Bisexual Man Surprises His Ex

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We had confessed many of our past experiences and fantasies. I had confessed my deepest and what I thought were the darkest.

After a couple of years we ran into each other at the green grocers of all places. I thought I had found one that she wouldn’t be using but there she was looking as hot as ever. She approached me and was so nice I decided to act like a gentleman and we soon were remembering our good times.

She was the first to say it out loud when she mentioned that she hadn’t found any man who was as adventurous as I had been in bed. Wanting to hear it out loud I asked what she meant.

“Nobody says “suck my cock” I want to fuck your ass” “eat me bitch” and none of these pussies I am finding cringe when I mention anything boy boy girl. And they all freak out when a little thing like a finger touches their butt hole for Christ’s sake let alone ask for me to put something inside of them” She confesses.

“How about you? Have you found that right man to satisfy your extra needs? You know I’ll be so pissed I wasn’t there to see it!” She tells me.

In a moment of the after glow of one of our wonderful fuck and suck sessions I had confessed the desire to suck a cock but never could find the right circumstances. This was after she had confessed some of her many girl on girl sessions. She had bedded a couple of my fantasy lovers too.

Seeing me blush she gave me a playful slap and said :”You did, you nasty boy! Why didn’t we do that together? Who was it, when was it and most important how was it? Come on fess up.” She teased.

By now we were sitting in my car in the parking lot and I needed to tell someone and after the bad break up nothing had come out about this when we had suck a nasty divorce I figured I could trust her so I shyly said: “It was fucking awesome. He was bi and very experienced and we knew each other for a while before he knew I was curious and everything was excellent.” I confessed and it felt wonderful to say it out loud for the first time.

“So, you must have sucked his cock, how was it did he cum in your mouth? Did you swallow? Tell me, tell me. Tell me everything.” She begs as she reaches over to find my cock hard and leaking so much I had a wet spot on my jeans.

“Just like always. A big boner for Janie leaking its juice for me. You love this don’t you?”

“Yes, I guess I do. I don’t know why, but for some perverted reason, I want to tell you, even show you.” I surprise myself with that confession, but I really mean it. We had a few hot threesomes with girl friends of hers and she had held nothing back so I for some perverted reason felt I owed her that.

“Babe, I am about to cum, can we go somewhere?” I ask.

“Yes, but I’ll never make it to your place and there is someone home at mine? Want to take me parking?” That was something she liked every once in a while and as i always had Buicks there was plenty of room.

But now I was driving a new Corvette and other than hand jobs everything else was out of the question.

So I asked: “You do know that is about out of the question don’t you?” I joked.

“Well you are an engineer, don’t you have a blanket or something?”

“Trust me, I’ll handle this.” I say as I reach over to squeeze her snatch and feel almanbahis adres she is wet through her jeans too.

As I quickly start the car and pull out into traffic I head for the woods. Living in NH sometimes is remote but today it would come in handy. I quickly find a turn off that with a black car we can not be seen unless someone knew we were there but we could see traffic blazing by just 100 feet away.

Getting out I tell her to hurry and do the same. She meets me at the hood and quickly kneels opening my jeans and pulling them down to my ankles. As I step out of one leg of them she swallows my cock in such a familiar way I almost cum.

“Easy baby, or I’ll blow right now.”

“Isn’t that the idea? She says but quickly returns to sucking my cock like the world class cock sucker she is. After some of my new friends sucking me she isn’t the best I have ever had but what she lacks in understanding what feels the best for a man she more than makes up for in enthusiasm. She loves sucking cock as much as any man I have been with.

“I don’t want to cum in your mouth. I want to fuck you first.” I tell her pulling her up and turning her to the hood and pulling her jeans down now.

“But hun, you know I want you to lick my clit!” She says fearful that she is going to miss out on our favorite part.

“Don’t you worry babe, I’ll eat you but I want to fuck you first. I want to fuck that tight little cunt of yours and fill it with my cum so I can eat it out.” I say as I throw her legs over my hips and bury my cock where it has been so many times before.

She rarely cums from anything but me licking her cunt so I know holding back my orgasm isn’t important and only last minutes before shooting my hot load deep into her as she holds my hips with her legs tight to her body.

For a few moments I cannot move but finally do and as I slowly pull my cock from her I grip it tightly at the base with my thumb and forefinger and milk the last of my cum into her.

Flaring my nostrils I fill my sinuses with her scent.

“Babe, you have the best fragrance of any woman I have ever fucked.” I tell her once again. I had told her I could find her blindfolded in a crowded room if she was excited and once I assured her it was the aroma of a healthy desirable woman she didn’t mind. The taste and scent of a healthy clean woman is the best fragrance in the world and being well fucked does nothing but enhance it.

As I drop to my knees I cover her with my mouth and once again marvel that her vulva is the perfect size. I can cover it with my mouth and with practice I can work her clit with my upper lip as I search her wet opening with my tongue and her anus is just a lick away.

She too is right on the cusp of cumming and does so quickly as our liquid blend fills my mouth.

As she comes down from her plateau she squirms like she always does to get away from my oral grasp and says: “Let me suck your cock again.”

“I can’t babe, I have a commitment tonight that I need to get ready for. As much as I want to stay with you we will have to maybe make plans to get together again when we have more time?”

And then the old Jane comes out. What commitment? Is it a date? Who with?

“It’s not a date really sort of a special party.”

“What kind of party? Do you have a date or not? Can I go , why can’t I go?”

In almanbahis adres frustration and not wanting to revert to my old self and lose my temper I foolishly confess: “It’s a special kind of party and you won’t know any one and would probably be uncomfortable.”

