Brotherhood of Janus Ch. 01: First Gather

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Copyright © 2016 – 2019 – This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.

Author’s Note: This is a very long story and is the first in a series. There will be two more or maybe four more if I finish the other two. This installment is almost 60,000 words long, that’s 16 pages. Each installment can be read as a standalone story, but if you want to know what is going on and are not just looking for sex, then read the prior parts. Please Enjoy.

Brotherhood of Janus 1: First Gather


My mouth hung open in astonishment, as the gentleman across the table from me explained my inheritance. I knew my father had died, some years ago. What I didn’t expect was anything from his estate. I knew he was wealthy, but I wanted nothing from him. For the past thirty years, I had been on my own with no contact, with him or the rest of my family for that matter. My children were grown and on their own, with children of their own. I do adore my grandchildren and would do anything in the world for them and saw them as often as I could.

As I listened to the lawyer, who had tracked me down, wonder at what he told me filled my mind. I wasn’t to inherit my father’s company or his investments. I was to inherit his membership in the Brotherhood of Janus, whatever the hell that was. That along with substantial amounts of cash, to allow me to do things to better my life, as the lawyer put it, hefting a box onto the tabletop.

“In here is all you will need to know about the Brotherhood. No, don’t ask me any questions, I don’t belong and am not privy to what or who they are. At the time of your father’s death, his wife and several members of the Brotherhood sealed this, so I could deliver it to you unopened.

“You will find the numbers to the accounts and the amounts of each that are now yours in this,” he told me handing an envelope to me.

I opened the envelope and took out the papers inside. As I unfolded the papers, another envelope dropped out. It was the size of a credit card and when I looked inside there were five debit cards. Looking at the paper I had unfolded, surprise is the only word I could use when I saw the amounts listed for six accounts. My heart was racing as I stared at the numbers typed on the page.

“This is also yours,” the lawyer said handing me a metal briefcase. “It contains enough cash to get you through the next month or so. You will have to visit each of those banks to activate the cards. You will need proof of who you are… well, the papers explain everything.

“This is all that I know and all I can tell you about this transaction. Your brother turned all this down. The order of inheritance is through the eldest son, but we couldn’t find you until recently. Offering your brother the membership in your stead is an alternative, he flatly refused and we were lucky enough to hear of an email to your cousin through which we tracked you down.

“Our business is now concluded, sir. Good luck to you.”

“Ah… thank you, I think,” I said stunned.

The lawyer, I never even got his name, although he did leave me his card, left. I sat there looking around the small room of a restaurant in which this meeting took place. I shook my head to clear my mind. Taking a deep breath, I gathered up the cards and papers, opened the briefcase and stuffed them in a pocket in the top. I sat for just a second as I marveled at the cash that filled the case. Slamming it closed I locked it, making sure it would not open accidentally.

A waiter appeared offering to carry the box out for me. I nodded my assent and followed him out of the restaurant to my car. I open the trunk and he placed the heavy cardboard box in closing the trunk lid. As he turned to go, I told him thank you and went to hand him a five for helping. He shook his head no.

“The gentleman you were with took care of that sir. Thank you anyway,” the waiter said as he turned and walked away.

I drove home in a daze. When I got there, my wife was out, so I sat at the kitchen table and opened the box. On the very top of the papers, there had to be a couple of hundred file folders, there was a single booklet. It was about 50 pages, typed and bound. The title page inside the cover had printed across the middle, “Brotherhood of Janus – Bylaws, and rules of Membership”. There was a preface.

George J. Hood and Hyraim Janus founded the Brotherhood of Janus in 1865. The founding of the Brotherhood was for the advancement of members and their families. The Brotherhood required members to help other members in the areas of business and conservation of family fortunes. That was the primary reason for the formation of the Brotherhood. Only, later – 1920 – did the gifting of pleasure to each other in a monthly celebration come to be an additional aspect of the group. Although in the archives, there almanbahis adres is mention of grand meetings of the Brotherhood council and once business concluded, refreshments and entertainment, provided by the member’s wives, began.

