Being Downsized Ch. 02

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[The relationship in this story is a Dom/sub relationship, based on affection, love, and respect. I put it in Erotic Couplings because there were complaints about how mild the BDSM was in chapter One. The sex in the story does NOT include bondage, torture, punishment or pain. No anal in this chapter. Your comments are welcome. No actual animals or people were harmed in the creation of this chapter.]


Monica made a great breakfast on the day we were going into town. We were up, dressed and fed by six. The old pick-up ran well so we took it rather than the RV.

She was more comfortable on the way into town, less like a young girl on an adventure and more like a woman on a mission. She reviewed her lists and made a couple of additions. She joked with me, talked with me, shared her thoughts and feelings with me as we drove.

My first stop in town was the bank. It was one of those really small town banks with a manager and two others working there. I asked them how I could get another credit card for my account. Ten minutes later we had a temporary card for Monica and true small town service. The manager asked where she would be shopping and we named three stores. One of his employees called them and let them know the temp card was Ok.

I had Monica drop me at the Builders Center and told her I would be sitting on the bench out front when I was done. I guessed I would be done by 10:30. She headed out with directions on how to find the other stores.

By 10:30 I was a financially popular customer at the Builders Center. They promised to deliver all of what I ordered within three days. Two of the guys who helped me had fished out at the lake all their lives. They were glad someone had taken over who loved fishing.

When I stepped out of the Builders Center Monica was parked right in front of the bench. She smiled when our eyes met. I climbed into the truck and she said, “May I show you something?”

“Right here?” I asked, grinning like James Coburn.

“No, something else.”

“Sure, drive on.”

Five minutes later she pulled into a driveway. In the driveway three teenaged boys were working on three snowmobiles. They smiled when we stopped. Monica introduced me to the boys and told me they might be able to help us.

The oldest looking of the three, Chad, said, “Your missus says you two need a reliable snowmobile.”

“You know the old fishing lodge out at the lake? We live there. There may come a time when we can’t drive out on the road and a snowmobile could save our lives. That’s what we need.”

“My Dad has a three year old two-seater that is almost like new. I can ask him if he’d sell it.”

“Ok. What’s wrong with these?”

“Nothing. We love working on them. They are better now than when the factory made them.”

We talked for a while and we invited them to come out to the lodge for a good ride during the winter. Monica promised that if they would call first she would make lunch for them at a big discount. They smiled and said they looked forward to the first big snow. Chad said he would call us that night.

The back of the truck was pretty full. Three ice chests and the rest full of boxes. We headed home with Monica driving.

“Why did you promise them lunch?”

“So they would call and warn us they were coming. Having those boys walk in while we were playing hide the salami wouldn’t be good for us, them or the business.”

“Hide the salami?”

“That’s what my husband used to call it.”

“I think I would have liked him.”

“I do too.”

She was quiet the rest of the way home. We carried the big ice chests in and unloaded them into our freezer and refrigerators. They were loaner ice chests from the market. Next trip in, we would return them.

All the boxes got piled in the lobby. When we got up that morning it was cool. By the time we got the truck unloaded it was quite warm. I decided to walk out on the dock and maybe take a dip in the lake. I knew the water would be cold. It would also be invigorating. I told Monica what I was thinking and she started undressing.

I stopped her and said we should undress out on the dock and take a couple towels too. She got a couple towels and led me by the hand out of the lodge and onto the dock. As we walked she talked about how happy she was.

When I was a teen I saw some girls from my school out at the lake near our town. They were out on a dock, sort of like mine, and at first they were in modest two piece bathing suits. They thought they were alone. They didn’t see me or my 10X50 binoculars. I remember Mary Beth Carver was the one who started it. She had sunned for half an hour or so when she peeled off her top exposing the whitest breasts I had ever seen. The other girls squealed and waved their arms around. I was too far away to hear anything but the squeals.

