Bella’s Set Up

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‘Wow, but you’re tall, Shakes!’

She’s right. Without her high heels, I tower over this perfectly delicious woman.

‘And just look at these arms! Do you still spend so much time in the gym?’

She turns to pick up the box filled with papers. I move forward in order to help her.

‘Yeah. Being fit helps me concentrate and focus more…’

As she bends, the short T-shirt rides up her back, showing the skin of her lower back. The low light of late dusk colors the downy reddish body hair in that special place where her lower back meets her upper buttocks. Its glow re-awakens my desire. My penis shudders uncontrollably in the tight confines of my pants…

She steps towards the box. The long slit in her skirt opens wide, showing the wide expanse of her right inner thigh to the shadows hiding her hot ripe genitals.

I stretch out my hands…

She turns and looks at me over her shoulder and hesitates …

‘Let me help…’ I stammer in a choked voice…


I move too fast forward… her musky cinnamon scented fragrance envelops me making me giddy. As she straightens, my shoulder meets hers halfway. I collide with her fragile frame knocking her off balance. In her attempt to maintain her balance, she leans backwards against the wall.

My eyes take in the braless large orbs of her breasts under the transparent thin white T-shirt, her large, dark nipples hardening under the white material…

A smile spreads across her flushed face, looking up into mine, inches from hers. I feel her breath on my skin… A shiver runs through my whole being as I lick my dry lips …

‘Ohhh… I almost went down there, hey?’ her husky voice shakes me out of my reverie…

‘I’m sorry…’ as I step away from her, towards the box. My cock hard against my lower stomach…

I pick up the box. She remains against the wall. Leaning against it with her shoulders. With her slightly spread bare feet further away, her hips are thrust forward. My eyes take in the shapes of her muscular thighs, traveling north, it takes in the tell-tale swelling of her mons veneris … the whisper of her hands wiping her hands down the side of the tight fitting skirt, bringing the right hand back up closer to the front, her thumb brushing over the prominent bulge of her genital bulge…

This is too much … I need this woman. This is going too far…

Looking me straight in the eyes, I notice a strange glimmer in there as she suddenly says: ‘The sooner we find the assignment page in that box, the sooner you can show me the ropes and I can feed you. Use your muscles and get cracking, young man!’

I turn towards her, enquiringly: ‘Where should I take the box?’

‘It’s your mind that’s going to do the trick if I want this assignment done. I thought the room would be comfortable for what you have in mind. What do you think?’

What does she mean? Does she know what I have in mind? No. It’s the assignment. She means the assignment. This is after all my friend, Joey’s mother…

‘It’s up to you, from here on, Shakes. It’s all up to you, really… ‘. She stepped further towards the room, her back towards me as she leans against the doorframe, looking over her shoulder at me, her hair darkish red, hiding part of her face…

My mind does not work. Judgment time, and it leaves me… I don’t know what’s happening here. I’m petrified of making a mistake. What if I .. and what if she shouts rape? Too embarrassing, losing a friend, being the cause of my parent’s downfall in the wider community… No take the safer route.

‘Maybe, the lounge is better, Aunty Isobel…’ I turn and walk with definite steps towards the safe haven of her lounge…

I hear the soft rustle of her skirt swishing against her legs as she follows, brushing my shoulder as she passes me, saying: ‘As you like it, when you like it, Shakes…’ as she disappears walking quickly into the lounge towards the couch area. I lag behind. My cock heavy, my mind a confused muddle struggling to find work out the message amongst the double entendre.

Halfway into the lounge area, I hear it. The sound is turned down like I had it, but bursa escort it is … definitely… the … the blue movie is still running! Oh God! No! I didn’t switch it off properly!

I find Aunty Isobel in the lounge, on the side of the couch, where she sagged down one foot on the ground, the other in the air as she half sits on the couch … her mouth slightly open, staring at the screen…

‘Aunty Isobel…’ my quivering voice unable to hide my shock, trepidation…I have to get out here… she’s going to lose it … call my parents. It’s all over…

I walk into the lounge, pass in front of the TV set to put the box down on the table in front of her…

‘I have to go now. I’m sorry…’ I start towards the door. She looks up at me. Her eyes blank, her head shaking from side to side… ‘Don’t you want to help me? Here is a video that explains some of the biological processes.’

I look at the screen and sigh in relief. ‘Oh. It’s this one… No, it’s just that … it’s getting late, and … I … expect a phone call at about half past eight.’

‘Oh. I don’t want to keep you here against your will, young man.’ She smiles at me. ‘Are you getting a call from one of those beautiful young cheerleader girls at school? How many of those girls are you keeping on a line dearest Shakes?’

I blush. ‘Come now, don’t be shy. Sit down and I’ll fetch you a Coke.’ She heads for the kitchen.

I sit down on the side of the room, the table in front of me. She returns, puts the drink down and sits in the comfortable leather lounge chair opposite me.

‘You don’t have to be shy of me, Shakes. Relax. Tell me. With all those muscles you must attract a lot of female attention.’

