Birthday Pool Party Ch. 10

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Hey guys, sorry this chapter took so long! I wanted to finish Ten Year Reunion, then real life got in the way. I wanted a certain event I’ve been promising to happen in this chapter, however it was getting too long. It’ll have to be next chapter. I really hope you guys enjoy this one. I tried to take your suggestions seriously and use them to improve. Hopefully it shows. Remember, this is a fantasy world with no STI’s. Also, everyone involved in sexual activity is 18 or older. Anyway, here it is! I hope you enjoy it.


I stand in the hallway near the exit to the school as students push past me to go catch their buses or get to their cars. Everyone is so eager to get out of here now that the school day as over. As for me, I’m staring at Ian with a blank look on my face.

After everything I’ve been through, I actually haven’t been thinking about prom much lately. Now, this sweet, shy boy is asking me. Oh, will he still want to go with me if he finds out the truth about the things I’ve done? I bite my lower lip nervously.

“I-it’s okay.” Ian stammers, “Never mind.”

The poor boy looks heartbroken as he turns around and starts walking away. I realize that standing there mute probably isn’t the best way to answer him. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and immediately rush to catch up with him.

“Ian, wait!” I call out as I reach out toward him.

“Y-yeah?” he asks as he turns around to face me. It looks like tears are forming in his eyes.

“Sorry, you just surprised me!” I say honestly, “I’d love to go to prom with you.”

“R-really?” he asks, looking both shocked and thrilled as a grin splits his face, “You’ll go with me?”

“I will.” I reply with a smile as I look at him cutely and twirl a lock of hair with my fingers. “As long as you really wanna go with me, that is.”

“Y-yeah.” the nervous boy says, “You’re great!”

“Aw, thanks!” I say as I walk up to him and give him a hug.

This guy is so adorable. He pats me on the back nervously, as if afraid I don’t want him to touch me, even though I initiated contact. I hug him tightly, making sure my firm breasts press into his chest. Then, I pull away and smile at him.

“I have to go meet Lexi.” I say, “Here, give me your phone.”

Ian looks like all his dreams are coming true as he hands over his phone and watches while I add my number to his contacts. When I finish entering my number, I smile and hand his phone back. Then I surprise him by swooping in and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Text me tonight?” I ask.

“Y-yes.” Ian stammers, “I will!”

“Great! See you tomorrow.” I say while giving him a cute wave. I then turn around and walk down the hallway.

Maneuvering through the throng of people, I make my way outside. The afternoon sun is warm against my skin and I smile happily. Then I make my way to the parking lot where Lexi is standing by my car, waiting for me.

“What took you so long?” Lexi asks as I unlock the car.

“I got held up in the hall.” I answer as Lexi and I toss our backpacks in the backseat. We then get in the car and put our seat belts on.

“Doing what?” Lexi asks suspiciously.

“Relax.” I say, rolling my eyes. “I wasn’t on my knees. I got asked to prom!”

“Just looking out for you.” Lexi says with a smirk. “Who asked you?”

“Ian.” I answer as I start the car.

“Really?!” Lexi exclaims, “Shy, quiet Ian had the balls to ask out a hot chick like you?”

“Oh my God, you should have seen how nervous he was, Lexi!” I giggle as I put the car into reverse and start backing out of the space “I thought the poor boy was gonna wet himself!”

“I’ll bet!” Lexi laughs, “Well? Don’t keep me in suspense; what did you say?”

“I said yes!” I say happily.

“You seem in a good mood.” Lexi comments, “Do you have a thing for Ian?”

“I mean, I always thought he was kind of cute,” I answer, as I pull out of the parking lot and onto the street “and I knew he had a crush on me. I just never really thought about him that way. I guess I’m used to more outgoing guys, but where has that got me? I’m happy I was asked and can do something normal, like go to prom.”

“Of course he had a crush on you, every guy does, sexy lady!” Lexi teases as she places a hand on my knee while I drive.

“Yeah, yeah.” I roll my eyes, but can’t stop a small smile from appearing on my face, “I never bullied him at all, and I was always kind to him. I’m sure he finds me attractive, but I think he likes me because I’m a nice girl.”

“You are.” Lexi says as she squeezes my knee affectionately.

“Thank you.” I respond as I keep driving.

“I think this will be good for you.” Lexi smiles, “I’m glad.”

“Me, too.” I say, “I’m going to prom!”

“You’re going to prom!” Lexi says with a forced smile.

“You can still go.” I tell her, knowing instantly why she is down.

“Yeah, I know.” Lexi sighs, “I just wish I could bring my boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry.” I say as I stop at a red light. “I wish you could bring Daddy, too.”

