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Hello! If you’re just tuning in, Beltane is a story that crosses into many different fetishes and dynamics. Two staples you can expect pretty much throughout are gentle femdom and cumplay, but also included are cuckqueaning, piss, maledom, f on m cnc, breeding, and a smattering of more mild things like anal, deepthroat, facesitting, and fishnets. There are also some themes of occultism, ritual, and magic that are less overt and more true to life than fantasy. Beltane has been, and is, an exercise in incorporating and moving between these things rather than leaning on just one. If you’re looking for any of these things individually in abundance, this may not be your favorite story. But if you’re on board for some twists, turns, bodily fluids, and a pagan fucktacular bacchanal across a variety of kinks, well…




And there she was. She had changed up her aesthetic quite a bit, from mostly black and grey to a mix of black, white, and neon pink. She was wearing a pair of thin, pink, skin-tight tights. They had oval-shaped holes running up the outer sides of her thighs, through which I could see she was wearing black fishnets underneath. The fabric was thin enough that I could see the grid pattern of the fishnets underneath. I could also tell she was not wearing underwear. She had a loose-fitting white crop top on. I could see that the fishnets covered more than just her legs, as the wide chain link pattern trailed up her stomach and disappeared under the shirt. Her crop top was low-cut, and I noticed (aside from the fact that she was not wearing a bra, as usual) that the fishnets came up above her tits, but ended in a stretchy band under her arms. It was a full-blown bodystocking.

She had a thick leather collar on, but not the one I had seen in her room. This one was broad, made of bright pink leather, and on the front of it, covering her throat, there were large blocky metal letters attached that read ‘W H O R E’. The ‘O’ was a metal ring attached by an eyelet that dangled free, where she had clipped a long chain attached to a leather handle, which she was holding out. Her leash. She wore pink open-toed heels, through which I could see she had painted all of her nails pink. Her hair was up in a ponytail, long strands falling free and framing her face. In her other hand she had a fabric tote bag that looked to be full of god-knows-what. Toys? Regular clothes? I wasn’t sure.

“Hello little lady,” I said, taking her leash. She was beaming.

“Sir,” she said simply.

“Did you drive over here dressed like this?”

She bit her lip and nodded. “Yes, sir.”

I looked around, double checking no one else on the floor was leaving their apartments. I lifted up her shirt to get a look at her tits. Somehow it had escaped my attention that she was wearing her nipple clamps. They were alligator clamps that she had attached vertically to her areolas under her nipple piercings, forcing her nipples to stick out even further than they already did through the gaps in the fishnets. The chain between them dangled and swung ever so gently. I grabbed onto it.

“Let’s get started,” I said, pulling on the chain. A look of pain and surprise came over her face as she gasped. I pulled harder, leading her by her nipples into the apartment. I held the leash slack in my hand as I pulled her along. I remembered our conversation from a few nights prior, when in the course of discussing fetishes she had told me that as a sub she liked pain, but as a dom she didn’t. I intended to put that to use against her.

“Fuck, you look good,” I said, looking her over once I had her in the living room. I wasn’t sure how much of her clothing I wanted her to take off, it was already such a slutty outfit. “What am I gonna do with you, huh?” I looked her up and down, pulling at the nipple clamps with a few sharp tugs and smacking her incredible ass. She gasped and moaned. “And what do you have in here, huh? Is this for me to use on you?”

“I brought some toys for you to play with me with,” she said. I noticed her slipup immediately, pulling the chain between the clamps and slapping her ass again, hard. “SIR!” She added, quickly realizing her mistake. I could already tell how I was going to dom her. It wasn’t going to be caring and soft, the way she was with me. I was going to be stern. I would discipline her, and I would use her. I could tell already that was what she wanted.

“That’s a good girl.” I reached up to her face, slapping it lightly once and then grabbing her by the throat. “I want you to get on your knees while I look through what you brought me.”

She smiled and nodded. “Yes sir!”

She did as I told, looking up at me hopefully. She clearly wanted to suck my cock, but I wasn’t going to give her what she wanted so easily. I took the chain connecting the clamps and held it up to her mouth. “Hold this,” I said. She opened her mouth and took it in her teeth. Her hands gravitated to her back, where she crossed anadolu yakası escort them.

