Broadway Video Club: Halloween Party

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(please read Broadway Video Club to acquaint yourself with the characters)

* * * * *

Mike and Cindy had moved out a few months earlier and no new members had joined “the club.” The couples in the club enjoyed the Valentine’s Day party so much that it was inevitable that another get-together would be planned. Paul and Denise decided to throw a Halloween costume party and invite the other couples from the club to it. They planned a little surprise for the rest of the group, though. The invitation read:

“If you liked the Valentine’s Day party you’re going to love our Halloween costume party! It will be a swap meet of epic proportions with food, drink, and prized for the best costumes. Couples must dress in related costumes(i.e. Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein). There will be special surprise guests. Come to Paul and Denise’s apartment Oct. 27th at 8 pm.”

All the other couples badgered Paul and Denise at every opportunity as to who the surprise guests would be but they would not tell, stating the others would have to wait and see. When the evening of the party came around all the members of the club found their way to Paul and Denise’s apartment. Bill was wrapped in Ace bandages, dressed as a mummy, and Janet was Elvira, with a big black wig and her ample breasts practically spilling out of her costume. Scott was dressed in hospital scrubs with Alicia decked out in a sexy nurse’s outfit, complete with white hose held up with a garter belt. Steve came as a vampire, while Patti was Vampira in a tight, low cut costume with fishnet stockings.

The hosts were dressed as a priest, in his black robe, and a Catholic schoolgirl, complete with crisp white shirt, plaid skirt, and knee-high stockings. Everyone mingled and threw back drinks, wondering aloud where the special guests were. Paul said he was waiting for everyone to arrive before calling the mystery guests over. Once all the couples were present, Paul got on the phone and beckoned the guests to his apartment.

The members of the club were pleasantly surprised when a knock came at the door. Denise opened the door and the mystery guests were found to be John, an athletically built black man who lives at the apartments, and his girlfriend, Jessica. Jessica is a doe-eyed black woman with good-sized breasts and a full ass. They were dressed as an Egyptian king and queen. John and Jessica weren’t told about the club, but they were aware that the evening would most certainly take an erotic turn. The drinking and chatting continued for a bit longer, then it was time to get things started.

Paul called everyone to the living room and explained how the evening would unfold. Ballots would be taken for best female and male costumes now, and as with the Valentine’s Day party, the winners would receive videotape of the evening’s events. Everyone was to be paired up by drawing names from a “men’s” and “women’s” hat. If you drew your mate’s name from the hat, a third person would be drawn to join you. Any odd person left over would be a “rover” who was allowed to move about as they pleased.

The first name drawn was Denise. The partner picked to be with her was Bill. The next was Patti. Her partner would be Steve, so a third person was picked to be with them. It was Jessica. The next names drawn were Paul and Alicia. With three people left, the last couple picked was Janet and John, leaving Scott as the rover.

Paul set up two camcorders in opposite corners of the room on tripods and everyone settled in to their spots on sofas, loveseats, and on the ground in the living Ankara escort room. Most of the talk throughout the evening was about sex, so everyone was already pretty horny by the time things were about to get started. Paul turned the cameras on and said, “Action,” as he moved over to the loveseat where Alicia was sitting.

Bill kissed Denise deeply as his hands ran over the crisp white fabric covering her firm breasts. He squeezed and stroked her tits as she wormed her hand inside his bandages towards his growing erection. “Are you a good girl,” Bill asked playfully, “Yes, but I’m feeling naughty,” replied Denise as she freed his hard dick from its wrappings. Denise stroked Bill’s thick member as he unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. The white cotton shirt and her bare breasts were a beautiful contrast to Denise’s deep tan. Bill took one of her nipples in his mouth and flicked the nipple with his tongue before sucking hard on it.

Over on a large chair in the corner Paul and Alicia were going at it. Her nurse’s outfit was already unzipped down the front when she moved down in front of Paul and onto the ground. He stood up and Alicia lifted his priest robe up, slipping his briefs down and off. “Forgive me father, for I will sin,” she quipped as she pumped Paul’s hard cock. “Go ahead my child,” he answered as he pulled her head to his pole. She ran her tongue over his shaft and head, then swallowed as much of his dick as she could. Paul played with Alicia’s nipples through the sheer fabric of her bra as she bobbed on his cock.

