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Fly into Atlanta, grab the rental car, and drive for about three hours to Montgomery, Georgia. That was the plan. The wedding was Saturday evening, so they planned to get to Sean’s uncles’ house Friday evening around dinner time. Their flight had arrived on time, and they got there luggage with no hassle. The rental car was ready and waiting. After a quick lunch they set out for the roughly three hour drive.

It was hot and steamy and in the upper 80’s, with the feeling of an impending storm in the air. The windows in the rental car were down as they drove towards Montgomery. They were both dressed for the weather, enjoying the change in climate from autumn in the northeast. Lexie had her seat reclined with her bare feet on the dashboard, her sandals discarded in the foot well below. Sitting like this caused her filmy yellow sun dress to bunch at her waist, exposing her nude thighs and yellow thong whenever she moved her hands from her legs; which she was doing every chance she could, in the effort to drive Sean wild. Glancing at his lap as she raised her arms above her head in an exaggerated stretch, it was obvious she was getting the reaction she had hoped for. Seeing another semi approaching on their right she quickly pulled her dress back over her thighs.

Recognizing what she was doing Sean said, “Why don’t you let the next one get a peek? We aren’t from around here; it isn’t like anyone will recognize you.”

Staring at him with her deep blue eyes she replied, “Ok, I will.” Lexie laced her fingers behind her head and reclined back into her seat, her dress again bunching at her waist. She felt a quiver of excitement as a truck came roaring alongside them. Her heart raced as she noticed the trucks speed slow until the cab of the truck fell back enough that the driver could stare right down at her exposed legs and panties. Allowing the rush of excitement to overcome her, she placed her hands on her legs. Slowly and sensuously she rubbed them, even parting her legs slightly as she touched her panty covered sex.

Suddenly she heard a voice yelling above the roar of the wind, “Take them off sweetheart, and show me what you got.”

Leaning forward she looked out her window up at the trucker. He was a young man with jet black hair and a smile that could melt a glacier. Leaning back again she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and lifted her ass from the seat as she slid it over her legs, stashing it underneath. Reclining back again she gave an involuntary shudder as the breeze blew across her exposed sex. She kept a small thin patch of pubic hair, or what Sean referred to as her “exclamation point” and it looked especially sexy with the wind ruffling her dress above it.

“Go for it baby,” Sean encouraged her as he drove, “give him a show he won’t forget.” Parting her legs she put one hand between them, rubbing her vagina as they raced along at seventy miles and hour. Her body alive with the excitement of what she was doing, Lexie slipped her long delicate middle finger between the lips of her pussy, losing herself in her exhibitionist desires. With long slow strokes she masturbated for her trucker as they cruised side by side. Using one hand Lexie spread her vagina open while rubbing her clit with her other hand, sending jolts of pleasure to her core.

“Come on sweetheart,” the trucker encouraged, “get off for me.”

Putting her left hand on top of her right Lexie pushed two fingers into her wetness and began thrusting her hips up to her fingers. She was so excited a dark spot was forming under her ass as her juices ran down the inside of her almanbahis adres thighs. With a squeal and a moan Lexie came, slowing her hips as her orgasm subsided.

“Care to pull off at the next rest stop with me?” her trucker asked.

Smiling at Sean with lust in her eyes she asked him, “Do we have time?” Being no strangers to casual sex, the offer was very enticing, and Sean could tell from the look in her eyes that Lexie was definitely up for it. Glancing at his watch Sean frowned, they were a little behind schedule already.

“Babe, you know how you get when we have others with us…” Sean said.

Lexie frowned a little and shook her head in understanding. She was insatiable when they had multiple partners. The last time they had attended a swinger’s party, she had taken on six guys plus Sean over the course of the night. One by one, they left the room spent, until it was only her and Sean left. They had then gone home and made love again, despite his protests that he couldn’t go again.

Not wanting to let the dark haired stranger go, she wrote their email address in large letters on a pad of paper, with the words: Another Time on it.

“Thanks darlin’,” the trucker yelled as he accelerated away. Lexie reclined again and smiled as the breeze ran over her half naked body, no longer concerned with covering herself.

