Brad and Amy Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

Chapter 4: Playing the waiting game.

After their first anal sex session, Amy and Brad were closer than ever and were finding it difficult to stay away from each other. They spent most evenings in each other’s bedroom, only separating at night and during the day when Brad went to work.

The weekend arrived again and Brad woke to find Amy had quietly climbed into his bed and snuggled up behind him with her hand on his cock. Amy had been complaining that her ass was sore and needed time to recover from its ordeal, though she promised Brad that they would be doing it again shortly. The night before, Brad had eaten Amy out to numerous orgasms, before she sat on the floor and begged him to blow his seed over her face and tits again.

“Good morning baby, sleep ok?” Brad asked.

“Yes, but I’d prefer to sleep in here with you.”

Brad sighed his agreement. “Yes, I know. Fancy going for another drive today?”

“Oh yes, Lets go down to the beach again. I loved it down there.”

That afternoon they arrived at the beach, and walked along it to the cafe they found last time. This time though they kept an eye on the weather, but there was no sign of any storm today. An hour before sundown, they walked back to the car and retrieved the beach towels and drinks from the trunk and lay them out on the beach and watched the sun sinking below the horizon. They were sitting arm in arm, and occasionally kissed before continuing to watch the waves and sun.

Eventually the sun had gone and darkness was approaching, they lay back on the towels and watched the stars start to appear in the clear night sky, watching each one come into view.

Amy leaned over onto Brad and kissed him. He hugged her tightly, squashing her breasts into his body.

“I’m looking forward to next weekend,” Amy whispered into his ear, “I know it’s going to hurt, my friends have all said it hurts the first time. You will be gentle with me won’t you?”

“Of course I will, I’ve always looked after you and I’m not going to hurt you now.”

“Thank you. I’ve always fantasised about making out on a beach. Will you play with my pussy please?”

Brad was cautious about with making out with his sister in a public place, but they had not seen anyone around for the past hour, and now it was dark they were unlikely to be disturbed.

Moving down her body he stroked her bare legs moving his hands up under her shorts to her pussy, pushing a couple of fingers under the tight fabric and stroking the side of her pussy, his cock was starting to grow again at the thought of eating her out. Leaning forward he pulled her shorts down and off her bare legs, before leaning over her and poking her pussy with his tented shorts. They shared a passionate kiss for a few minutes, before he slid down her body again, kissing her breasts through her shirt on the way to her pussy.

Over the past week he learned that licking her pussy with long hard strokes really turned Amy on, making her come within minutes and tonight was no exception. Amy let out a stifled moan as he expertly brought her to her first orgasm.

“Oh fuck Brad, you’re so good at that,” Amy moaned.

Brad smiled to himself, glowing at Amys compliment, and continued to attack her pussy with his tongue, bringing a second orgasm from her shortly after. Her juices and Brad’s saliva were streaming from her pussy and coating her asshole before running down onto the towel below them.

“Put a finger in my ass, while you lick my pussy please.” Brad pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy getting them wet and moved one to her ass and toyed with her tight hole. He pressed at her hole and was rewarded with the tight ring giving way, his finger sliding in to the first knuckle.

“Oh fuck,” Amy cried out, feeling her ass opening up again and Brads mouth sucking her clit. “Shit, here I come again,” Amy cried as Brad slowly moved his fingers in and out of her pussy and ass while taking all of her clit into his mouth and lightly chewing on it.

Brad continued his assault as Amy came down from her high. “I want to suck your cock now.” He removed his fingers and Amy slid down the towel underneath him, stopping with her head level with his cock, which she expertly removed from his shorts and pulled deep into her mouth in one stroke. “Fuck that feels good Amy. You certainly know how to suck a cock.”

Amy worked on his cock, using a mixture of her mouth and her hands before taking him deep into her mouth again.

Releasing his cock and moving back up the towel, she lay underneath him and pulled him down onto her and kissed him hard. His cock came into contact with her wet pussy, his cockhead slid though her outer lips and made contact with her clit. “Oh that feels good when you hit my clit. Do it again.”

Brad slid his cock up and down the outside of her pussy while he kissed her. Amy’s hands were on his ass holding him tight against her, grinding herself against him, feeling the mini orgasms and twitching come from her pussy.

“I’m going to come Ankara escort Amy.”

