Bound in the Car

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My head was pounding rhythmically against a car window on the side of the road in a state that was almost foreign to me. A set of fiery, intense blue eyes I’d only laid sight on in person not even an hour ago were staring at me while I screamed. I could hear cars passing us by, all anyone had to do was take a closer look to see what was going on and impose on this moment. I didn’t care, all I cared about was right now; and I fucking loved it.

But I suppose I should start at the beginning.

It was something I said I would never do; hook up with someone I’d met online for sex. I mean sure, we said it was because we got along so well and had weird, quirky things in common and enjoyed each other’s words and company. That was a lie even to ourselves. It was for sex.

To make matters worse, I couldn’t just have found someone a few miles from me or even within a few hours drive for this clandestine affair. No, I was flying across 1700 miles, just shy of five hours for this. Was I hard up for sexual partners? Hardly. With long blonde hair, blue eyes and full, voluptuous curves one boyfriend delightfully called ‘stacked like a plate of hot, fresh pancakes’ all packed neatly onto a petite frame – I never went long without at least a friends with benefits.

After I boarded the flight, panic set in and I noticed my knees were shaking uncontrollably. What if this was a mistake? Or what if he wasn’t who he said he was – or worse, took one look at me and decided he didn’t like what he saw in person? At least I’d get a mini vacation and a shot glass with a peach on it out of the deal, right?

I’d dressed for the occasion; putting all my best assets on display, so to speak. The short, spaghetti strap sundress I wore was a thin, white filmy cotton. Thin enough that in the sunlight you could see straight through it, making out all the curves underneath; a white lacey shelf bra and a pretty matching white lace g-string. I thought it set off my fair features and lightly tanned skin quite nicely, and discreetly showed off my curves. Now I was questioning even that.

That was until I pulled up a few of our old messages and emails on my phone. It wasn’t long before my cheeks felt warm and flushed with excitement and I could feel my nipples hardening and straining against the dress I wore.

Throughout the flight I kept dozing off, taking little naps to pass the time. I had vivid, detailed dreams; all of them were about fucking him, or watching his head between my thighs -taking him into my mouth and making him come for me. My clit was swollen and ached after those dreams, even trying to cross my legs while I sat was an unbearable act. All I could think about was riding his deliciously thick cock I’d seen in all those pictures and chats until I could barely walk, and then doing it again.

I got myself so turned on just thinking about it, that an hour before we landed I had to stuff my panties into my purse because they had gotten so wet. It took all my self control to not finger myself right there in the bathroom and get off- but I wanted to save it all for him. All the pent up excitement and sexual frustration was his anyway, he should get to reap the benefits of it.

When I got off the plane, the sexual excitement turned itself back into nerves and I followed the mass of people in front of me through the walkway, out into the area where people were greeting their loved ones. A woman in front of me threw herself into a man’s arms; the kind of hug that suggested a long and loving relationship. Beside them an older man hugged two small children while a younger woman smiled at them fondly. All I was doing was looking around for the one face in this crowd I’d only ever seen on my computer screen.

But there he was; and he was grinning right at me. Butterflies filled my stomach and I willed my legs to walk in his direction confidently and not trip on something like a complete spaz and fuck the whole thing up in a matter of seconds.

He was definitely trying to play it cool, leaning up against a wall like he’d just been randomly hanging out in the airport for the afternoon with one leg propped casually up against it for support. His hands ran through his thick, blonde hair while he kept his grin intact and that’s all it took. I wanted to throw my dress off right there in the concourse and tell him to claim me as his. But I didn’t. I just grinned back and that’s what we did for just a few seconds too long.

It was awkward and hot…like neither of us could believe it was real, or that this was really happening. If anyone was watching us, I have no idea what they thought about the two grinning idiots in the middle of an airport not saying a word.

“You’re prettier than your pictures,” he finally said with a chuckle, his eyes softened just a bit but I could hear the edge in his voice that told me he was just as nervous as me.

“Yeah? Thanks,” I looked up at him, a warm blush filling my cheeks as I wondered when I’d get to feel his lips on my skin finally. “You’re taller than I thought you’d be.”

He almanbahis adres laughed and broke his eye contact, “do you have any bags?”