Looking at Sean with half lidded eyes she said, “I assume if we can’t stop for him, we don’t have time to stop for us either.” Sean looked at her and shook his head no,

“As much as I want to, we need to make up some time. I promise to make it up to you tonight and tomorrow though.”

Lexie pouted a little and said, “All right, but you’d better make it up to me in a big way.” She reclined back and pulled her dress down in an effort to curb their desires.

They were about an hour outside of Montgomery when they drove into a storm. The wind was whipping and the rain was coming down in sheets, reducing visibility to near zero. Sean slowed and took their exit, following their directions. Within ten minutes of leaving the exit they were on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. He pulled to the edge of the road to check the directions and their map.

“Son of a bitch,” he growled slamming the steering wheel, “we went past our exit. We must have missed it in this rain.” Studying the map he estimated where they were. “If we turn around we should be able to hop back on the freeway and double back to the right exit. I guess we’ll be late after all,” he said putting away the map.

Putting the car into drive, Sean started to turn the wheel for a U turn. He groaned as he felt the passenger side of the car start to slide, tapping the gas in an effort to power out of the slippage, the tires spun, “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he muttered as the car failed to move when he gave it gas.

Climbing out of the car he checked the tires. Soaking wet he climbed back in. “We’re up shits creek,” he told Lexie. “We’ll need someone to pull us out of this rut.”

Putting his palms to his eyes as he thought, Lexie leaned over and kissed him. “Honey, we’ll make the wedding tomorrow. Just think of this as a memorable trip, ok,” she said as she sat back, “we’re together with a weekend of fun ahead of us. Let’s get through tonight and we’ll start new tomorrow.” His green eyes blazed at her with love.

“Thanks. You’re always there to center me,” he said as he took the map back out. “A few miles back when we got off the freeway we passed through a small town briefly before I got us lost. I’ll head back and see if I can get almanbahis adresi a tow truck or a local with a pick-up and a chain to pull us out. You just sit tight and wait, unless you want to walk on this muddy road in your sandals and dress?”

Lexie twirled a curl of her auburn hair as if she was thinking about it and said, “I’ll wait here.” He gave her a quick kiss and then he was gone, swallowed by the pouring rain as he walked to town. Lexie watched him through the rear window until she could no longer see him; grabbing the USA Today they had bought at lunch, she removed her sandals and set about waiting to be rescued.

The down pour slowed to a steady rain about fifteen minutes after Sean left. At least the weather is a little better for him, Lexie thought as she browsed through the paper. Looking through the rain- blurred windshield, Lexie squinted her eyes, trying to make out what she thought she saw. Flicking on the wipers to clear her view, she saw a truck approaching from down the road.

Without hesitation she climbed into the driver’s seat, opened the door and stood in the middle of the road, waving her hands above her head. The rain pasted her dress to her like a second skin; as light and filmy as it was, she could have been standing there nude for all the concealment it offered. She shook her head to clear the hair from her eyes, allowing it to hang down the middle of her back as the truck slowed to a stop in front of her.

In the last minute or so the rain had slowed to a drizzle, leaving her standing in front of the truck barefoot and soaked. The driver’s side door of the truck opened and a man stepped out around it, tipping his Stetson hat to her as he did.

“Ma’am. Would your name happen to be Lexie?” the stranger asked with a sexy southern drawl.

Slightly taken aback at his knowing her name, before realizing Sean must have sent him she replied, “Yes it is, did Sean send you?”

The man in the Stetson looked away from her and cast his gaze at the ground in front of his own boots. “Ma’am, your dress is a bit wet, wouldn’t you say?”

Looking down at herself her heart skipped. She thought for a moment she was naked. Her breasts were a slight tint of yellow from her dress, with her dark nipples standing at attention. She could see her stomach and small patch of pubic hair as clear as if she had stepped from the shower. Pulling her dress outwards and releasing it made it a little better, but not by much.