“Put the head inside my pussy, shoot it inside me please. I want to feel you come in me.” Brad lifted up and pushed his cock between her lips sliding it into her hot wet pussy. “Oh shit, that feels too good,” Brad cried out and jerked as he shot his first load into her pussy.

Amy cried out as she felt his cock force her lips open and then jerk inside her, releasing its load. She felt the come run out of her pussy and down her ass.

“Oh shit Brad, you’re coming inside my pussy,” she cried.

“Fuck that feels good Amy. I can’t wait to get all my cock inside you and come inside you properly.”

“Neither can I. It’s going to be a special night for both of us.”

Amy moved her hand down between them and pushed two fingers into her ass, working in some of their combined juices that had flowed down between her legs.

“My ass is wet and ready for you, do you want to try putting it in there again,” she smiled up at him.

“Hmm, I’d love to have a go. Lie on your side and spread those fantastic legs of yours again for me.” Brads cock remained hard at the thought of spearing her asshole again. Running his cock over her pussy he coated it in their juices before lifting her leg high exposing her asshole to the cool evening breeze. Aiming at her backdoor he pushed lightly meeting some resistance.

Amy reached between her legs and aimed his cock at her asshole. The head found her hole and she pushed back slightly signalling to brad it was in the right place. Her fingers went to her pussy and clit causing more of brads come to seep out of her pussy. She spread the juice around her asshole and his cock as he pushed harder at her ass.

After a couple of attempts Brad felt the ring opening and maintained a constant pressure as Amy relaxed and pushed back forcing the head inside her.

“Oh fuck,” Amy moaned feeling her ass stretch open wide, “Shit. Give me a minute to get used to it.”

Brad held still, the head of his cock lodged in her tight asshole again. After a minute or so he tentatively moved his hips forward forcing more of his cock into her ass.

Amy sucked in the air between her teeth, feeling a burning sensation in her ass. It hurt but she was determined to carry on. Brad now had half his cock in her ass and started a slow fucking motion.

“Oh Amy, your ass feels fantastic. I hope your pussy feels just as good when I fuck you next weekend.”

“I hope it feels just as good, if not better than this, as well. I can’t wait to feel you push your cock through my cherry and make me a woman. I won’t care if it hurts, I just want to feel you inside me.”

“Oh you’ll feel me inside you alright, but I hope it doesn’t mean that I won’t be getting any of the wonderful ass again.”

“Oh you’ll always be welcome in my ass, don’t you worry. I love having your cock deep inside me. Now fuck me, I’m going to come again.”

Amy squealed through her next orgasm, clamping down on brads cock, making it difficult for him to move. “My ass is getting sore now Brad, I don’t think we’ve enough lube.”

“Ok Babe,” he said pulling out of her ass, not something he wanted to do, but he didn’t want to cause her any pain.

“Let’s go and wash ourselves off in the sea.” Amy stood and stripped off her shirt revealing her bare breasts. Brad stood and picked Amy up carrying her into the water. “Don’t get my hair wet Brad, I’ll never get…” but before she finished Brad had dropped her into the sea dunking her under the surface. Amy came back up spluttering. “I was going to say I’ll never get it dry.” she laughed, standing up and jumping up onto his body, wrapping her legs and arms around him, soaking his shirt.

“Neither will I now,” he smiled at her.

They played in the water for a while, before walking out back to their towels. Drying themselves off the best they could.

Brad passed the keys to Amy, “you need practice driving in the dark. It should nice and quiet by now so you should be ok.”

Amy drove home, cautious about driving in the dark. It was a new experience for her, but one she passed with no problems. Arriving back home, she parked on the driveway and kissed Brad on the cheek. “Thank you, for today I really enjoyed it.”

Brad smiled at her, “Thank you. I enjoyed myself as well. Your driving is fine, anytime you want to borrow the car you can. Just let me know first and always take your cell phone with you.”

Amy leaned over and hugged her brother, “Thank you, bro.”

They entered the house and Amy went to her room to shower, removing the salt water and sand out of her hair. When she had dried herself off and dressed, she walked into Brads room without knocking, they had scrapped that rule between them now, though each of them secretly hoped the person would be either naked or partly dressed when they walked in.

Brad paused the game when he saw Amy walk in wearing a pair of white over the knee socks and her nightshirt. As soon as she closed Ankara escort bayan the door behind her, she pulled the nightshirt over her head, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, just her socks. Brads cock instantly responded.