‘Yeah, well. I have a few girl friends, but they bore me after a while. All the talk of soapies, pop stars and the music they listen to really just gets to me after a while…’

Shifting forward in her chair, skirt slipping high over her knees, she reaches for her glass, sips on it and sits back again.

‘You’re a very serious guy. How do you have fun, young man? Sometimes you have to grin and bear it to get to them. Do you get to them so that you can have fun?’

This talk has started a while back one day at a braai in my parents yard. That’s the day her sister Beth from Australia demanded my attention. Now that’s a sex bomb! She wanted me and wasn’t shy to show it. Even the presence of her husband, sixteen-year-old daughter and in-laws didn’t prevent the thirty seven year old Beth to show that if I wanted her, she was ready.

Prompting me to speak about the girls and my romantic life, Bella has always spoken to me on an even par. I like this side of her a lot. Like she’s one of the younger crowd.

‘D’you mean… get to them as in…’

‘Yes, as in, do you stay in the company of one girl so that she knows that you’re available for fun, real, physical fun? You know what that is, don’t you, Shakes?’

I look up at her. A mischievous smile spread across her face as she winks at me. Her legs swaying in and out, beautiful brown knees touching one another now and then…

I look at them moving, flashing her soft inner thighs … momentarily …lighting the mysterious pleasures hidden in that dark place for my eyes… ‘Yeah, I do but …’

‘Are you saying that you know the theory, but have not practiced yet?’

She makes me blush. Frowning, I look up at her noticing a sympathetic look on her face… I shrug my shoulders: ‘It’s not that. I’m just not one to get involved with people who don’t talk sense. I like being alone. Like in the gym, I exercise alone.’

‘Can I shock you, Shakes?’

‘With what, Aunty Isobel?’

‘Oh no. Stop calling me that! Call be Isobel or anything else, even Bella if you must, just not that. I’m after all, not your mother’s sister! Let’s leave this adult – child relationship for when the others are around. Deal?’

‘Okay, … Bella.’

She smiles, claps her hands like an excited young girl, her loose breasts shifting from side to side in the tight confines of the transparent white T-shirt.

‘What do you want to shock me with?’ I ask, my eyes shifting bursa escort bayan from her breasts to her now stationary slightly parted knees.

‘By asking you a very straight question. But you must promise to answer it. Sort of a truth or dare game where I want you to promise to answer truthfully to my question before I ask it. Are you brave enough?’

This excites me. My heart beats faster. The blood surging into my groin. I shift uncomfortably forward.

‘Are you comfortable? Why don’t you sit on the floor?’

‘Ya. It will be better.’ I shift my huge frame to the floor and sits cross-legged in front of class-covered table. My eyes are now on the same level as her slightly spread knees. They move wider as she shifts forward to take another sip of her drink. I see her panty covered mound momentarily… before she shifts back closing them slightly again…

‘Do you masturbate, Shakes?’ BOOM!

‘Uhh… uhhh…’

‘Come now, come now. You agreed! I want a true answer!’


‘What excites you?’

‘Okay. Be fair, you had your chance. I also need to know something…’

‘Do you … you know, masturbate?’

‘Yes. But very differently from how you do it, Shakes.’

‘How do … you …?’ She smiles, and whispers: ‘I can’t tell you!’

‘Ahh, no, man. That’s not fair!’

‘You first tell me what excites you, and then I’ll …’

‘You already know what does not excite me..’


‘Young girls chewing gum, chattering about music, soapies and stars.’

‘So? What excites you?’

I smile and whisper back, ‘Guess?’

‘No. You’re unfair! What? Tell me!’

‘It’s something personal…’

She looks at me suddenly very seriously. Shifts forward in her chair. Her skirt half forgotten, rides up to her mid-thigh, knees wide open reveal a small portion of her blue satin panty… ‘Tell me, Shakes, please, tell me…’

‘You…earlier, when you … bend over …’

‘What did you see? What did it do to you, Shakes, tell me, please…?’

‘I saw your soft inner thigh. I made me excited…’


‘My … uh … my heart started beating faster in my chest … my Uhh … uhh…it leaked on my T-shirt … I … uhh … uhhh…’ Moans escape my body uncontrollably as my hard cock shudder against my lower belly, emitting more pre-cum over my soiled T-shirt…

‘Did your … thing … your cock …’ She gets up slowly … moves towards me around the low glass topped table. Her T-shirt suddenly baring her downy warm brown belly, her hard nipples outlined through its thin white material…

‘Did … did … you get hard for me, Shakes?’

‘Y…Ye…yes…Bella. It got hard… very hard… ‘

‘Did you? Did you want to touch me?’

