Beach Vixen

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Megan settled onto her beach towel which she had spread out on the sandy beach. Looking up and down the length of the beach, she wasn’t surprised to see that she had the place to herself, as usual. This length of beach was out of the way, and seldom visited. The sky was cloudless, and the sun blazed down unremittingly, enough to make someone break a sweat just by standing outside.

Megan was gorgeous, simply put. At 23 years old, she had the body that all women wanted, and all men wanted to be with, too. Her long blonde hair was tied behind her in a pony tail, and the little silver bikini she was wearing barely covered her already darkly-tanned body. The skimpy top struggled to contain her 36DD breasts.

She rolled over onto her front, her breasts hanging down as she propped herself up on her elbows. It was then that she noticed the young man walking along the beach in her direction. As the man neared closer, he stopped to talk.

“Hi there.” He started.

“Hi, I thought I was going to have the beach to myself today.”

The man chuckled, “So did I. I have been coming here the past three weeks and haven’t seen anyone. My name’s Ben, by the way.”

“I’m Megan” She replied. He brought his hand down, offering to shake hands. Megan reached up, shaking his hand lightly, taking note that his eyes were glued to her breasts. Megan made no effort to cover up though.

“Mind if I join you?” Ben asked, as he took his blanket out of his bag and began to lay it beside her’s.

“Not at all, I would like some company for once.” She replied with a smile.

They settled back down on their blankets, and as he removed his shirt, Megan got to get her first real glimpse at Ben’s body. He was of average height, with short brown hair, and lean body, not muscular, just toned. She was instantly attracted to him.

Ben sat down on his blanket and reached into his bag, taking out a bottle of sunscreen lotion. He poured some onto his arms and began working it in. Megan watched out of the corner of her eye, while she got an idea.

“Say, Ben,” She began “Would you mind putting a little of that suntan lotion on my back?”

Ben paused for a moment, making sure what he was actually hearing was real. His heart began to beat faster at the thought. “Um.. sure!” He said, cursing himself silently for sounding too eager. “Great.” She replied as she laid down on her front.

Ben scooted over to get beside her, kneeling on the blanket with her. He looked down at the Goddess laying beside him. Megan’s bright silver bikini contrasted her tan skin, which was perfectly smooth, without any imperfections. Her thong swimsuit bottom was wedged in between her firm little buns, and her thighs were absolutely stunning.

“Anytime you’re ready.” Megan spoke, and Ben realized he had been staring. Much worse, his cock had started to wake up in his swim suit, and he struggled to conceal it.

Pouring a big glob of the lotion onto his hand, Ben sat the bottle down almanbahis giriş on the blanket and rubbed his hands together before placing them on Megan’s back. He began carefully massaging his hands around in circular motions on her back, smearing the lotion over her skin evenly. From the sides, Ben could see Megan’s voluptuous breasts pressed against the ground, bulging out at the sides. He worked his hands over her back, his fingers coming within just inches of those massive globes. He tried to focus on something else as he poured another glob of lotion onto his hands, and began working it into Megan’s lower back. His cock was now at half-mast, and he hunched over slightly to hide it, hoping she wouldn’t look back and see him.

He finished applying the lotion to Megan’s back, when much to his surprise she asked “As long as you’re back there, could you put some on my legs as well?”. Ben nearly stuttered as he said ok, and he picked up the bottle of lotion again. His gaze wandered over Megan’s lower body, taking in her luscious legs, perfectly shaped calves, and her tight little ass.

He started by squirting a stream of lotion down each of her legs, starting down near her ankle, and going all the way up to the bottom of her butt. His hands reached down, wrapping his fingers around her left thigh, massaging it, smearing the suntan lotion into her skin. Ben couldn’t hide the hard-on in his swim trunks any longer, as his cock was now fully hard, and straining against the fabric. He moved his hands up and down each thigh, rubbing the lotion over her thighs and calves until they were nice and slick.

Next, Megan did something that made Ben’s jaw drop again. She reached behind her nonchalantly, and undid the string of her bikini top, letting it fall to the sides. Her back was now completely bare, but her breasts were still pressed against the ground. “I think you missed a spot.” She started, referring to where the strap of her bikini top had been.

Ben couldn’t take it any longer, and he decided to be bold. Obviously this girl’s mind was where his was too. He moved up a little and straddled his legs over Megan’s rear end, so that he was sitting on her backside. His cock was peeking out the top waistband of his swim trunks as he straddled her ass, and as he leaned forward, his heavy balls pressed up against those tight little buns.

He started by pouring a couple generous streams of suntan lotion across her back, and then began to smear it into her skin. He learned forward a bit more, so that now the base of his cock was pressed up right between Megan’s ass cheeks. God, his cock ached and begged to be set free.

Megan mmmm’ed lightly and rubbed her rear end up against Ben a tiny bit, feeling that thick shaft pressing into her. Ben rubbed his hands over her back, smearing the lotion around generously, and his hands began to make their way toward her sides, his fingers creeping toward her bulging breasts.