I lifted the giant bag I’d lugged off the plane with me and shook my head no and I wondered what the hell was wrong with me. I’m normally really talkative and outgoing, aggressive almost. I never clam up around guys, I just couldn’t think of anything normal to say to him. “I like your accent,” I blurted out without thinking and almost immediately I could feel the rise of a hot blush turning my face red.

“Do you wanna go to get a drink then?” he laughed at me.

Drink? I thought for sure we’d be going straight to his place; maybe he didn’t like what he saw after all? Or maybe he just needed to calm down like I definitely needed to.

We got in his car and he started what I hope would be a short drive, because a drink would surely help quell my nerves and not make me sit there next to him silent and awkward. . “Did you have a good flight and all?” he looked over at me while he drove. And then it hit me. All the thoughts I’d had, how turned on I’d been for days, weeks in anticipation of this trip. How I normally act and react to sexually charged situations washed over me and I reached into my purse, grinning wildly and fished out the tiny white panties and tossed them into his lap. “The fuck is that?” he laughed, picking them out of his lap to inspect what I’d tossed at him.

“I had to take them off halfway through the flight,” I smirked, wondering how he’d reply. “They got too wet.”

He looked at me incredulously, his mouth open slightly, “seriously?”

I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned to face him, spreading my legs and I lifted my dress just enough for a small peek at my smooth, shaved pussy. “See for yourself,” I teased.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned and shook his head, pulling the car into a small alcove off the side of the road.

I pressed my back against the passenger door, smiling wickedly at him, “come here.”

He unbuckled his seat belt faster than humanly possible and dove across the seat towards me. Our lips crashed against each other’s almost violently; his were soft and moist and I pushed my tongue into his mouth and slid it against his. There was no first kiss timidity and sweetness. There was no testing the waters and pretense; it was hungry and urgent, our tongues practically battling against each others for dominance.

My breath started to come out in stuttered, rapid pants and I grabbed at his biceps roughly, pulling him closer to me. “Oh my God, I’ve been waiting for this,” I breathed into his mouth.

He drove his hands into my hair, fisting some of it tightly away from the scalp and he sucked my lower lip between his teeth. “Me too baby,” he growled. “But you know I can’t make it that easy for you. Tell me why I should give you want you want right now instead of making you wait.”

“C’mon,” I begged and slid my hand between us, letting it cup the growing bulge in his baggy, khaki shorts. “We can do all that later, I want it now.”

It struck me right then and there that his initial hesitation hard worn off as well, and this was about to get serious, fast. It’s not like I hadn’t been expecting this – waiting for this, if you will. I knew this would be coming; his need to dominate and my need to bend to his will, either by force or by decision. God knows we’d shared enough about ourselves sexually, our turn-on’s and fantasies and kinks. But for whatever reason I thought the first time would be a quick and dirty affair, getting all the pent up teasing we’d done over the course of a few months out of the way.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

His lip curled into a snarl and his eyes narrowed into dangerous slits that sent a vibration of pure fear through me, “we aren’t doing a fucking thing I say we aren’t. Get your hand off my dick and tell me why I should fuck you right now instead of taking you back to the hotel room I got for you and tying you up and having my way with you.”

My words caught in my throat. I knew he was asking me a question, though it came out more as a statement. No, a demand. I searched my mind and found myself stammering and stumbling on my words, “be-because, um – because I’ve been waiting for so long and I know you want it too…and”

“Do I?” he chuckled under his breath. “I’ve been waiting too, but you don’t see me throwing my boxers in your lap do you?” A deep red heat flushed across my cheeks and I bit my lip and shook my head no in response, feeling childish suddenly for my impatience. “Now,” he sat back, letting go of my hair roughly and cocked an eyebrow at me, “knowing you, I probably should have been prepared.” He laughed again with a menacing edge and began to unbuckle his belt, causing me to suck in my breath quietly. “Don’t get too excited kitten, give me your wrists.”

With an obedience I wasn’t accustomed to, I stuck both arms out in front of myself. A less impulsive person probably would have asked more questions or said ‘lets go get that almanbahis adresi drink.’ But here I was, with a man I’d just met in person, 1700 miles from home, on the side of the road and in his car offering up my wrists to be bound; leaving me utterly helpless. I gulped loudly and watched him in silence while his stoic face studied his handiwork. Like some kind of bondage Boy Scout he’d fashioned a figure eight with his belt, my wrists now tightly encased in black leather and hanging above my head on the seat belt hook.