When they calmed down Karen Billings removed her top. almanbahis Mary Beth was slender and had small breasts and small nipples. Karen was much bigger. Her large breasts were also not as white as Mary Beth’s. Karen’s showed tan lines of a halter top. Karen’s nipples were bigger and slightly darker than Mary Beth’s. The others never took off anything. I remember beating off there in the woods and often for the next couple of months until Mary Beth started dating me and gave me a private showing.

Undressing on the dock with Monica brought back those memories.

When we were both naked Monica said, “You first.”

“When I was young I learned there are two ways to do this. One was is to slowly easy yourself into the water. One inch at a time until you’re in. The other way is to make sure the water is deep and jump in.”

“Are you going to jump?”

I took her hand and walked us to the edge. She looked at me and at the water, then back at me.

“I’m not sure I really want to do this!”

“You can swim, can’t you?”


I pulled and jumped. It was wonderful until my foot touched the water. By the time I was ankle deep my brain was screaming, “Danger, Danger Will Robinson!” We both were screaming before we went under. We sputtered and kicked and resurfaced. Monica was laughing.

We grabbed the dock and pulled ourselves out of the water. Our skin was bright red and steam rose from our skin. I hugged her to me and we made shivering noises.

Her hand found what was left of my genitals and she said, “Oh No! Your dick and balls are gone!”

“They will be back. Maybe not until spring, but they will be back.”

I noticed how hard her nipples were and how puckered her areola were as well. We spread the towels and lay on them. In minutes we were almost dry. In half an hour I again had a cock. Monica’s nipples were still hard from almost being frozen. The view from our dock was wonderful, the trees mountains and the light playing on the surface of the lake were better than a postcard. The view of Monica was even better.

“Hey, mister, now that you have a cock, want to see if it works?”

“I need somewhere warm, wet and snug to put it. Any ideas where I can find such a place?”

“Perhaps. Maybe if you look very closely you can discover such a place nearby.” Her legs opened and her fingers parted her pink lips, showing me the way. I rolled towards her and moved my mouth to taste her pinkness. We were mostly dry by then, but it seemed that parts of her would take much longer to completely dry.

My hands held her ass as my mouth touched her lips and my tongue pressed between them. The taste of lake was quickly erased by the taste of Monica. The more I tasted the more she tasted like heaven. Her skin, at first touch, was still cold from our very brief swim. It did not take long before her skin warmed and my hands held warm cheeks, while my mouth savored the warm juices of arousal.

I ate, sucked, licked and nibbled between her legs until she grabbed my hair and held my head tight between her legs as she said, “I love it when you eat me!”

Her body shook. Her legs clenched. Her hands pulled at my hair. My response to this treatment was to suck hard on her clit and enjoy every sensation. For a while I wondered if her legs would relax their grip in time for me to breathe. They did.

When I released her clit Monica rolled over and raised her ass in the air. I lifted up and held onto her ass again. My cock lined up with her pussy and she pushed back, impaling herself on the hottest part of my body. As I pressed my front against her ass she said, “I love it when you fill me, too!”

Fill, empty, fill, empty our bodies moved together with the liquid motion of joining. Monica’s hand reached back, between her legs, and held my balls. She felt the sack tighten and lift my balls up into firing position. A phrase from my long ago military career came to mind; shooting at point-blank-range. My ego demanded I think of what was happening as my canon roaring. I roared. My pellet pistol fired multiple rounds into Monica.

I had spent enough time in the military to know that mine was not a canon. It was neither the biggest or the smallest cock I had ever seen. I did not want to know if mine was at the small end of Monica’s experience spectrum.

We rested a few more moments of the deck before we dressed and walked back to the lodge. Monica held my hand as we walked.

“You know,” she said, “You are the best lover I’ve ever had. I appreciate how you take such good care of me.”

“Talk like that could turn my head.”

“As long as it gets you between my legs now and then.”

“As often as I’m able.”

