Bless Me Father for I have Sinned 05

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Sacred albeit salaciously sacrilegious, with Sister Kathryn reluctant at first, Father Thomas has anal sex with Sister Kathryn

Continued from Chapter 4:

‘Satan! Be gone. Satan, leave me in peace. Lord God, help me to resist temptation. Lord God, keep me strong against the Devil,’ she silently prayed again. ‘Virgin Mary save my virginity and my dignity as a nun. Saint Michael strike down this evil man who masquerades as a holy man and as a priest.’

“Calm yourself, Sister Kathryn. I’m not evil. Your evil is from within. I’m not the Devil. Your Devil is from within. I’m here to help you not to rape you,” said with calm kindness.

She relaxed herself by taking a big breath.

“Thank God,” she said.

He smiled at her as if he was, indeed, her priest and not her perceived Devil.

“Think of me as your Earthly extension to Jesus. Use me as his conduit as your way to directly speak to and touch God. I’m here to renew your faith by filling you with my goodness, kindness, and deep belief in the God and in the Catholic Church,” he said.

He took her hand in his as if he really thought that he was Jesus Christ. Then, when he moved to her to gently take the paperweight from her hand and place it back on his desk behind her, she looked at him as if he was the Devil in disguise as a lowly priest. Obedient to her priest but not wanting to be sexually unfaithful to her husband, Jesus, and not wanting to break her vows of obedience and celibacy, she tried her best to remain calm. Yet, her own sexual lust for the priest betrayed her need to remain true to her God. She was secretly, sexually lusting over him as much as he was openly lusting over her. She prayed silently for Jesus to help her to remain faithful and to save her from being forced into sexual sin.

She tried her best to contain her sexual excitement over the thoughts of stroking and sucking the priest’s prick while he kissed her, felt her tits, fingered her nipples, and fingered her pussy before giving her anal sex. Only, she wasn’t a God. A mere mortal, she was a just nun, a human nun with human, sexual feelings and sexual emotions. Just as she couldn’t stop the vision of him feeling and fondling her tits while fingering her nipples and pussy, she couldn’t stop the vision of her taking his priestly prick in her hand before taking his priestly prick in her mouth. Just as she couldn’t stop the vision of Father Thomas giving her all that she so sexually needed and sexually desired, she couldn’t stop the vision of him giving her anal sex and fucking her in her ass.

Something as equally sexually exciting and something new in her sexual repertoire, with her having only given hand jobs and blowjobs, she had never had anal sex before. Pledging her virginal body to God, just as she had never given her virginal pussy to any mortal man or any mortal woman, she had never given her virginal ass to any mortal man or any mortal woman either. With the Catholic Church filled with secret Canon laws that benefitted mostly priests, she wondered if there was a secret, Canon law that benefitted nuns too.

With that Canon law thought in mind, she couldn’t help but wonder if having anal sex was an acceptable loophole to her taking her vow of celibacy. What if it was? With the Catholic Church a conclave and sexual haven of homosexuals and pedophiles, she wondered if those men had special considerations and accommodations. What if they did? Perhaps with so very many gay priests receiving hand jobs, blowjobs, and having anal sex with one another, perhaps anal sex, as well as hand jobs and blowjobs were secretly acceptable and silently permissible in the Catholic Church.

‘Oh, my God, even with this another old boys’ club, the old double standard rears its ugly head again, even deep within the Catholic Church,’ she thought.

Seemingly, as long as sex between priests were done behind closed, rectory doors and not in public, it was okay for one priest to give another priest a hand job, a blowjob, and to have anal sex. Perhaps priest abide by a different sexual code than do nuns. Perhaps, the vow of celibacy that a priest takes is different from the vow of celibacy that a nun takes. With her always willing for a man to part her lips with his tongue and with his cock, perhaps having her priest part her ass cheeks with his cock instead of her pussy lips is not the same mortal sin. Being that anal sex isn’t vaginal sex, perhaps her vow of celibacy would still be intact by having anal sex in the way that her vow of celibacy would be violated by having vaginal sex.

Other than masturbating herself in the privacy of her room at the convent, it had been such a very long time since she had sex with a man. It had been such a very long time since she had even seen an erect cock, never mind touched, stroked, and/or sucked and an erect cock. Not knowing what else to do with her hands, she stuck her hands in her habit behind canlı bahis her white, bib-like collar as if she was fingering a Crucifix molded in the shape of a penis.