“Good girl,” I said. I let her leash fall and stepped on the handle, a reminder that I hadn’t forgotten about it. Then I picked up the bag. Before opening it I pulled down my shorts, letting my half-hard cock pop out in her face. She looked at it, then back at me. “Patience, patience,” I said. I took a half step forward, picking it up and laying it on her face. With my whole package resting on her and her awaiting instructions, I opened the bag. There were some day clothes inside, as well as a roll of what looked like black duct tape, a ball gag, a small paddle, a bottle of silicone lubricant, her hitachi vibrator, and a box with a lid. I set down the bag, removing the box and opening it. Inside were the five butt plugs I had seen already, and a sixth, even larger one. I looked down at her. I knew what I was going to do next.

“Let’s take this top off. Drop that chain,” I said. She did as she was told, the shirt falling back over her tits. I squatted down to her level, taking the shirt by the hem and lifting it against her skin so that her tits flopped out in unison, bouncing with the weight of the chain pulling on them. She moaned softly. She put her hands up and I took the shirt off, admiring her tits through the fishnets. I took them in my hands and kneaded them together, feeling the softness of her. I pulled the chain up suddenly, making her gasp again, then dropped it, watching her tits bobble. I slapped the one and then the other, making a light pink mark on each. I grabbed her by the throat again. “Are you ready to become my fucking whore?”

“Mmmm, yess Sir.” She almost slurred it. “I want you to use me.”

“What if I want to fuck your ass?”

“Please, sir, please fuck my ass.”

“What if I don’t let you come?”

She looked a little perturbed. “If you decide I shouldn’t come, then I shouldn’t come,” she said, sheepishly.

“And why is that?” I asked, genuinely curious to hear her defend herself. This would tell me a lot about the role she saw herself in.

“Because you know what’s best for me, Sir. I’m a toy for you to use however you want. My job is to serve you.”

The dynamic had swung far more than I had prepared myself for. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to deal out the level of domination she wanted. My best hope was to ladle the punishment on and keep her wanting more.

“I’m going to test your dedication. Do you understand that, slut?”

“Yes Sir,” she said.

“But don’t worry. If you do well, I will reward you.”

“Mmf- yes, Sir.” She wiggled, closing her legs. Her pussy was agitated.

“You need some stimulation, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir, pleASE, Sir.” The ‘please’ came out like genuine pleading.

“Bend over, slut. Put your face on the ground.”

“Yes, Sir,” she responded dutifully, complying. Her great round ass stuck up. She kept her hands behind her back. It was clear she had been dominated before and understood the game. If she had forgotten her hands and moved them I would have punished her for it. She knew not to do anything I didn’t instruct her to specifically.

I pulled down her leggings, secretly delighted to see her beautiful holes again. The fishnets were crotchless and half of her ass or so was uncovered. I spread her cheeks and admired her pussy and ass. Her asshole clenched and gaped slightly. It looked in need of a cock. Her pussy was as wet as usual, a runny drip of grool migrating to her clit already. I laid my cock against it, rubbing my shaft against her lips and asshole. She mewled.

“Do you want this cock in your pussy?”

“Yes S-,” she started excitedly, hesitating. “Only if you want to give it to me, Sir.”

“That’s a good slut. You’re not ready for cock yet, least of all in your pussy.”

Watching my cock glide over her was almost too tempting. I pushed the head of my naked cock against the narrow opening of her needy pussy, teasing her (and myself). She moaned softly. I grabbed the roll of tape from the bag she had brought. It was like duct tape, but didn’t seem quite as sticky. The outside surface was more of a stretchy pvc material. I pulled out a short length and ripped it free. With my hand, I wiped away much of the grool that had accumulated on her hairless vulva and slapped the tape over her pussy, from the opening to the clit.

“We have other things to take care of first,” I said. “If you’re good for me, you’ll get cock. If you’re even better, you’ll get cum.” I slapped her pussy again, harder, focusing on the clit.

“ooOOOooh…” she moaned. Her hips gyrated in a purely reflexive reaction to the intense stimulation.

“Now, let’s see if this ass is ready for me.”

I reached into the open box and fished out the third largest butt plug inside. It was the classic “carrot” shape, with a pink gemstone on the tapered end.

“Hold your asshole open for me.”

“Yes Sir,” she responded, reaching back and pulling avrupa yakası escort apart her ass. It winked at me again before coming to rest with a pinprick opening.

“You’ve been training your hole for me, haven’t you?”

