Blind Ambition

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Damon and Sarah had been dating for a few weeks now and their sexual desire for one another was growing stronger and stronger. Their passionate kisses and semi-innocent fondling was only intensifying that deep, undeniable hunger for something much more. Both being very intense, passionate and Italian, they were very aware of the sexual chemistry that was blossoming between them.

Sarah had often fantasized of being tied up and blind folded, kind of like in that Kim Basinger movie “9 1/2 Weeks.” She always longed for a lover who was as adventurous and open minded, tenderly passionate and romantic as she. She saw those qualities in the sexy, deep brown eyes and flawless smile of her new man Damon.

Sharing another chilly, winter night in front of the TV, snuggling and holding each other close, there was an underlying sense that something more would happen tonight…. something very hot and erotic. Sarah was lying with her back against Damon’s chest, their legs were interlocked and his arms were wrapped tightly around her. He enjoyed whispering sexy things into her ear, and this night was no exception. He pushed aside her long, dark, auburn hair and delicately whispered in her ear,

“Mmmm, you’re so sexy.”

Then he delicately grazed his fingertips over her collarbone and down between her ample cleavage. Her fetish of having masculine, well-manicured hands all over her curvaceous body tormented her as she felt her pussy lips moisten and a trickle of her honey slide down onto her sheer & lacey panties. She arched her back causing her tight fitted, navy tee shirt to lift up, revealing her sexy mid drift. His wandering fingertips didn’t neglect that revelation of the small of her back and her belly button. He began to gently kiss the nape of her neck and slowly moved his hand up underneath her shirt, feeling her beautiful large breasts. She sighed a deep breathy sigh as her legs squirmed out of reaction to the desire he was deeply instilling within her.

She turned to face him, leaning into his mouth and delicately tasting his tongue and soft lips. They shared a deep sensual kiss as she moved her hands down over his pants feeling the hard shaft enlarging even more with her flirty touch. He gently moaned as he continued to kiss her neck and pull her hair with a gentle yet firm stroke. They both knew that their destination would now be the bedroom.

Without hesitance they both migrated playfully to her queen sized, extremely inviting, down feather bed. The sensual kissing continued as he ran his fingers all over her soft, silky skin. He then whispered something she’d always wanted to hear,

“Imagine being tied up…”

Her eyes widened with surprise, which soon turned into a very almanbahis adres naughty, sexy look of agreement.

“Only if you blind fold me,” she said.

His eyes then widened as well, and he mumbled a sexy,


He kissed her once more before he got up off the bed to get three scarves from her closet. She was aching with anticipation as he slowly walked back, staring at her with a deeper desire than ever before.

He slowly glided over her body and lifted up her shirt over her head, revealing her black, lacy bra, forming a very sexy, perky bosom. He kissed her cleavage as he slowly reached around the back and unclasped the bra, releasing her firm, round breasts with beautifully tan nipples. He suckled them delicately with his tongue, and then softly blew his soft, cool breath over them, making them very stiff. He then removed her jeans and left her sexy sheer panties on to admire the way they lay just below her hips, hugging the beautiful curve of her ass and flirtatiously revealing her shaven pussy.

After a few moments of admiring the red-headed goddess before him, he took in a deep breath and said,

“Are you ready?”

She nodded enthusiastically.

He then took her hands in his and raised them up toward the bedpost, gently nibbling on her ear and grazing his tongue over her neck. He then made sure to admire her intense reaction, and it was no disappointment to him – she looked like a wind torn blossom begging to be fertilized.

He slowly raised her right arm and tied it to the bedpost. Then he slowly kissed around the sash on her wrist, all the way down to her shoulder, and did the same for her left arm. He then playfully moved the remaining third scarf around her face, tickling her nose and her lips, and her neck, down between her breasts and to her belly button, creating goose bumps all over her body.

He delicately put the scarf around her head, banding her eyes from seeing his sexy, shirtless body anymore. He then began to slowly devour her nipples once again, gently tugging on them with his teeth and rubbing his hand over her inner thighs, teasing the wetness of her pussy. She was moaning under her breath and wanted so bad to have her hands free so she could move his mouth down to her honey pot. But little did she know he was quickly working his way down there.

His lips and tongue were gliding down to the deep crevice of her belly button and tickling around it. Slowly she felt the coolness of the air as her panties slid slowly off, then heard them hit the floor. The anticipation of him tasting those swollen, wet lips was killing her. He had never gone down on her before. She had been waiting for this moment ever since he almanbahis adres had first kissed her and she felt that sexy, energetic tongue explore the softness of her mouth. She wanted so bad for him to deeply explore her inmost part and glide that tongue over her clit and push it deep into her wet pussy. And he very much desired the same.