In her hand she had her pair of black high heels which she placed on the floor before putting them on and walking over to Brad. “I would have liked to have walked in here wearing just these, but didn’t want mum and dad to see me.”

“Good thinking,” he replied, taking in the sight before him. Though he’d seen her naked only a couple of hours ago and a number of times over the past few weeks, he still couldn’t get enough of her.

“I think you should take those shorts off and lie on the bed,” she smiled.

Brad removed his shorts and lay back on the bed with his now semi hard cock between his legs. Amy walked around the bed in her socks and high heels and then climbed on the bed between his legs “I sorry I left you unsatisfied at the beach, I’m going to make it up to you now. Just lie back and relax.”

Brad lay back watching his sister crawl around his body in her sexy socks and shoes, seeing her like this always got him hot, she didn’t need to touch his cock to get him hard.

“Looks like I can get you hard without even touching you,” Amy said while standing over him. From below her, he had an excellent view of her legs and pussy with her newly trimmed pussy hair. Above these he could see her large tits jutting out from her chest, moving slightly as she breathed. Placing her legs at the side of his head she lowered her pussy down onto his face.

“Lick my pussy for me, then I want to show you something.”

Brad held onto her hips and licked her pussy slit in long hard strokes, her juices were flowing again and were running down onto his face.

Amy stood up again after a shudder, signalling she came pretty quickly as always, then moved down his body kneeling between his legs. Taking his cock in her hand, she stroked him before licking his cock, getting it dripping wet. Opening her mouth wide she moved her mouth over his cock and sank down it, taking him into her mouth.

“Oh yes Amy, suck my cock for me. I need to come so bad, you get me so hot.”

Amy continued to suck his cock slowly getting it as wet as she could.

Standing up above her brother, she straddled his legs and squatted over his cock, rubbing it over the outside of her pussy. “This is where you are going next weekend dear brother. You are going in my pussy and breaking my cherry.”

“Oh I can’t wait to do that Amy.”

“I know, I’m looking forward to it as well, but now I’m going to show you something.”

Amy lowered herself down and felt his cock part her lips and slide into her pussy, she continued down until the head came into contact with her maidenhead. “Feel that brother? That’s my cherry and it’s all yours next weekend. I’ll be so hot for you, that I’ll be begging you to tear through it with your hard cock.”

Brad could feel the obstruction in her pussy and thought about lifting up and pushing through it there and then, but he knew Amy had everything planned out for next weekend. She had been planning this for years and saving herself for the right time. He couldn’t force himself on her could he? Maybe that is what she wanted. Why else would she be teasing him now?

Before he could answer his own mind, she got off him. “I’d better get off in case I get carried away and sink all the way down onto your cock right now,” she laughed.

Amy moved over to the side of the bed and lay down with her head hanging over the side. “I want to get fucked tonight. You can’t have my pussy yet, my ass is too sore, so you’ll have to fuck my mouth instead.”

Brad got off the bed and stood in front of Amys open mouth, “Give it to me,” she said.

Holding his cock in his hand and fed it into Amy’s mouth, sinking all the way until he touched her throat, feeling and hearing Amy gag a little he withdrew. Amy moved his hands to the side of her face encouraging him to hold her head. She moved her own hand around his ass and held onto his ass cheeks controlling the depth of his movements.

“Fuck me,” Amy mumbled around his cock.

Brad started a slow fucking motion sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Withdrawing every now and then to allow Amy to breathe and swallow. Amy pulled his ass closer to her, the head of his cock touched the back of her throat, she tilted her head further back over the edge of the bed and pulled him closer. Amy gagged but kept the pressure on him, eventually forcing him all the way into her mouth. His balls were now resting on her nose and she could hear her gurgling around the head of his cock. She motioned for him to withdraw which he did causing her to gag and cough.

“Fuck Amy, that was unreal.”

“I know, I was gagging quite bad, I thought I was going to puke. Do it again.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I think I can control it.”

Amy held onto Brads hips as he guided his cock back into Escort Ankara her mouth. Amy nodded and he pushed again feeling himself hit the back. Amy gagged again but allowed him entry, performing swallowing movements and eventually getting him all the way inside again.