“Yes Sir, I wanted to be ready for you to play with.”

“That’s a good girl.”

I poured some of the lube over her still-shy gape. It ran in slow, viscous rivulets down the duct tape over her pussy. I took the butt plug and pressed the pointed end into her ass. There was very little resistance as it slid inside, opening over the girthy part and closing up, clenching tightly around the base. I pulled it back out, slowly, admiring how her hole clung to the shiny metal. I stopped at the widest part of the plug and ran my finger around her hole.

“I’m going to stretch you out, you fucking whore.”

“Unghhhyessirrr,” I heard her muffled voice from somewhere in the carpet.

She pulled her ass further apart. I pushed the plug back in until her orifice encircled and squeezed it. That was way too easy, I thought. My cock bobbed at the thought of how little resistance her hole had given. But it wasn’t enough. I needed to stretch her. I gave her a good solid smack on the ass. I pulled again, slowly, watching her balloon knot grip the plug. A little tug of war. I kept the pressure on and her little hole yielded to me, opening to let the heavy ball of the plug slide out. The skin around the entrance to her hole gripped taut to the metal again. Fuck, I can’t get enough of that. I pulled the plug out and her ass puckered and winked at me before coming to rest at a half inch aperture.


I slapped her ass again. She was all moans. I almost had to tune it out or I was liable to take her as she was. I reached for the biggest plug in the box, the honey wand. I covered it in lube and rested it against her ass, for long enough to give her an idea of what was about to happen. Then I pressed, feeling her asshole pop around the concentric rings as it accepted each of them. I stopped when she was stretched to the girthiest point. Then I pulled, watching her grip the biggest ring. Her hole was slack and stretched against the metal, pulling outward ever so slightly. Then I pushed it the rest of the way in, slowly, watching her slutty hole engulf the entire thing. She let out a long, low, moan.

“Goood girl,” I said. “Put your hands behind your back.”

As much as she was reeling in the sensation, she quickly obeyed. I

“We’re going to see if we can count, slut. Can you fucking count?”

“Yehhesssirrrr…” She was lost in the carpet, completely overcome.

I grabbed her by the hair and ripped her off the ground, into a kneeling position. She gasped. I pulled her head back, exposing her throat and gripped it with my hand. I spoke directly into her ear. “I can’t hear you, slut.”

“Yes, Sir,” she piped up, emphasizing my title.

“Good,” I said. “You’re going to count to ten. Do you think you can do that?”

She blinked and swallowed, her eyes wide. “Yes, Sir.”

“We’ll see,” I said. I got up and moved around her so we were facing one another and slapped her across the face. “Address me right next time, whore.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, not breaking eye contact.

I pushed her back into the position she had been in, face down, and grabbed her hitachi. I pressed it snugly against her clit, somewhere under the tape. Then I took the tape and wrapped it around her leg and the vibrator in two places, so it wouldn’t move. I turned the vibrator on ‘low’.

A long moan rose up out of her. “Hnnnnggggohhhhgoddd…”

I took more of the tape and bound her wrists behind her back. Then I grabbed her hair again and pulled her off the ground, grabbing her by the face. “Look at me,” I said. Her eyes locked with mine. “You are NOT to come without my permission, do you understand that?”

She nodded in my hands. “Yes, Sir.”

“That’s a good girl. Now we’re going to count to ten, alright? If you can’t do it, we’re going to start over. And the vibrator is going to stay on until you do it. Do you understand that?”

She smiled broadly. It seemed like I was doing well. “Yes, Sir,” she said, her eyes sparkling.

“Good.” I laid her back down and took the paddle.

I lined it up, tapping her ass as I did to build the anticipation. I slapped her hard.

“ONE!” She called out. I slapped again.


Too easy for her, I thought. I turned the hitachi up to ‘medium’ and she moaned long and low. I slapped her again, watching her ass jiggle.


I slapped her once and again in rapid succession.

“Four! Five!”

Then I waited, tapping her ass with the paddle. Her cheeks were becoming pink. I took the paddle and tapped it against her pussy a few times, growing in intensity.

“Unnnnggggh,” her hips rolled and curled. She was trembling.

I kept tapping her pussy, watching her squirm, and then planted a hard smack on her eryaman escort ass, breaking the pattern by hitting the same cheek I had last.

“MMMMmmm,” she mewled. There was a pause. “S-” she started, “F-five?”