Now lost to the world of sexual debauchery and perverse perversity, she couldn’t help but think of Father Thomas’ prick. She wondered if he was circumcised. She wondered how long, how wide, and how thick he was. She wondered what he looked like naked. She wondered what his cock would feel like in her hand and taste like in her mouth. With her never having anal sex before, just as she wondered if having anal sex for a nun with her priest was permissible, she wondered if it would hurt to have anal sex.

Chapter 5:

‘Dear God in Heaven help me to resist this sexual temptation and this perverted man who masquerades as a priest,’ she silently prayed. ‘Hear me Dear Lord, God above. If this is a test, allow me to pass this test to prove my faith without breaking my vow of celibacy. Help me dear Lord, God above.’

Seemingly knowing she was going to fail this test of faith and seemingly knowing that he’d somehow have to help her to restore her faith, Sister Kathryn looked at Father Thomas with apprehension. Seemingly knowing she was going to fail this test of faith and seemingly knowing he’d have to help her to restore her faith, Father Thomas looked at Sister Kathryn with confidence, compassion, and with kind understanding. With his reputation preceding him, just as he had help many nuns make their final decision to leave the convent, he had helped many nuns renew faith to remain living in the convent as nuns. Yet, whether he helped them to leave or helped them to stay, he enabled them to make their decision to leave or to go by injecting their renewed faith with sex.

Even though it sounded perversely perverted and sexually bizarre to her, maybe he was right. Maybe he could renew her faith by filling her hand, her mouth, and her ass with his cock and by injecting her with his holy cum. With him being the human representative of God and of the Catholic Church, he was a priest after all. Perhaps this was nothing more than a ploy for him to have sex with her than it was a test. Perhaps this as a trick to get her thrown out of the convent. Yet, maybe he wasn’t blowing smoke up her ass by wanting to stick his cock in her mouth before sticking his cock in her ass. Maybe by her giving him oral sex and him giving her anal sex, he really could help her. Perhaps he could help her to make the decision that she needed to make of either remaining a nun and living in the convent or finding a man to marry to start a family of her own.

Maybe if she allowed him to ejaculate his cum in her mouth and again in her ass, her test of faith would be over and she could return to the convent to restart her devotion to God anew. Maybe if she allowed him to ejaculate his cum in her mouth and again in her ass, her life as a nun would be over and she could return to her old life, find a good man, marry, and start a family. Either way, just as it was seemingly just sex to Father Thomas, it was a win/win for her. Either way she’d be having sex with her priest. Whether it was having sex with her priest while continuing to be a nun or having sex with her priest before leaving the convent to marry and to have a baby with her mortal husband, she’d be having sex. Either way, whichever decision she made, in the end, no pun intended, Sister Kathryn would get what she wanted, sex with her priest, and Father Thomas would get what he wanted, anal sex with his nun.

“Didn’t the Holy Mother talk to you?”

He looked at her with a sudden dose of insight and she looked at him with a face full of confusion.

“The Holy Mother? Mother Superior?”

She looked at him even more confused.

“Yes,” he said nodding.

Obviously, Mother Superior didn’t tell her everything about why she sent her to see Father Thomas.

“She spoke to me but not about this. She didn’t say anything about me having sex with you,” said Sister Kathryn again shaking her head side-to-side as if she needed the extra amount of head movement to reinforce her negative response.

Seemingly understanding the miscommunication now, Father Thomas nodded his head with insight.

“I see. As if I was exorcising the Devil from your soul, she didn’t tell you that the process to restore your faith included physical and sexual contact for the exorcism in reverse to work. Obviously she failed to mention that one important thing. She just sent you to see me without describing the process of my reverse exorcism,” he said slowly nodding his head as if nodding his head helped him to understand.

Exorcism in reverse? Reverse exorcism? What the Hell is that? Now Sister Kathryn was totally confused. Maybe this wasn’t just a test. Maybe Mother Superior didn’t know that Father Thomas would require her to give him oral sex and anal sex to renew her faith. Maybe Mother Superior knew that Father Thomas would require her to give him oral sex and bahis siteleri anal sex as her test to determine if she was no longer suited to be a nun. Maybe instead of a test, this was a diabolical trap.