His fingertips toyed playfully with my knee before slowly and tortuously dragging up my inner thigh. My eyes darted everywhere, unable to find a friendly place to land. Everything about his face was hard. His eyes looked like cold steel, his lips a thin, hard line and his jaw set tense and unmoving – yet his fingers ever so gently flirted with the edge of my dress and breezed at the very tops of my inner thighs. I tried my best to not moan, to not shove my hips forward in a fruitless attempt to get more of his attention; instead I bit my lip painfully hard and curled my toes against the inside of my foot.

None of it went un-noticed by him, and a small smirk tilted the corners of his lips, “so where were we?” he mused under his breath. “I believe you needed to convince me why I should fuck you right now.”

“Hey,” I shook my head. “C’mon baby…I…flew all this way and…”

“C’mon baby?” he laughed. “That’s all you’ve got for me? That’s the best you’ve got?” He pulled himself back and ran his hands through his hair again and watched me. “To be honest, I expected a little more from you.”

“Like what?” I shook my head and tugged lightly at the makeshift arm ties, testing their strength. “Undo the belt, I don’t wanna do this on the side of a road.”

He pursed his lips together and nodded thoughtfully before reaching into his pockets and pulling out a pack of cigarettes. “What if I told you that I had a hot little, couldnta’ been more than twenty or so,” he shrugged and looked to the side as if recollecting a memory, ” yeah, twenty year old girl, sitting in that exact same spot as you’re in right now. Just last week?”

I stared at him in disbelief, anger and bile flaring up in my throat, “I’d say the fuck you did.”

The red flame of his lighter lit his face in an eerie, ominous glow for a moment while he took a long drag from it, blowing smoke out of the corner of his mouth. “Really?” he smirked again.

“Fine,” I cocked my brow at him. Two could play this game. “Where did you meet her? And when? We were talking to each other almost all day, every day last week.”

“Work,” he stated flatly, taking another draw from his cigarette, nonchalantly blowing the smoke towards my face.

I was practically seething and shaking at his indifference. “Great,” I huffed. “She ask you to squeeze her melons? Help her pick out a nice fat cucumber?”

“Are you jealous?” he laughed.

I shook my head a little too fast, “no.”

“She’s a cashier,” he pushed himself forward onto his knees, the hand holding his cigarette propped against the same window as my head, the other pushing the strap of my dress from my shoulder. “She has nice fat tits, kind of like yours,” his fingertips brushed against my nipple, which to my utter dismay was rock hard and straining against the white cotton. His hand cupped my breast roughly, squeezing it and his smoke scented exhale drifted across my lips. “Smaller nipples though.”

“Get the fuck off me,” I snarled.

His head cocked to the side in question, “I thought you were down with this shit? I mean, aren’t you the one who preached all the open relationship stuff?”

I tugged harder at the belt that held my wrists in place over my head, much to his amusement, propelling me further into fight mode. “This is fucking stupid, un-do my hands, NOW.”

“Wait,” his eyed danced with a dark mischief that sent a shiver down my spine. He took another quick puff and tossed the butt out of the window behind him. “I haven’t told you the best part yet.” I said nothing. I just stared at him sitting in front of me almost – almost mockingly. I could feel my heart racing, I could feel the rage boiling in my veins and the sheer contempt of what he was saying to me pulsing at the very tip of my tongue; waiting to explode. “She had the most unbelievable pussy I’ve ever seen in my life,” his free hand rested against my own throbbing pussy while he went on. “She was so fucking wet for me, she dripped all over the seat. Right where you’re sitting.”

“Fuck you,” I fought the urge to spit in his face.

One long finger ran itself the length of my slit, and I shuddered involuntarily. His face rested against mine, his hot breath at my ear. “She begged me,” he whispered hoarsely, his finger still toying at my wet pussy lips. “She begged me to fuck her after I let her choke on my dick.”

“Get your hands off me,” I snapped angrily and tugged weakly at my restraints. I knew – and he knew I wasn’t pulling hard enough to do anything. almanbahis adres He had me immobilized with just his closeness. His hands. His breath. The heat of his body – I was bound by them. I could have kicked him or spit or even bit…I did none of that. Instead I pulled and twisted and tugged feebly with my hands in a feigned effort to get away. “Let me go.”

