Becoming a Sex Slave Pt. 02

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Adrianna Chechik

I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, exhausted, red raw from the pounding, a mix of lube, sweat and cum all over my naked body, listening to my new masters get dressed and say their goodbyes.

John shouts from the doorway: “See you soon my slave!”

I’m too exhausted to lift my head.

Kev: “Steve…I’ll see you soon. Fantastic work on finding us such a willing young fuck boy…”

Steve: “He certainly is a catch…I’ll see you soon my friend.”

Both Kev and John leave the bedroom and I hear them reflecting on how they took turns on me as they go down the stairs. I look up to see Steve walking to the bed, he’s still naked, I can’t help but stare at his huge cock swinging back and forth. Surely not again I think to myself. He rests his hand on my stomach.

Steve: “You did great tonight, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did…”

Me: “That was insane…” I whispered.

Steve: “Stay the night in the spare room. I suggest you have a long soak in a hot bath before you sleep.”

I smile and nod my head in agreement.

I hear Steve run the bath for me and then take a shower himself. I wait on the bed, reflecting on what just happened. How did I end up being gagged, bound, spanked and fucked by three guys! The videos!! I suddenly remember they filmed it all. My stomach fills with butterflies as I imagine who they sent the video to. Five minutes pass in an instant.

Steve walks out the en-suite bathroom, drying himself with a pristine white towel.

Steve: “Bath’s ready…”

I spent the next hour soaking in the huge beautiful bath and then made my way to the spare room. I struggled to get to sleep due to constantly replaying the scenes from the night in my head, but then it was morning.

I wake to a slight pain in my arse hole and a swollen throat. I instantly recall what happened the night before and I’m not surprised I feel sore. I look around the huge spare room, it’s immaculate. I slowly get out of bed and remember I left my clothes in the kitchen where I was ordered to strip. I grab a towel and wrap it around my waist, making my way downstairs.

I pop my head through the door of the huge lounge and see Steve reading the paper with his legs crossed in front of the fire.

Steve: “Good morning, how was your sleep?”

Me: “Slept really well, thanks”

Steve: “Come here…”

I slowly walk over to his chair, slightly embarrassed only wearing a towel when Steve is fully dressed. He folds his paper and puts his warm drink on the coffee table.

Steve puts his hand on my thigh, slowly stroking upwards beneath the towel towards my cock while smiling, staring at me dead in the eyes. My cock instantly hardens. I feel his rough hands pulling my foreskin up and down. He quickly flicks my towel off and I stand in front of him naked with a hardening cock. I didn’t expect this so soon!

Steve: “Look at that lovely tight body…”

I blush with a little embarrassment.

Steve: “Get on your knees…”

I’ve heard that before! I feel more self conscious without the alcohol but none the less I obey. Steve slaps my face lightly while smiling. He then unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down to his ankles. I think to myself, this is my life now, a slave to my masters wishes. I know what he wants. I move my head into his crotch and start to kiss his semi hard cock.

Steve: “Good boy…”

I feel his cock hardening as I wrap my lips around his bellend. Slowly I start sucking his girth up and down. My cock is now rock solid again as the taste of his warm cock fills my senses. I feel his hand on the back of my head, forcing my head down. His cock fills my mouth and slides down my swollen throat. I gag a little. He grabs a handful of my hair and controls the speed of the blow job. I’m now at the will of my master. He thrusts his hips up and down. My eyes start to tear up again as his monster makes me gag. He quickly pulls my head up and stares in my tearful eyes.

Steve: “Deep breath boy…”

I do as he says, as he bury’s his now rock hard cock deeper than I thought possible. I gag loudly as tears start to pour out of my eyes. He holds my head down against his crotch with some force. I cannot breathe. It feels like a minute before I start to struggle. My attempts to pull away are in vain as he keeps his monster cock buried deep in my throat. I tap his legs in panic. Seconds later he pulls my head up. I gasp a deep breath before he guides his cock back down my throat and thrusts with force. I feel him re-grip my hair, and pull my head up. He quickly stands up and spins me around so the back of my head rests on the edge of the chair. He squats down while guiding his huge cock into my mouth, he now thrusts downwards with more force, my head trapped between the chair and his crotch. I feel completely vulnerable, a feeling I’m beginning to crave. He skull fucks me for a few minutes before exploding his hot cum into my mouth. He pulls out and gives me his customary slap on the cheek.

