Breaking My Girl Ch. 01

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Fuck Hard

Holiday for Two

The relentless Greek sunshine bore down on our parasol.

Lisa looked over her shoulder toward me and said, “Can I take my top off, Daddy?”

“Of course, sweetie,” I said, casually reading my book.

She always asks permission, she’s such a polite girl.

Ever since her drunken 18th Birthday party, we’d been on the island. I’d asked her whether she wanted to bring a friend, but she insisted we come alone. Not even her best friend Sally was considered, which I thought very mysterious. She hadn’t fallen out with her, she just wanted to be alone with me. It made me excited that she wanted that, and a little scared by the temptation of it.

I’d spent the last three weeks with her like this, almost naked. I’m constantly intoxicated and permanently aroused by my daughter and aside from my filthy mind, I’ve fallen truly in love with her. As a young woman, not as a father, although, the fact that I am only excites me more.

Lisa reached behind herself and pulled open her black bikini top. As she let it fall over her small chest, I saw out of the corner of my eye, her breasts – so tender with hardly a profile, barely a cup, with small tan nipples, semi-hard. She’d always been shy about her lack of a rack, but I’ve always had a weakness for petite women and small, cute tits. I dared not watch her smearing them with sun lotion, it would have been far too irresistible.

I half watched her as she started to baste her legs with sun lotion. As her palm ran down the inside of her tanned thigh, I glanced away, and then back as she massaged the lotion along her other hamstring, over the knee, two hands on either side coming down, down, down all the way to her bikini and the folds of material pinched in the folds of her pussy lips.

I wanted to lick her young cunt. Eat her out right there on the beach.

The beach was near empty, an almost private haven I’d discovered along time ago with Lisa’s mother. I could remember her Mom sucking my cock in nearly the same spot of sand Lisa and I were sitting now. I imagined Lisa, topless, watching, as her Mommy jacks my cock off into her open mouth. I turned on my side as my ever-hard cock throbbed, pre-cum against my leg. I tried to read my book.

My wife and I had adopted Lisa when she was a baby. Four years later her mother died and since then it has always just been the two of us. My incestuous appetite for her only Ankara bayan escort increases knowing that, biologically, she was just another girl, and that when I finally get to fuck her tight body, my guilt would be eased. As taboo as it surely is, I’d been in this heightened sexual condition about Lisa for some time. Since the party, my feelings had only been getting stronger and stronger since in knowledge that there was nothing stopping us now.

The holiday had brought a huge fear, and a huge temptation to my life; that next week she was due to begin her first year in college and there was nothing left to restrain her blooming sexual nature. She asked permission for everything, but now she wasn’t obliged to ask anyone in regards to who she offered her body to. I had no doubt that it wouldn’t be long before she felt some college cock inside, and I doubt she’ll ask my permission when the time comes.

“Daddy,” she said, “will you do my back.”

As I’ve been doing all holiday, two, three times a day. I relish the legitimate physical contact. I love touching my daughter’s body. She’s so soft and young and untouched by anyone other than me (I think…with a little uncertainty). My milky hands massaged her back, her shoulders, slowly and deliberately. I wanted to reach round and plunge my hand in her bikini, cup her fresh cunt, split her slit and finger her tight vagina. I could almost hear her voice saying to me, “I love it when you finger me, Daddy.”

But what I heard was, “Thanks, Daddy.”

Lisa put her iPod on and rolled onto her belly and started leafing through a book. My cock was so fucking hard I dared not move for a moment. My cockhead was so wet, my balls aching so bad. I just wanted to pull the little strings at her hips and whip that bikini off, roll her, spread her, grab my cock and guide it to her virgin flower and sink my yearning prick deep inside her. Deep inside my daughter, bareback, Daddy’s stiff shaft breaking her stubborn fuckhole.

I gazed over at her, back glistening, kini tight round her ass. I saw a bead of sweat run down her thigh toward the pursed pussy pout in her costume.

I want to cum inside my daughter, I thought. Desperate to empty my balls deep inside her.