“But see, she was a good girl,” he went on, his finger sliding slowly inside me. “Not like you,” his finger pumped in and out of me lazily, setting my core on fire, and once again I fought the urge to move my hips against him in any way that might give me away. I managed to croak out another ‘fuck you’ under my breath. “Do you want to know what I did to her Amy?”

I shook my head adamantly, “no.”

“She laid back in the back seat of my car,” his fingers moved faster inside my pussy, the delicious, intense friction almost bringing me to the edge of an orgasm, and I did my best to control myself. “Spread her legs so far she had them hanging over the backs of the seats. She was so fucking hot,” he slipped a second finger in and the added pressure made me gasp loudly. “I sucked and licked her tight little pussy until she came all over my face and neck. I had to buy a new shirt before I could go home to my wife.”

“Stop please,” I begged seriously and twisted my head to make eye contact with him. “Just fucking stop.”

“You don’t like this story?” he frowned. I shook my head no again. “Then which one of you is lying? Your mouth or your fucking dripping wet cunt?”

“Fuck you,” I pulled my hips back from his hand.

Suddenly the hand that had so casually been resting by my head was in my hair, pulling and twisting it tightly away from my scalp, but before I could protest his eyes flashed again with warning and he pulled me roughly towards him. “Tell me that one more time and I guarantee you won’t like the outcome. Do you understand?” I nodded and clamped my lips tightly shut.

“That’s the spirit,” he praised me sardonically and resumed the leisurely strokes inside me once again. “Now where was I? Right – I was licking her sweet, wet pussy and she loved it. You would have liked her, she was your type for sure. But I have to say – I forgot all about you, it was that good.”

In that split second I was thankful my hands were tied. This is the bullshit I wanted to hear the first time we had sex? Fuck him, I would have slapped him and been out that car door, hitchhiking my way back home without a second thought. I bit my lip harder, feeling the sting of jealousy spike my blood – and I hated that I was getting wetter by the second just picturing him driving her crazy the way I wanted him to drive me crazy. The harder I clamped my eyes shut the more I could actually see her face – her own eyes shut tight and her mouth hanging open in a lusty O crying out for more. His fingers started to pump into me faster and a small moan escaped my throat. I hated and wanted him all at the same time, a potent aphrodisiac that seeped from my pores like an erotic perfume to him.

“You’re hot when you’re mad,” he laughed in my ear, licking the soft lobe seductively. “When I’m ready to let you cum, I’ll tell you about what it was like to slide my cock in her…”

I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help myself at all and I gave in. Letting out a loud, throaty moan, I bit my lip and willed myself to look at him, spreading my legs farther apart to gain him more access to me. “Just tell me,” I begged, thrusting my hips forward, sliding my pussy deeper onto his fingers. Without warning, he pulled them from me roughly and sat back, watching me with a studied look. “What’re you doing?” I choked out.

He kept watching me before his lips curved into a dangerous grin, “are you ready to tell me why I should fuck you?”

He had me. He fucking had me where he wanted me, toying with me. Manipulating me.

“I mean – I can go on if you want? I think I might still have some scratches on my back if you want to see them?”

I chewed my lip for second, the sharp pain clearing my murky thoughts. He wanted me to beg, and not the pretty please with a cherry on top kind either. And any good submissive worth their weight will tell you – please never makes the grade. I inhaled deeply, mustering up the best words I could think of right then, “Because…I need you. I need you in me…”

“And?” he looked at me, unmoved by what I had just said.

“Because I’m desperate to be fucked by you,” as pathetic as I felt saying that, it was the truth. I swallowed again and did my best to show how badly I needed him with my face – my eyes. He had to at least know that look by now. “I – I need to be consumed…used by you…I’m begging you to…to…” I stammered, my face boiling with the heated pink flush of my cheeks. “I need you to own me, please…”

I could have cried with joy when he finally smiled, yanking his shirt overhead and letting his shorts slide down his hips. His cock was hard, and sprang forth, finally being released from it’s fabric prison. I know I probably smiled or maybe even sighed – I actually can’t remember. All I remember is the nearly electric feeling of his cock sliding into me for the first time. We both groaned loudly, we both let expletives pour from our lips and we both let ourselves get lost in that moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32