I grinned evilly. I win. I slapped her again as hard as before on the opposite cheek.

“Wrong.” I said. “Let’s start over.”

She whimpered. She was obviously incredibly stimulated. I could see her asshole quivering around the plug. But I wanted to make it unbearable.

“Yes, Sir,” she said clearly, not allowing herself to disobey the earlier command.

“Good girl,” I said. “Here we go.”

I struck her across the cheek, favoring the outside. Her ass quaked as before.

“One.” She said. She was not overzealous as before, but focused.







Again, spanking her right cheek and then bringing the flat of the paddle to a rest against her pussy. Pressing slightly.


The same again, resting on her pussy.

“S… six.”

I paused, tapping her pussy. She pushed it out, arching her back further into the ground. Presenting it for me. I slapped her squarely on the cunt, though not as hard as I had been.

“Ughhhnnn-s… seven…”

Again, clapping the paddle against the tape over her pussy.


I turned the hitachi to ‘high’. This was the homestretch. I cracked the paddle wildly across her left cheek.

“Niiiiineuhhhhh,” she whimpered feebly. Her asshole was convulsing around the plug. Her hips shuddered and rolled, trying to escape the hitachi without making it look like she was. She was sweating, on the brink of orgasm. I slapped her again, just as hard as before, on the other side.

“T-Tennnnnuhhhh,” she whimpered again, her body flexing and gyrating, exerting herself entirely trying not to let herself orgasm. I let her sit in it for a moment, watching her try to hold it at bay. I had an idea. I got down behind her and peeled the tape from her pussy. Stringy gobs of her juice clung to the tape as it came free. The vibrator was directly against her clit now.

“HmmmMmmm…” She moaned through clenched teeth.

I stuck out my tongue and licked her, from her clit to her opening, tasting her sweet honey.

“OooOOHHhhhh my gOOoOddd…” She moaned through the stifled whimpers.

I took my ring and middle fingers and pressed them against her sopping entrance, curling them down into her G spot.

“hhHHoohh myyy g-g-” She almost sounded like she was sobbing, her pleading cries escaping in bits. She must have been exerting herself just as hard to not beg me for it.

I began rocking my fingers in and out of her, slowly, working them against her G spot as I did. The tension was incredible.

“Come.” I commanded simply.

All at once she exploded into a writhing chorus of moans and expletives. I watched her asshole open almost wide enough to let the plug fall out and then clench deeply around its base again, and again, and again. Her hips grinded deeply against my hand as I crushed her G spot with my fingers. Her cries built and built as she was rocked by waves of intense orgasm. Suddenly a hot torrent of liquid erupted from her and she squirted, covering the vibrator, her legs, and me.

Now I may have been somewhat naive at the time, but I had read about squirting. I understood the science behind it well enough, and I knew it was basically piss. But honestly, knowing that didn’t bother me at all. Quite the opposite. Watching her have such an earth-shattering physiological reaction, her body pulsing and gushing and clenching, drove me damn near insane. Knowing I had made her come that hard, that she had, in the process, drained her bladder, simply because she was so overcome… It made my cock bob. Maybe it was that I had already submitted to her so much. That I had already reveled in being covered in her fluids. Or that she also liked mine so much. I wasn’t exactly sure. But I grabbed my freshly wet cock and stroked it, secretly edging myself in awe of her orgasm. The taste of her in my mouth, the smell of her in my nose, her hot release splashed all over me.

She squirted three times. The first had been a powerful streaming explosion that had hit me indirectly, spraying my thighs, cock, stomach, even my face. After I began stroking myself I ground my fingers into her harder, hoping she would do it again. I got closer to her, moving my cock and hand in the path of her pussy. And then it came again. Not as strong as the first, but a long pulse of what I knew was her piss spurted from her urethra directly onto my throbbing cock. I couldn’t help but feel subby in that moment, rubbing myself in her ejaculate. Getting off on her orgasm, figuratively and literally. I began pumping my fingers straight in and out, digging into the depths of her pussy. She squirted a third time, pushing out a weak dribble. Her moans began to subside. I remembered myself and took my hand off my cock, backing away. I turned the hitachi off and slapped her ass, gripping and playing with her cheeks.

“Ohhh my god, oh my god. Fffuuuck, mmmm,” she moaned, smaller waves still rippling through her.

“Fuck,” I said. “What a good slut you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32