“The Holy Mother didn’t say anything to me about having to stroke your cock before sucking your sock,” said Sister Kathryn obviously becoming sexually aroused by the image she suddenly had of stroking and sucking her priest. “She didn’t say anything about you needing to cum in my mouth either,” she said becoming dizzy with the sexual delight of her priest ejaculating his holy seed in her mouth. “She didn’t say anything about having anal sex with you and you needing to cum in my ass as well as in my mouth. She didn’t say that anal sex was your proven way to restore my faith,” said Sister Kathryn as if she was a hooker relating a conversation she had with her Madam to her John.

He nodded her his response.

“I see,” said Father Thomas.

Perhaps this was all a misunderstanding. Perhaps, he was supposed to kiss, feel, fondle, and finger the nipples of another nun. Perhaps a different nun was supposed to stroke his cock and suck his cock for him cum in her mouth instead. She understood now. By injecting her with his faith by giving her a reverse exorcism instead of removing the evilness of the Devil, perhaps he was supposed to give another nun his reverse exorcism and have sex with another nun. Perhaps he was supposed to fuck another nun in her ass for his exorcism in reverse to work instead of fucking her in her ass. Perhaps this whole thing is a horrible mistake, a mistake of mistaken identity.

Reverse exorcism and/or renewed faith or not, she knew of plenty of nuns who’d love to have sex with Father Thomas. She knew of plenty of nuns who’d love to have Father Thomas’ cock in their hands, buried in their mouths, and humped in their asses. Sometimes, with the nuns of the Holy Order of Virgins all wearing black habits, looking as if they’re a waddle, a colony, or a rookery of penguins, it’s difficult to tell one nun from another nun when in such a group. She remembered when they were electing a new Pope and there were a sea of nuns in black habits in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Looking so much like a Spencer Tunick photograph when he posed thousands of naked people in Zocalo Square in Mexico, she remembered the thousands of nuns that gathered at Vatican City for Pope Benedict XVI.

“Under the guise of you counseling me, she said that I was to be assigned to you to help you with some personal, private matters but she didn’t tell me what those personal, private matters were. She didn’t say anything about me stroking your cock and sucking your cock before allowing you to fuck me in my ass,” said Sister Kathryn while pausing to watch the priest’s reaction to her words. When he fell silent, she continued. “She didn’t mention anything about breaking my vow of celibacy to give you sex. Were those the personal, private matters to which she was referring?”

While wondering what he was doing, with his head bowed as if he was saying a silent prayer, she stared down at the priest’s hands.

“Well, trust me, Sister Kathryn, it doesn’t get any more personal and private than this,” said Father Thomas with a big smile.

He unzipped his pants, reached his hand inside and, as if he was pulling out Saint Michael’s sword, he pulled out his semi-erect cock. Father Thomas had a huge prick.

‘Oh, my God,’ she thought while staring at his exposed prick. ‘My priest has such a big and beautiful cock.’

With it having been more than ten years since she had seen a cock whether flaccid, erect, or semi-erect, just as she couldn’t believe her eyes, she couldn’t stop herself from staring at his big dick. Her Catholic priest just exposed his cock to her, a Catholic nun. Looking up from his cock to look up at his eyes, with her not having seen a stiff prick in so long, she couldn’t help herself from staring back down at his stiffening member. While he stared at her, as if giving her a private masturbation show of his cock, she watched Father Thomas slowly stroke himself to a bigger and harder erection. With him obviously knowing that he was enjoying the show, she couldn’t remove her eyes from him pleasuring himself. She only wished it was her hand stroking his big prick and not his own hand.

‘Oh my God,’ was her only thought while staring at his stiffening priestly pole. ‘Oh, my God,’ she thought. ‘Not only did he expose himself to me but also he’s actually masturbating himself in front of me. Oh, my God. What is wrong with this man who dares call himself a priest? Oh, my God. What kind of priest exposes himself to a woman, especially in the rectory that’s part of God’s house? What kind of priest exposes himself to a nun especially to a nun and to a wife of our Lord Jesus? What kind of priest masturbates himself in front of a Sister of the Holy Order of Virgins?’