Over on the couch Steve and Patti were sitting on either side of Jessica. True to their costumes, Steve and Patti’s mouths were moving over her neck, kissing and sucking her soft skin, while their hands roamed over her royal body. Steve moved down between her legs as Patti undid the front of Jessica’s costume, freeing her dark globes. Steve slid up the front of Jessica’s short skirt and pushed aside her gold panties. He ran his tongue up and down her wet slit as Patti took Jessica’s bare breasts in her hands. Patti massaged her breasts and played with her large nipples before taking them in her mouth. She sucked gently on Jessica’s nipples as Jessica stroked Patti’s hair.

In the middle of the room Janet and John were joined by Scott. Janet was sitting up on her knees with John and Scott on either side of her. She was pumping a hard cock in each hand and, and in true Elvira style, joked, “What a couple of stiffs you guys are.” She alternated sucking and pumping on each of their cocks as they fucked her warm mouth. They moved aside the black fabric covering her breasts and played with her tits as she sucked and stroked their throbbing members.

By this time, a now topless Denise was leaning over sucking on Bill’s cock as he slid his hand over her ass. Bill flipped up her skirt to find she wasn’t wearing any panties. “You are a naughty girl,” he chided as he ran his fingers over her wet slit. Bill and Denise then moved down into a 69 and went at each other orally. Meanwhile on the couch Steve and Patti had switched places and Patti is lapping at Jessica’s pussy. She slides two fingers into Jessica’s wet slit as she works her clit with her tongue. Steve is standing up beside Jessica with her full lips wrapped around his cock. She swallows his cock as she massages his balls and he massages her tits.

Meanwhile Alicia steps out of her nurse’s costume, leaving only her stockings and garter on, and she eases her pussy onto Paul’s pole as he sits in the chair. She slides up and down, impaling herself on his hard Ankara escort bayan pole, as he licks her stiff nipples and squeezes her ass. On the floor, Janet is completely naked and is taking John from behind while she sucks Scott’s dick. She is taking the two biggest cocks in the room in her mouth and pussy and she is loving it. Scott and John take turns fucking Janet from the front and back as they drive their cocks into her.

Steve stands Jessica up, turns her around, and peels her costume completely off. He kisses the back of her neck and offers her naked breasts up to Patti’s mouth from behind as he runs his shaft up and down between Jessica’s ass. Steve sits back down on the couch and eases Jessica down, backwards, onto his cock. Steve’s dick slides easily into Jessica’s wet pussy as she leans back onto his chest. Patti moves between their legs and flicks Jessica’s clit with her tongue as Steve moves his cock in and out of her slit. Steve sucks on Jessica’s earlobes as he tugs on her nipples and drives his dick into her hot pussy. Jessica pushed Patti’s head down, grinding her face into her clit, as she reaches back and strokes the back of Steve’s head.

Janet is still on her knees, now taking Scott’s cock in her pussy. Her large breasts sway with each of his thrusts. Before long Scott cries out, “I’m gonna cum,” and he shoots his load deep inside Janet’s pussy. John isn’t far behind and he fills Janet’s mouth with his cum as she gulps it down. Bill and Denise are working each other into a frenzy in their 69 and Denise shudders with a powerful orgasm. They move apart and she sits down with her legs spread wide. Denise pulls her skirt up and beckons, “Fuck me, Bill, I need that hard cock inside me,” as Bill pushes into her. Bill fucks Denise furiously as he grabs her hips. Within seconds he pulls his cock out of her and spills his seed over her stomach.

Alicia is bucking up and down on Paul’s cock like a rodeo rider as he pounds inside her and he bellow, “Aargh, I’m cumming.” Alicia moves off of him and takes his cock in her hand. She pumps his slick member and moves her mouth down to it as he shoots his cum. Alicia covers his erupting cock with her mouth and sucks his cum into her mouth as she milks his shaft. Over on the couch, Jessica can’t hold out any longer as Steve fucks her while Patti works her clit with her mouth and plays with her own stiff button. Jessica shakes and cries out with a violent orgasm as they work her. With that, Steve states he is going to cum and Jessica pulls his cock out of her pussy. She pumps it with her fist as white jets of cum shoot out over the dark skin of her stomach and onto her pubic hair. Patti moves up and licks Steve’s pearly white cum from Jessica’s stomach as she lays there panting.

