approached from behind a few moments before, his hand playing with my ass, pressing his erect cock against my thigh. Turning to him, breaking contact with the kneeling slut who’d made my cock wonderfully slippery, I continued to float in the pure satisfaction of male group sex.

Instinct meets bathhouse experience, the mind fading away under the unending simplicity of sexual arousal, giving and taking. Knowing I’d already played with at least a half dozen hard cocks this visit, and in turn at least an equal number of strangers had done the same to me. Such group sex is a combination of luck and opportunity, making today turn into another memorable steambath visit.

Finally, the heat plus the effort to keep from cumming combined to make me abandon the steamy ongoing gay orgy.

Upstairs in the theater again, stretching out in the same area of the top right corner – by now, any resistance to cumming was gone. Though fate would decide if that happened, as cumming alone at a bathhouse is something that pales in comparison to the orgasm that occurs the next time when having sex with my wife. Who does know about my fascination with bathhouses, though she is extremely, and understandably, cautious when it comes unprotected sex.

A couple of men were in the theater, none blocking my way to return to my previous spot. My towel was off before stepping up, feeling my half hard cock bounce at each level. Spreading out the towel and taking out condoms and poppers took little thought in the glow of the screen.

Touching myself, looking around, seeing the man in the center of the row beneath expose his cock, his head turned upwards towards my purposely displayed cock and balls. As he watched, my hardening cock pointed towards him, letting him see just how horny I was, left knee widely spread.

Soon, moving over, he began stroking my right foot, watching me jack off as I looked at him doing the same, two sluts finding each other in a place designed for them to get off in.

Both of us obviously turned-on, he moved up to the top level, taking his time as I looked straight at his hard cock. He placed his towel next to mine, a hand easily finding my nipple as I kept staring at his sexy cock. My moaning making it clear just how much nipple play turned me, along with my left hand finding his nipple, making him gasp in turn, his cock quivering.

Motion distracted me, now noticing the man sitting at the bottom left had moved up to the center. Also playing with himself, he began to caress the dangling foot of my new found partner. His head moved, approaching my cock while still caressing the man next to me. Stopping him with my hand, I guided his head to the other man. Whose satisfied moans showed how good it felt, his hand sliding over my balls lazily.

I found the poppers bottle, took a deep hit, and returned to stroking my horny cock. Enjoying the sex around me, riding the rush without losing control, even as my stretched hand began to fondle the cocksucker’s dick. Breathing out, the man beside me slid his finger lower, making me moan “oh fuck yes,” shifting against his probing touch, exposing my hole to him.

He responded perfectly, pressing against my pulsing ring, a hand beginning to press against my chest. Another man had entered the space, staying at the bottom level. Slowly, the words he was speaking resolved into something that made sense in my current state, making me jack off even more explicitly. Talking about my sexy cock, the voice belonging to the deep throating slut who’d laughed at me when insisting on a condom before.

The man next to me wrapped his fingers around my shaft, creating a wave of new sensations as we began to move in concert. Floating in a sexual haze, being fingered and stroked in public by a man getting sucked, I did another hit from the little brown bottle, hearing a stranger say “Sexy cock .. lovely .. make it cum .. hard sexy dick .. pump him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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