A matter of faith, now at the crossroads of her religious life, bahis şirketleri she needed to make a decision. Should she leave the convent or should she stay? As she had dedicated faith for the past ten years as a nun and as a Sister of the Holy Order of Virgins, having already prayed to God for a sign, she needed to have resolute faith now. She couldn’t help but wonder if Father Thomas’ cock was her sign. Instead of having him ejaculate his cum all over the rectory carpet, she needed to believe that Father Thomas could help restore her faith by having him ejaculate his cum in her mouth, down her throat, and in her ass. Seemingly, if she was to take him at his word that his cum would renew her faith, his holy cum was her ticket to continuing to live life as nun.

If she couldn’t be a nun, other than to find a good man, get married, and start a family, what else could she do? Yet, getting married and having a baby seemingly wasn’t as attractive as it was before when she confessed that she was questioning her faith to Mother Superior. Being a nun and being close to God was the only life she knew.

Still, if she was deemed to have sex with her priest, for her to remain faithful to Jesus, she couldn’t have sex with him willingly. He needed to force himself on her as he was obviously doing now by exposing his huge penis to her. Even though she wanted to wrap her fingers around his stiff prick, stroke his stiff prick to a harder erection, and suck his stiff prick to ejaculation, she couldn’t just fall to her knees and stroke him while sucking him. She took a vow of celibacy. She’s the wife of Jesus.


She needed to play the violated nun. She needed to play the innocent, chaste nun. In the way she so wanted to take sexually advantage of him, she needed him to take sexual advantage of her first.

“Take me in your hand Sister. Use me as an extension of Jesus Christ,” said her priest. “Fondle my cock before stroking my cock as if you’re having religious sex with your Heavenly husband. Suck my cock as if you’re sucking the prick of your God and of your Heavenly husband. Then, after I cum in your mouth, I’ll give you anal sex and will cum in your ass.”

Then, noticing something other than his naked prick, staring longer and staring harder, she looked more closely at his cock. She looked at his growing prick as if she had seen a vision and had experienced a spiritual revelation.

‘Oh, my God,’ she thought.

She stared at his cock until she identified the image. Then, not believing her eyes, as if she was witnessing a miracle, she continued staring at his erect prick before staring up at him.

“Father Thomas,” she said looking up at him with disbelief. “Is that a tattoo of Jesus on the Crucifix on your cock?”

* * * * *

Without waiting for his response, she returned her focused attention to stare at his cock. As if she was witnessing a miracle, she couldn’t believe he had his cock tattooed with Jesus.

‘My God, that must have hurt,’ she thought.

Then, she wondered if the tattoo artist was a man or a woman before she wondered if the priest went to the tattoo parlor dressed as a priest or as a common man. Moreover, unless he was a religious fanatic or could truly restore her faith by injecting her with his cum, who does that? Who tattoos their cock other than, perhaps some big, bad biker dude? Who tattoos their prick with the crucifixion Jesus? What deranged man who calls himself a priest not only tattoos his prick with Jesus but also exposes his prick to a nun?

‘Oh, my God,’ she thought.

Not an ordinary prick, perhaps his prick is a sacred prick. Perhaps, if she’d allow him to, he really could save her by injecting her mouth and her ass with his holy cum. Fascinated with watching him masturbate himself to a bigger and stiffer erection, she was unable to remove her big, blue eyes from her priest’s stiff prick. Every time he stroked himself, with his cock growing in size, the image of Jesus loomed larger, longer, and wider.

“Yes, it is Jesus on the cross tattooed on my cock,” he said with pride. “John 3:16 is tattooed on the underside of my prick but you’d need a magnifying glass to read it,” he said suddenly reciting John 3:16. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Amen,” he said.

She looked at him as if he was indeed a religious fanatic. She looked at him as if he was insane. She couldn’t believe he had tattooed his cock with the image of Jesus nailed to the cross.

“Oh, my God,” she said again in total disbelief.

She didn’t understand why her priest would not only tattoo his cock with an image of Jesus on the cross but also with chapter 3, verse 16 of the Gospel of John tattooed to the underside of his prick.

“I find that with the Crucifix tattooed on my cock, when a nun blows me, that the Sisters of the Holy Order of Virgins truly believe that they’re sucking Jesus,” he said with a dirty laugh. “Whether on your knees praying or on your knees sucking cock, what is faith if you don’t believe? Go figure,” he said shrugging his shoulders while wagging his erection before her horny eyes.

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