Jessica then stands up and helps Patti out of her costume and sits her down on the couch. She devours Patti’s bush as she plays with Patti’s small. pointy breasts. Already near the breaking point from her own ministrations, Patti arches her back and cums, crying out, “Oh yes, yesssss,” as Jessica sucks on her clit. Everyone catches their breath as they lay there in their various states of nudity. The air is filled with the scent of sex. After a brief period, during which everyone has another drink and comes down from the hot sex, Paul announces a special treat for the partygoers that involves the special guests.

Paul moves John and Jessica down to opposite ends of the floor and explains, “Since John and Jessica were such good sports, and to thank them for coming, I thought we might do something a little Escort Ankara special for them,” he said. Paul gathered the women by John and the men by Jessica and told them to thank their special guests. The women all took turns sucking on John’s big cock as he fondled and played with their naked bodies. Meanwhile, the men ran their hands and mouthes over every inch of Jessica’s nude body. Patti move up and straddled John’s face and he lapped at her pussy while Denise moved onto his rod. John moved his hips up to meet Denise every time she took all of his cock into her pussy. Patti went crazy as John slipped a finger into her ass as he are her pussy. As Denise rode John, Janet licked his balls and ran her tongue up Denise’s crack.

Jessica sucked on whichever hard cock was put in front of her face as the men took turns sucking on her tits and eating her pussy. When Paul moved down between Jessica’s legs he lifted them up and drove his cock into her hot pussy. He held her legs to his chest as he rammed into her, his balls slapping her ass with each thrust. After Jessica got Scott’s cock nice and wet with her mouth, he moved down and pushed her breasts together and started tit fucking her. Jessica alternated sucking on Bill and Steve’s cocks as Scott and Paul worked her with their dicks.

Meanwhile Alicia had moved on top of John’s cock and Janet took Patti’s place on his face. Denise stood in front of Alicia and had her lick her pussy as Patti sucked on Janet’s nipples. They each got a turn riding John’s big dick and his tongue. When it was Patti’s turn, John sat up and laid her down. He eased his throbbing member into her tight box slowly as Alicia sat on Patti’s face. John slid into her slowly, an inch at a time, then, when Patti was ready, he went in all the way. Patti had never been so filled and her pussy stretched tight around John’s cock as he pistoned in and out of her.

Across the room, Jessica was being serviced by each of the men. Scott laid down on his back and she eased down onto his cock as he guided her onto his lap. Scott fucked Jessica slowly as she continued to take a cock in each hand, alternating taking them into her mouth. Paul moved behind Jessica as she rode Scott’s pole and he moved his face down where the action was. He ran his tongue up and down her ass, making her moan loudly as he got her hole good and wet. He then took his cock, which was slick from Jessica’s mouth, and me guided it to her hole. Paul smeared his saliva around her ass and eased the head of his cock into her hole.

Slowly, gingerly, Paul pushed into Jessica’s ass as her pussy continued to be filled with Scott’s cock. Once Paul was all the way in Jessica’s ass he slid in and out of her tight hole. Jessica had never taken two cocks in her holes at once and she was in heaven. She felt so filled as she was being fucked by these hard rods that she sucked harder on whichever dick was in her mouth. Paul sped up his pace and, feeling Jessica’s tight ass wrapped around his cock, he couldn’t hold out any longer. He shot his cum into her ass as Scott filled her pussy with his cum.

John was fucking Patti for all he was worth across the room. He had fucked each of the women at the party and he knew he wanted to cum in her tight pussy. He furiously fucked Patti and he felt his passion build. John came in jets, filling Patti’s hot slit as he pumped into her. Everyone came in the tangle of bodies and the evening’s festivities drew to a close. All the men had filled Jessica’s ass, pussy, or mouth with their cum and all the women were brought to orgasm by John or each other.

After everyone caught their breath, had another drink, and got their costumes back on, the winners of the contest took their tapes home with them and all agreed the party surpassed even the Valentine’s Day party.

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