Megan flexed her ass tightly, almanbahis squeezing her cheeks together, causing them to rub up against Ben’s restrained member. Ben groaned slightly as he massaged her backside, and he started to instinctively rub his hips down against her, pressing his hard-on into her buns. Megan’s ass felt so great against his cock, and he began fantasizing about just whipping his member out and shoving it down in between her crack, fucking her ass.

Ben felt Megan shifting underneath him, and he raised himself up a little. To his surprise, she turned over completely so that she was now lying on her back. Her full breasts came into view, and she seemed to think nothing of it! Ben stood there, straddling her hips and just staring down at her perfectly shaped melons.

His cock throbbed inside his swimsuit, and the swollen head was sticking out the top, but he didn’t care, and neither did she as Ben up-ended the lotion bottle, and began squirting suntan lotion across her chest. Her tits were huge, and she had tiny tan lines just around her nipples, where her golden skin turned pale. Megan’s nipples were large too, and already erect. Ben made sure to cover her nipples with globs of suntan lotion, and the rest of her chest was dripping with the creamy goo as well by the time he was done squirting.

His hands went to her breasts without saying a word, and he immediately began squeezing and fondling them. He let out a small moan of satisfaction as he squeezed her tits together, and caressed his hands over them. Megan was moaning too, and she arched her back upward, thrusting her tits against his hands as he massaged them. “Ohh God that feels nice, Ben” she moaned.

Ben could hardly believe what he had gotten into, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to stop. He squeezed and rubbed every inch of her fantastic hooters, making sure to smear the sunscreen all over. He pinched at her nipples from time to time, keeping them hard, and smearing the lotion around them in a circle. When it was all done, he took the bottle a second time, and poured another load of lotion onto her tits.

Megan moaned and writhed underneath Ben as her breasts were massaged and fondled. She could see Ben’s cock poking out the top of his swimsuit, and precum had started to ooze out of the swollen head. She licked her lips and reached down toward his suit. “Looks like you need some attention too…”

She pulled the front of his swim trunks down, and she giggled slightly as his cock flopped out, slapping against her stomach. Ben’s cock was about 7 inches long, circumcised, and the swollen mushroom-head was oozing precum like a leaky faucet. She tucked the waistline of Ben’s swim trunks down underneath his balls, and she reached for the lotion. Ben watched in anticipation as she opened the cap of the bottle, and began pouring a stream of lotion along the length of his cock.

He moaned deeply, God it felt so good to let his cock free finally. But that almanbahis giriş was just the beginning. Soon, Megan had her hands wrapped around his shaft, and she was working her delicate fingers up and down, smearing his thick pole with the same lotion.

Ben groaned in pleasure as Megan started to stroke him, and he squeezed her tits firmly. Her titflesh bulged up between his fingers as he squeezed the perfect mountains, pushing them together. He had trouble getting a good grip on her tits now; they had gotten so slippery and slick. Meanwhile, Megan was pouring another stream of suntan lotion onto Ben’s raging hard-on, emptying the last of what was left in the bottle. She tossed the empty bottle aside, and wrapped her fingers around his rod again. She stroked both of her hands up and down his cock, her fingers sliding over every bump and vein on his shaft. Lotion dripped from her fingers messily as she worked Ben’s cock up into a slippery, greasy fuck-piston. Clear pre-cum was dripping from his cock and forming a small puddle on her stomach.

“Oh God I can’t take it anymore!” Ben squealed out finally, and he thrust himself forward, sliding his body up Megan’s, thrusting his lotioned cock in between her slippery tits. He groaned loudly as he felt his raging hard-on being surrounded by Megan’s soft flesh. She quickly moved her hands up, placing them on the sides of her tits, squeezing them together to wrap them around Ben’s pole.

Ben began thrusting back and forth, fucking his cock up and down through her tits. His cock slid easily through her gorgeous fuck-melons, with all the lubrication.

“Oh that’s it, Ben, fuck my big tits!” She exclaimed, but Ben was hardly listening.

His cock ached and throbbed against her skin as he pumped back and forth, sending his dick through the valley between her tits as she squeezed them together, sandwiching him inside. It was pure heaven. Her warm melons felt so good wrapped around every inch of his fuckrod. He would have liked to have her suck on the end of his cock, but her tits were so large, his cock barely poked out through the top of her cleavage.

Megan bounced her breasts up and down, and rubbed them together, grinding her tits all over Ben’s thrusting cock. After several minutes of intense tittyfucking, Ben’s balls began to boil and he knew he was about to cum.

Ben moved back slightly, holding his cock in his hand and took aim. The first shot of cum splattered right across the bottoms of Megan’s slippery tits, and the next landed right between them, all the way up to her neck. Megan stared in disbelief as Ben seemed to spurt forth an endless fountain of cum. Shots of jizz splattered across her face, and more over her tits. He squirted at least ten good loads of baby batter across her breasts, the rest landed between them or by her neck.

Megan watched for a couple seconds to make sure Ben had finally finished, and then she clutched her tits in her hands, and began rubbing them, smearing Ben’s cum into her skin along with the suntan lotion.

“Oh my God!” Ben panted as he collapsed onto the blanket beside her. Megan was busy caressing her breasts, rubbing the jizz around her nipples, but she looked over at him and smiled.

To be continued…..?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32