Steve: “Good boy, I can’t resist that istanbul travesti mouth of yours”

I swallow his cum and wipe the tears from eyes.

Me: “Thank you master…”

Steve: “That’s my boy…Right, I’m going out to take care of some business and I’ll return later. There is Veet and razors in the bathroom, I want your body to be completely hairless when I return. Help yourself to food and drink, make yourself at home for the day. We are going to be using you again tonight OK?”

Well this has escalated quickly I think to myself. I don’t have work today, so I guess I could stay!

Me: “OK master…”

Steve grins at me and then leaves the room. I hear the car engine and then the sound of the tyres rolling over gravel. He’s gone. I realise I am still naked sitting on the floor with my back resting against the chair, the taste of his cum still fresh in mouth. I gather my thoughts and spend the rest of the day trying to relax in his beautiful huge house, taking the time to veet my entire body making sure I was smooth. I constantly imagined what he had in store for me later on. I settled my anxiety with some of his expensive whisky, but I made sure not to get too drunk, I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Am I really going to wait in someones house all day to be used and abused by a group of men later, yes I am!

At around 7 o clock I hear the front door close. Night has set in. Steve walks in the lounge as I’m resting on his huge couch pretending to read a book, I had set the fire, closed the curtains and had a large glass of whisky set aside.

Steve: “Hello my little slave, looks like you’ve made yourself at home!”

He looks in a really good mood and I’m sure he’s had a few drinks.

Steve: “Pour me one of those would you…” pointing to the whisky.

Me: “I’ll grab you a glass”

He has a whisky tray full of bottles and pristine glasses in the corner of the room. I make my way over to it and pour him a large glass. I hear him sit down on his couch. I bring him his whisky. He smiles and looks me up and down.

Steve: “Get them clothes off…”

He doesn’t mess around. I smile and slowly take my clothes off. I spent a long time earlier making sure there wasn’t a hair on my body.

Steve: “Oh very smooth, you did as I asked, good boy. Sit on there…” he points towards a large cushioned chesterfield table in the middle of the lounge, it’s a little lower than the couch but big enough to lay on. I do as I’m told, rest back on my elbows and stare at Steve with a cheeky smile. Again my cock begins to harden. Being ordered about by an alpha male is so erotic.

Steve: “Sit up and spread your legs…I want you to slowly masturbate for me…”

I do as he commands. My cock is already rock hard. I lean back, spread my legs and slowly start stroking my cock. I moan quietly. He stares at me while he sips at his whisky. A few minutes go by, before Steve shakes his empty glass at me.

I slowly get off the cushioned table and make my way over to my Master. I grab his glass as he slaps my bare arse hard, making me jolt forward, before I make my way to refill his glass. I’m used to serving him drink at work, but not naked in his lounge!

I give him his glass. He cheekily grins again pointing towards the cushioned table in front of the fire. I know what he wants and reposition myself on the table with my legs spread and slowly start stroking my cock again.

Steve: “Suck two fingers for me…”

I reposition myself slightly and start sucking my fingers slowly while still stroking my rock hard cock. I get a small urge to cum, so I slow down and start wanking more at the base of my cock. Steve gets his phone out and starts filming me. I’m a little embarrassed but it’s driving me wild. He lowers his phone and types away a message with a grin on his face. I know he’s posted the video in his sex group chat, I wonder how many people are in it?! I pray I don’t know any of them!

Steve: “The gentlemen you served last night will be joining us soon, plus another one of my close friends. You’re going to obey our every command aren’t you?”

I take my fingers out of my mouth.

Me: “Yes master…”

Steve: “Go get yourself some whisky…”

As I grab myself a big glass of whisky I hear Steve leave the room. I begin to get nervous at the thought of having to satisfy four men, the thought of Kev’s monster inside me gives me butterflies. I down three doubles before pouring a fourth and taking my seat back on the cushioned table in the middle of the lounge.

Steve walks confidently back in with two handfuls of toys, chains, cuffs and lube laying them next to me. He grabs my chin and tilts my head up. He leans in and gives me a big kiss, sliding his tongue in my mouth and then pulls away giving me his usual face slap. This is the first time he or any guy has kissed me. He then puts a ball gag in my mouth and straps it tight around my head. He grabs the glass of whisky out of my hand and finishes it himself. I hear the front istanbul travestileri door slam shut. John comes rushing through into the lounge grinning from ear to ear at the site of me.