Membership is either inherited or bestowed. Although there are instances, were short-term memberships were given for payment for the good of the Brotherhood. The first five hundred members are founding members. Even though the member currently holding one of the first five hundred memberships is only a descendant of the first member, they are always to be revered as one of the five hundred.

Looking at the number in the lower right-hand corner of the booklet I read my membership number. Zero-zero-two-nine-three, I was a Five Hundred.

I read and reread the booklet. I read every scrap of paper in the box over the next month as I flew to Atlanta, Charleston, Nashville, Birmingham, and Miami to activate the check cards. For the sixth account, I just had to notify them that I was accepting the membership. That account held the projected dues for the membership for the next twenty-five years.

By the time, I returned home, I was conversant in the bylaws and rules of the Brotherhood and knew there would be a problem when I explained them to my wife, Jenny. Especially rule one-twenty-one. That rule said that the wife had to participate as a member of the Brotherhood in all aspects. This was the rule about Gatherings. It was long, involved, and never mentioned sex specifically.

I knew it meant divorce would be inevitable, so I had papers drawn up while I was out of town. When I returned, I explained the Brotherhood in as plain a language as I could. As I explained the purpose of the Brotherhood to her, she perked up at the mention of us now being financially independent. At the point of explaining the regional lodge’s monthly meeting, she just shut down.

“So will you support me in this?” I asked her.

“What? You have to be kidding me. I’m sixty years old and I don’t particularly like sex anymore, even with you. I love you, but I don’t want to have sex with you. So why would I have sex with complete strangers in the setting you described?”

To tell what took two months to resolve as quickly as possible, we settled on divorce. I gave her one of the accounts. It had a substantial amount in it and we parted ways. It was a sad day, but the future appeared brighter, a little at least. I went about getting myself an apartment and started looking for some kind of business to invest in or buy. I also looked over the schedule of gatherings around the country and chose one to attend. It would be the first of many.

Chapter 1

The setting was very elegant, the place huge and the night air crisp. The old mansion was open tonight for the festivities of the Brotherhood of Janus. I have been a member since my father died, leaving me his membership in his will. His lawyer from Atlanta read that part of the will in private to me. His estate paid for a lifetime membership for his heir, me. I read the rules and covenants of membership and decided to attend a gathering.

The Chicago chapter was the first to hold a gathering since my father’s death, so I flew up from Texas to participate in what would turn out to be a very eventful weekend of surprises. I don’t remember my father ever mentioning the Brotherhood while I still lived at home and I was sure my mother would not have participated, as required by rule one-twenty-one of the bylaws and covenants I memorized. Having just been through a not to nice divorce, I was looking forward to some festivities.

As the limo, I was riding in with others, pulled up to the entrance of the mansion I donned my mask. All male members had to have masks in place at all times unless they were in a private room with someone. As the group of people, I arrived with entered the mansion, attendants handed us packages with our membership number stamped across the front. Once inside we would use no names. Stewards at the door directed the men to their changing area and the women to theirs.

Sitting on a bench, I open my package. Inside is what I would need for this weekend’s festivities, a yellow pullover gown, and a yellow rubber wristband. For the men, there are three color-coded gowns and wristband. Yellow meant you had full access. Green and White had limits placed on them. The limits spelled out in the brochure in the package were thorough and extensive, as were the penalties for breaking a rule.

For the women who would be participating, there were four colors, Black, Red, Pink and Light Blue. The difference between a woman in black and women in red was slight but distinctive. As I took off my clothes, hanging them in the cabinet behind me, I glanced at the other men present. Pulling the gown on, I found it very comfortable and fit perfectly. It covered my body from neck to ankle. The only decoration was my membership number stamped on the right-hand almanbahis adres shoulder at the seam. The wristband embossed with my membership number, fit snuggly.

As I left the changing area by the exit door, a stunning blond, dressed only in a black wristband and heels, holding a tray of goblets of champagne, greeted me.

“Good evening sir, would you like some champagne to start the weekend?” she smiled pleasantly.