Brad repeated this a few times, allowing her to breathe when he pulled out, before reinserting himself. She was getting the hang of this now and allowed him easy entry. “Fuck me now. Force it in and come in my mouth.”

Brad held onto the side of her head and started a slowing fucking movement, Amy tried to encourage him to go faster, but he didn’t want to hurt her.

When he pulled out of her mouth, she moved away from him and pushed him down on the chair. “I wanted a fast mouth fucking like this,” she grinned and kneeled in front of him taking him to her mouth again. This was a different angle for her, but she still managed to get all of his cock into her mouth and throat. Now that she had the correct alignment she slowly built up speed, until she was plunging all the way down his cock in one quick movement.

Sensing he wasn’t about to come she pulled off and caught her breath. “What’s the matter, don’t you want to come tonight?”

“Oh indeed I do, but I’m just scared you are going to hurt yourself.”

“I want your come, and you are going to come in my mouth,” Amy said grabbing his cock, sucking and licking the head, taking it into her mouth and gargling as it came up against her throat. “I want your come, please come in my mouth.” Amy continued to stroke and suck him, until he couldn’t take any more.

“Here I come,” he said.

“Oh yes,” she replied stroking him quickly in front of her face. “Come in my mouth. Cover my tongue with your come.”

This was too much for Brad his balls tightened and the first stream shot out and hit Amy on the lips. “Yes, here it is, eat my come.”

Amy took a deep breath and leaned forward sinking all the way down his cock until his balls were resting on her chin, she could feel his cock jerking and spurting in her mouth. Taking hold of his balls she held them, feeling them contract squirting his seed into her throat. Once he had stopped Amy pulled back sucking and licking while taking deep breaths around his cock.

“Fuck that was amazing. Nobody has ever done that to me before.”

“Yes it was,” Amy said, licking her lips. “I loved feeling you come inside my throat. My pussy is dripping wet now.”

Brad picked her up and threw her on the bed, lifting her legs above his shoulders opening her pussy wide. He went down on her licking her pussy just as she liked, in long slow strokes. This time though he pushed her legs back towards her head, lifting her ass and pussy off the bed, leaving her spread wide open.

Moving lower, his tongue found her asshole and teased it, pressing on it slightly allowing him in a little. Moving back to her pussy he continued to lick and stroke her, making her shake and shudder uncontrollably. Amy pulled a pillow over her face to muffle her screams as she started a series of continual orgasms.

Brad sat up on his legs and lay his cock over her pussy, feeling her hot wet lips along the length of his cock. Moving his cock to her ass he prodded her there, testing her soreness.

Amy removed the pillow and opened her eyes and looked at brad, “Go easy.”

Brad pushed and was rewarded with the head sliding inside easily. “Ouch, that’s too sore.”

“Sorry”. Brad removed his cock and lay it back over her pussy, teasing her lips and sliding over her clit.

“How about you fuck my tits instead?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Amy got up from the bed and went into his bathroom looking for some lubrication. She found a bottle of shower gel and poured a quantity over her tits, getting them as wet and slippery as she could.

Returning to the bedroom she lay on the bed holding her tits together, forming a tight, but wet channel in her cleavage. Brad needed no encouragement and climbed on top of her, sliding his cock through the tight channel.

“Fuck, that feels nice,” he said, fucking her tits.

“Yes, it does. Brad, I want you to come inside my pussy again like you did at the beach.”

“Ok sis, wherever you want,” Brad continued to fuck her tits fast, seeing the head of his cock appear out of the top of her cleavage.

“Oh yes, that’s good. I’m getting close now.”

“Hmm are you going to come in my pussy for me?”

“Yes, I am, I’m going to come now.” Brad pulled out from her tits and moved down the bed lifting Amy’s legs high in the air so her pussy faced the ceiling.

“Remember, not too deep. I don’t want you to bust my cherry, not yet anyway.”

Brad pushed his cock into her pussy until he felt it touch against her cherry. “I can feel your cherry and I’m going to cover it with my come. Oh Amy, I’m coming.”

“Yes, do it, come inside me and fill me up.”

Brads cock exploded, it took all his willpower not to push his cock deep inside her, one push and it would be all the way in, breaking her cherry in one quick movement, but he held out.

Amy felt his cock expanding and throbbing inside her lips, his come was leaking out and dripping over her ass and clit, he certainly filled her up.

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