John: “Oh yes! Our little slut is back for more! I enjoyed your little video! How are you Steve my friend…”

Steve: “Evening John, I knew you’d be the first to arrive. Can our slave get you a drink?”

John: “Large whiskey slave…”

I hesitate for a second, before jumping to my feet and heading to the whisky stand.

John: “Look at that fucking arse…”

I blush, but love the attention. I walk John’s drink back to him and go to hand it to him.

John: “On your knees before you pass me anything slave…”

I drop to my knees, holding his glass up. He takes his whisky and slaps my face.

John: “Crawl back to your perch little slut…”

I crawl on all fours back to the cushioned table and lay back.

John: “Start playing with that little cock of yours slut boy…”

I start to masturbate again. My cock has been hard since Steve got home.

Steve and John start to talk among themselves while they watch me masturbate gagged in the middle of the lounge. John starts to rub his crotch as he sips his whisky. I stare at him in his eyes as I arch my back, push out my chest and spread my legs wider taking long slow strokes of my cock. I know he’s desperate to play…and so am I. The three swift double whisky’s I drank have now really kicked in.

I hear the front door shut again, this time not as loud. A good looking older man slowly walks in. He’s in great shape, with a good set of grey hair, wearing a tight fitting jumper and tight jeans. He definitely looks after himself.

Steve: “Joel, great to see you. So glad you could join us!”

Joel. I start to get quite anxious despite the whisky. This is a new guy I have never met and I’m naked, gagged and masturbating in the middle of the room.

Joel: “Guys, great to see you. So sorry I couldn’t make it last night. The god-damn wife invited friends round! Those videos you sent certainly helped me through the night!”

Steve: “I thought you’d enjoy them!”

Joel turns and looks at me.

Joel: “Well look at that. What a treat…”

Steve: “Whisky Joel?”

Joel: “Absolutely!”

Steve glances over at me. I quickly scurry to the whisky stand and pour another large glass. I walk it over to Joel and look at him with apprehension.

John lets out a fake loud cough. I forgot about the kneeling! I got on my knees and handed Joel his drink.

Joel: “Well, he’s a quick learner! Good boy…”

I crawl back to my perch again and continue to put on a show for my masters. They all take a seat on the couches that encircle the cushioned table I’m performing on.

Joel: “I’m surprised he’s ready for round two after the pounding you gave him last night”

Steve: “He’s been resting here all day preparing for this evening.”

Joel: “If he was at my house all day he wouldn’t have been resting I promise you!”

Steve: “Oh I believe you!”

Joel: “Is Kev joining us this evening?”

Steve: “Oh yes, he likes our little friend here”

Joel: “Yes…I saw the pounding he gave our little virgin. I must say he took it like a pro!”

Steve: “Look at him, he’s a natural…”

I look around at all three of them. I feel the need to perform. I arch my back again and spread my legs as wide as possible. The heat from the fire, makes me sweat a little, so I stroke the sweat around my chest and stomach while I wank slowly.

I look to the doorway and see Kev. I didn’t hear him come in, but he’s stood at the doorway with a grin on his face.

Kev: “Am I missing the show!”

Steve: “Kev, we didn’t want to start without you!”

John: “Good timing Kev, our little slut is warming up for us!”

Joel: “Good to see you Kev, I enjoyed your performance last night.”

Kev: “I certainly enjoyed it!”

Steve: “Whisky?”

Kev: “Please…”

I know the score now. I roll off my perch and pour him a glass. He’s sat down next to John. I make my way over to him, get on my knees and hand him his drink. I notice the others are nearly empty so I crawl on all fours around and collect the glasses for a refill.

John half jokingly remarks: “Can I take him home when we’re done Steve?”

Steve laughs: “Do as you will, our boy will do as he’s told”

After delivering everyone’s drinks I crawl back to my perch this time sitting on my knees on top the cushioned table spreading my hips wide.

I see Joel put his drink on the side table. He walks around to position himself behind me. I feel both his hands on my shoulders and he mounts the cushioned table. I feel his crotch push up against my bare arse as his hips move around mine. He clamps my neck between his wrist and muscular bicep pulling backwards at the same time arching my lower back forwards. He tenses his bicep and begins to choke me from behind. He continues to bend me backwards as I begin to struggle travesti istanbul to breath. My face is now pointing at the ceiling as he continues to choke my neck. I tap his hips in panic.

Joel whispers in my ear: “Don’t tell me what to do boy…I’ll release you when I want to?”