“Thank you, Miss, I don’t mind if I do,” I replied taking a goblet from the tray.

“You’re welcome sir and it’s Missus,” she told me waving her wedding ring in my face proudly.

Her smile widened as I nodded taking her hand in mine and gently kissing her wedding ring.

“Thank you, sir,” she said as I let go of her hand, “you honor me.”

“The honor is mine I assure you, Missus,” I told her, winking at her breasts pointedly.

She blushed slightly, giggling as I turned to the grand ballroom entrance. Walking into the grand ballroom, I halted just inside the door. Not wanting to clog the entrance, I took two steps to the side and gazed intently at the goings-on. What I could only call benches, padded benches filled the main floor. Standing around the benches were women in the four colors, black, red, pink and light blue. None of them had masks on and stood around talking amongst themselves.

The talk between them seemed light and casual, there seemed to be no hesitation, no fear, only excitement as to what was going to happen this weekend. All of them were beautiful in their own special way. All hair, skin and eye colors stood represented. The floor of the room contained short, tall, thin and stocky women, each with their own beauty and exotic look. All wore gowns, which covered them from neck to toe. The only difference, except for color, between the men’s gowns and the women’s gowns, was the women’s gowns were transparent. The women were on display and none of them seemed bothered by that.

The schedule had the festivities starting in half an hour. I decided to mingle with those on the floor while I searched the viewing gallery for anyone I might know. Well, women, I might know, the men all wore masks like mine. As I wandered the floor, I also took note of membership numbers of those present. It appeared that I was one of only a few present, on the floor with such a low numerical membership.

I also notice that those with a number higher than mine nodded, stepping out of my way, as I circulated around the ballroom. Those with numbers in my range smiled and nodded as we passed each other. Women who I passed turned to each other and whispered among themselves.

As I wandered around the room, I was stunned to see a woman I knew. Shocked was more like what I felt, to begin with. Then wonder, then joy swept through my being. She… was a dear friend and I have had a crush on her for the longest time. A brunette with sparkling brown eyes, slim of medium height, she was the second most beautiful woman in the world to me. As she moved to the side to whisper in another woman’s ear, I saw the most beautiful woman in the world.

I was stunned at seeing her here too. I was stunned to see her dressed in red, but it did match her hair, as the black gown matched the brunettes. Two women, I have lusted after for years were here, today, for this weekend, that I would be enjoying. I couldn’t believe my luck or was it fate? I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. Nope, not a dream… I don’t think it is, I hope it isn’t.

Chapter 2

“Order, come to order please,” a man standing at the podium just to my left shouted banging a gavel as a loud gong rang through the hall.

The women on the floor quieted down and rushed quietly to their assigned benches. The men stood still facing the podium. The crowd in the gallery all found their seats as quietly as possible. The festivities were starting.

“My membership number is two, five, eight, two. Is there anyone here with a lower number?”

Mine was much lower but I was actually new to the Brotherhood and didn’t want to usurp someone else’s place. Unfortunately, I was standing very close to the podium.

“You sir two, nine, three, your number is lower, please step up to the podium.”

“Sir, as I am a not of this lodge, please continue,” I whispered as I walked toward him.

“Please, sir, step up here. We are honored to have you here tonight.”

I climbed the steps to the podium and shook his offered hand. When he turned to leave I held on to his hand holding him there.

“What are my duties here?”

“The same at your lodge, sir,” he said with surprise on his face.

“You will have to excuse me sir, but I only recently… ah… how should I put this… this is the first meeting of a lodge I have been to since I inherited my membership.”

“I see. Oh, I see. Then let me assist you, sir,” he told me handing me a sheaf of papers. “Just read this. Then say the phrase, ‘Let the almanbahis adresi festivities begin!’ loudly and hit the podium with the gavel.”

“I can do that, thank you, you honor me sir and I am honored to be here.”

“We are honored to have you here, sir.”

