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Hello! Thanks for reading! This will be a long story, with many parts, all about a bunch of college students turning into animals through sinful acts…


Part One


Heather lead Ben into the bathroom, eager to suck him off. She walked into the handy-capped stall, and bent down as he quickly undid his short and let them fall to the ground. She pulls down his under wear to knee level to see his quickly growing penis. She grab its, and begins fondling with it, exciting and turning him on even more. Now, Ben’s dick is at maximum size, and she opens her mouth wide, and takes his large, eight inch member into her deep throat. He moans.

Heather was a beautiful girl, long orange hair, great sized breasts, and a beautiful, hairless vagina. She was slender, with creamy white skin. She was wearing gym shorts, flip flops and a white tank top. Heather used to be a good girl, but recently, she liked the taste of seaman better. Now, on top of being a little slut, Heather had a few fetishes. She loved being tied down, and she love feet, big sexy feet.

Heather continued to take more of Ben’s dick, and while doing, with her right hand she began to touch and massage his balls, and with her left, she slid it under her shirt and began to massage her nipples. ?

Ben moans as his knees begin to shudder, and he quickly cums into heathers mouth, heather, who slowly is becoming an expert with blowing people swallows his seaman whole, and then licks his lips. Heather looks up at him, making eye contact, and says

“I did you a favor, ankara escort bayan now it’s my turn to be pleasured.”

?”What did you have in mind.” Ben asked.

Part Two


Rachel sat on her bed in under wear, she preferred to sleep almost in the nude. It was 3 in the morning and she couldn’t fall asleep. She feels her nipples harden against the cool air in her room. And she covers her body in a blanket. Rachel lays back down, and her hand graze against her vaginal area, she gets a little excited. She does it again and this time, slides her hands into her panties. She feels the soft, shaven area and slides her index finger a little farther, eventually feeling her wet pussy. Rachel slowly begins to massage her vagina with her right hand, while rubbing her D- Cup breasts.

While stimulating herself, she closes her eyes and thinks of, Jack and how beautiful and wonderful he was. Rachel thinks about how sexy and big he was. Jack sat right next to Rachel in here calculus class, but never gave her the time of day. She thinks about how big his member must have been, and how tasty it would be to have it in her mouth. Or, maybe even her pussy. She think about her and jack fucking. His big long member invading, and how amazing it would feel.

During her masturbation, she begins to toss and turn, shaking off the blanket, and reveling her almost nude body. Her panties slide down to her ankles and then off her body and onto the floor. She moans, and this begins a new experience. Rachel’s feet, although she didn’t notice, began mersin escort bayan to change. Her little fifth toe slowly began to slide up her leg, and the other four began to grow claw like nails. On the bottom side, thick brown pads began to develop in place of her normal skin, just as her bones begin to reconstruct into the feet of her dogs, she orgasms, shooting cum down her bed. She stretches out her toes in delight, and get up to clean the cum off her bed. When she rises, she catches the scent, and can’t help but taste the cum. Climbs back onto the bed, and begins to lap up her salty cum, In delight.

Part Three


Heather lays on her back, slides her shorts off, showing her bright pink underwear. She spreads her legs, and her feet hit Ben’s waist.

“Fuck me. Please.” She begs. Ben doesn’t have to be told twice. He grabs her hips and thrusts into her vigorously, he shoves his long waiting shaft into her wet, succulent vagina. Heather moans, throwing her head back as something begins to happen. Ben penis begins to change, although he feels nothing but Heathers tight pussy. Ben’s penis begins to lengthen, and change shape, to move suit his knew Idiotic ways.

He was slowly becoming a donkey. And he was going to change Heather along the way. His pubic hair grows longer and more bush like, his shaft growing longer, and longer. The hair begins to spread down his thick legs and slowly begins to crawl up his waist and chest, while he thrusts into Heather.

Meanwhile, Heather begins to change differently. The lips of izle her vagina get thicker and wider to take Ben’s massive member. They also begin to change color, from a pink to a deeper brown color. Heather opens her mouth to moan, but what comes out its a quiet bray, and her teeth begin to lengthen, and round out, making it easier to bite things

Ben then Cums, suddenly and it pour out of Heather. She loves the taste of Ben so much, she bends down and laps it up.

Part Four


Rachel was getting ready for school the following morning. She began her day by hopping in the shower, however when she got there, the was a bright red dildo suction cupped to the wall. Rachel looks around, and gets into the shower, and she bumps into the dildo, and she feels it vibrate against her hip. She tries to push her thoughts away, but they keep coming up. Jack. She wants him so, so badly. She looks at the dildo and turns around, the hot water hitting her breasts.

Finally she succumbs to the plastic penis, that reminds her of Jack. And pushes her waiting vagina into the dildo. She moans in delight as it explores her deepness, beginning to change her more. She begins to push in and out and Rachel moans, begging for more. She grabs wall, and pushes in deep. While doing, her tongue gets longer and flops out of her mouth, like a golden retrievers. She pushes hard and faster, attempting to orgasm. She looks at her hands, and notices her nails begin to lengthen, and hair begins to grow on her hands, she tries to care, but has trouble, as there was a dildo invading her.

Mack ears begin to slide up her head, and get more pointy. She pans but it becomes a howls as she orgasms, locking the changes in their current state. She shakes off what happens, removed herself off the dildo, and continues showering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32