“Thanks.” almanbahis Lexi says with a sad smile.

“You can still go and hang out with all of us!” I encourage.

“I will. I already bought a ticket.” Lexi explains, “In fact, I’m gonna text the girls, see if they have dates yet. Maybe we can all go as a group and dance.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” I smile, “I don’t think Marcia, Ashley, or Hazel have dates yet.”

“We’ll find out!” Lexi says as she removes her hand from my leg and starts texting.

The cute redhead is in a better mood as she texts our mutual friends. Hopefully they don’t have dates and agree to Lexi’s idea. I think they will, they’re very supportive. Also, since they are all interested in fucking Daddy, I don’t think they’ll mind going dateless. In fact, I lost track of who in the group Daddy hasn’t boned.

“Hey, Lexi?” I ask.

“Yeah?” Lexi responds as she puts her phone back in her purse.

“Has Daddy fucked Marcia, Ashley, and Hazel at this point?” I ask.

Lexi erupts into a fit of giggles and it’s a good forty-five seconds before she answers “Not quite. He’s bagged Marcia and Ashley. He’s only gotten head from Hazel so far.”

“Oh yeah, he’s waiting for the threesome you guys have been planning for weeks.” I say.

“Yeah, we kept putting it off because Hazel wants to fuck me as well, and I’ve been so anxious about touching another girl like that.” says Lexi.

“Then you and I hooked up.” I tease as I pull onto our street.

“Then you and I made love.” Lexi corrects as she once again reaches out and squeezes my knee.

“Yes.” I smile “We made love.”

“I’m wet just thinking about it!” Lexi says, ruining the mood on purpose.

“That mean the threesome is happening?” I ask, changing the subject back to the question I really want an answer to.

“Yeah, and soon.” Lexi answers with a smirk. “I just have to talk to Hazel and tell her I’m ready.”

“When it does happen, I’ll want details!” I grin.

“Done!” Lexi agrees.

“Are you going to tell Hazel about us?” I ask.

“Maybe we should tell our friends together?” Lexi suggests.

“That’s a good idea. We’ll find the right time.” I say with a smile.

We pull into our driveway and I park my car next to Lexi’s. Grabbing our backpacks from the back seat, we both head inside. Lexi and I both wave and say hi to the butler before continuing through the foyer into the main part of the house.

“Homework and television in the main living room?” I suggest.

“Works for me.” Lexi answers as we work our way through the massive house, “Maybe a snack as well? I’m hungry.”

“Sounds good.” I say.

Once we reach the giant living room, we toss our backpacks onto the coffee table and I sit down on the couch while Lexi heads into the kitchen to fix us a snack. While she’s gone I take out our books and find something on television.

“I made mozzarella sticks!” Lexi says when she returns twenty minutes later with a piping hot plate of mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce. She also brought us two cans of soda.

“Great!” I say happily.

Lexi sets the plate down on the table and sits down beside me as she hands me a soda. We each open our drinks and take a sip before reaching for the mozzarella sticks. They are perfect; the outside is warm and crunchy, while the cheese inside is nice and hot and gooey.

We kick our shoes and socks off so we can get comfy on the couch. Then we waste a good half-an-hour watching television and chatting as we eat. Finally, it’s time to actually start our homework so we aren’t up half the night.

“Do you have any big tests coming up?” I ask Lexi.

“Yeah, I have one on Friday.” Lexi answers, “Why?”

“Same. I was just wondering.” I say, “I don’t feel like studying.”

“Neither do I.” Lexi says, “Not today, at least. I’m gonna finish what needs to be done for tomorrow, and that’s it.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. Besides, it’s only Monday.” I respond as we continue our homework.

The two of us work on our homework for a couple hours. When we are finally finished, we put away our books and sit back to watch television until Daddy comes home. Soon, we find ourselves cuddling.

“The girls all responded to my text.” Lexi says as she runs her fingers through my hair.

“Oh yeah?” I ask. “What’s the verdict?”

“Marcia, Hazel, and Ashley don’t have dates.” Lexi begins, “They all said they’d be fine with going together as a group of four. It’s done!”

“Good, I’m glad.” I say with a smile. Lexi sounds so relieved. I really am happy she found a solution.

Lexi is holding me close as I shiver nervously, overwhelmed with everything I’ve been through lately. I look up at her with vulnerable eyes as she squeezes my upper arm affectionately. Without realizing, I lean up and press my lips against hers.

The two of us lightly kiss for several minutes, our arms lightly running over each others bodies. My hand finds Lexi’s breast as I slide my tongue into her mouth. almanbahis yeni giriş The gorgeous redhead moans into my mouth as I squeeze her firm tit.