I raced to the shoreline and dove into the sea and swam a safe distance. I took my cock out and jacked myself off as hard and fast as I could. Ejaculation brought desperate relief, and I floated in the Escort bayan Ankara water, dreaming of my daughter’s snatch all sticky and slick with her Daddy’s load. And my babygirl touching her dirty labia with her fingertips and drawing it to her bee-stung lips. “Tastes so good, Daddy…”

As the sun went down we walked back to the villa, hot and dirty from the beach, carrying our towels. Lisa had put her top back on, but she looked just as cute with it – wearing a big, floppy sunhat and a sarong. My imagination is fevered and without limits, teased by what I ‘haven’t’ been able to quite see over the years. All those short skirts and tight shorts – so cruel. Soon as we got back to the villa, I took a swift, stiff drink, then headed for the shower room to rinse the beach off. As I got there, Lisa was already rinsing the sand off herself, still wearing her bikini. She smiled when she noticed me and held the soap out to me.

“Back, Daddy?”

I took the soap from her and stepped up behind her and pulled the string on her top. “Thanks,” she said, as it dropped in her hands.

I soaped her back just as slowly and deliberately as I had done with the lotion. Unlike the beach, she felt a little tense and I saw, within seconds, her pretty nipples harden. I love touching my daughter’s body. She could tell that I did, never hurries me. I wanted to go further, get her naked and soap her firm little ass. Suds in her crack, her bumhole squeaky clean. I wanted to get down on my knees and lick my daughter’s asshole.

As I finished I took her hips and drew her back onto me and into the spray of the shower. As I rinsed her, my boner bumped the small of her back, and a second time, until she willfully rested herself against my swelling. I felt her tremble, hips turning in my hands. She held her hands up to her chest and I watched the water stream down her tummy toward her pussy, down her slender thighs to the tile floor. As I looked up to her face I caught her looking down too, at the straining bulge in my swim shorts.

Lisa looked up at me with big, doe eyes, all her lashes split and wet and so damn sexy. She glanced at my wet mouth and I glanced at her wet mouth. We’d been at this impasse before, where the sexual tension is ripe and both of us, for a moment, dare the other to kiss first. As the moment lingered, as she reached toward her hips to pull her bikini bottoms off…

“Ola! ?Ola!”

“It’s Misses Bayan escort Ankara Papas,” said Lisa. She looked directly into my eyes and said, “I’ll get it…”

Lisa skipped out of the room. I heard her chatting with the visitor and I didn’t need any encouragement to work my cock off again – I’ve such a great addiction to masturbating about my daughter. I can’t help myself, I want her, I want her so bad I could almost rape her. Grab her, hold her down, rip her knickers off and fuck her whether she wanted it or not. I swooned at the despicable imagery in my head. Want becoming need. Long strokes imagining my load on her tiny tits. Faster strokes as I bathe her asshole in warm semen. Rapid jerks and she opens her mouth, and faster as she pushes her tongue out and looks up at me with those wet lashes. “Oh, Lisa, oh babygirl…” Jacking faster, faster, and I imagine her lips moving and her words, “Cum on my face, Daddy….I know you want to…”

As I burst and shot my load against the tiles, Lisa reappeared, swathed in a towel. I was leaning against the wall, panting….

“She wants…” Her eyes darted to the jerking cock in my fist and my cumshot swimming down the drain. “…a bottle of water…”

Before I could explain, she left, and I heard her again, chatting at the door. She didn’t come back, so I showered and got dressed.

I found her afterwards, outside in the shade. She was wearing a pretty summer dress that buttoned up the front. Her leg was bent, her knee by her chin, and as she painted her toenails I could see all the way down the back of her firm tanned thigh. She wore white panties, and she wasn’t afraid to flash them to me. To others she was guarded, but not to me. Lisa had never minded me, we had become so close over the years, so private with one another that, it barely occurred to her that she was showing me her covered twat. She was offering it to me, I just wasn’t being brave enough to take it….yet.

It made her little pussy ache to show Daddy.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said, consumed in her painting of nails.

Little painted toes in whore red. I wanted to kiss the back of her thighs, I wanted to see my cum running in rivers down the back of them. I wanted to cum up the front of her sexy dress and wipe my cock round and round and round her never-been-kissed mouth until her lipstick smeared and she looked like a used whore.

“Are you hungry?” I said.

“I’m starving,” she said. “what would you like to eat?”

A loaded question? In my mind there was only one thing I wanted to eat – her.

It was at that moment, when I couldn’t decide on the intent of her words that I knew something was going to happen between us.

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