I start to struggle more, conscious of the others watching me, not wanting to make a scene, I relent and accept my fate. As soon as I stop struggling, moments before passing out, Joel releases me and pushes me forward like a rag doll. I break my landing with my hands and end up on all fours. I then feel a hard slap on my arse cheek, and then another. I moan softly through my gagged mouth. Joel is going to be rough, I like Joel.

John: “Spank our little slut harder Joel”

I then feel the pain of Joel slapping my cheek harder, it jolts me forward. I moan loudly now.

John: “See, he likes it!”

He continues to spank me harder. I let my head rest on the cushion and arch my back, pushing my arse into the air.

John: “Look at that position he’s in…begging to be fucked…”

Steve: “John, get your cock in his tight arse…I’ll take his mouth…”

I look up to see both John and Steve undressing. Joel has stopped the spanking for a moment. I look back to see he is also undressing. Here we go. My mind starts racing, butterflies fill my stomach. I see John and Steve sharing some lube between them smothering there cocks. I see Kev out of the corner of my eye dropping his trousers, but remains seated. John makes his way behind me. I feel his hands wrap around my thin waist. Steve approaches from the front. His beautiful cock is starting to harden. I feel him grip my hair roughly and his other hand removes the gag opening my mouth wide open with his fingers. Almost at the same time, I feel John’s cock forcing into my tight arse hole and Steve’s monster cock bury deep into my mouth. My first spitroast! John wastes no time and starts to pound me hard from behind. I feel a good deal of pain and pleasure mixed together. Steve’s cock is now rock solid and my throat takes his full length. The feeling of being fucked in both ends is exhilarating. I then feel feel both my nipples being pinched painfully, i’m assuming it’s Joel. My eyes are closed and starting to tear up from Steve’s cock roughly fucking my mouth. I feel John’s grip on my body tighten as he fucks me harder and faster. I can feel he’s going to cum soon. I let out a muffled moan. Being dominated by these men is just an incredible feeling which I have become instantly addicted to. The thought of pleasing my masters drives me wild.

John: “Oh fuck me, take it deep inside you fucking slut…”

John bury’s his cock deep inside me and holds. I can’t feel it, but I know he’s unloading inside me, I feel his body shake on my cheeks. I let out another muffled moan out of my cock filled mouth.

Joel: “My turn…”

John pulls his cock out quickly spanking my arse hard as he pulls away. I then feel what I’m guessing is Joel’s cock force into my arse. It’s big. Does everyone have a monster cock apart from me! His girth stretches my arse hole. I then feel someones hand tightly wrap around my cock and begin to wank. I’m now being face fucked, anally fucked and wanked off. Not bad for my second gay experience. Joel pounds me as roughly as Kev did the night before. I struggle to keep my balance, but Steve puts both hands around my head as he fucks my face. I’m being pounded like a rag doll. The pleasure starts to outweigh the pain as I feel the urge to cum. I then feel warm cum filling my throat as Steve bury’s his cock down my throat, I struggle again not able to breath while being pounded. My cock then explodes and I cum all over Steve’s expensive furniture. My orgasm is incredibly intense. Steve pulls out my mouth and sprays the remainder of his cum on my face. I finally open my eyes after the most intensely pleasurable ten minutes of my entire life. I look up to see Kev pass his phone to Steve and position himself in front of my face. Once again my brutal fucking has been filmed. Now that my mouth is free of Steve’s cock I let out loud moans of pleasure as Joel continues to pound my arse, he’s hitting my g-spot with every thrust, making my body shake uncontrollably. Kev then violently forces his monster into my mouth and pinches my nose. I can’t breathe at all. He holds his cock deep inside. I choke, struggling to keep it down. Joel picks up the pace and I feel his cock rapidly slide in and out my arse. What a feeling!. It feels like a minute before I tap Kev’s hips, begging for some air. He doesn’t let go. My eyes are now flooded with tears and I’m on the edge of passing out and throwing up. I feel him pull out quickly, slapping my face really hard. I gasp for air. Joel grips the back of my neck as he forces my head into the cushioned table, he mounts me like a stallion and pounds downwards. I then feel someones foot pressing my face into the cushion, I’m guessing Kev’s. Suddenly Joel stops pounding but bury’s his cock deep inside me. He must be cumming. That’s the third load of cum I’ve taken tonight!

Joel: “Take that you filthy whore…”

I’ve never been called a whore before! I like it…I feel a hand grip my hair again and pull my cum and tear soaked face upwards. Another slap on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32