“What kind of special party. It is a guys only thing?” I shake my head no.

“Is it an orgy? Your going to an orgy you nasty fucker! Why can’t I go. You know I would fit right in. I thought you always wanted to see me fucked and clean me up after. Don’t you want to take me? Will your boy friend be there?” I say something about boy friends.

“You have changed, I thought you wanted me to see you sucking cock?”

In frustration i relent and tell her: “OK, it is an orgy as you say, but it is just a bunch of like minded people who get together from time to time and enjoy the freedom of non judgmental sex. Some people like to just watch, which if you do go, is OK. Others like to play in threesomes or groups and others just want to use the private rooms for more intimate hook ups.”

“So does that mean you will take me? PLEASE, Please take me. You know I would love this.” I say something about what is seen and done there stays there.

“Of course love, but I need to go home somehow and change. Or are there any of my old clothes at your place?”

“You won’t need to change, you will be fine. We will need to strip before we enter the play rooms.” I say as I hold her door for her. As she moves to get into the car I spread my middle finger and thumb and put them between her legs and find her hotter and wetter than earlier.

“Well I need to freshen up at least.”

“Waste of time, if you want you will be just as wet shortly after you get there and everyone likes the ladies to be properly fucked.”

“Wow, this is a pretty nasty bunch? Will I be safe?”

“Oh, you will be fine. No will always mean no and we all have been doing this long enough that nobody gets embarrassed by sex there.”

As we drive to the club she is suddenly quiet and I think she is changing her mind until I see her rubbing her crotch and smelling her fingers.

Smiling she says: “I do smell pretty good don’t I?”

Looking bout over the hood I see the wet impression of her ass on my hood and the line of her juices that ran out of her and down the hood and say nodding in that direction: “Looks like you were pretty wet too!’

We finally get there and after showing my card we are admitted. I show her to the change room just as another couple is finishing undressing. We recognize each other and as Jane and I undress they come over to say high. I embrace her as she reaches for my cock and gives it a little squeeze. The dude and i embrace and caress each others cock too. I turn to Jane and introduce her as an old friend and a first time visitor. The woman embraces Jane and helps her take her blouse off. Gently caressing her breast she says: “Come with me sweetheart, Johnny and Glen will need to catch up and i’ll show you around.”

As they walk away I see them place an arm around each others waist and Jane’s hand drops to squeeze Betty’s ample ass. Betty has big pendulous breasts and I know that is one of Jane’s weaknesses.

As Glen and I stroke each other to full tumescence he says something about a newbie at this event which is one of the bigger ones.

I tell him she almanbahis adres will hold her own especially since there will be a never ending supply of hot hard cocks to suck.

As the gitrls are turning the corner to the party room Jane looks back and says: “You know what I would love to see babe.”

As Glen and I follow I tell him that she wants to see me with a cock in my mouth. He laughs and says something about being in the right place tonight.

Thinking he says: “Let’s find her and give her the show she wants.”

“You just want your cock sucked pal. And I’m just the guy to do it.”

We lose the girls immediately and move to the refreshment table for a cold drink. Looking around I see that it will be an excellent night for Jane. There are about a dozen people in every combination of sexual paring imaginable.

It is then I see Jane across the room on her knees between someones legs. I can not see the sex but want to know so Glen and I work our way over there. As we get closes we see it is Betty’s legs she has spread and is furiously burring her face between her legs.

There is room for one of us on the couch and Glen sits and with a hand on my shoulder pushes me down between his legs. As he looks at his wife he says: “Well dear, I thought you were going to show the poor girl around, looks like the only thing you have shown her is your snatch!”

Jane lifts her head to show her wet lips smiles and says: “When I saw this beautiful woman I just had to taste her. I haven’t tasted me some pussy since this guy left me.”

As Jane reaches up to caress one of Betty’s boobs I lean across the legs between us and kiss her. As my tongue searches her mouth for that familiar taste in her mouth my balls ache.

“Well love you wanted to see this, welcome to my new world.” I say turning to take Glen’s familiar cock into my mouth. As I cover the end of his long cock I take the shaft into my hand and forgetting Jane start to savor my new pleasure and work my tongue and lips around his meat.

I am lost in the joy of sucking Glen I don’t realize Jane has stopped eating Betty and is fingering her wet hole while watching me suck.

“Oh my God, you look just like a pro at that. I knew you would be good but I bet you are as good as that as eating pussy. Is he as good as I think Glen?”

“Oh yes little lady, your boy is someone special. He will have us, men and women alike standing in line to night. He spent a week end with Betty and I and nearly sucked the life out of both of us by Sunday. We could hardly walk after.”

I could hear them but was in another place as my entire being was focused on the cock in my mouth. Not since eating my first pussy has anything sexual excited me like sucking cock.

Well…maybe except having my ass hole licked and most anything involving multiple partners.

Soon Glen pushes his crotch off the couch and holding my head blows his hot sweet load into my mouth. After the first long shot he lets his grip relax so I can hold him shallow so I can catch his essence on my tongue.

As Glen pulls his cock from my oral embrace I turn to Jane and seeing that she has watched my entire performance take her head into my hand and spreading her lips with my tongue I feed her some of Glen’s load.

As she breaks our kiss she says: “Oh my God, thank you for that.”

As i kiss her softly on the lips I say: “Well love, I need lots of variety, so I’ll catch you later. Don’t worry i won’t leaver you.”

Before she knows it I am gone and as Glen kneels behind her he says: “May I love, you have such a splendid ass?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32