I bowed toward him and turned facing the audience. Lifting the microphone slightly I looked out over the crowd. The women’s faces held expectation and pride. The men stood proudly their hands behind their back facing the podium. I smiled and bowed to the crowd on the floor.

“I am honored to be here tonight and to be able to participate in the festivities this weekend. I thank you in advance for your hospitality.” I had to pause as the shouts of hear, hear, rang through the ballroom.

“To begin, these are the rules. Women in light blue are only to give and receive oral sex. Women in pink must require all men to use a condom. Women in red will only allow anal penetration, no vaginal penetration. Woman in black will do whatever the male wants, within the color exceptions of course.

“Men in Yellow do not have to wear a condom with black or red. Green may only have intercourse with a condom. White may only observe and if invited may touch the woman. They may also have contact with light blue following the rule for light blue.

“If a woman says no, for whatever reason, walk away. Lodge master-at-arms will be circulating on the floor to enforce the rules. You all know the consequences of breaking the rules, suspension of membership for one calendar year, for which dues are still payable.

“So, have a good time and follow the rules no matter how heated the couplings get. I would also like to thank those who have provided this gathering with the beautiful women that grace this lodge.”

I paused, as a thunder of applause filled the room. I also took the time to look at them, the brunette and the redhead, to see if there was an inkling of recognition. I couldn’t tell from where I was standing. Smiling I raised the gavel and quiet once again graced the room.

“Let the festivities begin,” I shouted, slamming the gavel to the podium.

A cheer went up from the gallery and the floor. The people on the floor started to mingle. There was no rush to jump the women, no hurry to get off. This was more of a social gathering with sex as an entrée. Or would that be dessert? Meals were buffet style in the grand dining room.

As I mingled, I noticed that it seemed that everyone was waiting for me to choose. It was confirmed when I stopped to talk to the brunette I knew.

“They are all waiting for you to choose before they… sully… the prize,” she whispered in my ear as she embraced me in greeting.

“Ah, then I better choose wisely,” I joked as I nibbled her earlobe.

“It would seem you have chosen,” she said shivering in my grasp. “Oh God in heaven, just doing that you’ve made me orgasm.”

“I’m glad my dear, I hope I can make you orgasm many times over the weekend.”

Our lips met in an intensely passionate kiss. My heart leaped to my throat when her lips touched mine. I have wanted her for a very long time. Her arms snaked around my neck as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth. I gently caressed her back, from her neck to the curve of her ass, pulling her against me.

Pushing me away slightly she smiled as my hands squeezed her ass cheeks. She caressed that part of my face not covered by the mask. Gently and slowly, she kissed my lips, my chin, my neck, all the time I had my face buried in her sweet smelling hair. As she softly sucked on my neck, I looked around and found the festivities had truly started. Just as I was returning my attention to my lady, something in the gallery above us caught my eye.

Looking up as I kissed the top of her head, I spied a gentleman smiling broadly at us. And here is where I was stuck, would the honorable thing be to acknowledge him or just continue to partake of his contribution to the festivities? I chose the latter, as I could claim I didn’t know who he was. She was moaning as my hands caressed her neck and back. It tickled my neck as she kissed me there.

Looking to my right, I spotted the blond who had been serving drinks at the exit of the changing room. She was smiling at me as she rolled her eyes back into her head from the ministration of the gentleman whose face she had plastered to her pussy.

Chuckling, I pushed my entrée back, pulling the cord that held her gown on. It floated to the ground around her ankles. My first glimpse of the beauty before me took my breath away. She was magnificent and if I had know she was a participant back when… well, I couldn’t have done anything, part of the covenant of the Brotherhood.

Stepping backward she found the bench and waited, smiling at me.

“Lie down on your back please dear,” I told her.

Smiling she lay down, hooking her shoe heels on the bars that swung out, as she did. She slid her ass forward on the bench padding as I pulled the small stool under me. Leaning forward sniffing deeply of her scent, as I slowly moved closer to her quivering labia, she was already moaning as my breath warmed her sex. When my lips touched her, she groaned deep in her belly and shook with excitement.

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