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I was away when your birthday was approaching, but I bought you a birthday card and started shopping online for a present. I looked at some sex toy shops and decided on buying a vibrating cock ring and some sexy silk restraints. The estimated delivery date happened to be the day I was returning home from my Easter break away. I told you what I had ordered and we both looked forward to trying out our new toys, we sent naughty texts back and forth telling each other what we wanted to do to each other. We both wanted the same thing, saying that we wanted to kiss, lick, suck, tease, tie up and fuck til we were getting hot and sweaty and totally spent.

I couldn’t wait to get back home to see if I had a delivery that morning. On the train journey home I kept imagining all the positions we was going to be getting into and hoped that our new toys was going to bring us a lot of excitement. I got home to find a card from the postman saying a parcel had been left with my neighbour and I felt disappointed that I had to wait another day to examine the goods. I sent you a text to tell you I had arrived back home and that our parcel was next door and that it was too late to call round to fetch it, so I would leave it till morning. Early the next day my neighbour knocked and gave me my parcel. I said thank you, closed the door and rushed in to the kitchen to inspect the goods. I left the cock ring in the box and took out the silk restraints. They felt very soft and I couldn’t wait to try them out. We had been texting by this time and I took a picture and sent it to you. We had arranged a time you were going to come and see me. All day I was excited and couldn’t wait to see you.

That evening an hour before you were to arrive, I went upstairs to get myself ready. I put on the smallest nightie I could find, and wore nothing casino şirketleri underneath. I then went back downstairs and put the new toys on the desk. Shortly after, I was at the door waiting for you, and after what seemed like a lifetime, you were finally here. As you walked in the door, I came up to you and pulled you in to me, you hugged me back as you locked the door behind you. We started kissing, our hands wandering all over each other, your hands found the bottom of my nightie and gave my naked ass a squeeze, I moaned softly as I pressed myself closer to you.

We stopped to catch our breath and I led you in to the living room, sat down on the sofa and kissed you again, you had sliding up my thigh, my body shivered with excitement from your touch. I pulled away from you and walked over to the desk, picked up a box and came back to you, with a grin I handed the box to you. You smiled as you took the box from me. Opening the box, your smile grew bigger as you saw what was inside. You took out my blue vibrator and put it to the side of you, next you took out the small box which had the restraints inside, you opened it up, took them out and examined them. We looked at each other and knew exactly what was going to happen with those. Last was the vibrating cock ring, you opened the packet, took it out and fumbled to get the batteries in it, and then eventually we were ready to go.

We started kissing again, your hands ran over my bare ass, sending shivers down my spine. You pulled away from me and grabbed the silk restraints, tying one wrist and then the other and with a big smile on your face you tied my wrists together. You kissed me once more and then ordered me to get on my knees and lean over the back of the sofa, I quickly did as you asked and got myself comfortable. You moved in between my legs casino firmaları and lifted my nightie up over my ass. I heard you shuffle closer and then a low vibrating sound as you turned on my blue vibrator. You placed one hand on my ass and slowly moved your hand over my ass making me squirm with excitement. You then gave me a light spank which made me moan softly and wriggle against you. I then felt something cold between my now hot thighs, you were slowly sliding the vibrator up towards my throbbing pussy, and then with one quick motion you had slipped it deep inside me. I bit down on the sofa cushions, moaning and wriggling as the vibrations worked through me, pushing myself back towards your hand wanting you to push it in deeper still.

You continued to fuck my wet pussy with the vibrator and with your other hand you grabbed the cock ring, turning it on you leaned over me and kissed my back as you placed the vibrating ring on to my swollen clit sending me over the edge. My body shook hard as my orgasm exploded through me. I wriggled more as you continued to tease me with the vibrators. After a while you moved away, allowing me to come down, you were smiling at me playfully as I caught my breath. I grinned back at you, wanting you so bad but you weren’t finished with me yet. You took hold of my still tied wrists and pulled me over to the end of the sofa and positioned me over the arm, I put my hands on the floor to steady myself as I felt you behind me, your hand between my hot wet sticky thighs from my earlier orgasm. You teased my pussy a bit and then before I knew it your hard cock was entering me. I moaned loud as you went as deep as you possibly could and hit the magic spot. I bit down on the sofa cushion to muffle my loud moans, you pulled on my pony tail lifting my head up, fucking me hard, your other güvenilir casino hand teasing my clit at the same time, after a few minutes I was screaming your name as I came hard, my pussy gripping your cock tight. I heard you moaning and trying not to come yourself you released me and stepped back. I grinned at you playfully, hungry for you, you were grinning too, as you now untied my wrists.

I took the restraints from you and said, ‘Now, it’s your turn.’

I slipped the restraints on to your wrists and kissed you as I tied them together. I moved you so you were half laying on the sofa, lifted your arms above your head and kissed you hungrily, my hands exploring and teasing your body. You let out a low soft moan as my hands found your hard cock. I started stroking you till you couldn’t take it anymore, I let go and started kissing my way down your body, my nails dragging down your sides as I went. You parted your legs more allowing me to move in a bit closer to you, I got to my knees and kissed and licked my way along the insides of your thighs, you squirmed as I worked my way closer to your cock. I looked up at you with a wicked grin as started to flick my tongue over your hot tip, I licked my lips tasting you and moaned softly as I then took your cock slowly into my hot wet mouth. You moaned louder letting me know you were enjoying having me suck you. I started alternating my actions between sucking, licking and flicking my tongue, covering your cock with my saliva. After a few minutes I took your cock deep in to my mouth, making it hit the back of my throat and I sucked harder. You moaned louder as your cock exploded its contents down the back of my throat, your body squirming as your orgasm took over.

I looked up at you and smiled. You opened your eyes and smiled back at me, lowering your arms for me to untie you. When we had both freshened up and got dressed. We cuddled up on the sofa and chatted for a while. Soon it was time for you to go. I walked you to the door, kissed you goodnight and then you were gone… till another night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32