He began to flicker his tongue over her clit, sucking on it delicately and putting just enough pressure on it to get a good taste of her sweet juices flowing down on his tongue. He loved the taste so much, it tasted even better than he imagined, which quickly persuaded him to plunge his tongue deep inside her, tasting every inch of that finely shaven throne of desire.

She yelled out a cry of pleasure and begged him to make love to her. He didn’t succumb to that desire just yet; he wanted to enjoy her taste for a bit longer. He began to teasingly massage her clit again with his skillful tongue. He watched her squirm with an aching pleasure driving her mad.

He knew he was getting to her and this made his dick start to get very, very firm. She was continuing to move her ass and arch her back, begging for him to make passionate love to her. She grabbed her breasts and started to pinch her nipples, he noticed that she was doing his job and he reached up to take over and fondled her breasts very passionately. Now her legs were around his shoulders and she was moving her pussy closer and harder against his tongue, trying her best to fuck his face. He could tell she was more than ready, and his very stiff cock was beginning to ache as it was firmly pressing through boxer briefs.

He slowly pulled back wiping her juices off his face, and eyed her beautiful body one more time before he completely took it for him self. He removed his jeans and his boxer briefs, and then slowly snuck up to her arms and released both arms from the bedpost. He wanted her to feel his rock hard cock that was pulsating with desire to be deep inside that tight, sweet pussy that he could still taste on his tongue. He moved her hands over to embrace his full erection and throbbing balls. She giggled a bit with amazement at how big and stiff he felt.

“Fuck me,” she said.

He then got back on the bed, and moved her legs apart so he could slide in between them. Moving his hard shaft delicately over those swollen pussy lips, she was still blindfolded and more aroused than ever, loving the fact that she was solely relying on her sense of feel. He slowly filled her all the way, and she gasped for air.

“Oh yes!!” she yelled.

He fit so perfectly into her pussy, every inch of that cock buried deep into her hot wetness. He slowly moved in and out, enjoying the almanbahis adresi firm, tight lips embracing his thick, full cock. He then removed her blindfold and looked deep into her eyes as he started to fuck her even harder and faster.

Her breasts were bouncing, his balls were slapping her ass, and the bedpost sounded like it was going to put a hole in the wall. Tightly wrapping her legs around his back, she begged for more, and for him to not stop. The ecstasy and bliss of this sexual union was far more intense and passionate than both of them could have ever imagined.

The way they yearned for each other and gazed into each other’s eyes would have made a porn star director jealous. He then rolled her over so she was on all fours and he sat on his knees ready to insert his still very hard shaft deep into her drenching wet pussy lips from the back. She raised her ass up as high as she could, arching her back and moving back into him very closely.

He spread her cheeks apart, admiring her beautiful ass in all its perfection. Her beautiful curves had him so turned on and he loved this view almost as much as he loved the view of her bouncing tits. She gasped again with anticipation; the absence of his dick left her pussy swollen and lonely, begging for him to be buried deep inside her once again.

He smacked her ass and tugged on her hair, giving her the warning that he was about to be inside her once again. He then glided his dick deep into those juicy lips once again, this time the angle made it even more tight and pleasureful causing him to cry out a very loud moan,

“God, baby, you feel so good!”

They both were in unison with loud moans of pleasure echoing throughout that delicately candle-lit bedroom. He was bouncing his dick in and out of her so fast and so hard, his balls clapped against her clit. He watched her ass bounce off his dick, his heart was racing and he felt like his dick was never going to go soft. The beauty of her lower back; the curves of her hips; her soft, sweet apple bottom; the unbelievable tightness of her soaking wet pussy – he was in between heaven and earth and she was his devilish angel.

She began to yelp in bewilderment at the increasing size of his dick as it entered in and out of her from the back. She felt a deep orgasm being born within her pelvis area. Her pussy lips started to constrict, slowly then fast. Her cum moving down through her body felt like a fluttering butterfly finally coming out of its cocoon. She screamed with great pleasure as the orgasm then quickly quaked throughout her, causing her to shake and quiver from the intense pleasure.

The pressure of her getting off excited him all the more. He felt his long awaited load start to move closer and closer, then releasing deep into her hot, wet, honey pot.

She turned back to give him a sweet kiss, feeling the sweat on his face trickle down onto her. She smiled softly as he looked deep into her eyes and said,

“Wanna do that again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32