Three days later we were awakened by the honk of a truck horn. We dressed quickly and I went out to supervise the unloading of the truck from the builder’s center. With my help the three almanbahis yeni giriş of us got everything unloaded and put where it went in less than half an hour. As we finished up Monica came out on the porch in jeans and western shirt and asked, “You boys hungry yet?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. We followed her inside. She had set a buffet table with pancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns, coffee, juice and toast. We loaded plates and sat at the table she had set for us. All the food was perfect. I know that because they ate a lot of it and they said it was good.

After eating I showed the boys around a little. I talked about some of the changes we would be doing over the winter and Monica left us alone. I knew and so did Monica that word-of-mouth was important to our business. The two well fed mouths headed back into town would talk. We were counting on it.

Monica came out as the boys climbed into the truck and handed them each an egg sandwich and a cup of coffee in a traveling paper cup with the lodge logo on it, for the ride back to town. By ten or so the truck was on its way back to town.

We spent the rest of that day dividing the lumber and other supplies and putting them where they needed to be. New faucet for cabin one, new doors for cabin two and three, other things for cabins four, five and six. Lumber for making new tables and chairs for the porch and dock went into the barn/workshop.

Over the next three weeks we made sure the roof of each building was sound, the plumbing was winter ready, our wood supply was stacked and ready. Chet and his friends delivered the snow mobile two days before the first snow. I parked the RV inside the barn for the winter. We believed we were ready.

By Christmas we had five storms drop snow on us. Three days before Christmas the snow plow came through and we used that as an opportunity to go to town. We ate in the restaurant, bought fresh fruits and veggies in the market, got whatever was still on our needed list and by dark we were back at the lodge. The land around the lodge was two foot deep in snow, with paths between the cabins, the lodge and the barn.

On February first I measured the standing snow at a spot twenty five or so feet from any tree or building. Seventy-nine inches. The lake was mostly frozen over and snow piled on it too. We had finished the work in the lodge and cabins number on, two and three. I told Monica that as each cabin was ready for the season we would spend the night there and properly test it to see if the cabin was really ready. She knew it was just an excuse for having sex in each cabin. It was our way of celebrating. Cabins one, two and three were tested and enjoyed.

That same week when the snow plow came through the driver warned us that two brown bears had been seen and they were not afraid of humans. He said we should be armed at all times.

The boys called and came for a snow mobile run and lunch. They had a great time and loved being able to stop for a hot lunch and sit by the fire for a while. Monica made calzones for them. Lots of sausage, cheese and a few surprises in her calzones. She also unbuttoned a couple extra buttons for them. She didn’t show them anything, but they thought they might see something.

Near the end of February Monica decided to walk over to the barn. She thought I was in there making chairs. I was up on the roof of the lodge pushing snow off. I saw her as she entered the barn. Not fifteen seconds later I saw a big brown bear walk out of the trees and head toward the barn. I had listened to the forest service guy and was wearing my old military Colt 45. I couldn’t remember seeing a gun with Monica.

The race was on. I went back inside, downstairs and out the side door, running for the barn. I entered the back door just as the bear entered the front. Monica stood right in the middle, between us.

The bear roared and Monica screamed. She had seen me so she started running towards me. I moved to the side just a little and shot the bear. My first round hit him in the neck and he swatted at the sting of the bullet. He reared up on his hind legs, roared again and came for us. Monica cowered behind me and watched. I aimed as carefully as anyone can with a 45 automatic and squeezed off another round. Blood squirted from the bear’s neck and he roared again. When he roared he opened his mouth wide and I put a round in his mouth.

He turned around and as he turned I saw a hole in the back of his head. He fell forward, away from us, and I’m sure the barn shook when he hit the ground.

After a minute I whispered to Monica, “Run into the lodge, call the Forest Service and tell them we killed a bear. Call Chet and his Dad tell them if they’ll come out here and help butcher this thing we’ll split the meat with them. Then, get a rifle and some shells and come back here.”

Five minutes or so later almanbahis giriş she cautiously walked back into the barn. She had our 30-06, some shells and more bullets for my 45. The bear had not moved. We went back into the lodge to wait. Three hours later three snow mobiles and a snow plow arrived.