She stands in front of me, her crotch in line with my face … her heady musky smell invading my nostrils, making me reckless. ‘I want to touch your … your …’ I reach out, touch her mound through her skirt… she’s hot… I get to my knees, grab her buttocks, one in each hand, and bury my face in that cinnamon musk-emitting crotch, rubbing my nose on her protruding mound of Venus… through the green material…

Her head goes back, exposing her neck, she slumps against me, her hands on my shoulders … she slowly lowers herself to the ground … not wanting to lose the pressure on her hardening clit and sensitive nether lips… her mouth seeks mine… hot … open … my tongue softly traces her lips …seeking her sensitive inner lips, lingering, quivering there, probing softly inside the warm moist cavern … my hands pull her skirt high over her hips, touching her soft sensitive inner thighs … over her mons veneris … tracing my warm palm over the voluptuous fold of her lower belly …

Suddenly she pushes me away, out of breath … her hands on her large breasts … fingers pulling on hard nipples … offering them breathlessly to my hungry mouth … grabbing my head as she lies back on the floor … her upturned knees either side of my narrow hips…

‘No… no… not soft … bite … bite them … harder … make me … make meee … ohhh …’ she shudders, escort bursa her whole body spasming … ‘make me come … yess … bite … OHHHhh yeaahh AHHH…’ She opens her legs wide … knocks her knee hard against the table … kicks at it … in an attempt to open her whole cunt to my fingers, my hard cock, she frantically grabs for my cock … unsuccessfully … rubs her panty-covered cunt against it …her whole body stiffens …

She’s suddenly a wild animal, this Bella. She sits up, pushes the table out of the way … unbuckles my belt … my hands take over … she sits with her back against the sofa, pulling her torn T-shirt over her head … her large breasts hang free like udders to be sucked… her legs splayed open her right hand cupping her swollen wet cunt inside her panty… ‘Take off that pants … and fuck me … come on … fuck me …NOW …’

As I slide my johns down, my eight inch cock jumps free. Her staring eyes widens, mouth agape, she suddenly turns around on all fours, leaning against the sofa and says ‘Now. Stick that thing in here, NOW!’

Her swollen spasming pussy lips glistens between her upturned buttocks, her brown asshole covered in her juices… I move forward to the source of the cinnamon, musk and woman sweat-smell that haunted me the whole afternoon and slide my pole into her slowly … the moist heat sucking, massaging my purple cockhead slowly into its cavernous depths.

‘Don’t play, Shakes! Need this hard! Now. Haven’t had cock for … OHHH … yes… like that … OOHHH … AHHH deep … Deeper…OHHH!’ As I bury it to the hilt, my pubic bone slamming into her perineum hard thrice… before she turns over … on her back … grabbing a pillow and shifting it under her hips allowing her cunt to be ready for a pummeling … She continues to grab under another sofa pillow … until she gives in to my hard cock hitting the mouth of her cervix twice … my pubic bone grinding against her hard swollen clit …

‘OHHHH…AHHH … give it … to … MEEee … ohhh … AHH aa oohhh…’

I grab her huge tits tweaking the nipples, milking from aureoles to nipple tips … soft, then hard … in time with my deep… deep thrusts … each time grinding against her sensitive clitoris.

I feel the tension build in my cock, her fingernails scratching my buttocks, tracing my sack now and then, threatens to send me over the edge…

‘Help … help … me …’ she suddenly begs ‘under the pillow. I dig and grab the foreign object … my hand pulls and brings out a pitch black six inch dildo. My cock hardens and tenses even more as she whispers hoarsely :’Do me doggy, then I show you…’

She turns on all fours, her tits swaying under her body, I sheath my cock deep into her waiting pussy: ‘Ohhh slowly, I’m tender … Shakes, darling… rub it gently over my clit first…’ she bends forward and slowly relaxes her sphincter muscles, spasmodically allowing entry of the dildo. ‘Now fuck me, Slowly…’ She grabs my hand, putting it on the dildo. I grab her close to me with my other hand and sink my cock deep into her wet, wanting pussy. The dildo massages my cock through the thin membrane… Suddenly she turns around, and says: ‘Is this what you wanted from me?’ I grin and can feel the heat rushing into my face. She continues and asks: ‘Did you imagine I would be like this when you jacked off at night?’

Suddenly my cock jerks. ‘Ohhh, Shakes! Ohhh Are you coming … Ohhh don’t pull out. Stay in. Come inside of me! Fill my cunt … OHHH I’m Cummmin’ Ohhhh ahhh … I love you …Ohhh… yesss…’

I see white hot streaks, my mind is lost … as it shoots deep into the dark recesses of Bella’s waiting womb…

She slumps onto the couch, pulling my spent body with her. My head on her shoulder, I continue to finger her long nipples. Her long brown thighs on either side of my narrow hips while she continues to rub my half erect cock on her sensitive pussy lips. ‘This was what I wanted even before you knocked on the door this afternoon, you know? Look here.’ Reaching for the VCR and TV remote control, she starts the video to which she was masturbating when I knocked. ‘That’s why I took so long to open the door, dearest Shakes.’

I was set up.

Shaking my head, I want to know: ‘Why didn’t you tell me at the braai?’

‘I was scared of rejection dearest. Any case, it looked like you had something going for Beth rather than me, that day…’

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