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Big Tits

My name is Villa Jane Smith. Friends simply call me V.J. I am the Heroine of this tale, and is this my first interracial strap-on story. If you ask me, there aren’t enough interracial strap-on stories out there. Please bear with me. I am a six-foot-one, somewhat chubby Irishwoman with short blonde hair and pale green eyes. Oh, and I’ve got big tits and a fat ass too. I have a penchant for black men, which is what this story is about. I love black men. Especially those among them who have a totally hidden submissive streak. I like to fuck them in the ass with my big strap-on dildo.

I picked up this tall, somewhat chubby black guy named Neil Brown at a library, believe it or not. He was okay-looking and for my purposes, he would do. We talked for some time. He was married but still looking. He spent twenty minutes going on and on about his wife, some black chick named Malinda, who was sexless and a complete bore. He only stayed with her for the sake of their brats. Neil was a library director with a penchant for kinky porn. Like a lot of black men, he had a hidden penchant for strap-on dildos and female domination videos but he kept it to himself. That’s more than okay by me. I promised to satisfy his hidden cravings. He was thrilled. We went back to my house for some kinky sex.

We got home and I sat Neil on my bed. I sucked on his eight inch uncircumcised cock and licked his balls. I don’t mind if a guy is uncut, as long as he’s neat. Neil had a good size dick. I sucked him eagerly. He gently stroked my cute blonde bahis firmaları head as I sucked his dick. When he came, I drank his manly seed. Then, we tried something more fun. Anal sex. We both got lubed and ready. Afterwards, I got on all fours and spread my ass for him. Neil came up behind me. He gripped my hips and began pumping his cock into my asshole. I love getting fucked in the ass and Neil fucked me right. The black stud thrust his cock into my ass and fucked me good. I screamed and fingered my extremely wet and moist pussy as he drilled me.

We changed positions. Neil lay flat on the bed and I rode him. I impaled my ass on his thick cock and began riding him for all he was worth. Anal sex hurts but in a good way. I’ve always loved backdoor loving. Both giving and receiving. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s totally all good. Whether we’re talking about a guy shoving his dick up my ass or I’m shoving a dildo up his ass, it’s all good. Anal sex is natural and fun. Good clean fun. I don’t know why so many men and women are uptight about it. If you ask me, people need to loosen up. As Neil filled my ass, I screamed in pleasure. I love the feel of a cock in my ass. Neil held my hips as he pumped his dick into me. Hard and fast, he filled my ass. Until he came, squirting his hot manly cum deep inside of me.

Afterwards, we tried something else. I put Neil on all fours and spread his sexy black male ass wide open. I fetched my strap-on dildo. When Neil saw the size of it, he was stunned. I smiled wickedly and told him he kaçak iddaa was going to take it all. He said he would try. And so he did. I shoved the dildo into his ass and he began to scream. I love it when a guy screams with my dildo in his ass. Neil was something else. I made him completely surrender to me. I slammed my dildo up his asshole like pegging was going out of style. He screamed as I fucked him. It was music to my ears.

Neil was a fine exemplar of the kind of black studs I was fond of. There are a lot of black men out there with a strap-on fetish. And most of them want a white woman to be the one pegging them. Lots of white girlfriends and wives of black men get that request. Yet these same black men would never ask a black woman to shove a strap-on dildo up their asses. Maybe it’s because they think black females are judgmental. I don’t judge a man by his fetishes. I don’t judge anyone. And you had better believe that as I plowed Neil’s tight black male ass with my long and thick strap-on dildo, I was well aware that I needed him as much as he needed me. Every Dom needs a Sub. Every guy with a strap-on fetish needs a willing woman who wants to indulge his fantasy.

This was so much fun. I could almost feel Neil Brown’s formerly tight asshole stretching to accommodate the bulk of my long and thick strap-on dildo. I flipped him on his back, so I could look into his eyes while I fucked him in the ass. Neil had a look of pain mixed with pleasure on his dark, handsome face. I smiled and gently stroked his eight-inch kaçak bahis black cock. I don’t know why I love fucking black men with my dildos so much. I am not into any other men. Nothing wrong with them, but they just don’t do it for me. Don’t mean to offend anyone. The only kind of man I like to fuck with my huge, ass-stretching dildos and other implements are black men. They’re my preference.

As I rammed my dildo deep inside Neil Brown’s tight ass, he squealed in both pain and pleasure. What a wonderful sound! I gently pinched his nipples, then leaned down to kiss him on the lips. I don’t know why but I like to kiss men on the lips while I fuck them in the ass. Hey, just call me a hopeless romantic. I was quite surprised when Neil came, without anyone touching his dick. He sighed in pleasure. Without removing the dildo from his asshole, I leaned down and sucked his dick. I swallowed every last drop of his cum. Afterwards, I pressed a special button on my strap-on dildo. Guess what? My dildo unleashed hot artificial cum deep inside Neil Brown’s sexy black male ass. He screamed in shocked pleasure. I giggled. Yippee!

Afterwards, Neil Brown and I parted ways. We both got what we wanted, which was a good fuck in the ass. He gave me his cell phone number and electronic mailing address. I promised to stay in touch with him. I have an entire harem of sexy black men who hook up with me for my unique brand of sexing. Neil Brown is number eleven on my list. And the list is growing. So, this message goes out to all the sexy black men out there. Do you secretly want a sexy blonde-haired white woman to stretch your ass with her dildo? It’s okay if you do. Get out there and find that special chick. And don’t forget to buy some flowers…and lube!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32