It was late that night before the bear was meat. Chet, his Dad, their two friends, and two guys from the Forest Service helped cut it up. The boys had brought bags to put the meat in. The Forest Service brought two big ice chests. Monica and I wrapped our share in butcher paper and put it in the freezer. We got to keep the skin. I had already picked a spot where it would be hung on the wall. The forest guys estimated it at seven foot and about five hundred pounds.

As we finished cleaning the barn and getting the packages of meat ready to be transported back to town Monica made dinner for all of us. Baked potatoes, green beans, and some venison from the meat locker in town. She would have needed to take the first cut from the bear to have it tender enough to eat that night. As we ate and talked I knew the word-of-mouth about our lodge would be solid and strong before the snow melted.

At ten the next morning the phone rang. It was the manager of the local Forest Service district. He booked all six cabins for the first weekend and the second weekend of May. An hour later he called back and asked if he could come out and see the bear skin. By four that afternoon he had seen it.

At noon the local taxidermist had called and wanted the job of preparing the bear. Monica invited him out to see it and talk to me. He brought ten guys with him. We fed all of them, and made a tidy sum that day.

Even though it snowed steady for a week we had visitors every day. Snow mobiles came, four-wheel-drive pick-ups came and a guy on horseback came by. Each looked, each talked, each booked for later in the year and each ate Monica’s cooking.

Monica wanted to go to town. She hadn’t seen a woman in two months. She didn’t know any of the local women and so she couldn’t just call one of them up on the phone. I made a deal with her. If the plow didn’t come within five days we would take the snow mobile into town.

The next day the phone rang and Monica giggled and laughed as she talked to whoever was on the line. When she hung up she came to me and said, “You did magic. Thanks.”

“What did I do?”

“That call was from a woman in town. Seems all the men who’ve been out here about the bear and everything have been talking about my food. That woman, Sally, and a few of her friends have booked lunch for today. You are invited to be in the barn or somewhere. This is girl-talk time!”

“What are you going to feed them?”

She stopped and thought for a long moment. She slowly went to the inventory sheets and looked at what was still in our freezer. Then she smiled and started gathering things. Two hours later the lodge smelled like fresh bread and something with chicken. I stayed out of her way.

I heard a truck stop out front and I went out the back door and headed for the barn. Just as it was getting dark Monica, a happy Monica, came to the barn to get me. The fire in the fifty-five gallon drum heater was down to coals when she walked in with a big mug of hot coffee for me.

I followed her back to the lodge. When the door closed she said, “I have friends! They liked my food, too.” Three steps later she said, “I saved you some. Hungry?”

I was. She had made chicken and dumplings and they women were right, it was wonderful. She had made the chicken in a thick curry with lots of veggies and the wonderful bread crust on top. She watched me eat and told me all about her new friends. She saved the best news for last.

“All six are booked in for the last weekend in April. Full price, including food.”

The snows hadn’t started melting and we were booked from the last weekend in April through the middle of June and nearly a third of the whole summer! We spent days finishing cabins four, five and six. That included nights of fun in each cabin. Cabin six was my favorite. In cabin six Monica and I slept in the top bunk of a set of bunk beds. It was even cozier than our first morning together in the RV, months before.

One evening that week Monica and I sat on the porch watching the sun set behind the trees on the other side of the lake. We were sitting in two of the new chairs I had made during the winter.

“Life’s funny.” Monica said.

After a long silence I said, “Funny how?”

“Less than six months ago I was lonely, feeling lost, alone, worthless and bored. Now I’m setting on our front porch watching a sunset with a man I love, I have friends, and I can say I’m happier than I have been in at least twenty years.”

“Oh. That funny. I understand. Two years ago I was stuck in a corporate job I hated, married to a woman who didn’t love me or want me and I hadn’t been fishing since I was sixteen.”

“What happened to us?”

“I got downsized.”

Monica slipped out of her chair and knelt between my knees. As she unzipped my jeans she said, “Let me see what I can do about upsizing, just for fun.”

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