Bobby , Jilly Ch. 2

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Bobby woke up to find the pretty blonde kneeling over his legs at the end of the bed, with the end of her tongue in the piss-slit of his huge, hard cockhead.

She was fucking his cock with the end of her pointy tongue. Bobby had never known a girl with a pointy enough tongue to do this. The sensation was exquisite, and he couldn’t hold back a groan. The girl looked up, meeting his eyes.

`God, Candy, don’t stop,’ Bobby grunted.

Pretty Candy smiled and turned her attention back to his huge, stiff tool, hungrily forcing the end of her tongue into Bobby’s drooling piss-slit and then fucking it in and out, licking up the pre-cum and driving Bobby wild with the sensation of her tongue against the raw inside of his piss-slit, crammed with nerves.

He knew she wasn’t going to stop until her lips and face were drenched in his semen.

They were on the bed in the rear of the cab, parked off the road. The day before, when Bobby had picked up the pretty young girl at a roadside diner, she had gratefully sucked his cock over and over again as he drove, alternately drinking his cum and splattering his thick semen across her teenage face. And later, when there was no more spunk in him, she would just rub his throbbing, drily ejaculating penis across her face as he came, sniffing the musk of his hot, aching tool. Candy couldn’t get enough of his massive ten-inch dick and the juice in his balls. He had warned her that five times in a row was as many times as even his greedy girlfriend Jilly had made him come with her tireless mouth, but this only excited Candy into trying for the record. After his seventh orgasm in her face, he had made her stop, his sore cock tingling with exhaustion, and his spirit numb.

Then, before they slept, rested but still tool-sore, he had sunk his face between Candy’s sweet teenaged legs and licked her for an hour as she screamed and raved in one orgasm after another.

The early morning light, streaming through the flimsy orange almanbahis adres curtain, now lit Candy’s pretty face as she worked to tongue-fuck a load out of his massive boner. He could feel it was going to be a big one. His balls had been working all night to replace all the cum he had poured onto the girl’s face the day before. And God, did this angel-faced teenager love to have a penis ejaculating in her face! Trying to drive safely, as he came on her beautiful lips, he had had to watch the road ahead. He’d missed the treat of seeing his thick semen explode across her features. But he could hear her moan with bliss as his juice erupted in her face and she dragged the throbbing, bursting cockhead all over her cheeks, lips, forehead, chin and nose. Each time, when he was done, Candy turned her head and gazed up at him with a dazed, loose-lipped look of ecstasy on her face. Her perfect skin was completely masked with gleaming, sticky semen. Here and there a glob of spunk clung to nose, lips and cheeks, with a nugget smeared over her upper lip and slowly dripping down into her rose- petal mouth.

Unlike Bobby’s girlfriend Jilly with her up-tilted nose, Candy’s nose was tiny, unformed, a miniature button nose with equally tiny nostrils. Twice, after he’d blasted her childish face with his erupting tool, he’d noticed the care she took to smear her little nose with the thickest wads of semen. When Candy looked up at him, her nostrils were clotted with spunk, and she closed her eyes as she inhaled the scent of his cum.

Now, as their eyes locked above his massive, straining penis, they both knew that at last he was going to get to see every burst of his semen onto her pretty face.

Slowly, agonizingly slowly, Candy withdrew her pointy little tongue from Bobby’s enormous, open piss-slit. She began to work the shaft up and down with her hands, kissing the tool over and over, adoring the cockhead with her lips. She pouted them over the piss-slit, eyeing Bobby hungrily.

`You almanbahis adresi can watch, this time,’ Candy whispered. `I know how much you want to.’

Bobby’s breath was trapped high in his chest and he couldn’t speak as he watched Candy carefully masturbate his tool onto her gorgeous, half-open lips.

`You’ve got the most beautiful cockhead I’ve ever seen,’ she murmured against his penis. `It’s so huge, so shiny. So beautifully shaped. I didn’t think it could ever get any bigger until I saw you cum, the first time, and it swelled up against my mouth until it touched my nose, and then just…’

Bobby grunted, unable to hold back.

`Just…blew…like a fire-hose bursting,’ she mumbled, biting her lower lip at the memory. `All that thick, sweet juice…’

`Jesus, Candy…’ Bobby gasped. `Take it! Take it!’

`Oh yes,’ Candy smiled, `I’m going to take it. I’m going to take it all, right on my face. Your whole wad. Watch now. It’s about to cum, isn’t it.’

`Yes,’ Bobby groaned, writhing under her as his penis swelled to bursting, but trying to keep still enough to watch.

`Cum all over me, Bobby,’ Candy crooned, knowing it drove him wild. `Cum all over my face. Squirt it on my lips. Squirt it all over my face. Are you ready?’

Her masturbating hand had slowed to a standstill, and now she left the madly jerking, swollen tool to beat against her lips and nose for an instant.

Together they watched his throbbing tool, on the verge of erupting.

`Now…’ she whispered, and wrapped her tiny fist around the shaft.

`Yes!..’ Bobby groaned, and knew that the orgasm to come might be the biggest of his life.

`I can’t wait,’ she crooned, `I want it so bad, every bit of your cream, all those thick wads…’

`Count them,’ he gasped.

`Yes,’ she whispered hoarsely.

`Count the spurts. Count them aloud.’

`Yessss!’ she moaned. Candy began to whip her little masturbating hand up almanbahis adres and down the huge ten-inch tool in front of her tiny nose and luscious mouth.

Her eyes went from the spasming tool to Bobby’s eyes and back again as one huge dry-jerk shuddered through his cock, the head deflated slightly and then swelled up bigger than Bobby could ever remember it, bigger than Candy had ever imagined a man’s cockhead could ever get.

Eyes still on Bobby, the pretty girl pressed a passionate open-mouthed kiss to the side of the orange-sized cockhead just as the first geyser of semen launched into the air.

`One,’ Candy whispered in awe, as the rope of semen reached almost to the roof of the cab before splattering down across the her face, draping forehead, eyebrows, eyelids and nose. `Oh God,’ she gasped, staring hungrily at Bobby’s cock as the semen began to drip down her pretty face.

`Two,’ she muttered, hoarse with lust, as an even thicker gout of spunk rocketed straight onto her face, leaving her hairline white with cream and her forehead blotchy with gobbets of spunk.

For Bobby time had stopped as he watched the hottest sight of his life, his engorged tool spurting the load of a lifetime onto the pretty features of a young girl crazy for his spunk.

The orgasm seemed, to both of them, to last forever as the third rope of semen veered across Candy’s right eye and the fourth covered her tiny nose so completely that it looked like a huge nugget of semen among the many gobs covering her lovely face.

At last the jerking, recoiling penis took aim at Candy’s gorgeous lips. `Five,’ Candy gasped gamely as a thick shot of spunk covered her mouth and ricocheted across her spunk-stained cheeks. As she opened her lips to taste the slimy, steaming ejaculate straight from his cock, she gargled, `Six,’ and then `Seven,’ until her mouth filled to the brim, silencing her. The dribbles of an eighth and a ninth shots of spunk went unrecorded as Candy shuddered through an orgasm of her own, swallowing her tangy mouthful of Bobby’s semen and cramming spunk from all over her face around her features, into her mouth and nose, as she rubbed her pussy crazily against Bobby’s knee and screamed out her ecstasy.

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