I love this girl so much. It isn’t romantic love, I need a man for that, but it is just as special, if not more so. She helps me stay sane, she helps me remember that I’m loved and cared for, that I matter. She’s the reason I haven’t completely spiraled out of control. The reason Daddy now knows everything that happened to me and is helping me. Lexi is the reason we’re a family.

My hand finds the button of her jean shorts and I immediately undo them and slide her zipper down. I grasp the sides of her shorts and start pulling them down, along with her panties. Lexi leans her body back and lifts her bum so that I can get her clothes off. Soon, my best friend is laying bottomless on the couch, her legs spread and pussy exposed.

“Come taste me?” Lexi asks coyly as she looks up at me and runs her fingers along her slit.

“With pleasure.” I reply, licking my lips.

I kneel on the couch and grip Lexi’s thighs, spreading her legs wide. Lexi bends her knees so that there’s room to spread her legs. I then lean in and take a long lick, making her shiver and moan. Her pussy tastes so good, I can’t help but go in for another long lick.

“Mmm, that feels so good.” Lexi coos, her hands behind her head and gripping the armrest.

“I love your pussy.” I say before giving her labia a smooch.

Holding her legs apart, I start licking all along Lexi’s slit, getting her nice and wet. I know how I like to be licked, and I use that as a guide to eat her out. I’ve only eaten Lexi out once, and I think I did an okay job, but I’d like to get better. Especially since this girl made me cum in a matter of seconds after getting her mouth on me. My dad really is a lucky guy if she’s as good at sucking dick as she is at eating pussy.

“Oh, Kayla!” Lexi cries out as her hands drop to my head and grip tightly “Eat me!”

I can feel her fingers lightly tugging on my raven hair as I tease her. I push my tongue in and out of her, I lick all around her pussy, I even pull away to kiss her thighs. What I don’t do is target her clit. Not yet. I have to build up to that. Tease her until she is begging for it.

Lexi’s pussy is absolutely soaked and I can feel her arousal all over my lips and chin. Releasing her thighs, I slide Lexi’s top up her body until it is over her bra. Then I grab onto her bra and push it up, and over her breasts. I grab two handfuls of titty-flesh as my tongue finally finds her clit.

“Fuck, yes!” Lexi moans, arching her back.

I tweak one of her nipples as my other hand releases the boob it is holding and reaches between her legs. While licking her clit, I saw two fingers in and out of her cunt, making Lexi cry out as her legs shake.

“Kayla, you’re gonna make me cum!” Lexi gasps, “Kayla!”

Lexi’s ass rises off the bed as she bucks her hips. Her hands grip my head, holding my face against her crotch so I don’t stop licking her. I can feel her vaginal muscles squeezing my fingers as her pussy circuits pleasure throughout her entire body.

When her orgasm ends she collapses on the couch, panting heavily. My hand lightly pinches her pink nipple while I finger and lick her for several more seconds. Then, I remove my fingers from her cunt and give her pussy an affectionate kiss. Finally, I sit up and look down at her.

“Hey, you.” I say as I run my fingers along her legs playfully.

“Hey, you.” Lexi repeats as she wraps her legs around my waist and tugs, “Come kiss me!”

I lean over Lexi’s body and mold myself against her as we start to kiss. My hand travels up her body and cups her firm tit as I grind against her. She feels so good, I can feel the warmth of her pussy against mine, even through my shorts.

After kissing for a couple minutes, I stop to sit up and remove my shirt and bra, leaving me topless. Lexi discards her top and bra as well. Then I sit against the backrest and lift my butt to slide my pants and panties off.

Once we’re both nude, I lay on top of Lexi and press my body against hers. Our titties press together as our hands explore each others bodies. I can feel her grab my ass with both hands as we start grinding our clits.

“Oh, Lexi.” I moan into her mouth as we make love.

“Oh, Kayla.” Lexi moans back as she arches her back and wraps her legs around me.

I run my hand along her thigh as my other hand buries in her hair. I’m close. I’m so close. From the way Lexi is tensing up and panting into my mouth, so is she. I press my clit down against hers as she grips my ass. I’m there. I’m cumming. Oh shit, I’m cumming.

I scream into Lexi’s mouth just as she announces that she’s cumming. Our tits are rubbing together as we grind and I can feel my orgasm washing over me. Our bodies tense, my toes curl, I can see stars. I want to keep going, I want to make love to Lexi forever.

“Am I interrupting something?” a male voice asks.

I almanbahis giriş immediately sit up and look over the couch, flashing my bare boobs to my dad. He’s standing a few feet behind the couch, clearly drawn here by the sounds of our moaning. He smirks at me and I blush, lowering my eyes. That’s when I see the massive bulge in his shorts.

