Boomerang Thing Ch. 02

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I looked at him, surprised by what I heard. I didn’t even know he was into group sex or interested in it. I had thought about group sex before but didn’t actually participate in it. It would be kind of exciting though, to take on two men at once.

I nodded at Paul and smiled, “Yes, I’ll do it.”

A few days later, I was to meet Paul and Larry for lunch at Larry’s place. I was a little bit anxious about it. I had told Paul I would have the threesome, and I wanted to do it, but there were worries. What if I couldn’t please both of them? What if Larry’s cock was huge? Paul’s cock was average sized, and I liked it the way it was, but what about Larry? What if he was like eleven inches? Could I take all that? I told myself to shut-up and knocked on the door. A moment later Larry opened the door.

“Hi Larry,” I said to him.

“Hi Ellie,” he said with a bright smile. “Come on in.”

“Thanks,” I looked around. It certainly didn’t look like an orgy house. But then again, did an orgy house have a certain look to it? “Where’s Paul?” I asked.

There was a knock on the door, answering my question. Paul and Larry greeted one another and then Paul came over to me, “Hello baby.”

“Hello, sweetie,” I said to him.

“Paul, Ellie, why don’t you two go out onto the porch? I have the table out there all set up and lunch will be ready in just a minute,” Larry said.

I nodded, “Sure thing.”

Paul and I headed out to the porch and sat at the table, side by side. I fidgeted some, as I was very nervous. Paul saw this and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“It’s okay baby, you’re going to do just fine. I know it. And there’s always time to back out if you want to.”

“I know, but Paul, I’ve never had two men at the same time before. What if I can’t please you both?”

He kissed me gently, “I know you’ll do great sweetheart.”

A few minutes later Larry came out onto the porch with a tray of steaks, corn on the cob and drinks. We settled into lunch and started to eat and talk.

“So Ellie,” Larry said. “Have you ever done anything with two men before?”

“No, I haven’t. Especially not with two men as cute Ankara escort as you guys are,” I said flirtatiously.

You’re right Paul, she is a little tease,” Larry said.

“Isn’t she though? But I think she likes that, don’t you baby?” I nodded. Paul continued, “And look at her, she looks like a sweet little cocksucker.”

I was dressed in very short white shorts and a pink top. “I look forward to taking on you boys,” I said with a smile.

They chuckled. Then Paul said to me, “Princess, Larry looks a little bit lonely. Why don’t you try and cheer him up?”

I got up and walked over to Larry’s side of the table. He was sexy with his thick black hair and mustache. I leaned over and skipped the close-lipped kisses, and went straight for a thick French kiss. My eyes were closed as we kissed, so I didn’t know if the hand on my ass was Larry’s or Paul’s, but I loved it.

“Let’s go inside,” Larry suggested.

The three of us went inside and into this living room. Larry plopped on the couch. I looked at Paul questioningly. I wasn’t sure what to do next.

“Make Larry feel very good, just like you do with me,” he said.

I went over to the couch and sat on Larry’s lap, straddling him. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and passionately kissed him. He kissed me back and ran his hand up and down my back, then squeezing my bottom. I got very horny, very quickly and cut off our kiss. I peeled my top up over my head and continued to kiss him.

Paul sat down next to us and I saw him take his dick out of his pants and start stroking it. I was just in my bra and shorts, and Larry’s hands came up to my tits and started playing with them. Instinctively, I reached over and jacked off Paul while I was kissing Larry.

Paul groaned, “Oh that’s it princess, what a sweet girl.”

“Hold on baby, let me take off my pants,” Larry said. He quickly stood up, took off his pants and sat back down. I kneeled on the carpet, two hard cocks in front of me. I wrapped my lips around Larry’s cock and wrapped my hand around Paul’s.

With Larry’s dick in my mouth he started to groan and stroke me hair, “Come on Ellie, come on baby, Ankara escort bayan suck it baby. Oh fuck, yes.”

“Sweetheart,” Paul said. “Daddy’s dick is getting lonely over here.”