“What’s a matter cowboy, you’ve never seen a lady before? My change of clothes are in the trunk and I’d prefer to get unstuck before I change, in case I have to get any more wet or dirty. So as long as you aren’t offended by me being nearly naked, we’ll just get me unstuck now if that’s all right with you,” she replied in a flirtatious way. Lexie noticed that when he raised his eyes to her body this time, he was enjoying the view now that she had told him it was ok.

“My buddy Sam from town called me and asked if I could help him out, said you were stuck out here. Your husband Sean limped into the station and asked for help; guess he twisted his ankle pretty bad on the way to town. Sam was going to take him to the ER at the local hospital and get him checked out while I get you unstuck. Then I’m supposed to let you follow me to his gas station in town, where you’ll wait for Sean to come back. My names James-Lee,” he explained as he removed a chain from the cab of his truck. Lexie couldn’t help but notice the smile on his face as he approached her. She could see his eyes roaming her exposed body from head to toe almanbahis adresi as he passed her.

Squatting in front of her car he reached underneath, trying to find a place to put the chain. “Can you get my umbrella from my truck; I could use a little less water in my face when I’m trying to latch this on. I don’t wanna snap the axle,” he asked her. James-Lee smiled as he watched her shapely ass wiggle as she hurried to his truck.

Without warning the sky opened up again with a torrential rush, just as she opened the umbrella. She stood over him holding it, trying to keep the hammering rain from him. Looking down the road, she was startled when he said, “I think we’re all set.”

Dropping the umbrella in fright, they were both immediately drenched from the storm; the rain dripping off his Stetson leaving his smiling face dry, her dress again pasted to her skin. Looking her up and down again he said, “Your husband sure is a lucky man.”

Feeling the heat of his desire in his words she put a hand on her hip and asked, “How so?”

Sensing the moment, James-Lee took her in his arms and kissed her passionately, probing her mouth with his tongue. Lexie kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his rock hard body. Breaking the kiss long enough to leap on him, she wrapped her legs around him, knocking his hat to the ground. His hands held her under her ass as they kissed. Laying her on the hood of her car he worked to lift her dress as she fumbled with his belt and jeans.

Pushing him back she said, “Allow me,” as she struggled out of her dress. James-Lee had his pants and underwear down in no time, freeing his eight inch cock from its denim prison.

“Protection?” she asked him as she stroked his thick cock. Though she and Sean were as promiscuous as rabbits, safe sex was always the number one priority. Lexie cringed inside at the fear of losing another hot fuck to no protection.

Inclining his head towards his truck he said, “In there.”

Climbing off the hood she led him by his dick to his truck. Pulling a condom from his glove box he rolled it down his cock. Sitting on his seat Lexie spread her legs and guided him into her, moaning as his thick cock stretched her pussy wide. Bracing herself in the open door she held on as James-Lee fucked her, slamming into her fast and deep.

She came within minutes, her pussy convulsing on his throbbing penis. She pushed him off her, and guided him to his seat. Climbing atop him in his truck, she sank herself onto his cock. Slowly she rode him, running her hands over his wet chest. James-Lee moaned as he watched her hips sliding back and forth on his cock. Lexie guided his hands to her breasts, placing her own hands on the roof of the cab. Like a woman possessed she began thrusting on to him faster and faster, lost in the feeling of his cock entering her again and again.

“Oh darlin’,” he moaned with his Southern drawl, “I’m gonna cum if you keep that up.” Collapsing onto his chest she buried her face in his neck, breathing in his musky man scent. Grasping her ass he thrust up into her again and again, drawing moans with each thrust of his cock.

With a yell Lexie came, her pussy squeezing him like a vice as she arched her back in ecstasy. Gripping her ass tightly, James-Lee gave a final thrust and grunted as he filled his condom with hot semen. Panting they held each other as their breath slowly returned to normal.

Looking down at him Lexie asked, “Is this what they mean by southern hospitality?” They both chuckled as he withdrew his softening penis from her. Lexie trotted back to her car and put her dress back on.

Calling back to the truck she said, “Go ahead and give it a go.” Standing back she watched as James-Lee pulled her car from the ditch. Five minutes later she was following him back to town, with a smile on her face that she couldn’t hide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32