“I was just warming her up for you.” I tease as I stand up and get off the couch.

“Hi, Baby!” Lexi says as she hops up from the couch and walks over to my dad.

She’s fully nude as she embraces Daddy and hugs him tight. I smirk when I see Daddy grab a handful of Lexi’s bare ass. He is watching me as I hunt around for my clothes, not even trying to cover myself.

Looking over, I see Lexi drop to her knees and fish out his cock. Within seconds, she is sucking hard. I smile as I slip into my panties and then place my bra over my chest. Reaching behind my back, I hook my bra and adjust my breasts so they are sitting comfortably inside the cups.

“I’m sorry for interrupting.” he says, his hands buried in Lexi’s hair as she gives him head. “I can leave you two alone.”

“No, no.” I say as Lexi makes a negative noise around his dick. “We were finished, besides, she and I just hook up occasionally. You two are the couple. I understand that.”

“Thank you, Honey.” he says before reaching down to play with Lexi’s tits.

I slip on my shorts and top before heading over to the table. While Lexi is blowing my father, I clean up the leftovers from our snack from earlier. Then I start making my way out of the room and to the kitchen.

“Meet up for dinner?” I call out over my shoulder.

“Sounds good, Honey.” Daddy says in a shaky voice as Lexi deep throats him.

I can hear sexy gagging and slurping noises as I leave the room. Soon, I’m out of range of the sounds as I enter the massive kitchen. I toss out the trash, put the cans in the recycling, and place the plates in the sink. I then start to wash the dishes. Yeah, we have a maid, but Daddy taught me not to be lazy. I can do this myself. Besides, the maid is going to be busy cooking us dinner soon. Maybe I can be a little lazy sometimes.

After the dishes are done, I head into the game room and watch some television for a little while. I’m kinda sad that Daddy interrupted us, but it isn’t like there won’t be more opportunities. Lexi and I are both always horny, and she’ll be my only source of relief for awhile. I don’t think I’ll be ready to have sex with another boy for some time now. I need a break from that to get my head on straight. I’m sure my therapist will agree when I see her for the first time on Wednesday.

When it is almost dinnertime, I head into the dining room and sit down. I play on my phone for a little while, texting my friends until Daddy and Lexi arrive. Both of them are wearing robes and happy grins on their faces.

“Uh, Lexi.” I say, “You have a little…” I tap the right corner of my lips.

“What? Oh!” Lexi says as her tongue snakes out to lap up the last of the cum still there. “Thanks!” she says as she sits down at the table.

Daddy also sits down and smiles at me. The three of us make small talk for about twenty minutes until it’s time for dinner. Tonight is steak, yum! All three of us get a generous cut, along with potatoes and vegetables.

“So, you two have fun?” I ask with a smirk.

“We did.” says Daddy with a grin.

“Yeah, nothing like getting bent over and fucked until you scream.” Lexi says with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“I know what you mean.” I say with a sigh. I miss cock.

“No need to pout, you’ll be having sex again soon, I’m sure!” Lexi says.

“I may be okay with my daughter having sex, but do you really need to set her up now?” Daddy asks, “After everything she’s been through.”

“I was talking about with me! Duh!” Lexi sticks her tongue out.

“Well, that’s okay!” Daddy laughs before resuming his meal.

“Yeah, yeah,” I say, “you like thinking about your daughter and girlfriend fingering and licking? Dirty old man.”

“Yes. Yes, I am.” Daddy admits with a happy nod.

“I love that about him!” Lexi chirps as she reaches over and touches Daddy’s arm, “Anyway, there’s no reason to set Kayla up. Your baby girl was asked to the prom today!” Lexi announces.

“Is that so?” Daddy asks, turning to look at me, “Anyone I know?”

“No.” I answer, “His name is Ian. He’s kind of a shy nerdy guy. Really sweet. I said yes.”

“I’m glad you have a date, Honey.” Daddy says with a smile, “You and Lexi should go dress shopping soon so the boy knows what color corsage to get.”

“That’s a good idea!” Lexi says, “I think I want to wear light blue. It’s the color of the bikini I wore when Steven and I got together.” She smiles at Daddy before taking a bite of her steak.

“Aw!” I say, “That’s so sweet I think I’m gonna throw up.” I stick out my tongue.

“No one asked you, Honey.” Daddy says, taking a sip of his drink.

“Hmph!” says Lexi, pretending to pout.

“I’m just teasing!” I roll my eyes, “Giant babies. So, dresses!”

“Yes, dresses!” Lexi says, “I really do want a light blue one. What color were you thinking, Kayla?”

“Green to go with my eyes, maybe?” I suggest, “Or pink, because, well, because I like pink!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32