I scooted over between Paul’s legs and wrapped my lips around his cock, starting to suck on him. “It’s so hard, Daddy,” I moaned.

Larry was jacking off as he watched me suck off Paul. Larry then stood up near me, and continued to jack off.

“Ohh, suck daddy, sweetheart,” Paul moaned.

“You’re right,” Larry said. “She does have a sweet little pussy to fuck. And a great ass to fuck too.”

“Come on sugar, suck me off. A little harder.” I sucked on him harder, “Mmm, that’s it, that’s my sweet girl.” Larry was jacking off furiously now and announced he was about to cum. “Sweetheart,” Paul said to me. “I think Larry wants to cum on your face, go over and help him out.”

Still on my knees, I scooted over to Larry as he jacked off right in my face. I opened my mouth wide and shut my eyes. I heard a loud grunt and soon felt a nice warm load of cum all over my face. After a minute, I opened my eyes. Larry was resting back on the couch and before I could say anything, Paul came over to me, stroking his hard dick. “Open up, sugar.” I opened my mouth. Paul slid his cock between my lips and held the sides of my head with his hands. He started to fuck my mouth.

I played with my little pink pussy, as I was so turned on that Paul was so demanding over me. My pussy was so wet.

Not long after, I came and moaned around Paul’s dick. He moaned that he was going to cum and spurted his cum inside of my mouth. He slid his softening cock out of my mouth and relaxed on the recliner. I looked over at Larry. He was plum wore out, and Paul looked as if he was going to nap too.

I went into the bathroom and rinsed the sticky cum off of my face. I dried my face and went out to the living room, cuddling on the couch and eventually falling asleep myself.

About an hour later, I heard some murmuring in the kitchen. I looked over and Paul and Larry were gone. I immediately was horny once I remembered what had happened and I crawled onto the floor, spread Escort Ankara my legs and started rubbing my pussy.

Paul came in a minute later and saw me. “Oh my…Larry get in here!” he yelled.

Larry came in and saw me playing with myself and moaned at the sight. Larry laid on the floor next to me and Paul helped me up off the floor and put me in a straddling position over Larry’s dick. I quickly lowered my pussy onto his cock, which was standing up. They chuckled. I began to ride him when Paul walked in front of me and rubbed his cock in front of my face.

“Oh fuck, ride me Ellie,” moaned Larry.

I rode Larry harder as he grunted and moaned. I opened my mouth up and took Paul’s dick in my mouth.

“Yess, that’s it baby, take Daddy’s cock,” Paul moaned. “Look at that pretty mouth.”

“She’s liking this,” Larry groaned.

“She is loving it. Aren’t you baby?” Paul asked me.

I nodded while I sucked him off. Larry was meeting my thrusts and I heard him groan that he was going to cum. Soon after I felt him shoot his sperm into my pussy. My little cunt started to beat and quiver and orgasm. I lifted myself off of Larry and straddled his stomach.

“Whew,” Larry breathed.

“Oh god, yes, suck it precious,” Paul moaned.

I sucked him harder and, with a grunt, he shot his sperm into my mouth. I guzzled it hungrily and eagerly as best as I could, but some ran from the corners of my lips. He pulled his softening cock from my mouth. Being a lover for two men at once was a difficult job and I tiredly lifted myself off of Larry and laid on the couch, falling asleep quickly.

A while later, Paul gently woke me up.

“What?” I said crankily.

“Sweetheart,” Paul said. “Get showered and dressed, the three of us are going out to dinner.”

I smiled, “Good, I’m famished!”

I took a shower, washing all the cum off and out of me and shampooing my hair which I found had some cum in it. I emerged from the bathroom feeling fresh and clean.

“All ready to go?” Larry asked.

“All ready,” I said with a grin.

“Good, let’s go baby,” Paul said as he got up off the couch.

The three of us went out into the cool evening air. I stood between the two men, linking my left arm in Larry’s and my right arm in Paul’s as we walked out to the car. These were my boys. Just me and my two boys, and I planned to keep it that way.

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